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Hi! If you clicked this page, you obviously want to know a little bit about me so to start, my name is Jennifer. I’ve been playing games since I was 2-3 years old (so over 20 years now!) starting with a SNES. My first games were Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Zombies ate my Neighbors, and Las Vegas Stakes. Besides my love of gaming, I also have many other hobbies–such as web design, traveling, baking, collecting (Pokemon Cards, Plushies, Beanie Babies, Bottles of Sand, Seashells, Rocks, and Dolls are just some of many things), playing the Piano, and writing.

I’ve always had a lot of opinions and when my husband started up his website, I found myself having a lot of fun writing up my feelings about various games. Similarly, I had been debating on making a site for my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf due to the fact that I had decided to fully plan it out because of the new Public Work Projects and after writing an anticipation article for the game and continued planning out ideas, I was quite happy I went through with it. That is also why I did a similar site for Disney Magical World due to the fact that I heard it has a lot to collect. However, not all sites have many things to fill full pages like that for and I also wanted to have everything in one place… I hadn’t been using my domain much after a huge site crash and felt it was the perfect place for the job–thus, Crystal Dreams was reborn as a site for me to talk about all my hobbies. While gaming tends to take up most of it, I hope my other hobbies will eventually get a bit of spotlight too.

I think more people need a chance to do what they love in life and this manages to mix everything I love into one so I hope it can turn into more than just a simple site in the future and I want to thank everyone who has helped get this site off its feet. <3

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