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November 26, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 256: It’s Turkey Day! (And some days before)

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So, for those of you here in America, Happy Thanksgiving! I still don’t fully understand why they decided to change the Harvest Festival to Turkey Day, but here we are.

There was a notice on the Bulletin Board confirming Turkey Day’s date incase of any doubts, though, I’ll admit the stationery used felt kind of odd– not Fall enough, but I suppose it’s accurate for the Southern Hemisphere.

The Villagers were also excited for Turkey Day being close by. Also being able to sit on the plaza and listen to villagers singing is really nice.

Due to the fact that Thanksgiving is pretty crazy here and my family cooks a lot even when we’re not really having anyone over due to the pandemic, I knew I would be really busy this week so I did my best to get everything in advance.

Cookie also asked for a new catchphrase and since she had been using Flurry’s for a while, I ended up just giving her Biscuit because I couldn’t really think of anything.

Finally, Turkey Day was here! I always love when the Plaza decorates.

Franklin was our honorary chef. It’s crazy to think of how much this event has changed over the years.

Regardless, it was time to get cooking.

First up was Clam Chowder.

Second was the Pumpkin Pie (why is this second though….).

Third was the Gratin.

Finally, the Fish Meunière.

With that, we finished off the regular dishes.

Plus the Secret Ingredient versions.

I loved seeing the tables filled with the dishes. I’m just bummed we couldn’t actually get a version of the dishes to keep too. Even if just like “individual” versions.

I would say the not getting to keep the food in some way was one of my two biggest issues with the event– the other was everything about how the Secret Ingredient was handled. Ironically, the one item you got for getting all the Secret Ingredients was the item you got for just finishing all the food with the other just finishing items to be unique. Getting any of the DIY furniture plus the DIY Recipes required doing all the Special Ingredient stuff, though if you didn’t bother, you can just buy them at the Nookling shop starting tomorrow. And that’s fine.

My issue is mainly HOW you got the chance to give them. Rather than being able to select them right off the bat, Franklin would notice it after he already stated the next dish and then just… make the previous dish again? It was just really awkward and honestly kind of stressful as I kept worrying I messed something up.

I’m glad I finished at least. Also some of my villagers in their Chef outfits because I didn’t get to trade with any of them since I got everything out in advance.

My favorite item was easily the Garden Stand. I immediately put some into place.

I’m hoping to go over my town a bit more later or tomorrow incase any other good places for them come to mind. I have a few ideas at least. Just hope I have enough stone.

With that, Turkey Day came to an end… Well, technically it’s going until midnight, but it at least came to an end for my time with it in-game.

Of course, immediately after finishing this, I had to help with continuing to cook for our own personal Thanksgiving so no break just yet… But with it all done, maybe I can take a small break.

Now to just… impatiently wait for December.

November 20, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 248-250, the 1.6 Update! (and some other November days)

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With November finally hitting, we got a new letter from our mom. She actually gave me my favorite version of her kitchen mat which made me really happy. I ended up putting it outside the door to the kitchen.

I also noticed new plaza activities. I’m not entirely sure on the barbecuing in November (though, I do love barbecue), but running through leaves is always fun.

Peanut also finally let me give her a new catchphrase, finally getting her to stop using Teddy’s. Peaches is an ode to her Japanese name.

I’ve also been continuing my K.K. concert going and I really can’t say enough how much it kills me that listening more than once or listening at a friend’s town doesn’t count.

100 was fine when we could just listen to a bunch of songs in New Leaf, but it’s ridiculous in New Horizons. :(

Regardless, the update was finally here and I was actually kind of excited because… NEW STORAGE. Also with what I saw of some of the new items, it’s hard to not be excited. And I do love the Yule Log. I did end up putting the cupcake back, but it’s still pretty. I also made sure to customize it too… and order two more so I could have the original plus two additional colors.

And of course, after taking care of the Yule log, with the heads up from the mail, I quickly made my way to Resident Services.

It takes 500K though and you need to have that in your inventory so since I had to take bells out anyway, I also redeemed some Nook Miles for the new reactions and hairstyles.

With 500K now in my pockets, it was time to upgrade my storage. Unfortunately, I’d have to wait until tomorrow when it’s ready.

On my way back to my house, I couldn’t help but enjoy the falling leaves and all the colors. I haven’t played too often in Autumn for a handful of reasons, but I always love all the different colors.

I also have to say I love the new reactions so much.

(Not picture: The sniffing one)

I haven’t really caught my villagers sitting around, but I’m having fun plopping around wherever regardless.

And thanks to Zed, I got the Pocket Camp phone case right away.

I had decided to check out the Random Dream Suite option now that it was back along with adding my Dream Suite to the pool (Though, I have since re-updated it with the usual time due to having to update to add it). Luna ended up taking me to a dream of Númenor.

The next day, I got a letter letting me know that the Storage expansion was complete!

And Leo also sent me the new Summer DIY– the Summer Shell Rug so I won’t have to worry about it T~T (Along with the other new seasonal ones a day later)

Finally, today, I ended up taking a visit to the official Nintendo island, Ninten, after the Dream Address was finally shared. I was kind of surprised it was sort of… empty for the most part, though still nice.

There is a whole area still clearly under construction though so maybe they have more planned, especially considering we’ll have Mario items next year.

October 31, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 230: Halloween! (and some random things before)

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So, something I found interesting is that three days before Halloween hit, some of the special villagers actually started dressing up which was really cool to see.

Even Resident Services had some pumpkins placed outside.

And while Villagers weren’t dressed up yet, they were still excited for the season.

Regardless, it’s finally Halloween and I was both excited and nervous for the event. I don’t really enjoy Halloween as I can’t really deal with horror at all and past Halloween events in Animal Crossing have always kind of terrified me so I really can’t say enough how relieved I am that there’s no chasing this time around and tricks aren’t as cruel.

I started a bit early and was surprised to see even more decorations added to Resident Services.

5PM then hit and thus, the event officially started!

Merengue immediately ran over for candy and then also taught me the Scare Reaction.

I feel like my villager trying to look scary is like whenever those images of cute animals trying to look angry pop up.

I did my best to give candy to all my villagers.


Even though Diana had kind of similar, the ears aren’t really the same on hers and its a different color than her fur, but Teddy literally picked the same ear type AND color as him and that hat just looks so funny on him.

