Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipe Guide

Myself and many others on the official Discord work really hard on collecting recipes and while there is a Google Document and Steam Guide, things still often get shared around without any mention so… I figured I’d just make a page here to keep track and update, especially as I’m often asked anyway.

Most recent Updates: May 1st, 2024 – All new recipes (the Cupcakes and one-time recipes) added.

Click here if you are only interested in One-Time Only Recipes (recipes usually just for quests or something else that do not get added to the Meals Tab in Collections)

Special Thanks to:
-Naito and the Japanese DDLV Community
-✦ Roze Masquerade ✦

(I’ll be continuing to update this list as I go back through our Discord channel in hopes to get every name on here)


  • Crudites – Besides Carrot, you can also use Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Mushroom or Zucchini to make this.
  • Grilled Vegetables – Besides Corn, you can also use Asparagus, Chili Pepper, Eggplant, Onion, Pumpkin, or Spinach to make this
  • If you follow a recipe and it isn’t right, try another “general” ingredient– despite some dishes being like “any fruit/vegetable/dairy/etc.” works, the caveat is it only works if that item doesn’t cause another recipe to be made instead.
  • Pumpkin Puffs – Generally considered the easiest dish to make for the best Profit.
  • Souffle – If you hate farming, this is the next easiest profit option as you can buy all the items from Remy to make it.
  • Shellfish is technically the Seafood category, but since Fish are also Seafood, Shellfish is used for better distinction.
  • If you don’t know where an item is from, it’s probably unlocked through a Friendship Questline or Event Based.
  • Futomaki and Grilled Eel are not currently possible to make and thus, are not listed. These items showing up under Favorite items is a bug.
  • Fugu only shows up when it’s raining. Kingfish only shows up at night.
  • As of the Enchanted Adventure update, Marinated Herring was renamed to Sweet Herring.

StarsRecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5
3Apple Cider Glazed SalmonAppleSalmonSugarcane
3Apple PieAppleWheatButter
2Apple SauceAppleCinnamon
3Apple SorbetSlush IceAppleSugarcane
5Arendellian Pickled HerringHerringLemonOnionGarlicAny Spice
3Arepas Con QuesoCornCheeseAgave
5Aurora's CakeRaspberryWheatSugarcaneEggMilk
2Baked BeansPorkBeans
2Baked CarpCarpButter
4Banana Ice CreamSlush IceBananaMilkSugarcane
3Banana PieBananaWheatButter
5Banana SplitSlush IceBananaMilkSugarcaneAny Sweetener
4BaoziPorkWheatSoyaAny Spice
2Barbecued Brilliant Blue StarfishBrilliant Blue StarfishMint
2Barbecued Pretty Pink StarfishPretty Pink StarfishPaprika
3Basil Berry SaladBlueberryBasilStrawberry
4Basil OmeletBasilEggCheeseMilk
3Bell Pepper PuffsBell PepperEggCheese
3Berry SaladRaspberryBlueberryGooseberry
4Best Fish ForeverSea SnailRobot FishCeleryCumin
5Birthday CakeCocoa BeanWheatSugarcaneEggButter
5Blend of the BayouPrisma ShrimpRiceCeleryButterAny Spice
3Blueberry PieBlueberryWheatButter
2Boba TeaMilkSugarcane
4Bony Osso BucoSkeleton FishCeleryAny VegetableGrapes
5BouillabaisseAny ShellfishAny ShellfishShrimpTomatoAny Vegetable
4Braised AbaloneOysterSea SnailMushroomGarlic
4Braised Bamboo ShootsBambooCanolaSoyaGinger
5Brandade de MorueCodPotatoMilkLemonGarlic
5Bulgur SaladWheatCucumberTomatoMintAny Spice
4BurritoAny MeatWheatBeansCumin
5Butter ChickenPoultryTomatoButterLemonCumin
1CandyAny Sweetener
2Caramel ApplesSugarcaneApple
3Caramel MacaronsAlmondsEggsAgave
3Carp SaladCarpLettuceLemon
4Carrot CakeCarrotWheatEggSugarcane
3Charlotte CakeWheatStrawberryAgave
1Cheese PlatterCheese
4CheeseburgerVenisonWheatAny VegetableCheese
4CheesecakeCheeseWheatSugarcaneAny Fruit
3Cheesy Crispy Baked CodCodWheatCheese
3Cherry PieCherryWheatButter
4Chicken SouvlakiPoultryLemonMintPaprika
3Chili Pepper PuffsChili PepperEggCheese
4Chocolate Chip CookiesCocoa BeanWheatSugarcaneButter
4Chocolate Ice CreamCocoa BeanSugarcaneMilkSlush Ice
3Chocolate MacaronsAlmondsEggsCocoa Bean
4Chocolate WafflesCocoa BeanWheatEggMilk
4ChowderAny ShellfishAny VegetableMilkPotato
4Cinnamon DonutWheatEggsCinnamonAny Sweetener
2Clam JuiceClamTomato
2Classic Mac & CheeseWheatCheese
4Club SandwichPorkPoultryWheatTomato
3Coconut Boba TeaMilkSugarcaneCoconut
4Coconut CakeCoconutWheatEggSugarcane
4Coconut Ice CreamSlush IceMilkSugarcaneCoconut
1CoffeeCoffee Bean
4Conch CevicheSea SnailOnionTomatoLemon
4Coq en BarbouillePoultryOnionAny VegetableGrapes
2Cotton CandyAgaveSugarcane
2Crab MeltsCrabCheese
1CrackersAny Grain
3Cream Cheese BagelWheatCheeseAny Sweetener
4Creamy Garlic ScallopsScallopsLemonButterGarlic
4Creamy SoupAny SpiceMilkPotatoAny Vegetable
3Crimson BurgerWheatAny VegetableRuby Lentils
2Crispy Baked CodCodWheat
4DanishWheatButterAny FruitAny Fruit
4Dragon Roll MakiElectric EelRiceSeaweedAny Vegetable
3Dreamango Boba TeaMilkDreamangoSugarcane
4Dream FizzDreamlight FruitWheatSugarcaneSlush Ice
3Dream Ice CreamDreamlight FruitMilkSlush Ice
4DumplingsAny MeatWheatAny VegetablesSoya
3Eggplant PuffsEggplantEggCheese
5Fabulous FajitasPoultryWheatAny VegetableAny VegetableCumin
4Fish 'n' ChipsWheatCanolaPotatoAny Fish
5Fish CreoleAny FishAny VegetableGarlicRiceTomato
4Fish PastaAny FishGarlicWheatMilk
3Fish PieAny FishWheatButter
3Fish RisottoAny FishRiceButter
3Fish SaladAny FishLemonLettuce
2Fish SandwichesAny FishWheat
3Fish SoupAny FishAny VegetableMilk
3Fish SteakAny FishTomatoBasil
4Fish TacosAny FishCornChili PepperCheese
2French FriesCanolaPotato
2French MacaronsAlmondsEgg
3Fruit MilkshakeSlush IceMilkAny Fruit
1Fruit SaladAny Fruit
2Fruit SorbetSlush IceAny Fruit
4FruitcakeWheatAny FruitAny FruitAny Fruit
3Fugu SushiFuguRiceSeaweed
4GazpachoCucumberTomatoOnionAny Spice
5Ghostly Fish SteakHere and There FishLemonAsparagusBell PepperOregano
5Gingerbread HouseGingerEggWheatVanillaSugarcane
