Crystal Dreams

June 1, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 75: The Wedding Event Begins

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The Wedding Event is finally here! And… I wish I was as excited as I was when I first heard about it. Regardless, let’s go into the day and event first before we go into my frustrations.

Since bugs and fish shift over at midnight, I started my mosquito hunting early (or late I suppose in a way?). They’re never particularly fun to catch (partially as they easily blend in and can sting you), but I wanted to get it done quickly. To my surprise though, I managed to catch one in 3 minutes completely by accident.

I had actually been trying to scare the fish away in hopes of increasing bug spawns and didn’t even see it. Like there’s trees here so:

Was so surprised when she caught something for one, let alone not the firefly I saw. I quickly took it over to the museum and that has me all done for June!

After taking care of that, I turned the game off for a while planning to sleep… I wasn’t able to though so I loaded it back up sometime before 5AM and actually ran into Wisp…

While I tried really hard, I ended up finding the 5th Spirit right as it hit 5AM so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give them to him and messed up his quest again. I wish it didn’t turn over until you went inside and back out T__T This broke my heart.

Regardless, as 5AM hit and the day rolled over, after Isabelle’s monologue, I immediately got a call from Harvey.

I quickly stated making my way to the airport, but was a bit distracted seeing the next decorations at Nook’s Cranny.

I eventually made my way over though and found out what Harvey needed my help with.

We then headed inside for introductions and to find out more about what we needed to do.

After finishing, I got some gifts from Reese (and well, Cyrus too I suppose).

I was really sad I couldn’t keep doing designs for them. I really don’t like “check in daily for like 5-10 minutes each day to do things” events X__x I much rather just sit down and work on it until it’s done. Regardless, Reese and Harvey said they need my help so I’ll do my best.

Upon heading out to take my trip home, Wilbur let me know about some new services from Dodo Airlines.

I wasn’t able to afford all the items currently available unfortunately (and it doesn’t help that I have to wait for them to arrive in the mail), but at least we were given a bench which I put right in Cookie’s yard:

Figuring out how many items I want is going to be rough :/ Especially when I’m still struggling to work on my house.

I will say where the Wedding Event excels is with its items. The problem is, as I mentioned briefly above, once again limiting our progress. I expected heart crystals to be unlocked through helping Cyrus and Reese out with things, but I didn’t expect to be limited to earning only so many a day. You have to trade in for items, some unlock each day, and it’s just… silly. And apparently lasts all month.

You need to play it at least every day for at least a week to even be able to buy everything, but roughly 3 weeks total to earn enough Heart Gems to get at least one of each thing and that’s awful. That only leaves a week of leeway and I just… can’t see how they’ll stretch it out to such an extent. It’s just a slow grind and I don’t understand why. This isn’t a mobile game, yet the excessive event limitations and slowly adding in items we’ve had for a long time (while not the case with the wedding event, I mean in general) sure feel like it and it’s frustrating. I wanted an expansion on New Leaf + Happy Home Designer, not Pocket Camp.

Despite my frustrations, I did end up doing a few other things today. I visited a friend, gave Margie some medicine…

And moved some things around to make some areas a bit nicer. I’d really like to put something next to the Iron Bench over at the cafe area now, but I genuinely can’t think of what would look nice. As for Cookie’s yard, I think the bench just deserved a nicer setting than showing it from the back only.

I may do the other Wedding Days in a single entry as most of my plans kind of fell apart, but we’ll see how it goes…

May 31, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 65-74

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I decided to bundle up the rest of May as honestly, I’m just not doing too much right now. June I have the Mosquito to catch though plus I believe the first Bug Tourney and the Wedding Event! So that should have more to talk about.

Day 65

My main goal was just to try and see all the different stamp areas during the Museum Stamp Rally.

As mentioned, I just… was not fond of only being able to get three so I appreciated seeing another new one today.

Phil taught me a new reaction.

And I managed to get a handful of new items and recipes for areas of my town.

Filia had Redd in his town again so I went over to stop by. He also ended up having Marcie move in who was one of my New Leaf villagers and is one of my favorites even if she isn’t part of the top 8. I couldn’t help saying Hi and Redd ended up having the real Informative Statue which was one of the ones I needed!

My main goals right now are working for recipes so it’s been… a lot of trading, but also visiting Catalog Towns.

Unfortunately, I learned that Frozen Recipes aren’t actually given out through cards the hard way v__v I just hope I’ll be able to build Snowboy in my town.