Meanwhile, Jack was here, of course, and I actually had a kind of hard time finding him at first. While he wasn’t far, he immediately wandered away from the plaza which I didn’t expect. Besides giving me an item, he also taught me the Haunt Reaction.

I still don’t think it looks particularly haunting– it just looks like my character is getting possessed which I guess is haunting in itself, but I don’t feel was what they were going for. I don’t think I’ll really use either anyway, but at least it gets me closer to the Nook Mile requirement.

Even though I didn’t need candy (I did, however, need more lollipops), I went to visit my villagers who were still in their houses. And Maple told me my costume wasn’t spooky enough and she was only giving candy to “scary” costumes and while offended, I did go and change before going back to her house and further houses.

BUT I’M STILL UPSET ABOUT IT… I wanted to just wear my Princess outfit :(

Regardless, I did end up getting some lollipops for Jack which let me get the other things I was missing.

After finishing with the candy handouts, I headed back to my house to work on crafting and customizing everything. I also ended up changing back as Halloween is done. The wand is cute, but I don’t think I’ll ever use it.

I then made one final spot back at the plaza just to get a screenshot with the fog rolling in and the lights actually on. It’s a bit simple, but still nice.

October 29, 2020

The Aesthetic of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and how it reflects on New Horizons

One of the things I’ve been struggling a lot with in New Horizons is finding myself “happy” with my town. I adored my New Leaf town, but with New Horizons, something has always felt off. And I think part of it is that it’s missing so much of what we’ve had for a long time which almost makes some items feel like a lesser version to pre-existing ones.

But when you compare it to Pocket Camp, it especially feels that way. Pocket Camp has many extravagant items constantly releasing due to being a mobile game and having a gachapon system. There’s a reason I don’t really play it much, but I’ve spoken to a lot of friends who are frustrated seeing some of the fancy items in one game to what we end up in comparison, despite New Horizons being a main game in the series.

I don’t even know how I’d handle the amount of items Pocket Camp has. Inventory management is a huge struggle already due to a combination of lack of storage, smaller side rooms, and terraforming opportunities and restrictions (Like… something we can do in Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp but not in New Horizons: Putting rugs on the ground). Even if you wanted to fill up every spot of land in your town, you’ll run into issues with certain things spawning and I’m still trying to figure out how to prepare for Snowballs when Winter hits.

Adding in that constant flow of items would be overwhelming in itself, but many of those items are fairly big and as much as I’d like to use them, I know I’d have no room.

I think a lot of people are familiar with my Waterfall Shrine area.

While it came out okay, it is just barely what I had in mind for it. Originally, expecting that you could still do waterfalls from a fourth level even if you couldn’t place any items, I expected my “house area” to be two plains up with stairs going down to the shrine area that would actually be a larger round platform surrounded by waterfalls (Think Phenac City crossed with Zora’s Domain) and stairs heading down from there. In the center, I actually wanted to have something similar to what my campsite looks like in Pocket Camp:

Obviously, that wasn’t possible. You may also notice it’s a bit updated from what you may see in all the pictures I show, but I absolutely love my campsite in Pocket Camp. We have WATERWALLS!! I still don’t really have a fence I super like in New Horizons (and have no idea why the mermaid one wasn’t released) and I would go crazy with that. And being able to have this perfect dreamlike sunset fairy aesthetic? Amazing. I love that kind of fairyland princess of the sea aesthetic and Pocket Camp let me have it, but New Horizons… Well, I’m just praying that the effect will be even close to as nice once April comes back around. I loved seeing the cherry blossom petals in the water of New Horizons and I’m glad I get to have that effect 24/7 in Pocket Camp:

When it comes down to it, especially as Pocket Camp lets you customize the appearance of the terrain, sky, and backdrop including the new 3rd Anniversary Backdrop and I have no idea which one is nicer:

Which background?

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

We have lovely fairytale ground with fairytale trees and lovely pastel ground with a pink tree and a fountain and I do not appreciate being targeted like this, game!! The third anniversary event is even all pink ;~; Regardless, the real punishment here is that I can not fuse the two together. In general, there’s a lot of things in Pocket Camp where I’d love to pick and combine things and can’t so I guess if New Horizons ever did have a feature like this, I’d love to be able to mix things together a bit more.

Regardless, going back to my main point– Pocket Camp lets you customize a lot appearance-wise. When New Horizons told us we’ve be getting the option to do terraforming and the fact that there was only one grass style this time around, I genuinely expected we’d be able to customize the looks more too. I get a lot of people love using patterns and we’ve especially seen a great deal of Optical Illusions with the Divider Boards, but I personally have never been fond of it. I generally try to use patterns pretty sparingly (either for clothes, slight furniture accessories, or paths and that’s it) and optical illusions while they can make things look impressive, it’s generally from one angle and it may look nice in the moment, it’s not really something I find I enjoy fully and it’s why I never really did much of one in my town.

And I think unless you do that, due to the lack of options this time around (both in items and customization), it feels harder to make something truly unique. And like, just imagine if we could have different colored sand on our beach? There’s tons of different colors of sand in real world beaches and I’ve even seen people do patterns for it, but patterns can only cover so much.

I have such a love-hate relationship with Pocket Camp because I really love what I was able to make. Heck, most of those items are from early on in the game’s release and now it’s been around for three years. But it’s also the first AC-related game I didn’t finish the catalog because it became too stressful and it misses the core of what makes Animal Crossing.

But I love getting to hang out with special villagers and see all these new flowers (though, if they ever came to Pocket Camp, I’d just want normal plants…).

Or having special scenes with Villagers and getting a special item from them (I just wish I could give one too all my favorites…):

And how can I not love this camp site?

I just want to feel as satisfied with my New Horizons Island and I hope when next April does come around, I’ll at least feel pretty close.

October 25, 2020

Pokemon Shield: The Crown Tundra is here!

(Please keep in mind this post does contain spoilers! You can also find my entire playthrough on Youtube)

Like with the Isle of Armor, I wanted to really finish with the main bulk of The Crown Tundra before writing about my thoughts. Offhand, it’s hard to say which DLC I liked better– I think they were on equal-footing overall, but some stuff I was looking forward to in the Crown Tundra kind of fell flat unfortunately. Heck, I don’t even feel it took me much longer than Isle of Armor did– they genuinely took the about the same time if you take out some of my very slowly going through Dynamax Raids for Necrozoma.

