Crystal Dreams

July 4, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 108: Parties and Diving

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I ended up doing some trades for Mermaid DIYs and some Pearls after getting a Pearl again from Pascal today. I’ll still need to try and find Scallops for the clothing, but I just couldn’t deal with the extra randomness. If it was just 3 weeks for the DIYs and Outfits and Pearls afterwards, fine, but getting two peearls in a row when I had one DIY and none of the clothing made me really sad.

I don’t mind dealing with a random order to earn things. I just mind when there’s a bunch of things that are clearly just there to pad it out and make it take longer.

Regardless, I ended up putting a pearl here. I think it looks nice. I would love to put the Pirate treasure chest over here too. I have some ideas on how I could decorate this little back area with some of the pirate stuff that could look nice. Maybe I’ll also add some barrels.

I also made a second Mermaid lamp just to put right here and honestly, while I thought it would look nice, it came out a lot better than I expected? Kind of considering if I should place them other places on the island… No idea where though. I don’t really have much room lately.

Making the Mermaid set ended up taking all of my Sand Dollars… It’s nice to see them have more use at least.

The big thing today was Meg was hosting a early birthday party over on her Southern Hemisphere island! First minigame was a diving contest! I ended up getting second with 9 sea creatures.

I received a Frozen Tree for second place :)

Next up was Pitfall Sumo!

I somehow ended up winning. I’m surprised too.

I ended up getting a Screen– it was the order design I really liked and had been planning on ordering too so it was really nice.

The final game was a treasure hunt! We had to run around the island looking for buried items. We got to keep anything we found.

I ended up getting 416K, 1 Conch, 3 Pitfall seeds, 1 Stone, and a gold present that had 10 Star Fragments in it. Between this and Diving, I think I may finally be okay with bells again. At least until more housing upgrades come… I need more storage and bigger side rooms :( (and I’d take more rooms in general).

We finished the party up with a K.K. Concert and visiting the Fire pit!

With the festivities over, it was time for more diving! I didn’t have as much luck today (WHERE ARE YOU SEA PIG, SPIDER CRAB, AND RED KING CRAB…), but I did get two new things between Meg’s and Risha’s islands!

I’m up to 31/40 now :) I think the thing that really gets me though is that I found so many of both of those immediately after finally finding one… It really feels like there’s some “new” ticker I need to hit before even having a chance…

Once back in my town, I was surprised to see so many villagers hanging around at K.K.’s Concert. It seemed like the perfect time to do one.

Bonus: I adore Judy so much, you guys.

July 3, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 102 – 107 (Final Wedding Day & Diving Madness)

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Day 102

It was raining again today which really frustrated me. I heard you can’t have moving prompts while it rains and just, I know I’m due to one so this is super frustrating.

At least I got my Bug-off Trophies.

I will say, my many issues aside, I love that you can get all three at once and that at least means I don’t have to worry about it in the future beyond helping friends. I can just do one round for the Nook Miles and be set.

On my way to the plaza, I noticed a new Bulletin Message for Mira’s birthday on July 6th:

Daisy Mae was also here, of course, selling turnips for 98 Bells each. I haven’t been playing early enough to see her for a while, but I still have no interest in doing turnips again no matter how many bells I need.

I don’t actually have anything to say about this– I just thought Cookie was looking adorable.


Day 103

It thankfully wasn’t raining today. Unfortunately, Leif was here and Margie was inside so even if there was a moving prompt, it wouldn’t be for who I hoped would move :(

I ended up checking again later and Cookie had a moving prompt… I told her to stay. Hopefully she means this.

But ugh, Margie please ask to move T__T I guess I’ll try to only check later in the day… I feel like it’s important to mention that Cookie was actually indoors when I played earlier with no moving prompt so I guess them being indoors isn’t a definite sign… Hopefully I haven’t missed a chance.


Day 104

From the load screen, I could tell Kicks was here. Today is also the final day of the Wedding Event. The only Bug I need for July is the Walking Leaf which won’t appear until 8AM so I wouldn’t have anything to do at midnight either. Upon booting up, Isabelle let me know we had a Visitor at the Campsite as well.

I had some mail from Ruu with some items I was still missing from my catalog which was really nice of her. I’m just missing the Blue Celebratory Candles now.

On my way to the Plaza, I found a Lost Item. It clearly belonged to a Normal type though and when you love four Normal types and also have one you still can’t get to move, well, half your town is Normal so that’s not really helpful. I ended up running into Flurry and Maple first. Considering Maple hadn’t been here long, I didn’t think we’d be close enough for me to have fully investigated, but I guess so as when I showed Flurry, she told me it was Maple’s.

Unfortunately, Margie was inside so I’d have to check again later, but considering I had just told Cookie not to move yesterday, it was unlikely we’d get a new moving prompt today. I feel bad as I’m getting really antsy about it and I’m generally more patient, but I just really want Peanut to be in and befriended before my birthday.

With my hopes dashed again, I went to see who our campsite villager was. Big Top.

Even though I didn’t need anything else, I wanted to finish the Wedding Event on a positive note and with it being the final day, I decided to go to take one last Photo Op. It ended up being a Garden theme which I was actually excited about as I didn’t get to hold a party there yet.

The only other thing I really ended up doing was a little crafting… You need to craft 3,000 Furniture for one of the Nook Miles and since Document Stacks can make Scattered Paper which can make Document Stacks, that’s an endless recipe you can do to not constantly need more ingredients. Unfortunately, sitting there crafting about 2,000 items still isn’t very fun so I didn’t get very far v__v


Day 105

It’s officially July! And thus, my first order of business was catching a Walking Leaf which actually didn’t take long at all. (Also I had gotten more stuff for cataloging so thank you, Ruu!!)

