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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game Blog Summary

Welcome to my Animal Crossing: New Horizons Information Page :) This is pretty much a summary of my progress in the game to go along with my gameplay logs and Youtube Playthrough.


Island Name: Pink Sea
Embarked on: March 19th, 2020
Town Fruit: Cherry
Town Flower: Lily
Other fruits gotten: Peach, Pear, Apple, Orange, Coconuts
Other flowers gotten: Everything is a mess so coming soon. Need so many more pinks :(
Facilities Unlocked: Nook’s Cranny, the Museum, Able Sisters
K.K. Slider’s First Concert here: April 1st, 2020
NookPhone Apps: Camera, Nook Miles+, Critterpedia, DIY Recipes, Island Designer, Custom Designs, Map, Chat Log, Passport, Best Friends List, ! Rescue Service
Creator ID: MA-4592-1160-0609
Crafting Recipes: See below
Catalog: See below
Museum: See below
Nook Miles Progress: 38/81 (See below for details!)

Counts last updated March 26th, but only partially!


Nook Link version



Last updated March 26th, 2020


Dream Villagers: Merengue, Diana, Cookie, Peanut, Maple, Marina, Flurry, Judy

Moved in March 19th, 2020: Mira, Teddy
Moved in March 22nd, 2020: Alfonso
Moved in March 23rd, 2020: Audie
Moved in March 24th, 2020: Margie
Moved in March 29th, 2020: Phil
Moved in March 30th, 2020: Merengue
Moved in March 31st, 2020: Cookie
Moved in April 1st, 2020: Flurry
Moved in April 2nd, 2020: Judy
Moving in: Full! Waiting for some to move out :(

Past Villagers: None yet!

Crafting Recipe Progress

Anything “blank” for gotten means I still need it. It will say “Yes!” if I’ve gotten it.

Flimsy AxeYes
Stone AxeYes
Flimsy shovelYes
Flimsy fishing rodYes
Fishing rodYes, but it broke.
Flimsy netYes
NetYes, but it broke.
Flimsy watering canYes
Watering canNo
Vaulting poleYes
Fish baitYes
Tiki torchYes
Simple DIY workbenchYes
Mini DIY WorkbenchYes
Wooden ChairYes
Wooden End TableYes
Wooden table mirrorYes
Log stakesYes
Wooden-block toyYes
Recycled-can thumb pianoYes
Tire toyYes
Tire StackNo
Trash bagsYes
Garbage-heap wallNo
Garbage-heap flooringNo
Recycled BootsYes
Stone stoolYes
Frying PanYes
Hay bedYes
Succulent plantYes
Leaf umbrellaYes
Wooden Simple BedYes
Wooden Double BedYes
Log benchYes
Log Dining TableYes

Catalog Progress

Anything not listed below, I’d love to catalog! Please scroll down to my wish list section for items I hope to keep. Colors DO count so if you have a color that is not listed for an item on the list, I do still need to catalog it!

Please keep in mind the list is not necessarily in order (nor are the colors) so I recommend using the search function. Newest items are at the end.

