My Fluffy Life – Minigame Code Guide

If you’d like to see me finding the codes because video guides help more, feel free to check out my video finding everything instead or in addition to this written guide!

Recently, secret codes were hidden in the Milky Woods Minigames. They can be redeemed in My Fluffy Life for either Teddy Coins or an item that your Fluffy can wear.

For the most part, I’ll be going in “Hint” order as listed on the hint page, but any codes that can be gotten in the same minigame will be grouped together. If you just want the codes themselves, scroll down to the next section.

“petals that flow with the river” and “picking strawberries” are both found in the Lost in the Woods minigame. From the minigame page, it is the right image in the middle row.

If you’d like to get both in one go, pick to go to the Strawberry Trees first, then click the basket the bunny has to get the code for the Basket. Pick “I am your friend” followed by “yes, I’m trying to get home” or “strawberry trees don’t exist” and the only options following. You will then get to a milk river where you find a random glass of milk– click any of the flowers in the river to get the code for the Flower accessory.

“something angelic” is found in the minigame on the right in the bottom row. Simply click its Halo for the code for the Halo accessory.

“shiny & noisy little thing” is found in the Pick-Cat-Toe minigame which is the left minigame in the bottom row. Click the Cat’s bell on its choker for the code for 2,000 Teddy Coins.

“how many times have you won ?” is found in pillow, cake, milk which is the minigame on the left in the top row. Simply click the “you won # times, I won # times” in the bottom left to pop up the code for the Cake Accessory.

“a sleepy bunny face”, “the end of the rainbow”, and “the moon shines beautifully” are all in the same minigame: fluffy dress up which is the minigame on the left in the middle row. Each code will give you 1,000 Teddy Coins. For sleepy bunny face, click the Bunny (left Fluffy) to dress-up and just.. click their face. For “the end of the rainbow”, click the Bear (right Fluffy) to dress up and click the end of the rainbow at the bottom left side as close to the frame as possible. For “the moon shines beautifully”, click the Cat (middle Fluffy) and then click the Moon in the background– it’s partially hidden by clouds.

“white ribbons are precious” is found in the thinking Minigame— it’s the minigame on the right in the top row. Simply click the White Ribbon the Fluffy is wearing to get the code for the White Ribbon.

Just give me the codes please

  • “petals that flow with the river” – XFHDNF – Flower Accessory
  • “something angelic” – 4VNRUJ – Halo
  • “shiny & noisy little thing” – Y7FNDY – 2,000 Teddy Coins
  • “how many times have you won ?” – 6KTFW9 – Cake Accessory
  • “a sleepy bunny face” – AU4N9G – 1,000 Teddy Coins
  • “white ribbons are precious” – CPZ4T2 – White Ribbon
  • “the end of the rainbow” – LDWFVL – 1,000 Teddy Coins
  • “picking strawberries” – 99MED9 – The Basket
  • “the moon shines beautifully” – 73QUWG – 1,000 Teddy Coins