Label ended up being here today. Unfortunately, the request was absolutely not my forte. I tried my best though.

Thankfully, she liked it and gave me some Labelle shorts.


Day 106

Depending on things, we could have the update tonight which could be fun… Which also just makes me want to get as much done as possible. To my surprise, I had more catalog help from friends, but also a really sweet letter from Diana.

Besides that, Saharah was here (after watching the opening screen for over an hour because I sure couldn’t find anyone anywhere) and that was it for now at least.

I also stopped by Kymera’s island. She had these cute turtles around. It’s honestly pretty clever, but ignoring my pattern problems, I don’t know if I’d manage to do something as nice.

I then ended up visiting another friend’s island for some cataloging and to get recipes I needed. Now I can just focus on the Mermaid recipes at least.

And as expected, the update was out that evening! I kept watch and as soon at it hit 9PM EST, I had the update start. There was a letter from Nintendo thanking us for updating (with a Snorkel mask attached– I got the Orange one) and a letter from Nook Inc. letting us know about new items available.

I quickly made my way over to Nook’s Cranny, as it would be closing in about an hour, and bought a wet suit which they explained to me how to use.

And then I was off.

I was so happy that we could catch Jellyfish and not worry about being stung by them (or anything, we could just swim and sit there for hours, the music drowned out by the sounds of the waves…).

I won’t be showing every single fish as that would be… a lot of pictures, but I will at least show my favorites. I ended up catching 8 things so far.

Even a Scallop! And right on cue…

He ended up giving me the Mermaid Sofa DIY!! And then I desperately searched for another Scallop which thankfully didn’t take as long as I thought it would. It was then off to Blathers!

I then stopped at a friend’s town as it was Agent S’ birthday.

And then I headed back and immediately jumped right back into the water.

I ended up catching 8 more things that night for a total of 16.

And thanks to Ruu, I got this lovely wet suit. I also couldn’t resist putting the Horseshoe crab on the beach…


Day 107

My schedule right now essentially consists of two things only: Diving and checking if Margie wants to move. I had gotten the Nook Inc. Wet suit in the mail which is essentially my favorite design, but I wish it had another color variant. Why can’t there be a Coral version??

I did, however, get the Bamboo Grass I ordered from the Nook Shopping app as well so I adjusted some things in my Zen area.

And then I was off. I even found my first Pearl! (And also got a Pearl from Pascal in return for the Scallop I found…)

Gulliver ended up being here too, though, just the usual one.

And Judy asked me to deliver a gift she had gotten for Teddy.

I managed to get a second of the Giant Isopod and I love how it kind of pokes its head out of its container so I ended up putting one here alongside some seaweed (which I put a few around the island).

Meanwhile, Diana wanted a new catch phrase and hers, like Teddy’s, is one of the few I really wanted to change… I just wish other villagers wouldn’t pick it up.

I also ended up stopping by Meg’s Southern Hemisphere Island. Besides cataloging the various wet suits and snorkels, I caught several new things too.

Of course, I still had things to find in the Northern Hemisphere too… And I managed to get them to finish getting all the Northern Hemisphere sea creatures I can get this month.

To my surprise as I was diving around, I saw a few shooting stars… And then ended up running right into Celeste.

To finish things off that night, I managed to get another Mermaid sofa from a very nice person which I used as a little watch area in my Cafe by the music area. I think it looks nice.


With all that out of the way, I do want to give my feelings on the update itself. I DID end up liking it more than I expected, despite not really finding much “new” with it and that’s due to a very specific reason: Diving is actually kind of relaxing.

Diving is absolutely not perfect. The swimming is a bit slower (or at least feels that way due to how big the ocean is), you still have to annoyingly tap A to swim faster (and the only real reason not to is for certain creatures you need to “sneak up” on) because I guess we should all have wrist pain, and sometimes you still have to chase things down (though, most aren’t too bad and the ones that are can either be approached slowly with the non-tapping swimming oooor herded towards a barrier to catch).

The nicest thing is that things can’t actually escape this time! They can’t go under a barrier away from you. You don’t risk losing things forever beyond if someone decides to join while you’re trying to catch something. It can still be annoying and take a while, but you won’t actually lose them which relieves SO MUCH stress.

But the biggest stress reliever? NO TOOLS BREAKING. I can swim to my heart’s content and dive as much as I want. I’ve caught well over 500 things already and I’m okay with it. Diving is absolutely not perfect, but they did fix some of the biggest issues from New Leaf.

If anything, this just tells me more and more how much I wish tools didn’t break. Some of the designs are so cute and gold tools especially breaking is awful.

I would say my biggest “complaints”, besides the few things mentioned above about swim speed, are the rarity of pearls (which thus makes part of why Pascal gives you pearls… but even that is frustrating as you can get them otherwise unlike everything else he gives.

I have yet to see Pirate!Gulliver, but honestly, the game just feels so random this time around. I don’t even want most of the pirate stuff. I just hope I can catalog a lot of things and get the few things I want.

But the mermaid stuff? I love all of it so much. I just wish the Mermaid dresses had sleeves T~T Cute shell sleeves would’ve looked so nice… Or even poofy ones with lines of pearls…

There were a few other adjustments in the update as well such as Leif, Kicks, and Saharah not always being guaranteed and a few other changes that seem helpful too. Now if we can just buy stacks of more than 5 at a time…

Finally, something I didn’t expect is that you can actually earn a fair amount of bells from Diving? Just doing one inventory bundle gets me 20K on average– sometimes as much as 30K-40K. I’ve earned so many bells which I never would’ve expected. It’s been a nice surprise.