NameVariationsItem Type
Accessories StandBrownFurniture
ACNH Nintendo SwitchN/AFurniture
Air circulatorWhiteFurniture
Analog kitchen scaleYellowFurniture
Ant farmN/AFurniture
Anthurium plantPinkFurniture
Antique ClockBlackFurniture
Aroma potWhite, PinkFurniture
Baby BearCream, Choco, CheckeredFurniture
Baby ChairPink, YellowFurniture
Bamboo candleholderGreen bambooFurniture
Bamboo dollN/AFurniture
Bamboo noodle sideN/AFurniture
Bamboo sphereGreen bamboo, Smoke-cured Bamboo, Dried BambooFurniture
BarbecueRed, WhiteFurniture
Basic teacher's deskWoodenFurniture
Beach chairWhiteFurniture
Bingo wheelN/AFurniture
BirdbathNatural, WhiteFurniture
Birthday tableWhiteFurniture
Book standsPastelFurniture
Box corner sofaTurquoise, BlackFurniture
Brick ovenRed, WhiteFurniture
Brick WellRed, WhiteFurniture
Broom and dustpanNatural, WhiteFurniture
Bunk bedYellow, Silver, PinkFurniture
Camp stoveGreenFurniture
Campfire cookwareN/AFurniture
Camping CotRed, BlueFurniture
Cardboard BoxPlain, PeachesFurniture
Cardboard ChairPlainFurniture
Cat grassBlack, Light BlueFurniture
Cat towerPinkFurniture
Cherry LampCherry, Black CherryFurniture
Cherry SpeakersCherryFurniture
Classic pitcherUnglazedFurniture
Claw-foot tubBlackFurniture
Coffee CupElegant, RoseFurniture
Cordless phoneYellow, PinkFurniture
Cream and sugarFloralFurniture
Cuckoo clockWhite, BlueFurniture
Cute bedYellow, White, Red, BlueFurniture
Cute music playerRed, Blue, White, Sky Blue, YellowFurniture
Cute tea tableWhite, Yellow, Red, BlueFurniture
Cute wall-mounted clockRed, Sky Blue, Blue, WhiteFurniture
Cypress plantWhite, BlueFurniture
Deer decorationNaturalFurniture
Desk mirrorWhiteFurniture
Destinations SignpostNatural, WhiteFurniture
Diner counter chairPinkFurniture
Diner neon signRedFurniture
Director's chairLight brown, Dark brown, WhiteFurniture
Dish-drying rackRed, Blue, WhiteFurniture
Document stackN/AFurniture
DoghouseNatural, RedFurniture
Double sofaDark BrownFurniture
Drinking fountainIvoryFurniture
Drying RackBlack, WhiteFurniture
Elephant SlideBlack, Pink, BlueFurniture
Espresso makerGreenFurniture
Essay setBlankFurniture
Exercise ballBlackFurniture
Exercise BikeRedFurniture
Exit SignLeft Arrow, Right ArrowFurniture
Fax MachineRed (but looks pink?), WhiteFurniture
Film projectorN/AFurniture
Floating-biotope planterBrownFurniture
Folding Floor LampRed, GrayFurniture
Fortune-telling setBlackFurniture
FountainGray, WhiteFurniture
Frying panEmpty, PastaFurniture
Garbage canN/AFurniture
Garden faucetWoodenFurniture
Garden gnomeSprightly gnome, Sleepy gnomeFurniture
Garden lanternBronzeFurniture
Garden rockN/AFurniture
Gas rangeBlueFurniture
GlobeStandard, SepiaFurniture
Grasshopper-head modelN/AFurniture
Green-leaf pileN/AFurniture
Hamster CageBlue, PinkFurniture
HandcartBlue, GreenFurniture
Handy water coolerAvocadoFurniture
Hay bedBrownFurniture
Heart doorplateOrangeFurniture
HHA pennantN/AFurniture
Homework setN/AFurniture
Hose reelRedFurniture
Hourglass WhiteFurniture
Imperial chestRed, BrownFurniture
Imperial partitionBrownFurniture
Inflatable sofaPink, Lime, BlueFurniture
Iron garden tableGreenFurniture
Iron wall lampBlack, WhiteFurniture
Ironing setN/AFurniture
Ironwood cartBirchFurniture
Kimono StandN/AFurniture
Kitty litter boxWhite, BrownFurniture
Knife blockNaturalFurniture
Lawn chairGreenFurniture
Lecture-hall benchDark brownFurniture
Lily wreathN/AFurniture
Log benchDark woodFurniture
Log dining tableDark woodFurniture
Log garden loungeDark woodFurniture
Log stakesDark woodFurniture
Log stoolDark wood, White woodFurniture
Low screenLight brown, Dark brownFurniture
Macrame tapestryBlue, WhiteFurniture
Magic KitBlue, RedFurniture
Magnetic knife rackPopFurniture
Mama BearCream, FloralFurniture
Mama PandaN/AFurniture
Manhole coverSilver, CastleFurniture
Menu chalkboardRedFurniture
Metal canN/AFurniture
MicroscopeSilver, BlackFurniture
MicrowaveBlack, GreenFurniture
Mini-cactus setN/AFurniture
Mini DIY workbenchNatural, PinkFurniture
