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Welcome to my Animal Crossing: New Horizons Information Page :) This is pretty much a summary of my progress in the game to go along with my gameplay logs and Youtube Playthrough. My town’s list of Nook Mile Items can be found over here.

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Island Name: Pink Sea
Embarked on: March 19th, 2020
Title: Seashore Princess
Dream Address: DA-2045-8323-2479
Happy Home Network ID: RA-5367-6995-4315
Town Fruit: Cherry
Town Flower: Lily
Other fruits gotten: Peach, Pear, Apple, Orange, Coconuts
Other flowers gotten: I have at least one of each of every flower in each color.
Facilities Unlocked: Nook’s Cranny, the Museum, Able Sisters
K.K. Slider’s First Concert: April 1st, 2020
DJ K.K.’s First Concert: November 15th, 2021
NookPhone Apps: Camera, Nook Miles+, Critterpedia, DIY Recipes, Nook Shopping, Island Designer, Custom Designs, Map, Chat Log, Passport, Best Friends List, ! Rescue Service
Crafting Recipes: All 922
Catalog: Completed!
Museum: Completed!
Nook Miles Progress: See below for details!
Reactions: Only missing all Cranky ones and the best friend ones for Lazy and Smug Villagers.
Patterns from Sable: Polka-dot print, Striped, Checkered 1, Checkered 2, Traditional 1, Traditional 2, Retro, Natural, Toys, Cool

Happy Home Paradise Vacation Houses done: 30+ (specifics coming soon)


Happy Home Network Page

Nook Link version



Last updated April 10th, 2022


Dream Villagers still to go: All gotten!

Moved in March 19th, 2020: Mira, Teddy
Moved in March 30th, 2020: Merengue ✨
Moved in March 31st, 2020: Cookie ✨
Moved in April 1st, 2020: Flurry ✨
Moved in April 2nd, 2020: Judy ✨
Moved in April 23rd, 2020: Marina ✨
Moved in May 16th, 2020: Diana ✨
Moved in June 7th, 2020: Maple ✨
Moved in July 12th, 2020: Peanut ✨

Past Villagers: Audie (March 23rd, 2020-April 22nd, 2020), Alfonso (Mach 22nd, 2020-May 14th, 2020), Phil (March 29th, 2020-June 5th, 2020), Margie (March 24th, 2020-July 10th, 2020)

✨ = Dream Villager

Wish list

I am willing to buy any of the items below or even just catalog them if they can be reordered. Thank you! I can also trade anything that can be re-ordered from the catalog or crafted from the DIY list. Furniture is higher priority than clothing.

Any DIY Recipes I don't have!

DIY Recipes I need
Any furniture/clothing I don't have!N/A

Crafting Recipe Progress

I have them all now. You can find an image version of all the crafting recipes I have here.

Catalog Progress

I have everything now. You can find an image version of the catalog items I am missing by clicking here

Museum Progress

Museum is currently completed entirely!