Now if I can just get the diving creatures I still need before the month ends XP

June 27, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 93-101 (and talking about the Summer update)

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Day 93

Saharah was here. Judy picked up Teddy’s new catchphrase so I immediately ran to Isabelle to revert that. And the only thing I really did of any consequence was adjust some things on the path here– I think while a little still spills in Cookie’s yard, it overall looks better than how it did.

Besides that, I just gave some of my villagers some new clothing gifts today…

I did get a request from Cookie though later that evening– she wanted a new greeting. It was my first time getting that request.

I also finally got the pillars I wanted which does finish up the grove area completely now. I think it helps add that old temple feel. At least I hope so.

I saw a nice pattern that could possibly work a bit, but I just don’t have space for more designs unfortunately.


Day 94

We had a new Camper today.

Judy asked to move. I told her no, obviously. Hopefully Margie may ask soon…


Day 95

The Bulletin Board let us know the Bug-Off is next week. It still kills me how little this board is used and how pointless the daily announcements are most of the time.

While talking to a friend, it really hit me how little I genuinely enjoy about New Horizons and that makes me really sad. With all the “creative” freedom, the game play itself feels so much more restrictive and it’s just not a lot of fun.


Day 96

C.J. was here. While I didn’t feel up to his challenge, I did at least get a third Cherry Salmon for the model of it.

And that was it today.


Day 97

I found a Lost Item. Unfortunately, Investigation wasn’t super helpful as all it did was narrow down it being a Snooty… But I have two snooties I’m close to: Judy and Diana. I decided to check with Judy as her house is closer and she’s been here longer, but alas, it turned out it was Diana’s…

Meanwhile, Leif was here and it was raining again, but that was really it today. I did end up poking in that evening to go wish on stars at Sami’s though. Fingers crossed for three Cancer star fragments tomorrow.


Day 98

Kicks was here today.

But more importantly, I did manage to get a Cancer Fragment!

I actually got three so I had enough to craft a Cancer Table plus one for outside…

I would like to get one more for my house though…


Day 99

It was raining again today. And Saharah was here. I didn’t even take any screenshots as there was nothing to show, so instead I’m going to talk about the upcoming update:

I already ranted a bit over on Twitter, but it’s just… hard to be excited for small updates like this. I like being able to get a good idea on planning my time and this just leaves too much up in the air. I also don’t enjoy constantly redoing things.

Not to mention that these are mostly just returning features over anything new :/ And Swimming and Diving were kind of frustrating… Maybe if they fixed the issues from New Leaf, it won’t be so bad, but I can’t say I missed them.

And as happy as I am to see the return of the Mermaid set, I’ve been struggling tons with storage space (1,600 is not enough– especially when you have a crafting mechanic) and it’s just makes the whole situation harder.

I wish I didn’t feel as disappointed with New Horizons as I do.

Regardless, with the Mermaid furniture being through recipes from Pascal, I would guess, especially considering Gulliver’s outfit in the update video, the pirate furniture will be through Gulliver. What about his other rewards though? I hope this at least still counts to the 30 needed, but I have so many questions and they just skipped over the Gulliver thing entirely.

We got a small preview about more Summer stuff coming in August and I’m assuming it’ll be the fireworks event back with fortune cookies (maybe also bringing the Nintendo items back?), but I just can’t find myself being excited for updates set-up like this.


Day 100

It’s Marina’s birthday! Also K.K. was here? I guess a day early due to the Bug-off…

I then made my way over to Marina’s. I’m glad she liked her gift, but she’s also picked up Teddy’s Bud and it’s killing me.

I’m only not resetting them with Isabelle right now because I’m paranoid that contributed to Judy being my first move prompt. I’m still hoping Margie will ask, but it’s been raining or events and I don’t even know when I’ll get a new move prompt at this rate… I really want Peanut moved in before my birthday :(


Day 101

It’s the Bug-off!! Also I got this lovely letter from Marina.

Regardless, I had gotten up bright and early for the fist Bug-off, though, possibly a little too early…

I forgot it didn’t start until 9AM despite the date rolling over at 5AM. Due to my early rising, I ended up stopping at Mika’s and Meg’s to catch bugs. It took about 3-4 hours, but we did it!

It took about 3-4 hours, but I did manage to get to 300 Points at the end.

I had planned to play with more friends later too, but ended up feeling really dizzy so I took a pause from the game after finishing up in my own town a bit.

Bug Spawns were absolutely atrocious as usual, but the bonus still made it the better way to play. I never got more than 7 Bugs at a time and usually struggled just to hit the 3 minimum. Nintendo really needs to adjust how spawns work. My best guess is since the game tries to spawn things near us, but they also don’t last long, we just constantly end up missing the small spawns as we’re all over the place, but it shouldn’t be this hectic or stressful.

Anyway, I had this delight from Teddy who will be very happy to know I did, indeed, go for Gold.

You were too slow, Teddy. Too. Slow.

June 25, 2020

Pokemon Shield: The Isle of Armor & New Pokemon Snap! (Plus… other Pokemon news)

So, last Wednesday was a big press conference for Pokemon Announcements. I mainly just expected more information on Isle of Armor, maybe with some more teasers for Crown Tundra, and at most possibly something in relation with Pokemon GO, the Detective Pikachu sequel (aaaaah), and Pokemon Sleep (which we still haven’t heard of).

To my surprise though, we had gotten three new announcements– Pokemon Smile, Pokemon Cafe Mix, and a game I have dreamed of since I played the very first one: A sequel to Pokemon Snap.

In general, anytime I see 3D renders of Pokemon, I get excited as most spin-offs featuring 3D models are some of my favorites (Stadium, Colosseum, Snap, etc.) so it had my attention from the first screen.