In the meantime, I remembered to show Celeste a Gemini fragment:

I still wasn’t having much luck recipe-wise from her though…

Day 66

I stopped by Filia’s town again as he had Celeste and Shooting Stars and it was Fall. To my surprise, I actually got the Zodiac recipe this time!

I also did a few more trades to finish up the Art wing of my museum.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I really love how they set it up so you could learn about each work of art.

Even though I have the museum set, I’m still going to be buying paintings from Redd. Besides to help friends, some I think could be nice in my house plus I still need to catalog a bunch of the fake ones.

Since it’s Saturday, K.K. Slider was also here again. It was nice seeing Merengue and Diana watching too. I feel like he rarely gets a crowd lately…

I also got a few mushrooms to make this Stump for the Grove and Camp areas.

Day 67

It hadn’t fully rolled over to 5AM quite yet, but it was technically the 24th and I had visited a friend’s town and celebrated Deli’s birthday.

As for my own town, the only big thing that happened was we had a new Camper. I really wish I could let friends pick up campers.

The only other thing I really did was go to a Catalog party. I had most of the items there already, but I got to catalog the whole Ring set which was new and we even got a lovely Gold Rose crown as a gift!

Day 68

Isabelle finally announced that we’d have a meteor shower! I’ve only had one prior, but with no announcement so this was a nice surprise.

Cookie taught me a new reaction: Sleepy.

I also tried my luck again with Celeste, but still failed. At least I know she can give Large Star Fragments as an option too?

Meanwhile, Flick finally shows up after weeks. I had decided just to buy the models I needed because I was tired of waiting for him to show up and I really wanted to just place them, so this was frustrating.

Thankfully, I did finally get the last fossil stamp.

And when the shooting stars finally hit, Celeste was here!

Day 69

I have nothing against Leif, but I was a bit bummed to see him here.

It was recently discovered that nobody else can show up during the day on weekends besides K.K. Slider and Daisy Mae (You could still get Celeste or Wisp later though). You shouldn’t get anyone more than once a week and 3 of those week days are set– you’ll get Saharah, Kicks, and Leif each week no matter what. I already have everything from Saharah and Leif and eventually will from Kicks too and just, I don’t need any of them being set which leaves me only two days to see Gulliver, Redd, or C.J. (as I still have some fish models I want and would love to clear storage) and no guarantee on either of them or Wisp (which due to his set times, I can’t even guarantee I’ll see him as I don’t always play at night and the island is so big, it’s easy to miss him).

Ignoring Cataloging needs, these are my current numbers this far in:
Wisp: 11
Gulliver: 9
K.K.: 10
Buying art from Redd: 16
Celebrating Villager Birthdays: 9

Most of the numbers need 20-30 and it’s just… random. There’s only so much you can do yourself and even the birthday one, it’ll take at least 3 years by yourself. That isn’t fun at all. :/ New Leaf had some large numbers for badges too, but it felt like things were more on a level playing field and not expecting you to play with tons of other people. I feel like this could be the first Animal Crossing game where I don’t finish all my goals and that makes me really sad.

I stopped by a friend’s to celebrate Bruce’s birthday at least.

And stopped by her museum to get the last stamp I needed!

The only other thing I really did was place some Flamingos here. You won’t be able to easily see them most of the time, but I think it looked nice.

Day 70

Gulliver was here! It’s always kind of bittersweet to see him as while I do need to for the Nook Miles, Golden Shovel, and cataloging, I hate his task this time. I miss the trivia so much.

Meanwhile, Phil asked me to find him a horse mackerel.

And that’s pretty much it for today. I did find Wisp that night, but I wasn’t feeling well so I wasn’t able to find his spirits… Sorry Wisp :(

Day 71

Saharah was our daily visitor today. I also got a DIY Recipe in a bottle from Maple which was nice as she’s one of the two villagers I hope to move in.

Teddy ended up teaching me the Flourish Reaction which is actually his “Best Friend” reaction! I still haven’t gotten any photos yet (Giving presents just to build friendship feels weird to me– I’d rather give them things I think they’d like then just randomly fruit every day. This isn’t Harvest Moon.) so this was a nice surprise.

Meanwhile, Judy asked me something I had been waiting to be asked for ages now… I had not been asked again since my failure early on.

Unfortunately, they can’t bury it on the beach and every spot is filled so I… had a new feeling of sadness and defeat :(

I’m so sorry I let you down, Judy T___T I wish there was a way to tell what they ask as picking something up each time in between checking for bubbles will get annoying fast.

Day 72

I got a new gift from DAL Airlines: a DAL Backpack. I wish I knew how close I was to everything…

Cookie tried to move, but I thankfully was able to stop her.