3Glazed DonutWheatEggAny Sweetener
3Good Ol' Fashioned BurgerVenisonWheatLettuce
3Gooseberry Boba TeaMilkSugarcaneGooseberry
3Gourmet GrubsSea SnailSand WormScorpion
3Gray StuffAny Dairy or OilSugarcaneCocoa Bean
5Greek PizzaAny SpiceWheatCheeseTomatoOnion
2Green SaladAny VegetableLettuce
1Grilled FishAny Fish
2Grilled Fish EntreeAny FishAny Vegetable
1Grilled VegetablesCorn
3Grilled Veggie PlatterAny VegetableAny VegetableAny Vegetable
5GumboOkraShrimpChili PepperTomatoOnion
4Hamburger SteakVenisonPotatoAny VegetableBeans
1Hard-Boiled EggsEgg
5Hawaiian PizzaPorkWheatTomatoCheesePineapple
3Hearty SaladAny VegetableLettuceAny Vegetable
1Hors d'OeuvresAny Spice
3Hot CocoaSugarcaneCocoa BeanMilk
3Ice CreamSlush IceMilkSugarcane
3Jam MacaronsAlmondsEggsAny Fruit
4Jam WafflesAny FruitWheatEggMilk
4Jerk ChickenPoultryOnionGarlicAny Spice
3Kappa MakiSeaweedCucumberRice
3Kronk's Spinach PuffsSpinachCheeseCanola
5Lancetfish PaellaLancetfishShrimpAny ShellfishTomatoRice
5Large Seafood PlatterAny ShellfishAny ShellfishAny ShellfishAny ShellfishLemon
2LatteCoffee BeanMilk
1Leek SoupLeek
3Lemon Garlic SwordfishSwordfishGarlicLemon
2Lemon SorbetSlush IceLemon
4Lioness FeastMushroomTomatoOreganoHere and There Fish
5Lobster RollLobsterWheatLemonButterGarlic
3Lo-FriesFlute RootYamCanola
4Maguro SushiTunaRiceSeaweedGinger
3MakiAny FishSeaweedRice
4Margherita PizzaAny SpiceTomatoCheeseWheat
2Marvelous JamDreamlight FruitWheat
3Meat PieAny MeatWheatButter
5Meaty TacoVenisonChili PepperCornAny VegetableCumin
5Mediterranean SaladCucumberTomatoOnionLettuceAny Spice
3Melon Boba TeaMilkMelonSugarcane
4Meringue PieLemonButterWheatEgg
5Mermaid CupcakeMilkWheatButterSugarcaneScallop
4Milky Way StewRainbow TroutMilkTurnipCosmic Figs
5Minnie CupcakeMilkWheatButterSugarcaneApple
2Minnie's Gingerbread CookiesGingerWheat
3Mint Boba TeaMilkSugarcaneMint
2Mint CandyMintSugarcane
4Mint ChocolateMintSugarcaneButterCocoa Bean
2Mint SorbetSlush IceMint
3MochaCoffee BeanMilkCocoa Bean
4Moqueca de PirarucuPirarucuAny VegetablesAny VegetablesCoconut
4Mushroom PizzaMushroomWheatTomatoCheese
5Mushu's CongeeRiceEggGingerGarlicMushroom
3My Hero CookieWheatButterVanilla
3NachosChili PepperCornCheese
4Nestling CrepeWheatEggsMilkNestling Pear
2Nuts & BoltsRobot FishAlmonds
1Okra SoupOkra
3Onion PuffsOnionEggCheese
2Oyster PlatterOysterLemon
4Pan-Fried Angler FishAnglerfishTomatoZucchiniPotato
3Pan-Seared Bass & VegetablesBassAny VegetableAny Vegetable
3Pan-Seared Tilapia & VegetablesTilapiaAny VegetableAny Vegetable
3Pasta with HerbsWheatButterAny Spice
4Pastéis de NataCornEggMilkVanilla
5Pastry Cream and FruitsAny FruitAny FruitAny FruitMilkSugarcane
3PawpsicleSlush IceSugarcaneAny Fruit
2Peanut Butter SandwichPeanutWheat
4Peanut Butter WafflesPeanutWheatEggMilk
3Pear Upside-Down CakeWheatEggsNesting Pear
2Peppermint TeaLemonMint
4Pesto with LinguineWheatButterGarlicOregano
4Pickled HerringHerringLemonOnionAny Spice
3Piquant Piranha SoupChili PepperBambooPiranha
2Pineapple Soft ServeSlush IcePineapple
1Plain Snow ConesSlush Ice
4Poached Basil-Butter SturgeonWhite SturgeonBasilLemonButter
3Porridge with FruitsMilkWheatAny Fruit
5Potato Leek SoupLeekPotatoMilkOnionGarlic
3Potato PuffsPotatoEggCheese
3PottagePotatoAny SpiceAny Vegetable
5Princess Aurora Raspberry CupcakeMilkWheatButterSugarcaneRaspberry
4Pulled PorkPorkOnionTomatoOregano
3Pumpkin PuffsPumpkinEggCheese
4Pumpkin SoupPumpkinGingerMilkAny Vegetable
3Pupusas RevueltasPoultryCornBeans
5RainbouillabaissePrisma ShrimpAny SeafoodRainbow TroutTomatoAny Vegetable
5Ranch SaladLettuceBell PepperCornTomatoOnion
3Raspberry Boba TeaMilkSugarcaneRaspberry
2Raspberry Jam SandwichWheatRaspberry
5RatatouilleTomatoEggplantZucchiniOnionAny Spice
3Red Fruit PieRaspberryWheatButter
4Red Fruit SorbetSlush IceRaspberryGooseberrySugarcane
5Red VelvetWheatCheeseEggCocoa BeanVanilla