And when the Wailord showed up, slowly popping out of the water, I whispered “Pokemon Snap?”– a hope I couldn’t help but have. All the Pokemon? Seeing them in these natural environments? The spin-off I’ve wanted for so long?

So when I saw this, I screamed. And then nearly cried.

I don’t even have words for how excited I am about it. It looks amazing already. I just hope it may feature every Pokemon. I know it’s unlikely, but I can’t help but hope… And honestly, I’d absolutely buy DLC that adds more Pokemon.

As for Pokemon Smile and Pokemon Cafe Mix, they both have really cute art styles, but just aren’t really for me. With Pokemon Smile, I just am not comfortable seeing myself or focusing on my teeth in a camera so it’s not really possible for me to play. I wish I could still catch Pokemon though.

Pokemon Cafe Mix had me really excited briefly when it described as a “puzzle” game– here I was thinking of trying to figure out what Pokemon wanted to eat or helping them with problems while working at a cafe or even something Diner Dash-esque, but instead the gameplay persisted of a TsumTsum style minigame and I just… can’t stand most of those types of games (Tetris, Match 3’s, etc.) nor do I consider them puzzle games (there’s too much of an RNG faction to them).

I’ve still been playing it a bit as the graphics are really cute and I love the general aesthetic, but I can’t help and be disappointed about the game play.

The stream ended with saying there would be more news on the 24th (yesterday) which lead us to another trailer for a new game… Pokemon Unite. I’m not a competitive person nor do I care much for MOBAs (Starting over from scratch per match is not a funn time for me), but considering the Pokemon Snap announcement last week, I was still perfectly content. Though, I do hope we’ll see more on Detective Pikachu sooner rather than late too.

The only way I would’ve been disappointed is if it was a remake announcement. I’m so tired of remakes and lately they even made the timeline super weird. I’d rather them just focus on new things over constantly remaking the old games.

Anyway, moving passed the recent announcements, Isle of Armor was available as the first video last week was ending and I quickly got started on playing it.

I was super excited to get started. And one of the things I really need to compliment was the character work. I loved getting to interact and know more of the characters than I really feel we got to in the original campaign. The cutscenes also made things feel a lot more fluid.

I also really loved the new Bike options (though, it could sometimes make it hard to notice item sparkles) and bought some new clothes. I was a little disappointed with the dress selection though– once again, light pink was just not really an option for most of the new dresses? Also I don’t know why they were all sleeveless… I think my new League Card came out cute though.

The Isle of Armor also brought along a new dex due to all the new Pokemon now in Galar for it and a special hunt to try and find 150 Alolan Diglett.

As for the Dex, you actually got a crown for finishing… Which I can’t actually wear with my ponytail.

Considering the ponytail hairstyle in X/Y and how Hilda/White has a ponytail with a hat just fine in Black/White, I find it silly how all hats are just banned if you’re using a ponytail this time around. There are absolutely ways to wear hats with a ponytail.

As for the island itself, I found myself constantly just heading to cliffs and looking around. It was just such a nice place.

The main gist of the story was that you were accidentally mistaken as the new student for the Dojo. There were three trials: Catching 3 Super fast Slowpoke, Finding 3 Batches of Max Mushrooms, and winning a battle against your Dojo Rival (Avery for me as I played Shield).

Upon finishing the trials, my trainer received the special Armor… Kubfu.

Our job was to befriend Kubfu by showing it around the Isle.

With that done, we were told about a special challenge we could take at one of the Towers. I personally picked the Tower of Water.

Kubfu had to be at least level 70 to participate and the only one if your party which worried me, but it actually went better than I thought. Unsurprisingly, Mustard was our final battle.

I wasn’t even surprised about his costume change. I think the only thing that bugged me is he essentially references the Tower of Darkness as well and I don’t understand why we couldn’t do both/had to be locked out of the one we didn’t choose. Especially as he’s clearly the final battle of both of them.

Regardless, our Kubfu beat Mustard’s and thus, we had completed our trials.

To finish things off though, we had to evolve Kubfu by looking at the scroll. I honestly found this kind of disappointing as I would’ve liked to not evolve my Kubfu.

With that done, Hop ended up being at the Dojo waiting.

I would guess Hop’s appearance requires finishing the main story as you can apparently head to the Isle of Armor as soon as you have access to the Wild area.

We then had a new set of things to do with Hop and it really focused down on one of my least favorite things with the Isle of Armor: I constantly get lost. The island is very compact (which also makes repels not working on Pokemon that walk around outside the grass all the more frustrating… Especially the Sharpedo) and so I got turned around A LOT. It took me an hour to find Hop in the forest.

Thankfully, reuniting Lilligant and Petilil went better than me finding Hop in the first place.

Finally, we had a battle with Mustard at “his full power” or well, with his proper team I guess and not just a Kubfu.

I will say this battle went fairly well considering my fairly Fairy-oriented team versus his fighting one.

It then ended off with this ominous message which I would guess means we have more to come when the Crown Tundra DLC hits…

With the story done, I focused my efforts on finding the rest of the Alolan Diglett. It took a while (again, because I kept getting lost and also so many Pokemon…), but I did it!

We were then given the Alolan Diglett we first stumbled upon that started this quest to find the other 150.

With that done, I actually only have one thing left: Upgrading the Dojo… but to be honest, I’m not sure I’ll ever manage to. Honey requires over 3,000,000 Watts to fully upgrade the Dojo and honestly, that’s disgusting. I get that there’s Digging Pa who can get 100K-500K Watts in a dig if you’re lucky, but it requires getting 7 Armorite Ore for each dig attempt and they’re just random spawns or you can try and gamble some from Digging Ma who shows up randomly around the Isle (reminder that I am constantly getting lost as it is) and there is no guarantee you’ll get anything. Three times in a row, she broke her shovel on the forced dig and I got nothing. I had no option but to fail and that sucks.