I feel like Crown Tundra’s strongest moment is with the very first Expedition where the story elements are at the forefront. It went a bit slow at times (I generally figured out what I had to do pretty quickly between the random Carrot seeds, the books at the Mayor’s house, and the various lore tablets and basket at the top of the mountain) and I was even thrown off on what I may be doing wrong which generally just ended up due to me realizing a step further in the storyline before I got to that point.

I also will admit I kind of felt bad for Peony that this was essentially 90% of his entire role during the story:

He pretty much consistently stays in the background throughout almost all of the story after the initial introduction. Nia as well is pretty much an enigma outside of a small selection of scenes. You can always have a chance to see them during a Dynamax Adventure though.

Unfortunately, I don’t plan to do that mode much. While I really liked the idea of doing things with friends, I really thought it’d be the expedition stuff and not… a side mini dungeon crawler. I also didn’t notice a way to actually invite friends online– only locally (and less you can invite and more just only those people would be able to join) (Edit: Turns out if you hit +, you can add a link code to play with friends… Just a matter of actually catching friends to play with then at some point). Maybe it’d be more fun with friends if I could’ve actually played it with friends, but there was just.. nothing for me in the mode. Battling has always been my least favorite part of Pokemon, I have never found the raids or Dynamaxing gimmick fun, I don’t like Shiny hunting, and I already have all the legendaries you can get this way because I have a living dex… The only reason for me to do it was to grind up 200 Ore for the Ability Patch for my Polteageist. And I had to grind it a lot more than I wanted in the first place to not just find Necrozoma, but to catch it which took three or four tries.

I then ended up being given an ability patch for solving Clue ? which meant I was done with the mode unless I changed my mind (or maybe went for Poipole, who knows), but I don’t see myself doing so anytime soon, if ever. I just got so burnt out and found it so tiring and being rushed into decisions even when playing by yourself made it even more frustrating because I had a lot of trouble concentrating on it due to just not finding it particularly engaging.

Regardless, we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves towards the end of the “main” part of the Crown Tundra for me so let’s go back to Clue 1. As soon as they showed the stone crown on Peony’s table, I was pretty sure it belonged to the statue, so it was nice feeling right.

And I really liked Calyrex.

As mentioned, there was a lot of optional lore around and while not necessarily a bad thing (flavor text is always good), I was surprised that wasn’t actually worked into the Clue as well. It literally explained why Calyrex helped them, about his different Dynamax glow color, about how the horse was tamed and why, and why the people were so thankful for him along with Calyrex’s own gratitude for saving him. They’re not really laid out in order and part of me still worries I missed some (my navigation skills are still garbage), but I found it really interesting.

And I think that’s kind of what gets me the most with Clue 1– you help give Calyrex something to believe in again, but the Villagers still just consider it a fairytale and don’t really care. We never change their minds or show them the truth. Even the horse showing up did little to sway their feelings or bring those traditions back.

And while Peony saved the day right after this, I feel like this really sums up how it felt in a way because it really did feel like everything just dropped off and only part of it was resolved.

I guess Calyrex being reunited with whichever horse you chose was enough regardless, but… It just felt like something was missing. Will the snow slow down? Will their crops recover? Will they get more carrot seeds? I don’t know and the more I think about it, the more questions I have.

One other thing that bothered me with Clue 1 research is like… both horses are mentioned. Both Horses can be summoned. Both Horses clearly exist BECAUSE THE POKEDEX REQUIRES IT. It’s not like a form change. How?? Why???? Why are there two horses? And why can we only get one? Did Calyrex tame both and forgot? Did people just only ever see one and always a different one? I just don’t get it. Even if you wanted to bring up the White/Gold-Black/Blue thing, they have entirely different manes. And eat two very different carrots! Making it so you can only get one sucks when both clearly exist and were tied up in this whole thing.

The other Clues ended up being a lot less Story-interactive overall. Clue 2 was essentially just the Regis with a usual mechanic: A Riddle (or flat out instructions really) on the door. Do what it wants and it opens and then you just… light up the pattern for the right Regi and then you can battle/catch it. Regirock required having an Everstone equipped to the first Pokemon in your party, Regice required having a Cyrogonal as the first Pokemon in your party, Registeel required whistling at the door, and finally the brand new Regis required having the previous three.

Unfortunately, you could only pick Regielecki OR Regidrago which… really sucks. Not just for Pokedex completion, but you literally have to have BOTH of them in addition to the prior three to trigger Regigigas.

While Regigigas is not required for finishing Clue 2, it still feels weird to lock it out in that way.

As for Clue 3, it’s by the giant tree and the cutscene is pretty great and reminds me a bit of the second Pokemon movie too. Alas, our Rotom Phone doesn’t have a silence mode and blows our cover, leaving us to find them roaming in the wild.

I honestly have never really enjoyed the Roaming Pokemon mechanic, but I was thankful we had a bit more “control” this time around, even if it was still a pain. Moltres was over on the Isle of Armor and required memorizing its pattern a bit to really get the jump on it. Zapdos was in the regular Wild Area and as long as you keep following it closely enough, you would eventually overtake it despite how it felt… Meanwhile, Articuno stayed in the Crown Tundra, and yet I had a HORRIBLE time finding it. When you get close to it, it’ll clone itself and you need to hit the right one. I messed up the first time, but did get it the second and just… it really wasn’t a fun time.

With that done, after letting Peony know you’ve finished all 3 Clues, Nia shows up ready to participate only for them to all be done, shenanigans ensue and she runs off again, and then you get a gold Expedition suit which honestly I’ll never wear just like the original one but oh well.

After Peony leaves after Nia, you find a Clue ?. Peony has no recognition of it and it’s what leads to finding Ultra Beasts in the Dynamax Adventures and requiring you to find a Necrozoma from Dynamax Adventure to complete. And no, bringing over one you may have from past games does not count. I tried.

I honestly really liked the idea of the expeditions and enjoyed them a lot– I just wish they were a bit longer and there were more of them. And no random luck ones like the Necrozoma one. I much prefer mystery angles. On a related note, the general premise of how your trainer gets roped into the whole thing is just kind of disheartening: Peony plans all this out to spend time with Nia who wants to do her own thing instead and then rather than help you out fully, Peony waits incase Nia decides she wants to join in. I’d have much preferred both of them being part of it or us getting into it all a different way over filling in for his daughter. I generally try not to think about it much as they played it off in a silly way, but every time I do think about it a lot, it just makes me feel kind of down. Peony’s story from his league cards is pretty sad in general.

