Other Places to Find Me

So, if you’d like to find me on other websites (whether it’d be to send me a friend request or wanting to contact me), below is a list of where! As a note, I will mostly only list sites I am somewhat active on and/or are related to gaming/things you’ll find on this website. Websites that I don’t really go on anymore will not be listed here.

Social Platforms and things

  • Youtube – Every gameplay video I do goes up on Youtube, including most past Twitch streams (Ones that haven’t are usually due to not having time to edit it all down, but will come eventually OR Twitch just refuses to upload them to Youtube). You can also watch the most recent videos right here on the site.
  • Twitch – If you prefer watching things live, I do streams on Twitch every so often and converse with the chat. I don’t have a set schedule, but you can always set it to be notified when I do go live! A message also goes out on Twitter when I do as well. If you miss a stream, be sure to check out my Youtube channel or the highlights–I try to keep most of them! You can also watch a stream and chat right on the website as well.
  • Facebook – A facebook page for this site! I try to respond to all comments there and occasionally will post updates just to Facebook.
  • Twitter – If you want a place for more casual opinions, this is where to go. Anything I feel like isn’t worth writing about (in the sense that I can sum it up in a tweet), I’ll usually put it there.
  • Tumblr – While it mostly is for entries that have been written here, I also answer questions there and occasionally put some posts only there for web browser related games. I also have tumblrs for Animal Crossing, Disney Magical World, and PSO2. Similarly, for most web-based games, I will sometimes make a Tumblr such as Poptropica.
  • Hitbox – I’ll be honest, I rarely use Hitbox, but it’s a way you can show your support even if I don’t really stream there.

Gaming Site Profiles

  • Steam – You can check out games I’ve played and even request some you may want to see streamed or videos of! I’ll also play/stream/record any game gifted to me as long as it isn’t a horror game and/or isn’t inappropriate.
  • Miiverse – Miiverse is sadly closed now, but this now links to an archive of my profile!
  • Pokemon Trainer Club – I also play on Pokemon’s main website pretty often earning stamps and playing the minigames for coins. I occasionally play the TCG Online as well!
  • Star Citizen – In general, I enjoy MMOs. I’ll try pretty much any of them, but my favorite thing is really exploring and collecting. I don’t like dailies and raids and grinding and so when my husband got hooked on a currently in progress space MMO, he brought me along too :P As the game will be rather open and let you do your own thing (which means, yes, I can solely explore and collect if I want to), that managed to get my attention pretty quickly. If you’re interested in the game, using this link to register (or the code STAR-GNDP-P92H when registering) will get you 5,000 UEC (in-game currency) to use for decorative items or even save for the future!
  • LBP.me – I love taking pictures in LittleBigPlanet and this is a good place to see all of them.
  • ChibiDoll – I’ve been part of this site for so long and still check in every now and then. It’s a cute web dress-up game with puzzles!


  • Zero Reviews – My husband’s website! I occasionally write reviews and articles over here. While I do put them here as well, it still could be fun to check them out where they were originall written too!

Places no longer open
  • Pokemon Global Link (X/Y) – My Global Link Profile for Pokemon X :) Mostly full of photos and fun stuff in the log.
  • Pokemon Global Link (ORAS) – And this is for my Global Link Profile of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire! Pretty much the same as the above.
  • Modnation Racers – I don’t really play it anymore, but you can see some of the cool stuff I made when I did. And well, things my husband made too–you can blame all the Deadpool stuff on him.
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