And without that? Earning Watts is super slow. I have no reason to keep raiding beyond occasional campaigns or helping friends. And the people who will have that many watts are generally those who kept resetting and switching their date to raid for specific Pokemon/Shinies. And like, it’s fine if people want to play that, but as someone who just plays more regularly and doesn’t grind the same mode over and over, I’m stuck. It’s especially frustrating as I have all this BP from using Bank I have no use for and tons of Pokedollars to the point where I haven’t even sold all the items that could get me more, but I can’t use either to help me with this. My next tier is the 800K one and I really would like to finish off the Dojo, but I just am not sure I’ll ever get that many watts through just casually playing and that is super disappointing.

Regardless, outside of the few issues I had, I really enjoyed the Isle of Armor. And I can’t wait for the Crown Tundra, Detective Pikachu sequel, and New Pokemon Snap.

Edit: It took a while, but at least I can say the Dojo is complete!

I ended up being closer than I thought (just a couple of upgrades left), but that was still a ridiculous amount of watts.

June 18, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 89-92

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Day 89

It’s officially Maple’s birthday!! This is the first birthday I’ve actually gotten to celebrate in my own town which has been nice. Isabelle also let us know we had a visitor at the camp site.

Kicks also ended up being here. Sadly, he didn’t have anything I needed today.

I then made my way over to Maple’s for her birthday.

And then it was off to see our new camper: Julia.

After that, I decided to finally try and craft as much as I could to get all colors.

While I’d be selling everything for the most part, I decided to give Teddy the Bamboo Lunchbox… To my surprise, he gave me his photo! My first one!

I know a lot of people have been giving gifts everyday to get the photos quickly, but like… while the thought is nice, it almost feels kind of forced? I’d rather just give them gifts if I get something I think they would like or that fits them in some way.

The only other things I did today were just small changes. I’m not entirely sure on the Arches here yet, but I also think they look nice. The Tree’s Bounty one will make more sense whenever Peanut gets moved in.


Day 90

It’s officially been three months now and it feels weird still having so many goals incomplete, but nothing I can really DO to change that. What I can do I need to save for the end or it’ll hit my anxiety over resource management and just, everything is so frustrating about all of this. I’m also so tired of going around picking up tree branches.

To my surprise though, I had a lot of mail, including a Thank you letter from Maple and a really sweet letter from Judy.

Labelle ended up being here with a new theme for the day. She ended up giving me a Flashy Cardigan so I did my best. Thankfully, it was good enough and I ended up getting the Labelle dress today.

The Labelle dress wasn’t really my thing so I ended up giving it to Diana.

I may also give her a pink version.

I gave some other gifts today too.


Day 91

While popping on the game today just to see who may be here, it turns out Leif was in the plaza, so I figured I’d just wait to play until later after Pokemon stuff so I could actually talk to my Villagers.

I ended up popping it on properly shortly after 8. Flurry wanted to call me Pumpkin, but I still prefer Princess. I always feel bad turning them down. But I also would feel bad not hearing them out. It’s a lose-lose situation for me.

Thanks to friends, I was able to get enough wood so now it’s just waiting for out of season materials @-@

I ended up playing late that night to go pick up stuff from someone and ran into Wisp again. Of course, I’m supposed to be going to bed right after picking stuff up because of course I only see him during the worst timing lately.

I ended up getting enough Unaccessed fossils to finish my Nook Miles thing which was nice though. I also only need a Brachio Pelvis to have an extra set of Brachio pieces just incase the rumors are true as that is the closest to my favorite dinosaur this time around.

At the very end, I did manage to find Wisp’s last Spirit thankfully… In return though, I just got a Paint Set which was another item I already have all the colors of T__T


Day 92

It’s Cookie’s birthday! And despite being a day to celebrate her, she actually had sent me a nice letter.

I then made my way over to Cookie’s house.

Redd also ended up being here. Sadly none of the Fakes I needed, but my husband was very happy to get some new art.

I ended up giving Mira a new gift today and to my surprise, she gave me her photo! That’s the second one I’ve earned now.

June 14, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 83-88 and the difficulty with playing

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Day 83

Isabelle mentioned someone in the campsite which I was surprised about. It felt sooner than usual.

On my way through the Village, Mira let me know she had lost her notebook. This is the first time a Villager actually told me so I was really surprised.

Sadly, I also noticed Saharah was here… I had gotten my hopes up after not seeing anyone in the plaza. I also noticed a lot of Villagers reminding me about Maple’s birthday being on the 15th. Yet no bulletin board mention.

I finally made it over to my campsite and Hans ended up being here today.

As for Mira’s notebook, it took a while, but I finally found it hidden in the grove.


Day 84

I almost didn’t put the game on today. I felt so bad, both physically and mentally, but also it was hard to get more motivation beyond “Well, maybe the random NPC today is one I still need” as I continue to miss checking for Wisp every evening.

I think my biggest issue with my goals with New Horizons right now is I don’t have a way to focus on anything. There’s so many different directions it’s pulling me and so many things to keep up on, despite the game only being out not even 3 months, I already feel incredibly overwhelmed in a way I never felt with AC despite fully completing my catalog and my museum each game and getting all gold badges in New Leaf.

There’s the crafting recipes, there’s actually crafting things, there’s getting all the colors, there’s trying to keep track of thousands of items due to all the colors, the extra randomness between what even shows up in the shops, the exhaustingness of trying to catalog in Able Sisters… I miss when I could just pick out something and they would let me know if I had it or not.