Ankylo skullFossilYes!
Ankylo tailFossilYes!
Ankylo torsoFossilYes!
Archelon skullFossilYes!
Archelon tailFossilYes!
Brachio chestFossilYes!
Bracho pelvisFossilYes!
Brachio skullFossilYes!
Brachio tailFossilYes!
Deinony tailFossilYes!
Deinony torsoFossilYes!
Dimetrodon skullFossilYes!
Dimetrodon torsoFossilYes!
Dinosaur trackFossilYes!
Diplo chestFossilYes!
Diplo NeckFossilYes!
Diplo PelvisFossilYes!
Diplo skullFossilYes!
Diplo tailFossilYes!
Diplo tail tipFossilYes!
Iguanodon skullFossilYes!
Iguanodon tailFossilYes!
Iguanodon torsoFossilYes!
Left megalo sideFossilYes!
Left quetzal wingFossilYes!
Left ptera wingFossilYes!
Mammoth skullFossilYes!
Mammoth torsoFossilYes!
Megacero skullFossilYes!
Megacero TailFossilYes!
Megacero torsoFossilYes!
Ophthalmo skullFossilYes!
Ophthalmo TorsoFossilYes!
Pachy skullFossilYes!
Pachy tailFossilYes!
Parasaur skullFossilYes!
Parasaur tailFossilYes!
Parasaur torsoFossilYes!
Plesio BodyFossilYes!
Plesio SkullFossilYes!
Plesio TailFossilYes!
Ptera bodyFossilYes!
Quetzal torsoFossilYes!
Right megalo sideFossilYes!
Right ptera wingFossilYes!
Right quetzal wingFossilYes!
Sabertooth skullFossilYes!
Sabertooth tailFossilYes!
Shark-tooth patternFossilYes!
Spino skullFossilYes!
Spino tailFossilYes!
Spino torsoFossilYes!
Stego SkullFossilYes!
Stego TailFossilYes!
Stego torsoFossilYes!
T. Rex skullFossilYes!
T. Rex tailFossilYes!
T. Rex torsoFossilYes!
Tricera skullFossilYes!
Tricera torsoFossilYes!
Tricera tailFossilYes!
Common ButterflyInsectsYes!
Yellow ButterflyInsectsYes!
Tiger ButterflyInsectsYes!
Peacock ButterflyInsectsYes!
Common bluebottleInsectsYes!
Paper kite butterflyInsectsYes!
Great Purple EmperorInsectsYes!
Monarch ButterflyInsectsYes!
Emperor ButterflyInsectsYes!
Agrias butterflyInsectsYes!
Rajah Brooke's birdwingInsectsYes!
Queen Alexandra's birdwingInsectsYes!
Atlas mothInsectsYes!
Madagascan sunset mothInsectsYes!
Long locustInsectsYes!
Migratory locustInsectsYes!
Rice grasshopperInsectsYes!
Bell cricketInsectsYes!
Orchid mantisInsectsYes!
Brown CicadaInsectsYes!
Robust CicadaInsectsYes!
Giant CicadaInsectsYes!
Walker CicadaInsectsYes!
Evening CicadaInsectsYes!
Cicada ShellInsectsYes!
Red dragonflyInsectsYes!
Darner dragonflyInsectsYes!
Banded dragonflyInsectsYes!
Mole cricketInsectsYes!
Diving beetleInsectsYes!
Giant water bugInsectsYes!
Man-faced stink bugInsectsYes!
Tiger beetleInsectsYes!
Jewel beetleInsectsYes!
Violin beetleInsectsYes!
Cirtrus long-honed beetleInsectsYes!
Rosalia batesi beetleInsectsYes!
Blue Weevil beetleInsectsYes!
Dung beetleInsectsYes!
Earth-boring dung beetleInsectsYes!
Scarab beetleInsectsYes!
Drone beetleInsectsYes!
Goliath beetleInsectsYes!
Saw stagInsectsYes!
Miyama stagInsectsYes!
Giant stagInsectsYes!
Rainbow stagInsectsYes!
Cyclommatus StagInsectsYes!
Golden stagInsectsYes!
Giraffe stagInsectsYes!
Horned DynastidInsectsYes!
Horned AtlasInsectsYes!
Horned ElephantInsectsYes!
Horned HerculesInsectsYes!
Walking stickInsectsYes!
Walking LeafInsectsYes!
Hermit crabInsectsYes!
Wharf roachInsectsYes!
Pill bugInsectsYes!