Mini fridgeBlueFurniture
MobileGorgeous, Hot air balloons, SpaceFurniture
MonsteraBlack, BlueFurniture
Moss ballN/AFurniture
Mr. FlamingoNatural, WhiteFurniture
Mrs. FlamingoNaturalFurniture
MugBlue, PinkFurniture
Nail-art setPink, BlackFurniture
Natural garden chairNaturalFurniture
Natural garden tableNaturalFurniture
Newton's CradleN/AFurniture
Nintendo SwtchNeon blue & Neon redFurniture
Oil barrelLight blueFurniture
Old-fashioned alarm clockLight Blue, Yellow, Silver, RedFurniture
Old-fashioned washtubN/AFurniture
Old sewing machineGreen, SilverFurniture
Outdoor bathGrayFurniture
Outdoor benchWhiteFurniture
Outdoor generatorBlue, Orange, SilverFurniture
Outdoor tableWhite, RedFurniture
Painting SetYellowFurniture
Papa BearTweedFurniture
Papa pandaN/AFurniture
Paper LanternOrange woodFurniture
Paper tigerN/AFurniture
Peach chairWhite peachFurniture
Peach surprise boxWhite peachFurniture
Pedal boardBlackFurniture
Pet food bowlGreenFurniture
Piano BenchWhite, BlueFurniture
Picnic BasketBlue, Grey, YellowFurniture
Plain sinkNatural, White wood & tileFurniture
Plastic canisterBlue, White, GreenFurniture
Popcorn machinePinkFurniture
Portable RadioPinkFurniture
Portal record playerOrangeFurniture
PotBrown, GrayFurniture
Potted IvyLight Green, GreenFurniture
Protein shaker bottlePlain, Vanilla flavored, Cocoa flavoredFurniture
Public benchBlue & yellowFurniture
Punching bagBlueFurniture
Rattan armchairBrownFurniture
Rattan end tableBrownFurniture
Rattan low tableBrownFurniture
Rattan wardrobeBrownFurniture
Recycled-can thumb pianoUnlabeled can, Canned fishFurniture
Retro gas pumpWhite, RedFurniture
Retro stereoBlackFurniture
Revolving spice rackBrown, WhiteFurniture
Rice CookerBerry RedFurniture
Rock guitarCosmo blackFurniture
Rocket lampBlueFurniture
Rocking chairLight wood, Dark woodFurniture
Rotary phoneGreenFurniture
School deskBrown, WhiteFurniture
Sea globeN/AFurniture
Sewing machineWhiteFurniture
Sewing projectYellow, Green, PinkFurniture
Shell bedWhite, Pink, PearlFurniture
Shell fountainWhite, PearlFurniture
Shell lampWhite, PearlFurniture
Shell partitionWhite, PinkFurniture
Shell speakerPink, PearlFurniture
Shower setSilver, CopperFurniture
Silver micN/AFurniture
Simple DIY WorkbenchN/AFurniture
Simple KettleRedFurniture
Sleeping bagGreen, Yellow, Purple, OrangeFurniture
SmokerBlack, SilverFurniture
Soft-server lampVanillaFurniture
Soup kettleBorscht, Green curry, CongeeFurniture
South PoleN/AFurniture
Stand mixerGrey, Pink, YellowFurniture
Stone stoolN/AFurniture
Stone tableN/AFurniture
Stone tabletBlack, MossyFurniture
Stovetop espresso makerSilverFurniture
Street organYellowFurniture
Studio spotlightWhite, BlackFurniture
Sturdy sewing boxNatural, BrownFurniture
Succulent plantN/AFurniture
Surveillance cameraN/AFurniture
Swinging benchLight woodFurniture
Tea setBlueFurniture
Throwback Gothic MirrorRedFurniture
Throwback wrestling figureRedFurniture
Tiki torchN/AFurniture
Tin bucketN/AFurniture
Tiny libraryRedFurniture
Tire stackBlackFurniture
Tire toyBlackFurniture
Tissue BoxWhite, Natural wood, RattanFurniture
Toilet-cleaning setMonotone, ColorfulFurniture
Tool shelfWhiteFurniture
ToolboxRed, PinkFurniture
Toy boxGray, PinkFurniture
Traditional tea setFloralFurniture
Trash bagsBlackFurniture
Tree standeeSpring, Cherry blossomsFurniture
Unfinished puzzleN/AFurniture
Upright LockerBlue, WhiteFurniture
Velvet stoolN/AFurniture
Ventilation fanBlueFurniture
Wall-mounted candleBlack, GoldFurniture
Wall-mounted tool boardYellowFurniture
Weight benchN/AFurniture
WhiteboardSales meetingFurniture
Wild log benchWhite birchFurniture
Wooden-block bookshelfNatural, PastelFurniture
Wooden-block chairNaturalFurniture
Wooden-block stereoNatural
Wooden-block TableNaturalFurniture
Wooden-block ToyNatural, PastelFurniture
Wooden bucketN/AFurniture
Wooden chairLight woodFurniture
Wooden double bedLight wood, Pink woodFurniture
Wooden end tableLight wood, White woodFurniture
Wooden fishCamphor-tree wood, Zelkova woodFurniture