I hope Margie or Phil may ask soon :/ I also constantly worry I’ll somehow hit the wrong option.

Kicks was also here today.

I then spent some time that night playing around with ideas.

In the end, I didn’t keep any of it (and I’m honestly not sure I managed to revert it back completely, but I hope so), but I wish I could do more.

Days 73

Honestly, I didn’t really do anything. :( K.K. Slider was here so I watched his concert later.

But that’s really it. I did visit a friend’s town too.

Days 74

Once again, I didn’t really do anything, but another Best Friend Reaction– the Confident Reaction from Mira! Unfortunately, the screenshot didn’t properly save so this is the best I can do:

I’m actually really upset about it as this is the first time I won’t have the blurb saved. Not sure why the screenshot didn’t properly save.

As a side note, it’s kind of ironic we had to learn it when our Villager ends up using it every time they have to move a building anyway…


With that done, I will admit I’m more than a bit discouraged with the game. Things feel a lot more gated this time around and things I have to do either are things I can’t stand that will burn me out of the game completely (resource gathering, crafting, etc.) or are in a weird limbo for one reason or another (waiting for the game to spawn certain villagers, trying to play around with my storage so I can work on my house’s interior) and it just makes me really sad. I wish I was having more fun.

So many things they are choosing to do just make it harder for legitimate players and I really don’t understand it at all.

May 21, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 62, 63, & 64

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As mentioned for Day 61, I’m combining the next few entries as there just isn’t much going on and there’s more I wanted to expand on in the sense of not feeling like there’s much to do. Because in a way, there really isn’t that much different between New Leaf and New Horizons.

The two big things that stand out to me are how villager requests worked and the tool durability. After that, I would say reactions, but I’ll expand on that after.

Not being able to ask a Villager directly for a request or if they want to do anything sucks and things out a big amount of what you COULD do during the day. It’s nice being able to give gifts directly, but that shouldn’t have replaced asking if they needed anything (or heck, even flat out wanted to do something or play a game).

I also have always had trouble doing a lot of bug/fish catching when I already caught everything I could donate that was available right now, but I still would sometimes just go around catching for something to do and for my badges.

I should be catching what I can to work towards my Nook Miles, but due to the fact that tools break, my low motivation is essentially 0. Constantly remaking tools isn’t fun and the way my town is set up, I won’t even be able to get tree branches easily and I don’t exactly have infinite bells when there’s so many variations of items I need to buy and refuse to do turnips again.

Even the making a lot of tools Nook Miles thing will be a pain :/ I’ve mentioned before that I feel like this may be the first AC where I don’t finish the catalog and I fear that could extent to other goals as well. I’m trying my best, but it just feels like such a struggle this time around between the lack of quality life features, new prices, and certain game mechanics.

Not to mention the Bulletin board and it not being used much for upcoming things either… The Stamp Rally wasn’t even announced to be soon on it :/

Moving on, let’s get to Day 62. I finally remembered to go to Harv’s island so I could get Diana’s poster for my wall.

I also gave Diana a lolita dress.

I added a couple more things to the Zen area. I think the Gong and Bonsai Shelf look really nice.

After this, Meg came over for a while to help me place all the flowers that arrived yesterday. It was nice to make so much progress.

Later that evening, Flurry was worried about her catchphrase, but I told her it was fine. I had Mira ask me the next day too and I really wish they would never ask again once you say no :(

Finally, Cookie taught me a new reaction: Curiosity.

And someone was kind enough to give me the rest of the Windflowers I needed so now I just have Lilies, Hyacinths (so many hyacinths…), and Roses left to go:
Pink Lily: 26
Pink Hyacinth: 135
Pink Rose: 21


As for Day 63, it started off with doing my usual dailies (and once again finding fossils in my garden…) and me giving Diana a tiara.

I ended up having Chip today for my visitor which was bittersweet.

I do have some fish models I want, but I actually only have two left where I have all three fish already (I need one more Sea Butterfly, Cherry Salmon, and Goldfish for the others I’d like to get… And probably also 3 Betta) and to be honest, I don’t really have anywhere to put them. I have no real plans for them at all, they’re just fish I like.

Obviously, I’d want to see Redd and Gulliver the most, but I do need some bug models for the grove and have spaces set up for them so it’d be nice if Flick would show up again for that, but my luck is just awful with this.

Regardless, I carried on and literally did only one other thing for the moment: Got Marina some medicine as she was sick.

Later in the evening, I got back on to go to a friend’s town to see Celeste… only to run straight into her in my own town while making my way to the airport.