Pale chubFishYes!
Crucian carpFishYes!
Pop-eyed goldfishFishYes!
Ranchu goldfishFishYes!
Soft-shelled turtleFishYes!
Snapping turtleFishYes!
Freshwater gobyFishYes!
Giant SnakeheadFishYes!
Yellow perchFishYes!
Black bassFishYes!
Pond smeltFishYes!
Cherry salmonFishYes!
Golden troutFishYes!
King salmonFishYes!
Mitten crabFishYes!
Nibble fishFishYes!
Neon tetraFishYes!
Saddled bichirFishYes!
Sea butterflyFishYes!
Sea horseFishYes!
Clown fishFishYes!
Butterfly fishFishYes!
Zebra turkeyfishFishYes!
Puffer fishFishYes!
Horse mackerelFishYes!
Barred knifejawFishYes!
Sea bassFishYes!
Red snapperFishYes!
Olive flounderFishYes!
Moray eelFishYes!
Ribbon eelFishYes!
Blue MarlinFishYes!
Giant trevallyFishYes!
Ocean sunfishFishYes!
Saw sharkFishYes!
Hammerhead sharkFishYes!
Great White sharkFishYes!
Whale sharkFishYes!
Football fishFishYes!
Academic paintingArtYes!
Amazing PaintingArtYes!
Ancient statueArtYes!
Basic PaintingArtYes!
Beautiful statueArtYes!
Calm PaintingArtYes!
Common PaintingArtYes!
Detailed paintingArtYes!
Dynamic PaintingArtYes!
Familiar statueArtYes!
Famous PaintingArtYes!
Flowery PaintingArtYes!
Gallant statueArtYes!
Glowing paintingArtYes!
Graceful PaintingArtYes!
Great statueArtYes!
Informative statueArtYes!
Jolly PaintingArtYes!
Moody PaintingArtYes!
Motherly statueArtYes!
Moving PaintingArtYes!
Mysterious paintingArtYes!
Mystic statueArtYes!
Nice PaintingArtYes!
Perfect PaintingArtYes!
Proper PaintingArtYes!
Quaint PaintingArtYes!
Robust statueArtYes!
Rock-head statueArtYes!
Scary PaintingArtYes!
Scenic paintingArtYes!
Serene PaintingArtYes!
Sinking paintingArtYes!
Solemn PaintingArtYes!
Tremendous statueArtYes!
Twinkling paintingArtYes!
Valiant statueArtYes!
Warm PaintingArtYes!
Warrior statueArtYes!
Wild Painting left halfArtYes!
Wild Painting right halfArtYes!
Wistful PaintingArtYes!
Worthy PaintingArtYes!
SeaweedSea CreaturesYes!
Sea grapesSea CreaturesYes!
Sea cucumberSea CreaturesYes!
Sea pigSea CreaturesYes!
Sea starSea CreaturesYes!
Sea urchinSea CreaturesYes!
Slate pencil urchinSea CreaturesYes!
Sea anemoneSea CreaturesYes!
Moon jellyfishSea CreaturesYes!
Sea slugSea CreaturesYes!
Pearl oysterSea CreaturesYes!
MusselSea CreaturesYes!
OysterSea CreaturesYes!
ScallopSea CreaturesYes!
WhelkSea CreaturesYes!
Turban shellSea CreaturesYes!
AbaloneSea CreaturesYes!
Gigas giant clamSea CreaturesYes!
Chambered nautilusSea CreaturesYes!
OctopusSea CreaturesYes!
Umbrella octopusSea CreaturesYes!
Vampire squidSea CreaturesYes!
Firefly squidSea CreaturesYes!
Gazami crabSea CreaturesYes!
Dungeoness crabSea CreaturesYes!
Snow crabSea CreaturesYes!
Red king crabSea CreaturesYes!
Acorn barnacleSea CreaturesYes!
Spider crabSea CreaturesYes!
Tiger prawnSea CreaturesYes!
Sweet shrimpSea CreaturesYes!
Mantis shrimpSea CreaturesYes!
Spiny lobsterSea CreaturesYes!
LobsterSea CreaturesYes!
Giant isopodSea CreaturesYes!
Horseshoe crabSea CreaturesYes!
Sea pineappleSea CreaturesYes!
Spotted garden eelSea CreaturesYes!
FlatwormSea CreaturesYes!
Venus' flower basketSea CreaturesYes!