Then there’s whenever Nintendo tries to update which adds another thing. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to spawn and build Snowmen in my town, let alone manage to do a good job at it. It’s too much to keep track of and I’m not even going into the crazy requirements for the Nook Miles (5,000 wood from trees?? That’s over 1,665 trees. Flimsy axes can do up to 40 swings. You need over 40 Flimsy axes to cut that many without making any mistakes of cutting one too many times. It just adds up so fast). It sucks because I know I could do a better job if I tried to do some progress each day, but it’s just too much. I can’t focus on so many tasks at once hanging over my head. It’s one thing if I can work on another task at the same time, but it’s a set of individual tasks– many of which I can only complete based off when the game decides to spawn the appropriate factors. It’s not a matter of patience because like, I don’t feel any pressure to go to December or July for the last bugs I’m needing, but just frustration with way too many random factors and the fact that New Horizons seems to emphasize playing with people even more than New Leaf did while also charging for online.

I feel like I’d be able to enjoy the game more if I could at least focus on one thing specifically (Like if I had JUST clothes to get or JUST furniture or JUST recipes/things I need to craft or even just working on Nook Miles tasks), but right now, it just feels like everything is happening at once and for each thing I don’t manage to do, it’s someone yelling at me for not doing as well as I could. I can’t even shop at Able Sister’s for cataloging anymore. But I know I missed out on the best time to try and get Spring items and that will absolutely cost me later. There’s just no winning here until I’m done, but I can’t make those steps to get to that point because the game has my anxiety through the roof. I don’t have a quick step program. I don’t have an instruction list. I have hours upon hours checking lists to make sure I didn’t miss anything and also praying I don’t run out of bells.

To my surprise upon loading it up, Isabelle announced Shooting Stars tonight… I probably won’t bother though. I can’t get any new recipes from Celeste and I have more than enough star fragments right now.

I made my way over to Resident Services to see if anyone was there and happy to see a bird notifying something finally being on the bulletin board… I expected it to be Maple’s birthday announcement, but it was Cookie’s.

I guess because Maple moved in the day it should’ve been posted for her, it just wasn’t? That feels like bad planning though. And I mean, if my other Villagers are already talking about it, I’m not sure why they couldn’t just put hers down the moment she moved in too. I felt really bad about it though so I tried to make her one.

Maple was also finally in her house so got to see inside her home today. And she was really sweet T~T

As I continued along, I saw Chip was here again finally so I quickly made my way back to my house (while picking up tree branches along the way as if crafting didn’t annoy me enough on principle), I went to check on fish before realizing I was actually short on the ones I wanted made so oops. I went off to fish for some Goldfish possibly also checking for Cherry Salmon, but my hopes were pretty low. I tried for a while, but I just wasn’t feeling well today and had no luck so I didn’t bother talking to Chip at all. I don’t care about selling for a bit higher. I may need bells, but bells are never much of a motivation for me so I just continue to suffer there.

Meanwhile, Teddy asked me about his catch phrase and so I gave him a new one this time. I’m expecting to regret my decision as soon as I see other Villagers using it which I wish they wouldn’t.


Day 85

Mira called me out.

And Kicks was here.

But most surprisingly, Judy ended up teaching me the final reaction I can learn as my only Smug and Lazy Villagers moved and I’ve never had a Cranky one:

I also was finally able to give Maple gifts so I gave her one of the Pink Lace-up dresses. Tomorrow shall be the Tiara.


Day 86

Gulliver ended up being here today.

This was apparently the 10th time I helped him and the next goal is 20… I swear it was 30. Maybe they lowered some of the requirements? If only. I know it’s 30 for the shovel though :/ Unless that was lowered too/

Margie forgot to return something to Teddy so I offered to do it for her.

I gave Maple a tiara as mentioned.

And I ended up playing around in the Zen area a bit. I added some Mountain standees which I think look nice.

I thought of adding some in the front too, but due to the lack of overhead rotation, it was just impossible to get my character in a position where she could display them the right way around.


Day 87

I ended up not playing until evening and just for K.K. Slider’s concert which I think says everything…

Of course, I did check in with my villagers a bit. I gave Maple a present.

And she let me know Merengue was sick so I quickly stopped by there as well.

That was it though. I felt bad I missed checking on Able Sister’s… Not that I’ve been buying much lately anyway :(


Day 88

Nothing really happened today again. Margie asked my favorite kind of music to listen to is which was rough as I don’t really have a favorite type. My taste is super eclectic and I listen to all three of these.

Tomorrow is Maple’s birthday though so I am going to try and play a bit more at least…

June 8, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 82

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It was raining today. I had a lot of mail today. Besides Nook Shopping stuff (including Maple’s poster), all the wedding items I ordered from Cyrus as well came. After storing a bunch of stuff, I set up Maple’s poster and made the Wedding wand.

Leif was here. But most importantly, Maple was fully set up and my welcome gift had arrived properly and she had a lovely wreath on her door. She also had sent a really sweet Thank you letter too.

Meanwhile, it was Reneigh’s birthday in a friend’s town so I stopped by to give her a present.

Just 10 more Villager birthday celebrations and I’m done with the Nook Miles thing for it x-x

Upon getting back to down, Merengue taught me the Day-dreaming reaction!