Wooden simple bedLight woodFurniture
Wooden table mirrorLight wood, Pink woodFurniture
Wooden wardrobeLight wood, Black, Pink woodFurniture
Writing chairDark brown, WhiteFurniture
Writing PosterPeriodic Table, ConstellationsFurniture
Park ClockSilverFurniture
Cotton-candy stallBlueFurniture
Springy ride-onPinkFurniture
Digital Alarm ClockPinkFurniture
Simple PanelLight brownFurniture
Cute ChairWhite, RedFurniture
Cute DIY TableWhite, Sky Blue, RedFurniture
Cute Floor LampWhite, Yellow, RedFurniture
Cute SofaWhite, Sky Blue, Yellow, Red, BlueFurniture
Cute VanityWhite, Sky Blue, Yellow, RedFurniture
Cute WardrobeWhite, Red, BlueFurniture
Tin bucketN/AFurniture
Spinning WheelN/AFurniture
Garbage BinBrownFurniture
Acorn Knit capBerry RedClothing
Adventure DressN/AClothing
After-school jacketBlackClothing
Annyeong teeN/AClothing
Anorak jacketCamelClothing
Argyle Crew SocksRedClothing
Athletic jacketBerry Red, RedClothing
Athletic shortsBlackClothing
Baby-chick costumeBeigeClothing
Back-bow socksPeacock Blue, BlueClothing
Baggy shirtGrayClothing
Bamboo HatN/AClothing
Baseball capRedClothing
Baseball ShirtWhite, Gray, Black, Red, Yellow, Navy blueClothing
Basket packN/AClothing
Basketball ShoesPink, RedClothing
Bat umbrellaN/AClothing
Bear teeN/AClothing
Blue dot parasolN/AClothing
Blue shiny-bows parasolN/AClothing
Blue umbrellaN/AClothing
Bobby socksBlackClothing
Bowler hat with ribbonPinkClothing
Box-pleated skirtLight Blue, Red, BeigeClothing
Browline GlassesGray, Black, Green, BrownClothing
Bulldog JacketWhite, BlackClothing
Business suitcoatGray, Black, Berry red, Blue, Navy BlueClothing
Mountain standeeCherry blossoms, SpringFurniture
Diner counter tablePinkFurniture
Electric kick scooterRedFurniture
DollyPink, Purple, Green, WhiteFurniture
Water CoolerWhiteFurniture
Table with ClothN/AFurniture
Alto SaxophoneN/AFurniture
Pro tape recorderBlackFurniture
Mantis-head modelN/AFurniture
Wood-burning stoveN/AFurniture
Coconut JuiceN/AFurniture
Mom's Homemade CakeDogFurniture
Mom's tissue boxFanciful quilted patternFurniture
Neutral CornerN/AFurniture
Wall-mounted PhoneWhiteFurniture
Incense BurnerForestFurniture
Bathroom Towel RackCopperFurniture
Go boardN/AFurniture
Anatomical ModelN/AFurniture
Cypress BathtubLight WoodFurniture
Bronze HHA PlaqueN/AFurniture
Drink MachinePinkFurniture
Portable ToiletRedFurniture
Table SettingWhite, PinkFurniture
Record BoxBlackFurniture
Water pumpGreenFurniture
Desktop computerPinkFurniture
Foosball TableDark BrownFurniture
Den DeskWhiteFurniture
Cartoonist's SetPinkFurniture
Lawn mowerGreenFurniture
Garbage PailN/AFurniture
Wooden full-length mirrorLight wood, Pink woodFurniture
Outdoor air conditionerN/AFurniture
BirdcageBrown, PinkFurniture
Hyacinth WreathN/AFurniture
Serving CartBlackFurniture
Antique BootsBlackClothing
Apron SkirtPurpleClothing
Black lace umbrellaN/AClothing
Beach UmbrellaN/AClothing
Cassette PlayerWhiteFurniture
Aries Rocking ChairN/AFurniture
Cardboard TableFurniture
Orange End tableFurniture
Wooden-block BedFurniture
Cutting BoardFurniture
Steamer-basket setFurniture
Bamboo-shoot lampFurniture
Wasp-head ModelFurniture
Vintage TV TrayFurniture
Arcade SeatRedFurniture
Bottled ShipTrading ship, Leisure shipFurniture
Bun wigPinkClothing
Fragrance SticksBlueFurniture
Pet BedNaturalFurniture
Baby PandaN/AFurniture
Golden DishesN/AFurniture
Wooden waste binLight woodFurniture
Clothes closetWhiteFurniture
Plasma BallN/AFurniture
Wooden-block chestNatural, PastelFurniture
Wave breakerN/AFurniture
Simple WellN/AFurniture
Basketball hoopBlueFurniture
Bomber-style jacketBlackClothing
Sand castleNatural SandFurniture
Shell tableWhite, PinkFurniture
Tankless ToiletWhiteFurniture
Butterfly ShadesBlue, Red, BrownClothing
Camo PantsPink, PurpleClothing
Camo SkirtAvocadoClothing
Candy-skull maskOrangeClothing
Candy umbrellaN/AClothing
Cardigan-shirt comboGray, Black, BlueClothing
Shell archWhite, PearlFurniture
Vacuum CleanerGreenFurniture

