Disney Dreamlight Valley – Dreamlight Parks Fest! (And some stuff before)

So, the Button-related event has officially begun and I’m pretty excited for it due to a combination of cute Popcorn Buckets but also the completionist of me was tired of new things I needed in the crafting menu.

Regardless, while waiting, I still got a few other things done such as finally finding the new Fragments. Learning that whatever is available in someone’s Valley is available to anyone who visits said Valley helped a lot as it meant I could work together with people.

Plus, with the Truck, I finally remembered to take a picture with the cute Doggy in the Fire House. I don’t know if I’ll keep it there (more and more I just wish there a Toontown Biome/area), but oh well.

I finally made myself some proper matching Minnie Ears for my usual dress, though, I don’t know if I’ll be wearing them anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the Premium Shop updated as usual, and I had to get Belle’s house. There was also a new ride, so I picked that up too.

Once again, I really wish I had better places to put things. Belle’s is okay where it is, but I still need to figure out how I really want to set that area up.

The only other thing I did was I was still really just… not satisfied at all with the placement of Daisy’s house. And it hit me that due to the way it’s shaped, it’d be best in a corner, so I moved it next to Scrooge’s while moving the stuff I had there to where I originally had the boutique.

I am a lot happier with this placement, though, I may reorganize the Gazebo area a bit still.

With that said, we’re now officially up to today and start of Dreamlight Parks Fest 2024! The event itself seems to be a successor to the Dreamlight Park Community Challenge we had back in April of last year. Besides the in-game stuff, there are once again Community Challenges: 500 Photos with the Partner statue shared on Social Media, 350K Recycles Placed, 400K Stands Placed, 450K Cupcakes Cooked, and 600K Attractions Ridden.

We also have a new code to go with the event: PARKSFEST24
Essentially, to help with getting that number of items placed. It does count every single one you place so if you place 10 trash cans, that’s 10 towards the 350K counter.

Anyway, talking to Scrooge essentially kicks off the event.

We had to place some decorations and then bake some Stitch Cupcakes. As for the other cupcakes, those were associated with WALL-E, Moana, Ursula, and Mickey who we had to make Spaceship Earth, Princess Aurora Raspberry, Mermaid, and Minnie Cupcakes respectively. I just really want a cupcake now :(

But honestly, I don’t feel that enthusiastic about the event. While the rewards you get through it are nice and ignoring that I’m just not a fan of the Daily Quest system (I’d much rather have one multi-step Quest than having to check in each day for new things… I’ll probably go until they start repeating), the Valley isn’t decorated at all.

It leaves it all on you which, as I previously mentioned, isn’t great because I haven’t felt like I had a proper place to turn an area into a proper theme park. There are never any decorations in the Plaza. The Castle stays the same. There’s no special look for the shops or people’s houses. All we have is tons of items littering our Valley (the irony when we’re filling it with trash cans for a community goal) and while we do have the Vaccuum’s to help with that, it’s also a Quality-of-Life mechanic only for those with the Expansion which sucks for those with just the standard game.

I don’t know, it’s hard to be excited for an event beyond getting the items when it just doesn’t feel particularly festive. I wish there was some kind of standard Event area where things could spawn and be set up, so it actually felt like there was something worth celebrating and a space that felt properly themed to whatever event is going on.

And then it’s like… What will stay? What won’t? The Egg Bushes disappear after Easter (unfortunately), will the Flowers stick around?

This also just feels like all the more reason to have a proper event area.

Going back to the Event iself, thanks to a bunch of friends who knew how much the faded items in Collections were bothering me and lent me their buttons for this, it was time to make some Popcorn Buckets.

I ended up making a kind of Park Snack Area on Park 6 and I think I want to go through that theme for other stuff too. I feel like the backroom will be a movie theater, but not sure on the other two yet. The Buckets are definitely bigger than I expected… And for some reason, the Popcorn Bucket achievement only counted when placing them outside.

I ended up setting my favorites in the homely museum area along with the Maps in the actual Museum area.

As for the Premium Shop this week, I had to get Megara’s dress as she is one of my favorites. Hope we’ll see her in-game soon. I also ended up getting the Wonderland Pack solely for the Fountain, but it was kind of disappointing to say the least…

I also took a picture with the Partner Statue for the Community Challenge.

Finally, as per usual, my latest Dreamsnap entries…