Moving on, outside of the legendary grinding in Dynamax Adventures, there were other silly rumors and easter eggs too. Like “shaking a giant tree”.

Or talking to 32 people to summon Spiritomb.

And of course, after gathering 15 of those twigs, I managed to get the wreath to get a Galarian Slowking.

While the Expeditions were done, there was still one more bit of research to do with Sonia, the Musketeers, and Footprints.

I actually could’ve started this during Clue 1, but due to bad timing, had missed the initial cutscene highlighting the footprints and only noticed them later. While the footprints were generally more random and abundant, I found I struggled with Terrakion’s and Virizion’s. Both of theirs blended in quite a bit, but I could at least see Terrakion’s easier in the cave… Virizion’s, however, were also smaller in size and it just wasn’t particularly fun. I did like how Keldeo unlocked though.

But I think it would’ve been neat if he wandered into the campsite over just showing up after. Like Regigigas, despite being part of the set, Keldeo is also optional and Sonia will actually leave after you’ve found the other three.

Meanwhile, the Galarian Star Tournament is essentially a double version of the usual Championship Battles. I picked Hop as my partner as it felt only proper.

I will say her tiny wave compared to Hop’s and Leon’s big waves was both very funny to me and also absolutely what I would do so I appreciated it.

I love the new character dialogue and dynamics we see in this mode SO MUCH, but I just… don’t enjoy battling. Part of me would be interested in trying to partner with each character, but I just have no interest in doing so many battles unfortunately. Maybe I’ll try it one day though.

You may have also noticed already, but I was really happy to have Audino back. I even redid the original championship so she’d have the Galar Champion Ribbon.

With the new addition of being able to change nicknames once even if a Pokemon was traded, I really hoped I could finally change her name, but alas, it didn’t let me. I do like the name Ribbon, but I have another Pokemon I had also named Ribbon before they all got bundled together and saying “Ribbon’s Ribbons” sounds silly. I generally just consider her name Celestia in my head as Mega Audino looks like an Angelic Snow Bunny Princess, but that also explains my other big thing… Megas still aren’t here. Maybe it was due to all the legendaries and other throwbacks in the Crown Tundra. Or Pokemon GO’s timing with adding Mega Evolutions into the game. Maybe it was due to the mystery element and clues. Maybe it was because Peony manages to insert “mega” in as many words as he can.

(As a side note, the fact that Audino will run away scared if you get too close breaks my heart. So many people battled it for experience, they’re traumatized now :( )

Regardless, I got my hopes up. Badly. And the moment I realized that wasn’t the case, it hurt a lot more than I expected and even though I had Audino back, she wouldn’t be a Mega Audino this time. And that made the battles feel even more discouraging.

Regardless, I still did my best and finished everything I wanted to. There may be some other Easter eggs I look into later, but for now, I did all the Mysteries, helped Sonia’s research, re-befriended my lovely Audino…

…And completed my dex. And I think that’s good for now.

(You do get another crown, but as I use a ponytail, I still can’t wait it so… :( )

Of course, with that done, I finally got to update my League Card again too.

The code is 0000 0005 YD2G 07 if you would like to download it!

But yeah, overall, I do think I enjoyed the Crown Tundra, but I think when it comes to story, it let down a bit going more for nostalgia than everything and I wish it went more in the story direction.

October 23, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 201-222: Preparing for Halloween & Another visit to Hellmann’s Island!

Twitch Collection | Youtube Playlist | ACNH Overview

Even though I had managed to get a lot of the cataloging and DIYs out of the way, I still had plans I wanted to work towards before Halloween such as hoarding candy for the villagers and Jack along with collecting more pumpkins for DIY crafting. Even though I had no plans to use all the Spooky items, I liked to get all the colors for catalog purposes and craft each item for the completion checkmark in the DIY list.

And while I may have had the DIYs (minus any that you can’t get until Halloween), visting friends’ villagers who were crafting let me get pumpkins or candy so it was still helpful to try and pop by. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen my villagers crafting since I received the last of the Villager Crafting Halloween Recipes so I’m wondering if, since you can’t get extras, they just won’t be making them anymore unfortunately.

Meanwhile, my pumpkins had finally grown. I managed to get three of each thanks to consistent watering. I did end up planting other colors I had gotten from friends to make sure I had at least two of each color.

While I still don’t really enjoy these types of aspects for games, Animal Crossing making it so they can’t die or anything helps lessen the stress of it. The real problem is just the lack of room and with rumors of more possible things too plant for future DIY Recipe materials (as if we’re not suffering from lack of storage already), the lack of having any kind of farm area gets to me.

Especially seeing some of the lovely Pumpkin Patches friends have made.

I had wanted to set something up with the Silo and trees as they did have some nice farming stuff– even making a stable with the Springy Horses, but it just didn’t work out due to lack of space. Even making it so I have only one of each color pumpkin, I only have 8 spaces left. I guess I could try to fit things somewhere though. Maybe just random crops somehow.

Outside of continued Halloween prep, I’ve gotten a lot of interesting letters from villagers– several of which have called out my weird sleep schedule lately. It’s like they know.

As for general island events, the last Fishing Tourney of the year happened recently which gave me my final stamp as I had gotten the Winter one when helping out at a friend’s Southern Hemisphere island. Celeste also stopped by!

Even though I don’t need anything from her still, she’s one of my, if not the top one, favorite special villagers so I always am happy to see her stop by. I still need to keep an eye out for Wisp though….

Finally, to end out some of the earlier preparations, I noticed the Villagers talking about Halloween decorations and changes in the air as Halloween gets closer.

As for today, as mentioned, I had an opportunity to go on a special Island tour :) As for where… Well, you may recall when I visited Hellmann’s Island back in August due to their Charity drive where every spoiled turnip contributed a meal to Second Harvest. Hellmann’s decided to give their island a spooky makeover and reopen for Halloween, including some brand new special costumes showing the Scariness of Food Waste.

Hellmann’s kindly offered to let me visit with a special VIP Tour before they open to the public on Monday and having had a great time when I visited this Summer and being more than happy to help contribute further to charity, I was honored by their invitation!

And of course, after gathering up an inventory full of spoiled turnips once more, I made sure to dress-up for the occasion myself:

All set, it was time to go! You can find the video version of the tour here, but otherwise, here are some photos I took from their Spookified Island and Haunted House!:

And as a parting gift, I even received a lovely piece of candy!

