Cats vs Pickles & other Versus World DISO List

The table below is a list of all the Cats vs Pickles I own plus ones I hope to own some day! This will also include Dogs vs Squirls (Squirrels) and anything else in the “Versus World” as they’re from the same company :) Please keep in mind, I have no interest in collecting them all so I only list ones I personally hope to get! You can find any unboxings and other videos I do for CvP and the Versus World over here.

My Current Collection

Please keep in mind that nothing listed is for sale/trade.

Cats vs Pickles I currently own:

  • Beans: 97 (93 if not counting variants/customs): Mew-sical Meow, Key West Cat, Majicat, Finnley, Kitty Cake, Frosted Flo, Mer-Kitty, Water Meow-Lon, Ed, Snowcat, Pawberry Shortcake, Tiara, Tiny Dancer, Groovy Gill, Bubbles, Missy, Prancer, Pup cat (Light mouth, Mermaid tail), Pawberry Twist, Peaches, Sandy, Jelly Bean, Scoops, Princess Pretty Paws, Felicia, Mr. Waddles, Twinkle Starlight, Cocoa, Neopolicat, Rosie, Lacey, Bandit, Sugar Cookie (dark turquoise embroidery), Homer, Ruck, Cozzy Kitty, Happy, Gumbo (Big Antennae), Elements, Snowball, Biscuit, Boba, Adam, Primrose, Fur-osty (Pink nose), Good Buoy, Willy, Cosmos, Shelly, Douglas, Twinkle Kitty, Stubbie, Be Mine Kitty, Pixie Kitty, Pajamas, Pup Cat (Dark mouth, Seal tail), Catzilla (Dark green spikes), Mr. Argyle, Patches, Cat-ulator, Gumbo (Thin Antennae), Loopy, Kissy (Customized Missy), Angeli-cat, Snocone, Lemon Squeezy, Rainbow Meow, S’mores, Turtle, Posie, Pom-paws x2, Short Stack, Nurse Kitty, Gamer Kitty, Pawberry Purr-fait, Lil Stinker, Fromage, Zippy, Cat-edral, Mr. Scribbles, Pea, Cannoli Cat, Amazonia, Chip n Dip, SPF 100, Loaf, Kopy Kat, Georgie, Rorsh-Cat, Clawed Monet, Sparkle, Gulp, Joe, Lamp Shade, Triggy Kitty
  • Chonks: 5: Cat-mouflage, Pawberry Purr-fait, Cannoli Cat, Leo-purred, Cozzi Kitty
  • Jumbos: Puffy Paw-stry
  • Huggers: 4: Starla, Eclair, Candi Nana, Triple Scoop
  • Figures: 9: Mew-sical Meow, Kitty Cake, Be Mine Kitty, Angeli-Cat, Snowcat, Majicat, Sprinkles, Neopolicat, Sandy
  • Kittens vs Gherkins: 26: Lil Euni, Lil Joey, Lil Trudy, Lil Frances, Lil Sour Menace, Lil Cuke, Lil Mint Chippie, Lil Pawberry, Lil Melly, Lil Stripes, Lil Kitten Cake, Lil Sno Cone, Lil Sprinks, Lil Aloha, Lil Mer-Kitten, Lil Rainbow Meow, Lil Maji-kitten, Lil Eggs n Bacon, Lil Splat, Lil Prism, Lil Felicia, Lil Squeezy, Lil Catulator, Lil Waffles, Lil Leaf, Lil Slice

Total: 142 (138 if not counting variants/customs)

I have the following preordered or on the way: Ducky, Cat Fish, Spot

Dogs vs Squirrels I currently own:

  • Beans: 15: Chachee, Victoria, Frank, Nibbles, Stella, Alice, Cheezer, Zoey, Brenda, Sandy, Fletcher, Skye, Angus, Luna, Annette

I have the following preordered or on the way: Jasper, Brian

And now, the Want Lists! More information on any, especially those without names, is always welcomed. It’s unknown if any are exclusively Chonks, Jumbos, and/or Huggers. I prefer the original size, but may consider Chonks or Jumbos. I’m not really interested in Huggers unless a design is exclusive to them. If you have any of the below and would consider selling, please contact me with how much you’re looking for.

Quick Priority Key:

  • Wanted – Definite want, likely high priority
  • Interested – It’s very likely a want, but there’s been no confirmation on when or if it even is still releasing so I’m just trying not to get my hopes up
  • Undecided – Pretty much what it says on the tin– I kind of like it, but don’t know if I need it. This usually means I need to see more pictures of it to get a better idea of it and/or I really just want it in a different size and would rather not get that size.
  • Dreams – These likely do not even exist at this point. The chances of finding them are slim to none, but I love them too much to just ignore them.