Sadly, still no Gemini recipe yet, but hopefully someone I know will get her tomorrow so I finally can.


Now, for Day 64. Once again, no Redd, I haven’t actually found out who I have today, but Filia had Redd so I headed over to his town for detective-ing. Unfortunately, the only real painting was the Serene Painting which I already have :( Getting back to my own island, I noticed Saharah in the distance. Even though I know she’s guaranteed one day a week, that doesn’t exactly make me feel less disappointed.

Thankfully, I did get some new art (and even more flowers) today thanks to some trades, but an additional surprise was Sami had Redd in one of her towns today including a real Moving Painting which I still needed so I quickly high-tailed over there. I at least hope I’m right that it’s real, but if so, then I only have 12 pieces of art left to go!

Upon getting back, I ended up finding a lost item. I recently learned about the investigate thing which is pretty neat except for one little problem… The dialogue for “investigating” is determined based off the personality of a villager you have. If you have more than one of the same personality type (which, if you have 10 villagers, you will have at least one multiple times). I have 2 Snooty and 4 Normal right now. And this planner belonged to a Snooty.

So, I had a 50-50 chance between Judy and Diana. In the end, I went with Judy as you can’t get the somewhat informative investigative dialogue unless you hit a certain tier of friendship and Judy has been in town longer so it was more likely to be Judy’s since I was able to accurately get a description. And thankfully, I was right.

I continue to give Mira things to unlock her Super hero totally not Sailor-Moon-inspired origins.

Judy then asked me about her catchphrase and while I’m tempted to actually add spaces and/or commas, I do like it for the most part so I told her to leave it alone.

Flurry and Merengue also asked me about their catchphrase AGAIN today and Judy, despite asking this morning, asked again that night as well.

The big thing to happen today was a combination of generous people and trading to work on my museum areas and get the flowers I need.

I only have about 15 Pink Hyacinths to go and then it’s just whatever I may want to use in Maple’s and Peanut’s yards whenever I finally get them. I might need to get a Purple Hyacinth for Peanut’s…

Meanwhile, Teddy gave me shirt, but I actually thought it would look nice on him so I gave it back to him and I did not expect him to realize. Then, when I spoke to him again, he asked me to return something to Flurry that she left at his house. At least he wasn’t upset.

Flurry asked me to guess what it was and if I figured it out, I’d get to keep it. I picked furniture as I’m more focused on that than clothing, but unfortunately, it was clothing so I lost.

On the downside of today, it seemed my issue with Celeste lately may actually be some kind of bug– since getting the rest of the Space DIYs from her, I haven’t gotten any new ones even as the new zodiac season hit. She just gave me zodiac fragments. Apparently she will give the zodiac of the season based off the host’s island’s date so maybe I could’ve noticed sooner if I realized that when visiting friends who are not on the current date, but I just feel really frustrated.

I’m a huge completionist and perfectionist and am suffering enough on the reactions thing without somehow no longer being able to get any new zodiac recipes from Celeste when I’m still missing most of them. A friend was nice enough to get the recipe on a side character so I at least have it, but I worry for future months and it’s still really disheartening.

On the bright side, thanks to a very kind person, I finally got the two Pagodas I’ve wanted for so long which essentially finishes up the biggest things for my island’s “look”. I still have two villagers I need to get (unfortunately, it is very unlikely I’ll get Peanut and/or Maple before their birthdays) and I still want to figure out yards and do a few adjustments, but for the big areas, it’s set. Even the flowers I still need are areas that most people won’t even really notice.

The nice person also said some really sweet things about my island and honestly, I’ve had compliments from like… nearly every person who dropped stuff off or came over for trading and it was really nice. In all honesty, I don’t know what people find nice about it. I don’t think the flyover is impressive and generally I just feel kind of confused, but it at least makes me feel like what I wanted to portray did come out properly even if it doesn’t feel like that to me.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for friends and surprisingly generous strangers, I’d be having a hard time keeping any motivation so thank you so much for your help. I’ve been doing my best to keep track of friends’ wishlists and wants and things to try and send them stuff each day, but my focus is all over the place. I think I genuinely need some time to destress for a bit. I don’t want to lose my Nook Miles streak though :(

With the exterior pretty much complete, I hope I can finally focus on my house now. If I don’t take a breather first for a while.

The final thing I ended up doing was the Stamp Rally again today. I’ve wanted to try and see each stamp area and comment once, but I’ve had horrible luck with it and have gotten certain ones again every single day so far. I know there’s not tons of different ones, but I’m so tired of getting the same ones over and over :( There’s enough repetition with the event.

