This is just to show art I’ve comissioned/received of the characters I play or the lovely caricature of myself in the banner! :D I thought it’d be fun to have a single place to show them. Thank you to those who drew them! (Just hover over for credits!) More categories will be added if I receive art for other things!

Credit is still being added! If I’ve missed one, feel free to let me know and I’ll add it!

Mizuki Sakura

mizuno_sakura_sakurai_mizunosakura_jen_by_pachirisuplusemolga-d8jj712 CENUB74XIAM4E1v By Cozy_Strawberry on Twitter!


Gaia Online

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
SillyJen pinkseacrossing-1 MqtNsxD bykaianimalcrossing2 tumblr_mmpt4kJkCz1sq9riwo1_500 jenniffer2 RandomJen tumblr_mg4228zaKk1rtl6zko1_400 commission2copy tumblr_mrs634z9D51sf6bxco1_400 tumblr_mucaolg8861sgy0zwo1_r1_400 tumblr_n5amieii6z1tz9ex8o1_400 tumblr_n83nq71OJv1ty53vno2_r1_400 tumblr_nh8cyhIakw1rvh2dao1_400 e5XJJ9q
Due to the amount, I’ll mostly only be putting the more recent ones here and some randomly selected older ones. You can check all of them out on Pink Sea and the tumblr page for it.

Disney Magical Worlds
tumblr_static_4s11ozcwp3wg00kcs04gskc88 tumblr_static_5cmmdh6uaykg8kk8c4c8ok4g4


Professor Layton

Fire Emblem

Harvest Moon
6hqotz aeteon 3590roo
Due to the amount, you can find the rest of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Art here.

2s6o7r9 4udjb6 167rr04 2db30ap emizelenka-trainer-pikachub 1zc11j vzu8ly aoqslx 28he5uc 2mergog celina_koori_by_kyupi-d33k31g zl4ww7 1grha8 tumblr_nhazzz7wL01tx7pueo1_1280 sylvaur2sylvaurpokemonpalooza laniandalyssaskydrew7cubedtadbitdigitalartbynomppieyay
Due to the amount, I’ll mostly only be putting the more recent ones here and some randomly selected older ones.

Maple Story

Star Wars: The Old Republic
marileamargon marileafinished tumblr_m9vbweS5Q01r5nx9ao1_500

Phantasy Star Online 2

Pokemon: Super Mystery Dungeon

Fantasy Life

My Candy Love/Amour Sucre

More can be seen here


More can be seen here

Club Penguin/Club Penguin Island

Pixie Hollow

Wiglington and Wenks




Solia Online


More can be found here.

Chibi Pixel Doll

Coming soon!
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