Cats vs Pickles

PictureNameSeries/Release BatchTypePriority
Santa ClawsReleased during Holiday Wave. Exclusive to Learning Express Stores. JumboWanted
Lil TwinklesLate July 2022BabyWanted
Lil DancerLate July 2022BabyInterested
Lil GumboLate July 2022BabyInterested
Lil HappyLate July 2022BabyInterested
Lil FloLate July 2022BabyWanted
Lil LoopieLate July 2022BabyInterested
Lil FinleyLate July 2022BabyWanted
Lil CosmosLate July 2022BabyWanted
Lil TwinkleLate July 2022BabyWanted
Lil Groovy GillLate July 2022BabyWanted
Lil Sour PussLate July 2022BabyInterested
Lil CherryLate July 2022BabyWanted
Lil StitchLate July 2022BabyInterested
Cat-mouflageGold WaveBeanLow Priority
SpotGold WaveBeanInterested
DuckyGold WaveBeanWanted
Cat FishGold WaveBeanInterested
SparkyGold WaveBeanWanted
CrayonGold WaveBeanInterested
TeddyGold WaveBeanWanted
LunaGold WaveBeanWanted
VistaGold WaveBeanInterested
PinickleGold WaveBeanInterested
SaylorGold WaveBeanWanted
JukeGold WaveBeanWanted
DawnGold WaveBeanInterested
MadelineGold WaveBeanInterested
PinecatGold WaveBeanInterested
Tick TockGold WaveBeanInterested
HammondGold WaveBeanInterested
EmbossGold WaveBeanWanted
GramGramGold WaveBeanWanted
Piggy CatGold WaveBeanWanted
PrimaryGold WaveBeanInterested
SteamerGold WaveBeanWanted
ShadesGold WaveBeanInterested
DoodlesGold WaveBeanInterested
Kitty OtterGold WaveBeanWanted
SallyGold WaveChonkWanted
BetaGold WaveChonkInterested
Pawberry JamGold WaveChonkWanted
MoonshineGold WaveChonkWanted
AmeliaGold WaveChonkInterested
ZapGold WaveChonkInterested
NimbusGold WaveChonkInterested
EdgarGold WaveChonkInterested
WorstedGold WaveChonkWanted
MilkshakeGold WaveChonkWanted
MoonbowGold WaveChonkInterested
VenusGold WaveChonkWanted
Cloud NineGold WaveChonkInterested
LotusGold WaveChonkWanted
AzaeleaGold WaveChonkWanted
CatuccinoGold WaveChonkInterested
DawnGold WaveJumboInterested
Papai NoelHoliday 2022 WaveBeanWanted
Mr. PlowHoliday 2022 WaveBeanInterested
TopperHoliday 2022 WaveBeanWanted
Ol' King CoalHoliday 2022 WaveBeanUndecided
???Unknown Release DateBeanWanted
???Unknown Release DateBeanWanted
???Unknown Release DateJumboInterested
???Unknown Release DateJumboInterested
???Unknown Release DateBeanInterested
???Unknown Release DateBeanInterested
???Unknown Release DateBeanInterested
???Unknown Release DateBeanInterested
???Unknown Release DateBeanInterested
???Unknown Release DateBeanInterested
???Unknown Release DateBeanInterested
???Unknown Release DateBeanInterested
???Unknown Release DateBeanInterested
???Unknown Release DateJumbo?Interested
???Unknown Release DateBeanUndecided
???Unknown Release DateBeanUndecided
???Unknown Release DateHuggerUndecided
???Unknown Release DateHuggerUndecided
Off-colored Pawberry Purr-fait??Prototype accidentally shipped off early that is not for resale-- should eventually properly release. Would prefer regular-size if not Chonk-exclusive.ChonkUndecided
Keyring PicklesBoth Released as Keyrings. interested in Bean versions of them if they ever come.Bean (hopefully one day)Undecided
Raccoon Kitty / Bandit (original)First shown during Toy Fair 2020. While I do love the new version, I'd be lying if I didn't say I loved the original Bandit a little more. Hope to somehow find it one day. BeanDreams
Bubbles (original)First shown during Toy Fair 2020. I love the new Bubbles too, but the old foamy look was cute as well so it'd be nice to have. BeanDreams
Lil Trudy with the Pickle flapShown during initial promo pictures and on the box. BabyDreams

Dogs vs Squirrels

PictureNameSeries/Release BatchTypePriority
HilariaReleasing late July/AugustBeanDebating
HollyReleasing late July/AugustBeanWanted
SunnyReleasing late July/AugustBeanInterested
MiloReleasing late July/AugustBeanDebating
AdellaReleasing late July/AugustBeanWanted
JasperReleasing late July/AugustBeanPending
CelineReleasing late July/AugustBeanDebating
BrianReleasing late July/AugustBeanPending
GertrudeReleasing late July/AugustBeanDebating - Depends on Unitard color