May 18, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 61: Museum Stamp Rally!

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Isabelle let us know about the Stamp Rally for International Museum Day so after quickly checking a few things along the way (and dealing with more fossil pain), I made my way to the museum.

I quickly got to work.

And then made my way back to Blathers.

And our reward: Three lovely wall plagues:

As excited as I was, for the event, I’ll admit it felt a bit underwhelming in some regards. For one, there’s 10 Bug Stamp areas, 9 Fish Stamp areas, and 7 Fossil Stamp areas that three of each are randomly selected from each day. Personally, I think it would’ve been better to have all of them out and people could either do all of them one day or it could even be stretched out a few days. Maybe you even had to visit others if you wanted to get it all done in one day versus waiting a bit.

I also would’ve loved to actually keep our stamp cards in some way/still get to see them as a kind of achievement thing, but it just… is quickly over with. And while you can repeat the event each day, it’s the same rewards after getting three and you could even get all the exact same locations the next day. And while the rewards are nice, they aren’t something I would ever need more than one of.

I just wish they made it a grander thing. I also wish they advertised it more as a “It starts today but you have until the end of the month to do it” over making it feel like there was something new to do each day instead of the same thing and then going through the exact same dialogue to turn in each card.

I’m also surprised the Art wing wasn’t part of this considering it was added in the same update. I’m hoping to at least see each stamp thing once, but honestly, I’m already tired of a lot of the repeatable dialogue of it. I love listening to Blathers tell me new things, but the same thing over and over sucks (Such as him telling me the museum already has the fossils I assess which I already know because the Fossil area is finished!!).

As a side note, I noticed that the Museum Stamp Rally wasn’t even mentioned on the bulletin board. It feels like the board is rarely used and between that and the lack of Isabelle announcing special visitors or even certain things every time (Not everyone gets told when they are having a meteor shower…) is really weird and disappointing.

Moving on, Phil taught me a new emotion to express part of how I’ve been feeling lately because I guess the sigh from Diana wasn’t enough:

I also added a few more things to the viewing area.

And also still can’t understand where these seats come from. (Leif was also here, clearly)

The big goal of the day though, after finishing with the Stamp Rally, was figuring out just how many flowers I need. I felt like I made good progress and should be pretty close to being done. I wouldn’t have to deal with anymore breeding then or fossils growing in my tiny little garden plot. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Very very wrong.

When I added up the numbers, my heart completely dropped and I felt overwhelmingly discouraged. This was not a good sign:
Pink Lily: 91
Pink Windflower: 96
Pink Hyacinth: 184
Pink Rose: 143
Pink Tulip: 1
Pink Mum: 2
Pink Cosmos: 13

I thought I was done with Tulips, Mums, and Cosmos. I also thought I had about a third left of what Lily, Windflower, and Rose were at with Hyacinth maybe closer to 100– not 200.

In the end though, some very kind people with an abundance of pink flowers were actually kind enough to let me have some and the numbers dropped significantly:
Pink Lily: 26
Pink Windflower: 48
Pink Hyacinth: 135
Pink Rose: 21

I think the flower I need to focus the most on though are the Pink Hyacinths. So many blank spaces are set for them which not only makes finding weeds and fossils more difficult as less spaces appear for them to spawn in, but it’s also possible some of the other counts may be off. Unfortunately, I still really lack the breeding space.

To end the night off, I ended up running into Wisp again.

The next entry may be a combination of parts. I haven’t been feeling well this week (and thus, haven’t been playing much either). Right now there’s just a lot of waiting and hoping and not much I can do. I hate that it feels like I’ve run out of things to do in New Horizons so much faster than I did in New Leaf, but that seems to be the case.

I just hope I can get the 2 Pagodas, Moai Statue, and 3 Dala Horses soon so I can at least finish the outside decorations. I still feel so stressed out about getting all of that properly set up that I can’t focus on decorating my house :/

May 17, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 60

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A new day had begun and once again, my villagers call me out.

I know how you feel, Marina.

I quickly headed off to check on Diana. She hung up the Iron Doorplate and her house is all set up now.

I then popped over to a friend’s town for some shooting star wishes.

Back over in Pink Sea, Diana, despite having only been here for a day and a half, decided to teach me a brand new reaction. That was kind of a heavy description for it, but I guess that’s what I need right now.

I also stopped by a friend’s Southern Hemisphere town in hopes of shaking our some acorns and pine cones. Unfortunately, the drop rates are awful. There were leaves falling around so I managed to catch a few, but just like the acorns and pine cones, they seemed relatively rare. Even worse than cherry blossoms were originally. The only Fall thing that seems to show up rather well are the mushrooms and even then, I haven’t heard good things on some of them.