4Rhapsody RollRiceFlute RootSeaweedAny Vegetable
1RoastAny Meat
2Roasted AlmondsAlmondsAgave
2Roasted AsparagusAsparagusCanola
3Root BeerGingerSugarcaneVanilla
5Royal BurgerPorkVenisonWheatAny VegetablesCheese
2Royal Ice TeaSlush IceMajestea
2Royal LatteMilkMajestea
1Royal TeaMajestea
3Ruby Masoor DalChili PeppersTomatoRuby Lentils
3Sake MakiRiceSeaweedSalmon
2Sake SushiSalmonRice
5Sand StewDunebopperSand FishAny VegetableSand WormAny Spice
2Sand Worm Carpaccio PlateSand WormMelon
3Sausage and Sauerkraut PlatterPorkCabbagePotato
2Sauteed MushroomsMushroomButter
2Savory FishAny FishLemon
2Scrambled EggEggCheese
1Seafood AppetizerAny Shellfish
3Seafood PastaAny ShellfishWheatMilk
3Seafood PieAny ShellfishWheatButter
2Seafood PlatterAny ShellfishAny Shellfish
2Seafood SaladAny ShellfishLettuce
3Seafood SoupAny ShellfishAny VegetableAny Vegetable
3Seared Rainbow TroutRainbow TroutTomatoOnion
2Sesame Seed BagelWheatAny Sweetener
4Shad CevicheShadOnionTomatoLemon
1ShakeAny Dairy or Oil
5Shish TaoukPoultryRiceLemonGarlicOregano
3Simple Fried PerchPerchButterWheat
2Smoked Peanuts and AnglerfishAnglerfishPeanut
3Snow White's Gooseberry PieGooseberryWheatButter
4Sole MeuiniereSoleWheatButterLemon
3Sour Snow ConesSlush IceLemonSugarcane
5Spaceship Earth CupcakeMilkWheatButterSugarcaneCoconut
3Spaghetti ArrabbiataTomatoWheatChili Pepper
3Spicy Baked BreamBreamChili PepperButter
3Spicy MacaronsChili PeppersAlmondsEggs
2Spicy Scorpion SkewerScorpionPaprika
5Spiky Berry PieWheatButterCactoberryStrawberryAny Spice
3Spring ChocolateSpring V-EGG-etableSugarcaneCocoa Bean
5Spring Egg BowlEgg-celent FruitWild Spring EggSpring V-EGG-etableSugarcaneCocoa Bean
4Spring Mimosa EggsEgg-celent FruitWild Spring EggSpring V-EGG-etableBasil
3Steamed FuguFuguGingerGarlic
3Stellar MilkshakeSlush IceMilkCosmic Figs
5Stitch CupcakeMilkWheatButterSugarcaneBlueberry
3Strawberry PieWheatButterStrawberry
3Strawberry ShortcakeWheatEggStrawberry
2Stuffed DatesAlmondsDates
2Sugar-Free Banana MuffinWheatBanana
2Sugar-Free Blueberry MuffinWheatBlueberry
4Sugar-Free Fruit Explosion MuffinWheatAny FruitAny FruitAgave
2Sugar-Free Fruit MuffinWheatAny Fruit
2SushiAny FishRice
3Sweet & Sour Kingfish SteakKingfishLemonSugarcane
5Sweet and Sour Stir-FryPoultryBroccoliCanolaDreamangoPineapple
2Sweet HerringHerringOnion
3Sweet PopcornCornCanolaAgave
2Sweet SlushSlush IceAny Sweetener
2Sweet TofuSoyaAny Fruit
4Sweet UdonDreamlight FruitRiceAny ShellfishAny Sweetener
2TaiyakiSand FishBeans
4Takoyaki StickOctopusSeaweedEggsSoya
4Tandoori ChickenChili PepperPoultryCuminPaprika
4Tasty SaladLettuceCucumberAny VegetableAny Spice
2Tasty VeggiesAny VegetableAny Spice
4Tekka MakiTunaSoyaSeaweedRice
5Teriyaki SalmonSalmonSoyaRiceGingerSugarcane
3Thousand NeedlesBrilliant Blue StarfishPretty Pink StarfishCactoberry
2Tomato Basil SoupTomatoBasil
1Tomato SoupTomato
4TourtièreVenisonWheatPotatoAny Vegetable
4Tropical PopSlush IceAny FruitSugarcaneCoconut
5Tuna BurgerTunaWheatLemonOnionAny Vegetable
4Turkey LegPoultryCuminPaprikaAgave
3Turnip TartiflettePorkTurnipCheese
4Vanilla Ice CreamSlush IceMilkSugarcaneVanilla
3Vanilla MacaronsAlmondsEggsVanilla
2Vegetable SoupAny VegetableAny Vegetable
3Vegetarian DumplingsWheatAny VegetableSoya
5Vegetarian PizzaAny VegetableAny VegetableTomatoCheeseWheat
3Vegetarian StewPotatoCarrotOnion
4Vegetarian TacoAny VegetableCornChili PepperCheese
3Vegetarian Turnip TartifletteMushroomsTurnipSoya
4Veggie CasseroleAny VegetableAny VegetableCheeseAny Spice
3Veggie PastaTomatoWheatAny Vegetable
3Veggie PieAny VegetableButterWheat
4Veggie SkewersMushroomZucchiniOnionBell Pepper
4Walleye en PapilloteWalleyeBasilOreganoAny Vegetable
5Wedding CakeButterSugarcaneVanillaEggWheat
3Whimsical PieDreamlight FruitWheatButter
4Wonderland CookiesButterSugarcaneVanillaWheat
4Yule LogWheatCocoa BeanVanillaCherry
3Zucchini PuffsZucchiniEggCheese

