This little page will give a summary of my Ooblets Progress! You can also see some of my Dots over on Youtube.

Keeper Name: CrystalDreams
Level: 26 (As of May 29th, 2023)
Archetypes: 7/23 – Unicorn, Celestial, Glam, Cotton Candy, Dewdrop*, Monkey, Ram
Dots: 43
Referral Code: SF347ILS4
* Archetypes I don’t own, they were rerolled

1: Squishy
2: Pearl
3: Sera, Cassiopeia, Blossom, Mizuki, Peaches, Sherbet, Cloudberry, Buttons, Cherry, Pixie, Borealis, Raspberry
4: Rose, Jewel, Candy, Snowdrop, Ribbon, Opalescent, Sakura, Sugar, Bubblegum, CherrySoda
5: Stella, Fluffy, Pastel, Jade, Kitty, Cerise, Gummy, Berry, Choco, Marinette, Opaline, Ram
6: Emi, Seafoam, Snowtea, Petal
7: Flamingo, Marshmallow

Gallery of Dots

To be added: Petal, Ram

Bonus Pictures