Disney Dreamlight Valley

This is the summary page for my Disney Dreamlight Valley playthrough! All posts in relation to my playthrough can be found under the DDLV Playthrough tag. You can also check out any videos I may make for the game over on Youtube!

Name: Jennifer
Story Progress: Done for now.
Biomes unlocked: 8: Plaza, Peaceful Meadows, Dazzle Beach, Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, Forgotten Land
Collection Status:

  • Memories: 79/139
  • Characters: 29/29 (All maxed at 10)
  • Crafting: 285/285
  • Critters: 41/41
  • Fish: 31/31
  • Foraging: 60/60
  • Ingredients: 48/48
  • Meals: 190/190
  • Gems: 24/24
  • Clothing Sets: 888/965
  • Furniture Sets: 1181/1630
  • Motifs: 322/322 (This count is outdated)

Memory Notes:
Progression: 1 left (1 Dreamlight Valley)
Digging: 0/4
Gardening: 0/11
Fishing: 0/9
Cooking: 2/10
Night Thorns: 0/10
Watering Flowers: 10/10
Feeding Critters: 0/10
Mining: 0/6

My Outfits

Needed Critters:
All gotten!

My House

Coming soon!

My Valley

Coming soon!

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