If you’re interested in visiting, You can DM Hellmann’s on Twitter starting at 2:30PM EST until 12:15AM EST from Monday, October 26th, 2020 to Friday, October 30th, 2020 for a chance to stop by! Don’t forget to bring a lot of spoiled turnips :) Or you can always donate directly to Second Harvest!

It was really nice to see them open again for something like this and I had a great time so a big thank you again to Hellmann’s for the invite! ^_^

October 17, 2020

Pokemon GO: The Journey for an Audino

Now, if you’ve been here before or follow any of my content, you’ll know Audino is one of my favorite Pokemon– #4, in fact! And you may be thinking “wait, what do you mean #4??” and that’s because specifically Audino’s Mega Evolution is my #1 favorite. Second is a tie between Slurpuff and Alcremie and third is Dragonair.

Regardless, I knew Megas would eventually make their way to Pokemon GO so as soon as Audino was announced to FINALLY be showing up, I was ready. Or well, as ready as I could be considering.

It was appropriately around for Valentine’s Day as Audino is lovely, a Pokemon Center Pokemon, and genuinely cares about your wellbeing which is why it’ll heal you even as some of you mercilessly harm it for experience. Alas, to reference it’s “rare” Shaking Grass only appearance in Gen 5 (which let’s ignore that it wasn’t THAT rare and also was common enough in future gens), Audino was made relatively rare and hard to find.

If I had to figure out my biggest problem with Pokemon GO, it’s that it’s incredibly inaccessible to a lot of people especially for a series with so many fans. There are absolutely people who feel it’s done right as Pokemon GO is supposed to get you “out and moving and exploring” but I think it’s a lot more complicated than that and it’s not something that is super easy for everyone.

I suffer from extreme environmental allergies and asthma. Trees, Grass, certain bugs, and dust are just some of the things that trigger my allergies. Add in breathing issues and the tendency to get Sun Stroke at the first sign of Summer and I can’t always go out as much as I want to. Not to mention us currently being in a pandemic where someone with multiple breathing issues would be at risk so!

I also happen to live in a place that just does not get many Pokemon spawning. We had a decent amount during the original footprint days, but it’s only gotten more barren and with no PokeStop or Gym in reach, Pokemon GO has always been kind of a struggle with me usually only hitting goals and completing research during shopping trips or vacation.

Because of that, unsurprisingly, I never saw a single Audino near where I live. And while we did end up going into a more populated area once for some errands, I only saw two, was only able to interact with one, and it ran away after one throw. Needless to say, I didn’t catch an Audino during the Valentine’s Day event.

At this point, my general hope was that, well, it should show up regardless right? It’s been introduced? But I still never saw one. And while a friend was kind enough to hold onto one for me, between the lack of an online trade system and the pandemic hitting, we weren’t going to see each other anytime soon.

In June though, a new Special Research was available– Throwback Challenge 2020 Champion. It cost money to buy, but knowing Audino was part of it and would be guaranteed, I immediately bought it.

Unfortunately, despite my high hopes, I then immediately got stuck on the second Research task requiring me to do 15 Raids and Hatch 15 Eggs. We are well into a pandemic, I already mentioned I can’t even go out that much normally, and the only gym near here nobody participates in.

And while Remote Raids are helpful, there were still a few issues:

  • Schedules and Time Zones – I wasn’t always available when others were to invite me.
  • Bad luck – Sometimes even if I did get invited or caught a raid here, we still didn’t succeed (thus the issue of requiring a win…)
  • Remote Raid Passes in general – You could only get so many “free” ones at a time and they weren’t exactly cheap. As mentioned, I don’t have a super close by gym so I can rarely get coins besides buying them which is something I still think is a huge oversight in the game.

I tried not to get too upset about it– after all, at the time, Pokemon GO still hadn’t announced Mega Evolution was coming so despite my general anxiety, I did my best to stay calm and do the best I could at the moment.

Of course, that changed when over a month ago, we not only got a trailer confirming that yes, Megas are being added, but Mega Audino also got a front and center moment at the start after Mega Charizard and Mega Gengar and before Mega Lucario— all very popular Megas even before it’s fairly prominent part at the ending group shot.

Mega Audino does not get much love. It is one of the few Megas that didn’t even receive a plushie (only getting a Poncho Pikachu one because clearly we needed more Pikachu merch I guess) and even its creation was generally to fit in a place where they needed it, supposedly. It’s honestly a little disappointing as Audino actually had a decent amount of popularity that I thought it would’ve gotten more love with its Mega Evolution, but the fairy love was taken up mainly by Sylveon and Gardevoir while the “cute Mega” slot went to Altaria which had the Contest plot. Mega Evolutions in general have always been a mixed bag for me as I wish they were permanent form changes if anything and heck, some of them could easily be evolutions. Audino is a one stage Pokemon. I would’ve loved to always have a Mega Audino.

Regardless, it was here and even if it still wasn’t permanent (though, I can at least appreciate it out of battle so that’s an improvement. Considering the fact that Mega Evolution is supposed to be triggered partially due to that strong bond, the fact that it can only be activated when in battle is super silly to me), I really wanted to have an Audino to Mega Evolve and thus, I needed to get to work on these tasks.

For eggs, I ended up getting help from friends to help hatch them as I couldn’t personally go out. With that done, it left me with raids.

Thanks to Friends though and way too many Remote Passes, I finally managed to complete Step 2 after over 3 months.

There were still other annoying ones like catching a Dragon Pokemon and Battling another Trainer 15 times, but I did my best to push through the objectives to finally get my Audino.

I named her after the Audino I generally have with me in the main games, essentially thinking of them as the same Audino in my mind. She’s apparently very tiny, but still the best.

And unsurprisingly, I then immediately went and made her my buddy.

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting and doing my best to get her friendship up. So far, I’ve gotten her to Ultra Buddy and gotten three souvenirs from her so far.

I really hope I get her to Best Buddy before Mega Evolution hits. I’d love to also max out her CP, but I’m out of Audino Candy and Rare Candies so I likely will have a better shot at doing that once Audino shows up in raids Mega evolved anyway… And that’s when I hope to use a lot of Remote Passes, assuming I can even get the amount I need.