The following recipes are generally ones that come up as quests or other parts of the game that can only be made for their specific purpose, just for reference purposes or in case of needing help with it.

  • Lye – Ashes. Made during Kristoff’s Friendship Quest.
  • Gleaming Dawn Fragment – Lemon, Oregano, Mint, Ocean Water, Dimmed Dawn Fragment. Made during Mother Gothel’s friendship quest.
  • Stone Soup – 3 Craggy Rocks, Basil, Oregano. Made for using in the Frozen Realm’s story. The Craggy Rocks are found on the ground in the Realm.
  • Arendellian Fish Pie – Wheat, Butter, Glittering Herring, Dandelion Syrup. Made during Elsa’s friendship quest. You get Dandelion Syrup from Elsa after gathering the needed ingredients and can catch Glittering Herring from Golden Pools in the Glade of Trust when it’s raining.
  • Extra Fizzy Root Beer – Dry Ginger, Vanilla, Sugarcane. Used in the Sunlit Plateau Story Quest. Dry Ginger can be found in a green chest at the Camp area in the Vitalys Mines.
  • Icy-Red Stew… Yuck Red Potato, Lobster, Raspberries, Chili Pepper, Slush Ice. Made as part of the Potato Mystery in order to get the Red Potion.
  • Bug Platter – 2 Colorful Bugs, 2 Red Bugs, 1 Slimy Bug. Made for using in the Lion King Realm’s story. Colorful Bugs can be dug up around the Oasis area at the start, Red Bugs are dug up from the Tree Trunks in the Realm, and Slimy Bugs are gotten by Fishing in the Realm.
  • Sweet Frost Popcorn – 2 Corn, Sugarcane, Butter, Pure Ice. Made for Olaf’s Friendship Questline. Pure Ice is gotten from Elsa during Olaf’s quest.
  • Disgusting Bouillabaisse – 1 Exquisite Shrimp, 2 Rotten Clams, 1 Rotten Carrot, 1 Rotten Tomatao
  • Night Thorn Sprout Salad – For Doorine. Uses 1 Dark Castle Lettuce, 1 Thorn Sprout, and 1 Dreamlight Salt. You can grab the ingredients from the table near the stove.
  • Dark Castle Goo – Any other combination of ingredients from the Forgotten’s Castle
  • Sugar Kart Tail – Sugar Rush Tail Fudge, Wheat, Sugarcane, Butter
  • Sugar Kart Seat – Sugar Rush Seat Fudge, Wheat, Milk, Butter
  • Sugar Kart Wheel – Sugar Rush Wheel Fudge, Wheat, Sugarcane, Eggs
  • Candy Skull – Food Coloring, Dreamfruit, 2 Sugarcane, Vanilla Bean
  • Experimental Fireworks – Cactus Powder, Cinnamon, Electric Eel, Dreamlight Cobra Lily Extract
  • Sulley’s Coffee – 5 Coffee
  • The Wazowski Special (Mike’s Coffee) – 1 Coffee, 3 Sugar, 1 Non-dairy Screamer
  • Hodgepodge á la Monstropolis – Bell Pepper, Carrot, Corn, Compost
  • Decoded Final Clue – Final Clue, Lemon
  • Gourmet Rot Dog – Clam, Milk, Wheat, Royal Hairball
  • Mother Gothel’s Soup – Mother Gothel’s Herbs, Turnip, Paprika, Yam, Majestea
  • Mother Gothel’s Tea – Mother Gothel’s Herbs, Agave, Majestea
  • Golden Omelet – Golden Eggs, Gemstone Cheese, Aged Venison, Golden Milk, Golden Pepper
  • Cooked-Up Plan – Paper, Dates, Nestling Pear

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