ACNH Crafting Service

So, for those who may have seen me on Animal Crossing Discords, forums, or even just my Twitter, I’ve been offering to craft any recipe I currently know for JUST the materials! No fees or anything else.

You can find all my recipes listed here (with an image version located over here. I currently know 607 recipes, which includes EVERY recipe currently in the game.

There is no limit on the amount of items you can ask to be crafted. As long as you have the materials, I am happy to craft them for you. However, I must visit your town to craft for you so please have all materials and a crafting table set up (or I’ll have to head to Resident services to craft) when I visit :)

You will not need to add me as I will visit through the Dodo code you supply. Just remember to make sure you set it to be “The more the merrier”/For everyone so I can!

If you REALLY want to tip, I have a wishlist for one, but am happy to take any recipes I do not have, catalog anything I haven’t already (You can also find an image list of the things I still need to catalog here), or even just bells, materials, or Nook Miles Tickets. Tips are entirely optional though so please don’t feel pressured to give anything unless you really really really want to!

If you’re interested, you can contact me on Twitter, The Bell Tree Forums, The NookNet Discord (You can find my little ad for this as the first message in the #player-hosted-servers channel under the Island Events category), or using the form below:

    I will do my best to respond ASAP :)