Part of me really wants to try and get more Poffins, but considering I likely will need to buy a lot of Remote Passes, especially considering the recent changes despite the pandemic still ongoing, I’m just doing my best with what I can. It’s impossible for me to get Audino to Full Excitement each day when I can’t really do everything so I end up getting 4-7 hearts a day depending on things. It’s not the best, but I feel like I’m at least making progress.

I’m not necessarily going to use her super hardcore in battle. Heck, I tend to avoid most of the PVP stuff and I just don’t have strong enough Pokemon for raids, but I’m just happy to have her.

I do hope Niantic changes up limits with Remote Raid Passes though. I never would’ve managed to win 15 Raids without them and this just isn’t really the place where I can find raids. They keep adding higher requirements for things– eggs that take longer to hatch, higher field research tasks, lowering how many gifts your buddy can find, increasing candy amounts and adding new evolution stones for new walls so people won’t be able to get things done right away… And as someone who can’t go out and play every day, it stinks.

A lot of people look at buying coins and getting items as paying to be lazy, but for people who have medical issues that may make it hard for them to play often and do everything, it often feels more like pay to win or more specifically, pay to progress.

My husband stopped playing a long time ago due to inventory and storage issues. We can’t get coins easily so he can’t upgrade his inventory or Pokemon Storage (which… the lack of free upgrade as they keep adding special variants too is an issue in itself… Not to mention more and more types of items) without paying for them. His inventory is full, his storage is full, and most of his inventory is just hoarded Pokeballs because, again, no Pokestop in range so we really can only stock up when we’re out.

I rarely have been able to send gifts to all my friends which has always made me sad. The changes for the pandemic actually let me do so and them lowering it back to 2 has set me right back into feeling guilty accepting gifts when I know I can’t send out anymore right now. I have to play a lot more methodically as well due to worrying about running out of Pokeballs with no easy way to restock even though I have tons right now because I’m used to having that issue. So I only focus on catching Pokemon I don’t have primarily with Pokemon I need more candy of secondly. It makes me complete field research slower as well as so many require catching certain Pokemon and with all the space and item issues, I don’t want to risk using up things I have for stuff I don’t need.

I really like the idea of just being able to hang out with these Pokemon and seeing them in a real life environment, but I know Pokemon GO isn’t necessarily a game “for me” as someone who can’t go out particularly often.

But I’m going to keep trying. And I will make this Audino a Mega Audino one day. But Hopefully much sooner than it took me to catch one.

Edit: We did it! As of Halloween 2020, my Audino and I are now best friends in GO too :D

October 1, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 197-200 (The 1.5 Update is here!)

Twitch Collection | Youtube Playlist | ACNH Overview

So, it’s been kind of a whirlwind the past few days with me very focused on cataloging my heart out. It was really important to me to try and get as close to done as possible before the update. That might seem silly, but I find it a lot less stressful if I can just focus on new things and not feeling like I have to catch up on everything else.

So, I went pretty extreme. Besides getting help from friends, I also stopped by many other islands for cataloging.

And even a visit to a poster island. While I have all the Amiibo cards and AC Amiibo, I still have no idea when we’ll manage to unpack them and I just wanted to have it done.

I was too enamored with the horse stable to take a picture actually cataloging. It’s one of the things I actually hoped to do (similar to an area in one of the houses I had in New Leaf), but couldn’t due to lack of room.

I ordered Celeste’s right away and then put hers and Phineas’ posters up:

After the giant feat of cataloging, that left me with just New Year’s Hats and New Year’s Silk Hats left and I was okay with that. I knew those would likely be able to be gotten New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day and I didn’t mind waiting.

Finally, the 29th arrived. I had Labelle so I had to put on another Theatrical outfit.

I have all of her stuff cataloged now in every color so I hoped maybe she would say something different or give something else, but it was just as if I hadn’t cataloged a single thing which was kind of disappointing.

The update hit that evening and I got my Ring-Con… and pretty much nothing else.

To be blunt, there wasn’t anything to do. Nothing new to spend Nook Miles on. Nothing in Nook Shopping. No Pumpkins. No anything. Even those who had Leif had no pumpkins yet despite Leif selling them “all year”. Essentially, the patch was in, but everything was frozen until October 1st which was a bit disheartening.

I didn’t expect much to be around. At most, maybe I could trade in the Nook Miles, get some Pumpkins from Leif, and start checking for new Halloween DIYs as it is close to Halloween… but no.

Thankfully, someone did let me visit their town to get some Pumpkins from Leif.

While I wasn’t surprised that the colors would be random, that didn’t make it less frustrating.

Regardless, I relocated my flowers to near my beach cafe and got all my pumpkins planted.

The 30th at least also brought in some nice new stationery.

And, at the very least, I got some DIYs while visiting friends. And even got to catalog the Halloween clothing. The glory of timezones.

I had a lot of fun especially in Zed’s town. It was really nice visiting.

Unfortunately, doing the math, I need 88 Orange Pumpkins to make everything… And who knows how many of each color pumpkin after to refurbish everything in each color for cataloging purposes.

It’s especially frustrating as all I have is this tiny plot and honestly, I might want to keep one of each color which then takes my 16 to 12 at a time. I don’t know how long they’ll take to grow.

Then we have the whole Candy situation where you can only get one a day [per person per island] when who knows how many you may need at the end. We can’t guarantee that we’ll automatically get what we still need so we could need more than the minimum amount and it’s just kind of stressful. I don’t always have as much time to play as it is.

I think right now my main focus will be trying to get the Villager DIYs ASAP and hoard tons of candy and pumpkins. I don’t mind waiting until Halloween to get the final DIYs, but I wish I had a better idea of just what those are (as I’ve heard conflicting things) and how much candy I’ll need.

I hope to at least get plenty of pumpkins too…

I’ll likely buy each item that shows up in the Nooklings’ Store too even though I still will need to craft it for the completion checkmark just to at least have them cataloged sooner. I just hope everything will go smoothly.

Leo let me have this Pumpkin Tower though and I did my best to find a nice place for it… It’s one of the few items I like and I think it looks kind of interesting here. Not sure if I like it facing forward or not though.

Finally, it’s October 1st which is coincidentally my 200th day of playing! And thus, things finally started happening.

For one, we had a letter from Jack with a portrait of himself.

And then we also had a letter from Nook Inc. about the new items available for Nook Miles.