Finally, I went to a friend’s town to catalog some things along with getting photos of Audie and Alfonso. I want to try and figure out something to do with the photos of villagers who have moved away. Unfortunately, all my ideas so far would give off the idea that they died and I’d rather not have that. I hope to eventually figure something out.

The big surprise though were her brand new trees.

New Leaf also had people hacking things towards the end to do things with their town that just wasn’t possible with Animal Crossing’s restrictions (such as putting rocks or flowers in the river). Some people made amazing things. And these trees absolutely look really pretty, but I don’t think it’s something I’d ever be comfortable having. It’s a complicated subject since they don’t harm anyone and I can think of tons of things I would do, and heck, how much better my town would be, if I could make all my waterfalls without the large amount of tiers and restrictions on what needs to be around it as that cut into A LOT of my available space and is part of why so many things didn’t work out how I wanted them to.

But despite that, I still don’t think I’d be able to do it even if someone told me they could. It’s just decorative, but it just wouldn’t feel right to me.

Anyway, I finally managed to get everything into the “things I need to catalog” list so that was nice. Next maybe I can finally count the flower specifics and work on my house, but at the very least, the Stamp Rally is tomorrow and that’s pretty exciting.

May 16, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 59

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Despite inviting her and the sold plot, I still never consider it a sure thing until I can check the next day with all the glitches going around so Isabelle confirming that we do have a new friend on the island that is, indeed, Diana definitely helped ease my anxieties about it. We also apparently had a visitor at our campsite too, but priorities first: Visiting Diana. Her house was certainly real and thankfully, she really was there.

I just have to find Maple and Peanut now… But first, I headed to the airport to mail Diana the doorplate I had been saving for her. I have three other gifts for her so I’ll be slowly mailing them out until I can actually gift her directly.

I also spent some time working on Flurry’s yard a little more.

Since she’s into nature and literally has a pet Hamster, I really her yard to reflect similar interests.

Meanwhile, I had books in my Nook’s Cranny today which was great as I could craft some of the recipes I hadn’t yet.

While doing our usual fossil hunt, I stopped in at my campsite to see our camper, but I’m still too paranoid to talk to them.

But then frustration hit.

This wasn’t even the only awful weed location I had to deal with today. As more spaces get filled, fossils and weeds pick more finnicky places and I even had a fossil in my little breeding garden again and I just… I want to get all the flowers I need ASAP because this stresses me out immensely. I’m so… specific on how things should look and where things should be and so anytime that gets disturbed, it hits me deeply.

In general, I’ve been struggling with the game a lot between feeling like a failure progress-wise (even when I know that is not the case), certain random/repetitive tasks that feel worse than in prior games, and the feeling of nothing coming out right. I feel incredibly demoralized and the only time I really am enjoying myself in any sense is when I can help others out. Except I can barely do that. I don’t keep items on-hand to catalog, I’m so stressed out and overwhelmed that I have trouble keeping track of things to send out (and only being able to do two a day just adds onto that frustration), I am the worst when it comes to flowers and watering and have none of my flowers even really near each other to breed for others and picking them makes me anxious, I can’t play the market, I suck at earning bells, I am beyond burnt out on resource management, and I can’t even do most “normal” AC things because the idea of breaking even more tools is just too exhausting for me at this point.

So all I can really do is craft, but only if people have the material for me to craft. And even then, with all my recipes, I still don’t even have everything there to really do much. And while some of it I’m fine not having like the Wedding stuff or Golden tool recipes I haven’t earned yet or really any from time traveling, ones that maybe I could get if I had a second town with a different hemisphere do not sit as well for me.

So much of this game just hits differently– not even just the game itself and its mechanics, but the community too. I know so many great and generous people, but the crazy prices in some places, large entry fees (or even in general), and what people tend to ask for, it just kind of baffles me. There are people who can easily work through those things. I’m not one of them.

I never felt a rush to get the art from Redd for my museum. I never felt so impatient to wait for items from Gulliver or while working on my catalog. Yet here I just want it all done. I just want all my flowers and town set up how I want it to be. I want my dream villagers. I want to stop having to constantly worry about everything.

I want to just be able to focus on helping people and any new events without feeling like I’m 10 feet below everyone else.

It’s hard to put into words just how complicated my feelings are with the game, but the only thing I feel lately is I just wish I was done and my only goals were working on Nook Miles (which I’m barely even looking forward to as they’re even more grindy than some of the New Leaf badges were), waiting for new events, and helping others out.

