I get asked certain questions a lot (whether through Twitter, TumblrFacebook, or while streaming) so I decided doing a full FAQ would be nice. You can also find a mini FAQ on my Twitch page–though, some of those questions may be featured below as well. If you’d like to ask a question, feel free to use any of the ways linked and I may even add it here! If you have a business inquiry, please use the contact form.

What kind of content do you do?
Pretty much any hobby I have has a chance to show up here. Stuff I like collecting, games, plushies, Baking/Cooking, Traveling, etc.

Can I add you to my friends list?
It depends where! For the 3DS, I unfortunately do not have space to permanently add anyone. I have temporary slots I keep on hold for trading or ones where I am waiting for friends to get new 3DS’. I may eventually add people temporarily, but I haven’t decided just yet.

For most MMOs/Online games, feel free. For Steam or Game consoles, I’d rather only add friends.

Can I have your Mii’s QR Code/your Mii’s Tomodachi Life QR Code?
At the moment, my QR code is only available to friends ^^; I may put it up eventually. If I do, you will be able to find it on the QR Code Page. You can also find questions on some other QR codes not added at the bottom of that page.

What games do you have?
A lot, honestly. While not tons, it’s still quite a large amount that not only would it be hard for me to list them all, it’d be hard for me to keep this updated. Your best bet is to just ask. I’ll also post and write quite a bit whenever I get a new game. You can also keep an eye on the Upcoming Games and Backlog lists. If a game is removed and not put on the backlog, we most likely picked it up so…

Will you get/play *insertgamehere*?
In general, if I like a game I’m probably planning to get it… if not, it either hasn’t been announced for North America or I just don’t have an interest in it. I also won’t play any Horror games and am not fond of RTS games or MOBAs. That said, I’ll at least try almost any game I’m given it on Steam–the only ones I won’t is if they are in any of those three genres. I may make a slight exception for the latter two if something catches my interest, but no horror games. Ever.

So, what are your hobbies?
I have a lot :P Off the top of my head, I really enjoy baking, playing video games, making websites, doing arts & crafts, playing the piano, traveling, and collecting things.

What do you like to collect?
Various Cards (I have the first several sets of Pokemon Cards and a set of Beanie Baby Cards–I eventually lessened the Pokemon Cards to just Promo Cards, but even that had to end when competitions became bigger… I now just collect a few cards I really like or through the Pokemon TCG Online game), Rocks, Seashells, Sand, Various Trinkets (Random jewelry, old music boxes, fountains, etc. I like antiques), Dolls, and Plushies (I’m especially fond of teddy bears and anything super soft and fluffy). I also collect some figures and statues as well (Usually of characters I really like–it’s rare I go for full sets).

Dream goal?
I’d really like to learn as many languages I can and travel everywhere at least once and just write about everything I’d get to experience. In general, just being able to talk about my hobbies for fun is a lot to me, but traveling is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was little so it’s definitely one of the higher up ones. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap so…

How long have you been together with your husband?
A long time now! We’ve been married since 2015. He has his own site over here.

What’s your all-time favorite game?
I actually don’t have one! My favorite types of games are simulation games, platformers, and puzzles. A game that has some or all of those aspects plus customization and collecting tend to really grab my attention.

Favorite 3DS feature?
StreetPass. Hands down. I even wrote an article about it. I wish more people seemed to care for it–nothing is more disappointing then passing someone with a 3DS and not getting them because they don’t really understand how it works or don’t care enough to clear it. Even worse is when they have a game you really want StreetPasses for and don’t have it set up yet :(

When do you tend to Stream?
At the moment, I do not have a Streaming schedule. I’d like to set one up eventually though. In general I tend to stream much more when a new game comes out as I tend to play nearly non-stop.

So, is your name Crystal?
Nope! It’s Jennifer.

Then why Crystal Dreams?
It’s actually a name from an old layout I stumbled upon when I was about 7 or 8 and wanted to not have this giant page filled with gifs and pictures as was the tendency in the 90s. It featured a Precious Moments (or maybe it was an anime-styled character) character praying and looking out a window and had these lovely pastels and said “Crystal Dreams” at the top. I immediately decided to use it for my site and when my friend could no longer host me, I used it from my very first domain name. The rest is history. But yes, Crystal is an adjective–not a noun in the name!

Why don’t you speak in most of your videos?
I’m really shy and don’t feel comfortable doing so.

What anime is the character in your banner from?
She isn’t from an Anime! She is a anime-styled caricature of myself that I commissioned from Nekoshiei.