Meanwhile, I had made a poll on Twitter about wearing a costume in New Horizons and wearing one all October won with 3x more votes so my character’s Halloween costume:

My pumpkins also started growing! But still no idea what colors I managed to get just yet…

I then headed into town and it was really neat seeing how Nook’s Cranny switched from general pumpkins to full on Jack-o-Lanterns and just becoming more Halloween-y as a whole.

I quickly went to buy some Candy and also went through their Pumpkin spiel even though I won’t be buying any right now.

I then stopped by the Resident Services Building to get the new face paint and eye colors.

I don’t actually have any plans to use them, but I just wanted more things to spend my Nook Miles on (MERMAID FENCE WHERE ARE YOU…). If I did use it, it’d probably be for something like this:

A bit too spooky for me though.

Meanwhile, Marina was making a Spooky Scarecrow. My first Halloween DIY from my own town!

And with that, it was time for extreme DIY Stops. I’ve mentioned before that part of the reason I focus down on DIYs first is because they tend to strike a huge hit with the whole “fear of missing out” thing and even though I know a recipe will show up again, I will absolutely get in a cycle of “oh no I missed this and I will never see it pop up again” so I tend to go pretty hardcore and in order to keep some sense of sanity, it’s just best to get it done ASAP. Thank you to everyone who let me stop by!

Now the only DIY recipes I have left are the ones I won’t be able to get until Halloween. Based off calculations, I’ll need at least 12 Candies and 4 Lollipops, but it really depends how it all goes… So the more candy, the better.

And with some lovely pumpkin contributions from Leo, I was able to make all the recipes I can so far. I even ended up placing some around.

I did end up switching the Orange Pumpkin on the Lantern Set to a Yellow one though:

I moved the Orange Pumpkin and also placed a white one.

And my favorite of the new items, the Sweet set which I moved some things around for to place.

I also worked hard to find a nice place for the Pumpkin Lantern as well.

I still need about 40 more Orange Pumpkins to make the Halloween DIYs though. And around just as much for all the recoloring for catalog purposes… But at least I can just focus on the Pumpkin growing and saving Candy for Halloween. It definitely helps make things a bit less stressful for now.

September 26, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 195 (and some days before)

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I mentioned before that I wouldn’t really update until I felt I had something substantial to write. Lucky for us, today had quite a bit of it. Before we get to that though, I want to talk about some things up to this point!

To get it out of the way, the Halloween/Fall/October update video finally came out and if you’ve read my twitter at all, you’d know I’m one of the very few people who isn’t particularly hyped up yet.

I think in general I come off as really negative about the games sometimes, and I will admit that I feel like I’ve found more cons than pros, but the game is really special to me and I know I’m not alone with a lot of my feelings with all this.

As for my general issues with the Halloween Trailer… For starters, it’s hard to be excited for new items when my storage is crying. I have maybe 120 item space left tops and while I don’t expect to fill it up here, I’m still feeling a bit nervous every new event.

But Halloween has always been my least favorite Animal Crossing event and not getting any real information on what the event entails is terrifying to me. I’m not a Halloween person. I get scared incredibly easily and the closest I can get to horror is suspense/mystery types and even then, jump scares (or stealth segments in games) are just too much for me. I’m not only super jumpy, but the fear will retain with me for a long time and it just doesn’t end well. This is also why I have a zombie phobia (which does not help my feelings on the new reactions v-v; I guess they’ll get me closer to the Reaction Nook Miles goal of 42, but I need 5 more total so I’d still need 3 more after this…).

As for how I feel about AC’s events, I do not enjoy being chased under any circumstances, even virtual. Being chased in a game always gives me an unsettled feeling like someone is right behind me. It’s not fun and it kills really any enjoyment I can have. I have absolutely had friends help me out with Halloween events because I just can’t handle them.

And this time, I don’t even know what to expect. We know nothing. I get some people prefer no spoilers, but I need to be able to prepare, especially in this type of game where I already have used up all my island’s space and am at a total loss of what to do anytime something new happens and not knowing what kind of tricks could happen this time (especially after how they were in New Leaf) and just, ugh, I think the only thing I had after watching the trailer was an anxiety attack due to the amount of questions I suddenly had and no answers.

It doesn’t help that everything added isn’t even in the video and there’s a chance there could be something new they’re not even mentioning and just… with a real time game, the last thing I want is tons of secrets.

As thanks for updating though, we’ll be getting a Ring-con, the controller for the Ring Fit Adventure Game, which I guess is cool? But again, not something I really have any room for.

And that issue expands even to my favorite new item from the trailer:

Until we have all side rooms 8×8 at least, I don’t have the slightest clue where I will put that. Maybe I’ll find somewhere eventually, but right now, I don’t have the slightest clue.

And of course, the biggest issue and the thing I really hoped was scrapped entirely: Farming. I’ve gone into my issues with farming in games before and the general crops and watering and harvesting being my least favorite parts of Harvest Moon games (the irony isn’t lost on me), but just like crafting, it feels way too convoluted to me to be part of this game. They’re just trying to pack too much into it and at the same time, the game itself feels almost empty– it just doesn’t have as much heart to me this time around.

I do have one small area I can probably repurpose for the Pumpkins– the little soil plot right near my crafting-patio after in front of my house, but whether that’ll be enough to really manage to grow a bunch of recipes or not… Even though they grow year around, I feel like it’ll be a slow process.

Regardless, the update comes out in about 66 hours time so I just need to hope for the best.

Moving on, another as close to full as I can get K.K. Slider concert.

I haven’t seen there ever be more than four villagers at one outside the mandatory “yay we made our town popular enough” concert.

Flurry and Mira had a fight so Mira gave me a gift to give to Flurry. I managed to catch her before she went to sleep.

Flurry gave me her pajamas in return… but I couldn’t let her go to sleep in a Figure Skating dress so I gave them back to her. Please sleep comfortably, Flurry.

For the most part, I’ve had conflicted feelings with plants on the beach (and really only ended up with some as so many people held pink flowers for me and not only would I feel bad not keeping them, it was also good to have extras incase of any problems and sadly, it wasn’t possible to store any this time around), but something about how these looked I felt was kind of cute and Ocean-y so I put them near Seashell Rock.

Meanwhile, Merengue and Maple had also gotten into a fight. Merengue ended up getting Maple a Bottled Ship which was nice.

I don’t have anything in particular to say about this next picture… I just kind of liked it.

But finally, the main event of this post and to also tie in the days before, we had two special events today… Teddy’s Birthday and the final Bug-off of the year.