Ignoring my eternal breakdown over the game, I spent some time working on other areas.

I recently noticed the Secret-Hidden-Grove is technically missing Pear and Apple trees in the main grove area, but you can technically see them right above so I’m not sure if I should switch some cherry ones out or not. I’d just add them if I could put trees closer, but alas, I can not.

Going back around, I had gotten a nice letter from Cookie thanking me for the tiara.

I also stopped by a friend’s giveaway.

For my 10 items, I ended up getting a Mush lamp, Hyacinth lamp, 40 Nook Miles tickets, Harp, a Fossil, a Royal Crown, and a Common Painting. Of them, I was most excited for the painting, but it was all nice things.

The highlight for the day though was the giant crafting party over at Meg’s. We extended from flowers to just pretty much everything and it was fun just getting to craft a lot of things without the constant stress of resources. I even got to make tons of things I hadn’t crafted yet plus recolor some things I had never gotten a chance to.

It was the first time I think I truly had fun in a while.

The day finished off with a K.K. Slider concert of course. I’m not particularly big on most of his songs and at this point, the only song I still need is K.K. Birthday which I can’t get until my birthday, but I do still need to attend a concert each week for the Nook Miles thing so…

May 15, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 58

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So, I had been planning to do island hunting today, but in perfect timing, Diana announced she wanted to move yesterday which meant she would be in boxes today so I quickly high-tailed it over there.

I did check my mail quickly first though. For once, it was rather empty, but I did have a very sweet letter from Merengue.

I also couldn’t resist double-checking the Zen Garden and the rock finally placed!! I may redo the order though…

Once I got back, I quickly headed to make sure the plot was properly sold. I can’t help but be paranoid at this point.

Most of my time playing today, I actually spent it at Meg’s doing ~*EXTREME FLOWER CRAFTING*~. I managed to make nearly every single wreath and crown which was really nice.

She had tiaras for sale at her Able Sister’s so I took the time to buy some for my villagers too.

Sadly, I accidentally gave Cookie the wrong hat as Flurry had given me a hat as a thank you and I mixed them up… so I mailed it off to her instead.

Regardless, I also set up Diana’s yard. I’m more or less happy with it, but may switch the Purple Rose on the table to something else for more contast, but I do kind of like it so we’ll see.

Now to just hope it all works out.

May 14, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 57

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Isabelle let us know for sure that Alfonso will be leaving tomorrow. It always makes me sad when they leave honestly. On a brighter note, I received the K. Funk from a friend so I an officially done! I just have K.K. Birthday left and I’ll be getting that when July rolls around.

Fossil hunting went oddly and it probably will continue to as I slowly have less spots for them to even spawn. I did, however, get a rock in the grove after all which was nice.

I also made sure to see Alfonso off as this would be his last day in Pink Sea.

I stopped by Filia City again and managed to get the final beetle this time. And then it was Winter and I really can’t say enough how much I love the Winter green colors and all the snow.

I also stopped by towns for some visits and to do some crafting and trading. There’s so much more I wish I could’ve done. And a lot of pattern ideas I’d have loved to do myself, but just have no space to.

Thanks to some nice people, I finally got enough Gold Nuggets to make the Robot Hero. And bought 350 Customization kits to make it in each color for the catalog.

I had no plans to keep it and if my husband didn’t still want it, I probably would’ve just stole it, but I’m glad I at least took a picture for posterity.

Finally, I managed to get Alfonso a nice new home. I’m glad he’s going to someone who will take care of him.

If anyone reading this is interested in Phil or Margie, let me know. I’ll be keeping an eye out for when they want to move.

May 13, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 56

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Today’s initial goal was double-checking. I still had things to add to lists (and it’s thankfully so much less laggy), I had stuff to double check from things I’ve crafted, and there was just a lot to do so before I booted it up, I decided to focus on those things first.

I also wanted to figure out just how many of each flower I still need as to prevent myself from being stuck with a lot of extras. This sounds easier than I know it’ll be.

Loading up, I noticed Label was in town though for a new fashion challenge. Meanwhile, I had quite a bit of mail. Something I ordered, some music from Meg, and a DAL Umbrella from DAL Airlines.

I checked again for fossils and rocks (which… still no rock, genuinely running out of ideas here… It should be far enough) with no luck…

But along the way, Merengue mentioned she was worried about her catchphrase. Once again, I said it was fine.