Wish list

NameColorItem Type
Crown???Head Accessory
Pink Flowers of ALL kindsPinkFlowers
Ballet SlippersPink?Clothing - Shoes
Picnic BasketRed/Pink?Furniture
Clawfoot TubWhite and PinkFurniture
Elaborate Kimono StandPinkFurniture
Toy boxPinkFurniture
Pink Quilted BackpackPinkClothing - Backpack
Long Lace SkirtPinkClothing - Bottoms
LOTS of StoneN/AMaterial
White iron-parquet flooringWhiteFlooring
Air conditionerWhite or PinkFurniture
Diner chairPinkFurniture
Antique FurnitureBrown and BlackFurniture
Any recipes I don't haveN/ARecipes
Box Sofa and Box Sofa CornerPinkFurniture
Iron DoorplatePink and WhiteFurniture
FireplaceDark Brown and IvoryFurniture
PianoBlack and WhiteFurniture
Mrs. FlamingoWhiteFurniture
Park Bench???Furniture
Mom's PlushieDogFurniture
Sand castleAny but Natural SandFurniture
Star Fragment Lamp???Furniture
Crescent Moon Lamp/Chair???Furniture
Shell WandN/AWand
Aquarius UrnN/AFurniture

Museum Progress

Anything listed below is currently in the museum. Anything not there, I still need.

FossilAnkylo skull
FossilAnkylo tail
FossilAnkylo torso
FossilArchelon skull
FossilArchelon tail
FossilBrachio chest
FossilBracho pelvis
FossilBrachio skull
FossilBrachio tail
FossilDeinony tail
FossilDeinony torso
FossilDimetrodon skull
FossilDimetrodon torso
FossilDinosaur track
FossilDiplo chest
FossilDiplo Neck
FossilDiplo Pelvis
FossilDiplo skull
FossilDiplo tail
FossilDiplo tail tip
FossilIguanodon skull
FossilIguanodon tail
FossilIguanodon torso
FossilLeft megalo side
FossilLeft quetzal wing
FossilLeft ptera wing
FossilMammoth skull
FossilMammoth torso
FossilMegacero skull
FossilMegacero Tail
FossilMegacero torso
FossilOphthalmo skull
FossilOphthalmo Torso
FossilPachy skull
FossilPachy tail
FossilParasaur skull
FossilParasaur tail
FossilParasaur torso
FossilPlesio Body
FossilPlesio Skull
FossilPlesio Tail
FossilPtera body
FossilQuetzal torso
FossilRight megalo side
FossilRight ptera wing
FossilRight quetzal wing
FossilSabertooth skull
FossilSabertooth tail
FossilShark-tooth pattern
FossilSpino skull
FossilSpino tail
FossilSpino torso
FossilStego Skull
FossilStego Tail
FossilStego torso
FossilT. Rex skull
FossilT. Rex tail
FossilT. Rex torso
FossilTricera skull
FossilTricera torso
FossilTricera tail

Nook Miles Progress

Anything “blank” for progress means I haven’t finished it yet. It will say “Completed!” if I’ve finished or how far along I am if not (IE: 1/5).