Nook Miles Progress

It will say “Completed!” if I’ve finished or how far along I am if I haven’t (IE: 1/5). Anything blank means I haven’t unlocked that Nook Mile achievement yet!

NameWhat to DoProgress?
Pink Sea Miles!Earn your first milesCompleted!
Angling for Perfection!Catch Fish3/5
Island IchthyologistFill out the Fish section of the CritterpediaCompleted!
Island TogethernessTalk to all of your neighbors every day.Completed!
You've Got the BugCatch bugs3/5
Bugs Don't Bug MeFill out the Bug section of the CritterpediaCompleted!
Have a Nice DIY!Collect DIY Recipes Completed!
Deep DiveDive a lot for creatures4/5
Underwater UnderstudyFill out the Diving Section of your CritterpediaCompleted!
DIY ToolsCraft Tools 4/5
DIY FurnitureCraft Furniture4/5
Furniture FreshenerCustomize furnitureCompleted!
Rough-hewnChop wood from trees 4/5
Trashed ToolsUse a tool until it breaks.Completed!
Rock-Splitting ChampHit a rock 8 times in a row.Completed!
Bona Fide Bone Finder!Find a fossil for the first time.Completed!
Fossil AssessmentHave fossils assessed by Blathers.Completed!
Greedy WeederSell Weeds to Timmy or Tommy.Completed!
Flower PowerPlant flowersCompleted!
Flower TenderWater flowersCompleted!
Tomorrow's Trees TodayPlant TreesCompleted!
Pick of the BunchSell Fruit to TimmyCompleted!
Fruit RootsPlant one of each type of fruit: Cherries, Oranges, Pears, Peaches, Apples, and Cocounuts.Completed!
Shrubbery HubbubberyPlant bushes.Completed!
Go Ahead. Be Shellfish!Sell Seashells to Timmy.Completed!
Clam and CollectedDig up Manila ClamsCompleted!
Trash Fishin'Fish out trash. Completed!
Cast MasterFish multiple fish in a row without any getting away.Completed!
Dream HouseExpand your home.Completed!
Decorated DecoratorGet an S Ranking from the HHACompleted!
Hoard RewardFill your house with indoor furniture.Completed!
Good Things in Store!Store stuff in your house.Completed!
Remarkable RemodelerRemodel parts of your house's exterior.Completed!
Smile IsleDo favors for Island Residents.3/5
Reaction RulerLearn new ReactionsCompleted!
Island ShutterbugTake a picture with the camera app.Completed!
Edit CreditEdit your passport.Completed!
NookPhone LifeUse your Nookphone.Completed!
That's One Smart PhoneUse your Nookphone 1,000 times.Completed!
Shop to itBuy things with Nook ShoppingCompleted!
Growing CollectionGet items in your CatalogCompleted!
Nook Miles for Miles!Finish Nook Miles+ goals. (Next Milestone: 200)3/5
First-Time BuyerBuy something for the first time.Completed!
Seller of Unwanted StuffSell things you don't want.Completed!
Moving Fees Paid!Pay off the 5,000 Nook Miles you owe.Completed!
Bell RingerSpend Bells at the Island Shops/Facilities. (Next Milestone: 50,000)Completed!
Miles for StalkholdersBuy turnips.Completed!
Cornering the Stalk Market.Make a large profit from selling turnips.Completed!
No More Loan Payments!Pay off your house completely.Completed!
Bulletin-Board BenefitWrite something on the Bulletin Board.Completed!
Popular Pen PalSend letters.Completed!
Flea FlickerRemove fleas from residentsCompleted!
Cicada MemoriesCatch a Cicada ShellCompleted!
Netting Better!Catch 5 Wasps in a row without getting stung.Completed!
Pit-y PartyBury a Pitfall SeedCompleted!
Taking the Sting OutFaint after getting stung by wasps a second time. Completed!
Faint of HeartGet knocked out by a TarantulaCompleted!
Overcoming PitfallsFall into a PitfallCompleted!
Faked Out!Donate fake art.Completed!
Lost TreasureShoot down a balloon and have its present fall in the water.Completed!
It's Raining Treasure!Shoot down Balloon gifts with the slingshot. (Next Milestone: 20)Completed!
Fun with FencesPlace 20 FencesCompleted!
SnowmaestroMake 20 Perfect Snowboys1/3
Wishes Come TrueMake Wishes on Shooting StarsCompleted!
Exterior DecoratorSet up furniture outside.Completed!
Pink Sea IconsSet up a town flag and town tune.Completed!
Island DesignerGet Terraforming and unlock the Water and Cliff scaping tools.Completed!
Wispy Island SecretsHelp out Wisp.Completed!
Gulliver's TravelsHelp out Gulliver.Completed!
K.K. ManiaSee K.K. Perform.3/5
True Patron of the ArtsBuy art from ReddCompleted!
You Otter KnowTrade Scallops with PascalCompleted!
True FriendsBecome good friends with Villagers.Completed!
Birthday CelebrationCelebrate Villager's birthdaysCompleted!
Happy Birthday!Celebrate your birthday ingame.Completed!
Fishing Tourney! 🐟 Participate in the Fishing Tourney each season.Completed!
Bug-Off! 🦋Participate in the Bug-Off each season.Completed!
Countdown CelebrationCelebrate New Year's Eve and count down to Midnight!Completed!
Making a ChangeChange your outfit in a closet.Completed!
First Custom Design!Make a Custom Design in the Custom Design app.Completed!
Custom Design Pro!Make a Pro design!Completed!
Paydirt!Dig up a gold spot.Completed!
Shady ShakedownFind furniture from shaking treesCompleted!
Golden MilestoneGet each Golden Tool.Completed!
Island and YourlandVisit other Player's islands.Completed!
Host the MostHost other players at your island.Completed!
Active Island ResidentFor every active day you play.Completed!

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