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Disney Magical World 2 – All QRs and AR Cards

The AR Cards only work with the North American and PAL regions of the game. The QR Codes are North America only. QR Codes for Europe can be found here. None of these will not work with the Japanese version. I will update this post if any new DLC comes out in the future. Keep in mind I am playing the North American version of the game so that is what most stuff will be focused on.

As a note, AR cards can be finicky as their colors are very precise–if you’re having issues, try a different monitor or scanning on your phone.

The 3 Pre-order Frozen costumes are not included as they were a Pre-order gift, the code given is one-use, and you can eventually unlock the outfits to make ingame anyway.

AR Cards


This will give you Mocha (Shiny Star)


This will give you Pudding (Shiny Star)


This will give you Whippy (Shiny Star)


This will give you Puffy (Shiny Star)


This will give you Scone (Shiny Star)

Special Credit to AENIGMA01 for getting this one to work! If you are having trouble with it, try bringing it up on your phone and scanning it there.

This will give you Maple (Shiny Star)


This will give you Mont


This will give you Blanc


This will give you the Fluffy Unibear Outfit


This will give you Mocha, Pudding, Whippy, and Puffy.

QR Codes


Which gives you the Casual Halloween T-Shirt, Rare Halloween Rod, Scary Teddy Tote Bag, Halloween Mickey Hat, and Halloween Bat Headband:


Which gives you: Casual Perry T-Shirt, Rare Pluto Character Shades, Stitch Headband, Bambi Headband, 3 different 101 Headbands (One in Black/White, one in White/White, and one in Black/Black), Figaro Headband, and Marie Tote Bag.


Which gives you: Houndstooth Mickey Ears, Houndstooth Minnie Ears, Mickey Cap, Minnie Cap, Metal Mickey Ears, Metal Minnie Ears, Denim Mickey Ears, Denim Minnie Ears, Wooden Mickey Ears, Wooden Minnie Ears, Camo Mickey Ears, Camo Minnie Ears


Which gives you: Olaf Tote Bag, Stitch Tote Bag, Donald Tote Bag, Daisy Tote Bag, Pooh Tote Bag, Cheshire Tote Bag, Perry Tote Bag, and Sugar Rush Tote Bag.


Which gives you: Mickey Santa Outfit (Red), Mickey Santa Outfit (Green), Rare Festive Candle, Festive Mickey Hat, Rare Dusk Mickey Top Hat, Rare Bright Mickey Top Hat, Festive Tree Balloon, Holiday Wallpaper, Holiday Rug, Holiday Table, Holiday Chair, and Holiday Counter.


Which gives you: Japanese Fan, Mocha (Sorcerer’s Apprentice), White Bouquet, Star Festival Mickey Hat, Rare Gold Mickey Top Hat, Fancy Print Balloon, Mickey Print Balloon, and Minnie Print Balloon


Which gives you: Rare Mickey Character Shades, Rare Minnie Character Shades, Mickey Tote Bag, Minnie Tote Bag, Rare Minnie Ribbon Ears, Rare Chiffon Minnie Ears, Gold Mickey & Minnie Shades, Magic Mickey & Minnie Shades


Which gives you: Queen of Hearts Headband, Maleficent Headband, Ursula Headband, Jafar Headband, and Cruella Hair:


Which gives you: Casual Rapunzel T-Shirt, Casual Snowflake T-Shirt, Valentine Mickey Hat, Ariel Tote Bag, Belle Tote Bag, Cinderella Tote Bag, and Jasmine Headband


Which gives you: Casual Ralph T-Shirt, Casual Marie T-Shirt, Casual Bambi T-Shirt, Casual Tink T-Shirt, Casual Rainy Day T-Shirt, Casual Hearts T-Shirt, Casual Merfolk T-Shirt, and Casual Goofy T-Shirt


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  • NintenderoMarkEvans

    eur no found

    • Jen

      Which are you trying to scan?

      • NintenderoMarkEvans

        all of qr .the ar card
        if the scanning

        • Jen

          All the AR Cards should work. Multiple people confirmed those with PAL games and they are from the UK site.

          QR Codes are North America only though–I included a link to the European ones at the top.

          • Beverly Shitposter

            ar5 & ar6 don’t work. I’ve tried them from every possible angle for 15 minutes.

          • Jen

            Did you try from a mobile phone?

            I scanned them all myself so I know they work.

          • Beverly Shitposter

            I tried adjusting brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, as other sites suggested & got nothing..

            But yeah…Uploading the image onto my tablet & placing the camera over it actually worked. Thanks ^_^

            I wonder what’s wrong with it that it’s so hard for the 3DS camera to read.

  • Judy Xiong

    ohh i was searching for qr code and i found this site thank

  • Elizabeth Standifur

    I need the summer themed walls and floors anyone who has it please send me the qr or ar at

  • Amanda Woods

    I need some wallpaper qr codes for disney magical world 2

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