To be honest, of all the prompts, this has always been one of my least favorites. I genuinely like most of their catch phrases and the only ones I ever really would change are Diana’s and Peanut’s (and maybe I’ll consider eventually changing Teddy’s if I think of something decent). The big issue is if you change one, villagers often end up picking it up and while you can reset it by talking to Isabelle, it’s a really annoying feature. I wish they’d at least ask similar to the nickname thing.

As a side note, on the subject of villagers, even though Fleas will be available for several more months, I’m worried I won’t catch enough for the Nook Miles thing. I saw a good amount for a little while and then it’s been nothing for weeks now.

I then finally went to go see Label. My theme this time was Comfy so I did my best… She ended up giving me a Labelle hat.

Marina asked me to catch her a long locust. Once bounced into view nearly immediately after so it was a… really quick task to finish.

I also decided to try and start giving everyone some fruit each day. While I found most of them easily, I was still missing Teddy… So I decided to check the museum and well… There have definitely been some changes. I was right about him being there though.

Thanks to a friend, I finally had enough pine cones to make the leaf campfire. Now the campsite is pretty much done– I just would like the other leaf piles for it.

And then when I took this picture, I noticed my very first rainbow!! And not just any rainbow, but a double rainbow!!

I then stopped over to Filia City again and finally got my revenge. And also another victory.

I also found it interesting that it seems all the Cicadas have different things said when they’re caught when it’s raining.

The only July/August bug I have left now is the Giraffe stag. I think I may have saw it once while playing over there today, but accidentally scared it off ironically due to being more confident after practicing. I forgot when they stop moving, I need to freeze and I’m still kicking myself for it. I hope I see one again. On the bright side, I got to celebrate another birthday.

Meanwhile, when I got back to Pink Sea, Phil taught me a new reaction: Resignation.

And Alfonso said he was thinking of moving!! I’m so surprised as Mira asked not that long ago… I told him he could so it’s going to be villager hunting time in two days! I’ll definitely stream it unless someone mentions having one of them I can just invite over and then I won’t exactly have to island farm so… I’ll at least record myself inviting them then. Though, with all the glitches, I will admit I’d be kind of nervous to :/

I had some fun stopping at friends’ towns after.

Mira and Flurry asked if they could also start calling me Princess which I said yes to them both.

Also a bench appeared?? I don’t understand why things suddenly just randomly appear.

And finally, I saw Wisp again tonight and finally hit the second Nook Miles thing for him. Unfortunately, he gave me another item I already had in each color… :(

I didn’t really get to do everything I wanted to do, but hopefully I have better luck tomorrow… On the bright side, besides K.K. Birthday, the only song I still have to go is The K. Funk still and then I can just focus on getting art from Redd.

May 12, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 55

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It as another day with no news, but Isabelle said to pace ourselves as it is only Tuesday and in a real seasonal game, I can not afford to pace myself Isabelle. I sadly received my Gulliver item and it was a hairstyle and I’m so sad. I never found my last two fossils yesterday, I still have a rock missing in action (can they not spawn on sand?? I figured they could since fossils and weeds can, but…), my bottle recipes are nothing new (Dark Cosmos Crown), and it was raining again. I did have some very nice gifts from Madison though.

While casually looking for fossils, I also am doing my best to talk to my villagers every day. Merengue was hanging out at Cookie’s and us all being in the same dress made it feel like a club meeting.

Along the way, I noticed Saharah’s here. In all honesty, if it’s not Redd or Gulliver, I’d much rather Flick or Chip if only to get models made that I want. My storage is so full :( And I have certain ideas for some and want to see if I can place it like I’m imagining.

Since it seems rocks can’t spawn on/in sand (pathed sand, not beaches of course) after all, I ended up doing some adjustments to the Zen garden to make it looker nice again and put a random stone material in there to make up for it.

I think a Rock could maybe look nice in the grove, but honestly, I have no idea where it could fit. At this point, I have at least one rock I will be breaking still and no where for these two rocks to spawn. Maybe I can figure something out though. I at least found all four of my fossils today (though, no sign of the two I missed yesterday).

In the end, I found out the issue is that apparently the rock won’t spawn if it’s within four spaces of a cliff… which was an annoying issue. I tried adjusting some things so we’ll see if it finally works tomorrow.

If anything, today was mainly surprises. I found the other fossil I likely couldn’t find yesterday and immediately put transparent patterns down there.

I received some very generous gifts which helped a lot (on top of getting to catalog a lot of new things too).

I also realized I hadn’t properly gotten all the flowers in the Secret-Grove-Garden area so I worked on that too.

Despite nothing really happening though, I still pretty much played all day so… I also finally managed to clean out my storage a bit which at least means I should be able to work on my house now… I just have so much to do :(

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