This little page will give a summary of my Peridot Progress along with showing all Dots I own! You can also see some of my Dots over on Youtube.

Keeper Name: CrystalDreams
Level: 58 (As of April 12th, 2024)
Archetypes: 52/52 – Unicorn, Celestial, Glam, Cotton Candy, Dewdrop, Monkey, Ram, Clownfish, Yeti, Kintsugi, Beach, Bismuth, Static, Rabbit, Peacock, Sunset, Watermelon, 24 Karat, Cheetah, Jester, Boba, Psychedelic, Cactus, LED, Patina, Triton, Banana, Patchwork, Honey, Chameleon, Paint, Aurora, Vampire, Anemone, Triceratops, Candle, Royalty, Icicle, Hot Air Balloon, Snowfall, Cinnamon Roll, Seal, Scarecrow, Elixir, Gargoyle, Scarab, Dragon, Dandelion, Axolotl, Embers, Lobster, Jellyfish
Dots: 262 (Newest Dot(s) Born: April 22nd, 2024)
Referral Code: SF347ILS4
* – I unlocked the Archetype, but don’t actually own a Dot with it due to rerolling.

1: Squishy
2: Pearl
3: Sera, Cassiopeia, Blossom, Mizuki, Peaches, Sherbet, Cloudberry, Buttons, Cherry, Pixie, Borealis, Raspberry
4: Rose, Jewel, Candy, Snowdrop, Ribbon, Opalescent, Sakura, Sugar, Bubblegum, CherrySoda, Lagoona, Princess, Seedless
5: Stella, Fluffy, Pastel, Jade, Kitty, Cerise, Gummy, Berry, Choco, Marinette, Opaline, Seashell, Ram, Velvet, Swirl, Glimmer, Sunrise, Marina, Luna, Rose Quartz, Grace, Nautilus, Melly, Akaela, Tessa, Pinky, Valentine, Primarina, Izzy, Akina, Oyster, Anemone
6: Emi, Seafoam, Snowtea, Petal, Bunbun, Monarch, Gusher, Floofy, Circe, Ivory, Strawberry, Coral, Cascade, SmokyPearl, Sprinkles, Demi, Rose Gold, Starlet, Namida, Sprite, Iridessa, Fae, Bellini, Pearlie, Emerald, Fuchsia, Syaoran, Neon, Watermelon, Sugarplum, Aurora, Carina, Spectrum, LiteBrite, Lyra, Thimble, Argylette, Selene, Pirouette, Cammy, Splish, Ruby, Mera, Ceres, Shelly, Tidepool, Rainplop, Nemonie, Whista, Gerda, Nena, Cinnamon, Temmie
7: Flamingo, Marshmallow, Shimmer, Turquoise, Kasumi, Bismuth, Baxter, Tabunne, Sugardew, Honeydew, Dusk, Beary, Dottie, Chat, Tapioca, Matcha, Seaglass, Midnight, Seadra, Leia, Pyjamas, Clara, Lotus, Berrypatch, Rini, Sploosh, Taurus, Fouetté, Prismdrop, Glissade, Nulu, Cosmic, Alcremie, Ripple, Mina, Lumiere, Rina, Aisu, Magic, Cassie, Fleurette, Lobby, Squishette
8: Pia, Tourmaline, Jemma, Fairyfloss, Carmello, Odette, Boreale, Rhodolite, Void, Rapunzel, Coppelia, Garnet, Barbie, Starburst, Magnifique, Sugartwist, Sakurina, Rachel, Illumise, Snowflake, Snowball, Cupcake, Sharky, Yuki, Patchy, Darkness, Carnivale, Kairi, Snowblossom, Ember
9: Sunset, Tide, Patia, Patina, Pastelgoth, Spira, Missy, Minette, Fleur, Quetzal, StrawberrySwirl, SeaWave, Orchid, Dawn, Hinaichigo, Pluppie, Cera, July, Anya, Magenta, Snowfall, Arielle, Cassandra, Angela, Orchitis, Swirls, Kaori, Adeline, Valentina, Dragonia, Maybelle, Nebby, Oysterella
10: Sorbet, Oceanid, Blueberry, Jubilee, Shionne, Anastasia, Sarah, Noella, Ailsa, Enchantedot, Calcite, Maya, Polly, Sugarsyrup, Candita, Emberline, CandyStripe, Cranberry, Empress, Ophelia
11: Jelly, Medli, Nyan, Chrysina, Fannie, Streamer, Cherryberry, Pizazz, Crinkleheart, Rosehawk, Lisa, Aerith
12: Berrytart, Serendipity, Thistle, Talula, Opal, Seraphine
13: Serene, Dandelion, Lotl
14: Jellicent, Powderpuff

Gallery of Dots

To be added (aka Dots not adults yet unless they have a * which means I just haven’t updated yet): Seraphine (last updated: April 22nd, 2024)

Bonus Pictures

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