That just leaves me with 8 reactions left– unfortunately, I can only learn one of them: Love from Snooty villagers. Showmanship was the best friend level from Smug villagers, Pride was the best friend level from Lazy villagers, and then the other 5 (Worry, Sheepish-ness, Agreement, Bewilderment, Inspiration*) are from Cranky villagers. Of the ones I’m missing, I only really would’ve maybe liked Showmanship and possibly Inspiration, but honestly, I hope they maybe add Dr. Shrunk back someway or find some kind of work around (maybe even meeting a villager when full can let you learn a reaction?) because this really sucks and I really would’ve hoped they learned to not do this again. I suppose I could technically rotate Margie out if I got a Smug, Lazy, or Cranky Camper (or attempt to), but ignoring my paranoia of pushing people out still, I just want to have my Dream Villagers and be done with that. What really gets me though is as the Nook Miles thing requires 40 for the final stamp, I’ll never be able to complete it unless they change something.

After chatting with more of my villagers, it was back off to Harvey’s to see if I could get a Wedding theme I haven’t done yet and to trade in more heart crystals. I thankfully got the Garden theme which was the one I still needed to do.

One thing I noticed is she actually doesn’t state the type (Ceremony/Reception)– just the color/theme now so I guess this Garden one will be my last go unless I need more Heart Crystals, though, I may check in again towards the end of the month.

The Garden theme is probably my least favorite. I’m not super fond of the colors and the only things I think look super nice for it are the Candles and the Welcome Sign (though, I still prefer the other two). I do think it came out okay regardless though.

I then ended up leaving as usual, but when I went back in to test something, the theme got reset to Chic and I had to start over…

It still saved my progress (and I wouldn’t get anything else as thanks, it was just kind of a bonus theme), but I actually really liked the general layout I did with the Garden theme so I just redid it, but with Chic colors and inviting Villagers (and Harvey and Wilbur) this time:

To my surprise, she then suggested another party… I feel bad for not thinking of trying with the Garden theme…

I still think this will be it for me with the Wedding event though. As for what I was testing… Since Harvey and Wilbur do not have Amiibo cards, but could be invited to the Wedding set, I was curious if inviting them there would let me use them in the normal studio and get their posters. Sadly, it didn’t work.

Anyway, this is pretty much my last thing planned for a while ^^; I’ll probably at least bring it up each day to check on my villagers, but I’m not expecting much to happen…

I did have this lovely conversation with Sable as I finished up today:

For a final bonus though, this was what ended up being the Youtube thumbnail for the Party video and that’s just great:

June 7, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 81: The 7th Day of the Wedding Event

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We finally get to the 7th day which will unlock the rest of the Wedding stuff. I might do the Wedding event until I at least do the Reception and Ceremony in the other two themes, but otherwise, just for some Heart Crystal grinding as needed.

Before making our way to Harvey’s though, I got the Wedding Welcome sign I ordered from the mail and also had a really sweet letter from Marina.

Plus, a letter from the Nook Shopping thing about new seasonal items: Summer Solstice Crown and Winter Solstice Sweater! I didn’t expect both to be available like this so it was a nice surprise.

And of course, I had to make sure… Maple has moved in!! This is especially exciting as her birthday is in a little over a week.

I’m just sad that Peanut won’t be here in time for her birthday too (and depending on things, may not ever get to celebrate it).

Meanwhile, Diana was up super early, surprisingly. Daisy Mae was also here, of course, selling turnips for 91 bells each this week.

I then made my way over to the airport, but did make sure to mail Maple a welcome present for her door real quick first. And with that done, it was over to Harvey’s island!

To my surprise, rather than just letting me in, Harvey gave me a recipe!

It was then time to go inside, but I was pretty excited about the new recipe. And when I got in, it was clear to tell there was a new theme.

The Chic version is my second favorite for the most part so I did my best.

We ended up just getting more heart crystals instead of an item, but when I spoke to Cyrus, I got another DIY Recipe!

I ended up trading in Heart Crystals for the Cake Dress (why couldn’t there be a version with sleeves?!), Wedding Pumps, Wedding shoes, White Wedding rug, and White Wedding Flooring which left me with just 1 Heart Crystal. I still need the Wedding-party wall, Brown wedding wall, Green wedding wall, Brown Wedding flooring, Green wedding flooring, Blue wedding rug, Red wedding rug, and the Wedding Tuxedo (someone gave me the veil already) and then I’ll have everything.

The Wallpapers and Floorings are 12 each, the rugs are 4 each, and the Wedding Tuxedo is 20 so 88 Heart Crystals to go x-x

Once I got back, it was time to learn my new recipes.

Unfortunately, I needed a Wedding Flower Stand for the Wedding wand so it’ll be a bit for that one… I should at least have enough heart crystals tomorrow, but it sucks that I’ll have to wait for it in the mail.

I was at least able to make the Fences though and I ended up switching out my rope fences for the wedding ones. Not sure if I’ll keep the fences to the sides of the bottom of the stairs though just yet…

I also did two other adjustments. I’m not sure again on this fence, but I actually think the welcome sign looks pretty cute… Maybe I should consider having the path under it though.

As a side note, apparently Reese and Cyrus gave every villager who was at the party yesterday one of the plates which I didn’t expect… Though, of the Villagers in their houses at the time I was poking around, only Flurry had it on display. I wonder if she always will.

And thanks to some friends, I was able to get a few more wedding things– I got the Wedding Flower Stand for the Wedding Wand at the least. I also got both rugs so just 80 Heart Crystals left to go now. Another friend said they may have some spare Heart Crystals too, but it looks like I may not be able to order anything else today ^^;

While at Harvey’s though, I also invited Maple in so I could order her poster. It’ll be nice to have her poster up in my house.

With this, the next entries will be maybe me doing the Reception also in Chic Style and both the Ceremony and Reception in the Garden style, but otherwise, it’ll probably just be some Villager birthdays or something ^^; It’ll be a bit quiet for a while and not much to write about… Everything I still need to do is just a lot of waiting or things that aren’t really much to talk about (like the crafting to catalog). New Horizons is such a weird feel for me than usual for Animal Crossing games and it’s not really a good thing. I wish I felt happier when I played it.