Villagers were definitely more nostalgic about the Bug-off than I expected.

I then made it over to Teddy’s for his birthday! I was actually really surprised to see Peanut celebrating with him. I didn’t realize they became such good friends already.

The big focus otherwise lately though has just been Cataloging. I’m officially down to only clothing left and thanks to Leo, Sami, and Madison, I have less than 1,000 clothing items left to go.

I’ve mentioned before that cataloging this time around is really exhausting, especially Able Sisters, but it’s been really nice being so close (even if it’ll go back up once the update has hit) and I’ve been doing my best to do my part too.

My next entry will likely either be the evening of the 29th or October 1st depending on how much is available as soon as the update goes out. Maybe even both if there’s enough, but I don’t expect another update until maybe mid-October at the earliest and/or Halloween at the latest. For now, I’m just going to hope I get Leif on Tuesday so that I’ll be able to get Pumpkins as soon as the update goes up @-@

September 13, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Days 154-182 and Pin-pointing the Problem

Twitch Collection | Youtube Playlist | ACNH Overview

A quick summary (as not all will be listed below)

  • Day 154 – Labelle was back with a new fashion challenge– Vacation theme again. I got a pair of shorts from her this time.
  • Day 156 – Regular Gulliver was here again! I only need to help him (or Pirate Gullivarrr) one more time for the Nook Miles thing, but regular Gulliver so many more for some of his clothing…
  • Day 157 – Did a lot of cataloging.
  • Day 158 – The Bug-off happened. Just one stamp left to go…
  • Day 160 – Due to Saturday and Sunday being busy, K.K. ended up performing today. I also finally got Flurry’s photo! Just Maple and Peanut to go…
  • Day 162 – Buzz is camping here today.
  • Day 167 – Labelle is back again. She wants a Party theme this time.
  • Day 170 – It’s officially September 1st, but… I already finished things I needed to catch thanks to Southern Hemisphere friends. There are nice new decorations though for the Nookling shop.
  • Day 171 – Our newest camper: Alli. Celeste was also here plus Gulliver which let me finally finish the Nook Miles achievement…. I’ll still have to bother with normal Gulliver until I catalog all his clothing, but at least I can put my diving suit away now.
  • Day 172 – I got Peanut’s Photo! I’m surprised I somehow got it before Maple’s though.
  • Day 174 – I got Maple’s Photo! Now I finally have everyone’s :D Still can’t decide what to do with the photos of villagers who moved out though… Unfortunately, I ended up missing K.K.’s Concert*
  • Day 176 – The Moon Rug is out!! And thus, my rugs are completed once more.
  • Day 177 – I got to catalog at Leo’s. Mira also tried to do the treasure hunt last week and again this week, but I still have no where for them to bury anything and I keep forgetting to remove something before talking to them…
  • Day 178 – I catalogged at Sami’s today. Thanks to her and Leo, I’m at under 1,500 Clothing items left @-@ Every small step really helps.
  • Day 181 – I managed to see K.K. Slider today at least. It’s nice when there’s a good amount of villagers there.

I had wanted to wait until something particularly big happened, but now I barely have reasons to check each day and I’m unfortunately finding myself even more conflicted with the game. Before we get into that, some screenshots from the last few weeks:

My outfits for Labelle:

I did some small adjustments to the bathroom.

The real highlight over these last couple of weeks is I managed to get the rest of my Villager photos.

I am kind of confused how I got Peanut’s before Maple’s though.

I had some really nice mail from villagers too.

I do wish I had an off-shore storage for mail :/ I actually need to try and go through my saved mail as I somehow hit the max in storage, but I like to try and keep one of each stationery plus special mail (like from Mom) and I don’t know what I’m going to do now.

As mentioned above, I had nothing to really do for September, but I loved some of the Fall changes and the weeds are nice.

And our K.K. Slider groups…

And thanks to Leo, I got the Winter outfit I’ve wanted for so long.

Finally, I just wanted to share this nice picture with Flurry.

While Cherryblossom season is my favorite in the game, I do wish I could also have these clouds.

Regardless, this has unfortunately been how I feel playing ACNH lately:

It took me a long time to even put this entry together, despite not much happening, and a lot of that is a combination of when I missed K.K.’s concert and getting the last villager photo I needed. I don’t really have much of a reason to check in beyond hoping for specific villagers for certain Nook Miles things… And that’s when it kind of super dawned on me: The lack of control.

It’s so weird that a game that tried to give us so much freedom in terraforming has felt the most restrictive for me. I think it’s partially due to missing so many pre-existing items and never knowing when it’ll come but like… even the game’s achievement system. Cataloging is so much more convoluted now, for example.

But also just… everything with Nook Miles. While some are the same as they were for the medals in New Leaf, many become much more complicated with tool durability. I struggled a lot with the catching lots of bugs and fish. What got me through were days where I felt especially motivated and just kind of zoned out into doing them.

But I can’t do that in this game because eventually, my tool will break and I’ll have to either buy another or make another and maybe gather things for more… And like, even if I buy a whole round of tools, they still may break before I wanted to be done. It’s an exhausting cycle and completely ruins any kind of relaxing feeling I would have.

And like with K.K., normally I could just… go to concerts all night and visit friends after or vice versa and we could have enough concerts within like… a few weeks… but here, I would need to see every concert in about 2 years. I can barely find much of a reason to play daily right now, let alone for more than a year.

This even carries over a bit to other NPCs where you need to see several of them 20 times at least (you still need Gulliver 30 times for the golden shovel) to finish their Nook Miles thing. Gracie and Katrina were the only ones you still really needed to randomly wait for in order to finish something in the game, but Gracie only needed to be seen four times if you succeeded each time and Katrina needed 20 fortunes which is a lot, but counted your friends and other villagers and again, just… let you do more than just wait and hope. Not to mention actually knowing where to find them and villagers telling you much sooner if they’re around. Wisp is honestly my lowest because I don’t play often after 7PM and I can’t always manage to find him anyway. There’s also no guarantee he’s even showing up that day or any way to figure it out.

It’s like everything I want to do is forced into the mold of what they expect and slowly cranked out in the speed they want… A game that I felt relaxed playing and working towards goals suddenly feels heavy and overwhelming. I think this time completing my catalog will truly be my last goal for the game and that genuinely breaks my heart.

I don’t want to say this will be the last ACNH entry, but I do think it may be a long while before I really have anything more to say sadly.

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