NameWhat to DoProgress?
Pink Sea Miles!Earn your first milesCompleted!
Angling for Perfection!Catch Fish3/5
Island IchthyologistFill out the Fish section of the Critterpedia4/5
Island TogethernessTalk to all of your neighbors every day.1/5
You've Got the BugCatch bugs2/5
Bugs Don't Bug MeFill out the Bug section of the Critterpedia3/5
Have a Nice DIY!Collect DIY Recipes 3/5
DIY ToolsCraft Tools 3/5
DIY FurnittureCraft Furniture2/5
Furniture FreshenerCustomize furniture2/5
Rough-hewnChop wood from trees 3/5
Trashed ToolsUse a tool until it breaks.4/5
Rock-Splitting ChampHit a rock 8 times in a row.Completed!
Bona Fide Bone Finder!Find a fossil for the first time.Completed!
Fossil AssessmentHave fossils assessed by Blathers.2/5
Greedy WeederSell Weeds to Timmy or Tommy.4/5
Flower PowerPlant flowers1/5
Flower TenderWater flowers3/5
Tomorrow's Trees TodayPlant Trees1/3
Pick of the BunchSell Fruit to Timmy2/5
Fruit RootsPlant one of each type of fruit: Cherries, Oranges, Pears, Peaches, Apples, and Cocounuts.Completed!
Go Ahead. Be Shellfish!Sell Seashells to Timmy.3/5
Clam and CollectedDig up Manila ClamsCompleted!
Trash Fishin'Fish out trash. Completed!
Cast MasterFish multiple fish in a row without any getting away.Completed!
Dream HouseExpand your home.Completed!
Decorated DecoratorGet the highest HHA Ranking0/1
Hoard RewardFill your house with indoor furniture.3/5
Good Things in Store!Store stuff in your house.Completed!
Remarkable RemodelerRemodel parts of your house's exterior.1/3
Smile IsleDo favors for Island Residents.1/5
Reaction RulerLearn new Reactions1/5
Island ShutterbugTake a picture with the camera app.Completed!
Edit CreditEdit your passport.Completed!
NookPhone LifeUse your Nookphone.Completed!
That's One Smart PhoneUse your Nookphone 1,000 times.Completed!
Shop to itBuy things with Nook Shopping (Next Milestone: 20)1/5
Growing CollectionGet items in your CatalogCompleted!
Nook Miles for Miles!Finish Nook Miles+ goals. (Next Milestone: 200)2/5
First-Time BuyerBuy something for the first time.Completed!
Seller of Unwanted StuffSell things you don't want.Completed!
Moving Fees Paid!Pay off the 5,000 Nook Miles you owe.Completed!
Bell RingerSpend Bells at the Island Shops/Facilities. (Next Milestone: 50,000)1/5
Miles for StalkholdersBuy turnips.Completed!
Cornering the Stalk Market.Make a large profit from selling turnips.Completed!
No More Loan Payments!Pay off your house completely.Completed!
Bulletin-Board BenefitWrite something on the Bulletin Board.Completed!
Popular Pen PalSend letters.2/5
Flea FlickerRemove fleas from residents0/3
Netting Better!Catch 5 Wasps in a row without getting stung.Completed!
Taking the Sting OutFaint after getting stung by wasps a second time. Completed!
Faint of HeartGet knocked out by a TarantulaCompleted!
Lost TreasureShoot down a balloon and have its present fall in the water.Completed!
It's Raining Treasure!Shoot down Balloon gifts with the slingshot. (Next Milestone: 20)3/5
Fun with FencesPlace 20 FencesCompleted!
Wishes Come TrueMake Wishes on Shooting StarsCompleted!
Exterior DecoratorSet up furniture outside.Completed!
Pink Sea IconsSet up a town flag and town tune.Completed!
Wispy Island SecretsHelp out Wisp.1/3
Gulliver's TravelsHelp out Gulliver.1/3
Making a ChangeChange your outfit in a closet.Completed!
First Custom Design!Make a Custom Design in the Custom Design app.Completed!
Custom Design Pro!Make a Pro design!Completed!
Paydirt!Dig up a gold spot.Completed!
Shady ShakedownFind furniture from shaking trees3/5
Island and YourlandVisit other Player's islands.Completed!
Host the MostHost other players at your island.Completed!
Active Island ResidentFor every active day you play.1/5

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