Disney Dreamlight Valley – Potato Mystery Guide

I’ve had some requests to put this in its own section over the full Tips & Tricks guide so here we go.

Golden Potato – During the Halloween Event, in one of the images was a hidden code: GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM
Entering in the Code through the Code Redemption (Found in Settings under Help) gave you a Golden Potato. This code was disabled starting from Update 5. You now find the Golden Potato by interacting with the Vault in Scrooge’s Shop.
Once you have it in your inventory, follow the following steps to turn it into the Gleaming Gold Potion:

  • You can see a Book in Merlin’s house showing the Potato and a stone diamond shape next to it. You can put the Golden Potato on a Diamond-shaped Stone Tablet in the big Cave (not Ursula’s) on Dazzle Beach. It will spawn a Golden Carrot.
  • You can then put the Golden Carrot on one on the Table of Elsa’s cave. It’ll spawn a Golden Crab.
  • You can put the Golden Crab on one on the handrail at the top “floor” of the Castle. It’ll spawn a Golden Night Thorn.
  • Head back to Merlin’s House and put the Golden Night Thorn on the Diamond by the book. You will then get a Gleaming Gold Potion. It still hasn’t been figured out what to do after that step or if we can even do anything more this update just yet.

Once you’ve gotten the Gold Potato, you can actually start finding other Potatoes as well. You will not be able to find the others if you haven’t redeemed the Gold Potato code yet.

Red Potato – Found in Remy’s House (May require Remy to be at least level 7/his level 7 quest done as that is what unlocks Slush Ice). Once you have gotten the potato from his house, follow the steps below to turn it into a Raging Red Potion:

  • In Remy’s Realm is a new post-it that hints to the types of things you need. Cooking the Red Potato, Lobster, Raspberries, Chili Pepper, and Slush Ice together makes “Icy-Red Stew… Yuck”.
  • Head to Remy’s Realm and put the new dish in the Serving Section like you did when playing through Remy’s Realm Quest. The Raging Red Potion will then spawn at your feet.

You can find pictures and links to my Youtube video in my post for Update 3 for the Red Potato and Golden Potato.

Orange Potato – You need to craft it after finding 20 Orange Pebbles in the Castle and various realms. You must wear the Lenses of Shadows that you get from Scrooge’s Level 10 Friendship Quest AND have gotten at least the Gold Potato (whether made into the potion yet or not) in order to be able to see and pick up the Pebbles:

  • 3 can be found in the Castle, one on each floor.
  • 3 can be found in Mickey’s Secret Room, two in the first room and one in the room behind the bookcase.
  • 2 in WALL-E’s Realm. By the fridges.
  • 4 in Moana’s Realm. One in sand behind the entrance, one in the fire, one by rocks across from boat, and one on the grass near where Maui was originally.
  • 1 in Remy’s Realm in the back right.
  • 3 in the Frozen Realm. One near the entrance behind a stone tablet, one behind a rock in the deadend to the left of the Stone Stack, and one near where Elsa and the Wind Spirit are at the end across the ice bridge.
  • 4 in the Toy Story Realm. Generally in the different corners– all were on the floor.

The Pebbles are INCREDIBLY small:

You can find photos of each location here.

Once you have all 20 Pebbles, simply go to a crafting station to craft the Orange Potato. You’ll be able to turn it into a potion at the crafting table as well.

Blue Potato – Found in Ursula’s House. You MUST have already gotten the Gold Potato in order to get the Blue one.

  • It seems to go into the Shimmering Pool in the Mines in Sunlit Plateau, and needs four other items which requires essentially going through an invisible Water Maze to get to four distinct items in various places. The Blue Potato must be in your inventory to be able to get to and find these items. They also need to be found in this exact order.
    • Blue Shell – Offshore in Moana’s Realm
    • Blue Starfish – Where you first found Ariel.
    • Blue Book – At the bottom of the Mystical Cave.
    • Blue Gem – Hidden in the Mines of Sunlit Plateau.

For the Blue and Orange Potatoes, we take care of the Orange Potato in this video and the Blue Potato in this one.

Purple Potato – Gotten through the Portal in Frosted Heights (the one in the cave where you find Olaf). Potion is Crafted at a Crafting Table.
Interact with the Portal and it will ask you about words to say. These are found by finding Purple Books around the Valley. The words to pick, in order, are:

  • Potato
  • Book
  • Dream
  • Higgitus Figgitus
  • Fugu
  • Crystal
  • Foraging
  • The Forgetting
  • Raspberry
  • Magic

Green Potato – You can see Bottles floating in the water across the Valley– Fish them out (a gold ring will appear if you landed on it) and then open the bottles for a Emerald Sliver. There are 16 total:

  • 5 at Dazzle Beach
  • 4 at Glade of Truth
  • 2 each in Peaceful Meadows and Sunlit Plateau
  • 1 each in Frosted Heights, Forest of Valor, and Forgotten Lands
  • You can then craft Jade Crystal at a Crafting Station
  • Head to the secret room in the Mines in Sunlit Plateau and interact with the Crystal Ball to get a Seed. Plant the Seed in the Forgotten Realms and it’ll grow into the Green Potato. You can then craft the potion with the Jade Crystal and Potato.
  • You can check this video to see me working on the Purple and Green Potatoes, along with the final potion.

    With all Potions made, you can then craft the Rainbow Potion. The Rainbow Potion can be used on a Fox Statue you’ll find in the Forgotten’s Castle during the second part (takes place ~24 hours after finishing the first part) of the Forgotten Lands Orb Quest in order to get a Rainbow Fox Companion and with that, you’ve completed the potato mystery! The Rainbow Fox can’t be equipped until you’re back in Dreamlight Valley.

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