June 6, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 80: A Wedding Party with [Almost] Everyone & Maple!

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Despite my attempts, I wasn’t able to find Phil a home. I tried asking around with no luck and of course, someone asked while I was asleep, but the clock rolled over by then :( Sorry, Phil… The plot was empty though so I should get Maple today. I’m not sure if I’ll work on her yard yet today or not.

On the bright side, I had a very nice surprise from Sami this morning!!

I ended up getting up really early (5:30ish at the time of writing this) so I was really surprised to see Margie out already. Apparently she woke up early too. I don’t think from allergies though. K.K. was also here, of course. I hope I remember to listen to a song from him later…

Regardless, it was off to Harvey’s island. To my surprise though, today was different… Today we were holding a party with everyone!

While I generally have just been sticking to all the Wedding items and redoing my same idea, but with more options, I ended up taking a lot more time this time around. With everything set up, it was time for the party to begin!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it was kind of like one of the ceremonies Tom Nook would hold. I was a little worried since everyone was sitting down, but it worked out well.

I felt bad I couldn’t keep Margie along as I guess there’s a limit of 10 villagers you can add and Reese and Cyrus do count, but it made me feel bad. I wish I would’ve thought to switch Marina’s seat as well– I adjusted the seating a lot and forgot to move her across after not having four villagers there. I also would’ve loved to bring Harvey too. Maybe I should’ve considered switching Mira out for him. Seeing how today changed up, I am actually looking forward to tomorrow.

I ended up getting the Wedding Arch as a gift which was great as it was one of the items I planned to actually use. I also got the Photo Plate which is genuinely really cute.


With the celebrations done, I made my way back home and quickly went to place the Wedding Arch:

Happy to have a proper entrance for it now.

Of course, the day’s festivities weren’t completely over yet… As mentioned, someone offered to hold Maple for me so I quickly was on my way.

I then headed back to make sure she really was moving in and she was! So I started work on her yard in advance.

And since we now know where Maple will be moving and I only had Peanut left to move in, I decided to work on her yard as well for whenever Margie moves out:

Now to just hope I remember to catch K.K. Slider’s concert later tonight…

June 5, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 76-79: Wedding Event Days 2-5

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Day 76

The next day had hit and I had mail from Reese & Cyrus with the Wedding items I traded heart crystals in for. I’m surprised they didn’t get a unique stationery though.

After storing some things (and removing some stuff to sell later because I need storage space), I made my way to the airport. Leif is apparently here today as well.

I quickly spoke to Harvey to get back inside and then got my next assignment.

Even though I’m not thrilled with the Event roll-out, I still did my best.

Today’s gift was the wedding table. I ended up using my Heart Crystals to get the Wedding Wallpaper. I don’t know if I’ll manage to use it, but I really like it.


Day 77

Starting off, Isabelle let us know we had a Visitor at the Campsite. And on my way there to check, I noticed Redd was here!!

The Common and Famous Paintings ended up being real.

As for my Campsite Villager, it turned out to be Al.

Regardless, it was then off to Harvey’s island. Unfortunately, it was just the same theme as Day 1… But at least we had a bit more furniture to work with. I ended up getting a Wedding Flower Stand as thanks for today (plus heart crystals of course).

I ended up placing the Flower Stand here:

And that was pretty much it.


Day 78

I ended up starting today late due to allergies just kicking my butt. I still haven’t gotten a moving prompt since I told Cookie not to move :( My storage was full, so I quickly moved around, gifted, and sold some things… Then I went to check on my villagers and Phil wants to move!!

Someone actually has been holding Maple for me so I know who will be moving in next. I’ll just have Peanut left then and I have about 400 tickets or so to look for her with so fingers crossed.

Kicks also ended up being here. I still need some things from him so at least I made some progress on the catalog front.

It was then back off to Harvey’s island. Unsurprisingly, we were doing the Reception today with some additional furniture. I ended up ordering two cakes after.

I wish we could still squeeze between furniture like in Happy Home Designer :/

The only other things I really did was give out some items I cleaned from storage, craft at a friend’s town, and get rid of a flea from Merengue which let me finish my Flea Flicker Nook Miles thing. We’re more than halfway through, though, I’ll still need a lot of heart crystals…


Day 79

I got the Wedding Cakes from the mail so I did some adjustments to the cafe area.

I was then continuing on my way when I found a lost item. Using my investigation skills, I figured it was likely Cookie’s. Now I just needed to find her…

Labelle ended up being here today. I kind of forgot she could show up randomly… Sorry, Labelle.

Before talking to her though, I wanted to go say a final goodbye to Phil. I always feel bad letting Villagers leave :(

I hope I can find him a happy home.

I decided to continue my search for Cookie before anything else, partially as I wanted to talk to my other villagers and couldn’t until delivering the item to the wrong person or Cookie herself and I wanted to deliver it without them telling me who it belonged to. After a wile of looking, I finally found her and I was right. She gave me a Sprite Costume as thanks.

It was then off to go see Labelle and get my new theme.

Thankfully, she liked it despite me not using the top she gave me and thus, I got another design from her label– the Labelle cap.

I then went back to my house to drop off the clothes I had used. On my way back to town so I could head over to Harvey’s island, I ran into Cookie who wanted to teach me the final Preppy personality reaction!:

To be honest, I’ll probably never use it, but yay for another reaction down.

I then made it to Harvey’s island to get my latest Wedding Photo Assignment: The Ceremony. Again. To my surprise, I actually got the Wedding Pipe Organ today. It’s one of the more expensive items so this was really nice.

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