Crystal Dreams

The Pocket Camp Christmas Event has begun!

So, it started right as the new day began and… I… maaaaay have rushed through it ^^; A mixture of knowing December tends to be pretty crazy and also I know I’ll want to build extras of some of these items (Definitely at least one more cake, fireplace, and tree) so I wanted to give myself plenty of time for that. Hopefully I’ll also manage to keep a Candy Cane just to have too.

I really like the items, though, the dimensions of some of them are… really odd so I found myself having a bit of an issue placing them. I still ended up with something nice though:

I also played around a bit with the Holiday clothes–the Santa Hat kills the ponytail so I think the Star Pin looks okay.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this on though.

On non-event news, the Level 5 Pool did finish!:

The Rock Stage will be level 5 next build while the Treehouse will be level 4. Natural and Cool Essences have not been showing up much for me lately–I have so many Sporty and Cute now though…

And those with Android devices got these adorable shirts and hat:

I don’t know if I’ll ever wear them, but they are pretty cute.

I also managed to pay off the 150K loan and am now slowly working towards the 200K one. Earning bells is never going to be something I’m good at, I swear x__x

And with that, I will end off with this lovely picture:


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