My Fluffy Life – Gifts from the NPCs

I had brought up the NPCs in my overview earlier this year, but it’s still one of the things I am asked most about.

These are special items you get by befriending and exchanging Pupu mail with the NPCs. The codes are generated per person so you cannot use someone else’s code– you need to earn them yourself.

There are seven NPCs: Muffin, Pupu, Flora, Fay, Bibu, Tuffy, and Nina. Muffin, Pupu, and Flora are the Shop NPCs you start with. Fay opens up her store on the 12th of your first in-game month while Bibu opens his on the 23rd of your first in-game month. Tuffy delivers the mail (so during calendar days marked with stationery, anytime you redeem an item, or if you buy something from the Laptop shop(s)) while Nina shows up whenever it rains to lend you an Umbrella.

Simply click their sprite, like you would anyone else in the game, and add them as a friend. Then it’s up to you to send out that first letter. Keep in mind the following:

1. Do not spam them. Do not keep sending mail. They will ask you to stop. If you do not get a response after 4-5 days, THEN you can send another mail.
2. Be polite! They won’t reply if you’re rude.
3. Write properly. The system works in a semi-automatic state and while Middlepot will double-check letters from time to time, it’s best to just be as concise as possible.

For your first letter, you really just want to be like:

“Hi! I just arrived here. It is nice to meet you. How are you?”


“Hi. How are you doing? Do you need any help with anything?”


“Hello! I would like to be friends. How are you?”

Any combination of these would work. You just are trying to be friendly. As mentioned, the responses can take days (usually within 48 hours, but I give it extra) so be sure to stay patient. I know it can be nerve-wracking wondering if it worked, but sadly, there’s not much you can do about it!

When replying, you essentially want to mirror back. If one of them says “Hello, how are you? I like cookies.”, your response should roughly be “Hi, I am doing okay. How are you doing? I also like cookies!”. Obviously, change it to better fit you, but the main thing is you want to respond to each subject they bring up. You’re essentially having a conversation.

When they ask for your help (maybe for something for inspiration), you can reply with photos and/or stationery that matches their request to help them out.

Below, I mention each letter I’ve gotten from an NPC along with a general gist of what it’s about and what gift it contained, if any. Gift mail will be indiciated in bold. Remember you always need to wait until the next in-game day after putting in a code as they need to be brought by mail. As these are just the letters I’ve gotten or have heard from others, there may be ones missing!

-Subject: “hello there” – Asking how you’re doing and if you’re enjoying the village! Also talking about her hobbies.
-Subject: “kind friend” – Thanking you for being a good friend! Gives you a head accessory.

-Subject: “interests” – Glad you liked the gift as it was handmade. Asks what kinds of things you enjoy doing.
-Subject: “inspiration” – Says how everyone can accomplish their dreams and how she’s currently sewing a dress and thinking of adding flowers. Asks for some inspiration. Send her any photos and/or stationery of Flowers to help!
-Subject: “thank you !” – Thanks you for the inspiration, says she hopes you’ll like it, and she’ll let you know as soon as it’s done. Also reminds you to stay hydrated!
-Subject: “the dress” – Gives you the dress she made! She says how she made it with love and embroidered it with small flowers.

-Subject: “my life” – Asks if you know she’s a beekeeper and says how you should be able to go to Gentle Hills soon.
-Subject: “about bees” – Talks about her bees and how Autumn is a great season to make Jam.
-Subject: “days” – Talks about how things have been moving fast and how she’d like to take a break, but then who would bake the bread?
-Subject: “thank you !” – Thanks you for offering to help and mentions how you’ll be able to help part-time (and be paid back for it) to do so.
-Subject: “tea party” – Talks about organizing a Tea Party and asks about Inviting Flora. Gives you Teddy Coins for Bread and Tea.

-Tutorial mail! One of the first letters you should get. You do not need to reference this one.
-Subject: “hi hi !!” – Asking if you enjoy Pupu mail, how you’re doing, and talking about her love of stationery.
-Subject: “cute friend” – Thanking you for being friends and being so nice! Gives you a gift– a Pink Ribbon.

-Subject: “<3" - Glad you liked the gift, asks if you also like stationery like her. -Subject: “heartfully” – Since you also like stationery, she gifts you 100 of one of the Heart-shaped frame stationery.
-Subject: “a cute dress” – Asks if you like dressing up and for some pink things for inspiration.
-Subject: “princessy” – She finishes the Pink Dress (“The Fluffy Pink Cute Princess Dress”) she was working on and gives it to you!

-Subject: “extra” – She’s really happy you like the dress and gives you a matching headband to go with it too.

-Subject: “stuffies” – Talks about the cute stuffies at the fair and how she’d love to teach you how to sew.
-Subject: “sewing” – Talks about how there will be a doll-making workshop opened in Winter.
-Subject: “about me” – Talks about various things she likes

-Subject: “hello !” – Asking how you are and saying she’s there if you need any help with your new home. Also talking about her hobbies!
-Subject: “kind friend” – Thanking you for your friendliness and being a good friend. Gives you a gift– some cute ribbons.

-Subject: “fashionable” – Is glad you liked the gift. Asks how you feel about fashion and what your favorite style is.
-Subject: “frills” – Is glad to find someone else who likes fashion. Asks if you like frilly accessories as she’s sewing one now.
-Subject: “lacey” – Is happy for your friendship and gifts you a lace collar

-Subject: “soft dress” – She finished her dress and gifts it to you!

-Subject: “kinds of tea” – Talks about trying different types of tea and asks if you have any to recommend.
-Subject: “tea party” – Thanks you for inviting her to the Tea Party that Muffy mentioned and gives you teddy coins to buy more tea party supplies.

-Subject: “///” – Asking if you’re also new here and talking about how much she loves nature.
-Subject: “about me” – Talks about being happy she moved in and how Bibu moved in not long after.
-Subject: “plant friend” – Thanks you for being so nice and gives you a hat she made!

-Subject: “fairy” – Thanks you for liking her gift! Says how she wishes she could be a fairy.
-Subject: “inspiration” – Asks you for Fairy Wings to help inspire her. Taking pictures of any Insect’s wings (Like a Butterfly) helps here along with any stationery.
-Subject: “magical” – Thanks you for the inspiration! Gives you two gifts! One for a Dress and one for the Fairy Wings.

-Subject: “hi !!” – Talks about how she loves jumping in the leaves in Autumn.
-Subject: “about food” – Asks what your favorite food is.

-Subject: “hi hello” – Introducing himself and talking about his likes.
-Subject: “about me” – Talking more about himself and asking if you like cozy clothes.
-Subject: “cozy friend” – Happy that we can be friends. Gives you a Brown Scarf he made!

-Subject: “new gift” – Says he thinks you’re really nice and is happy to make a new friend. Gives you a Ribbon.

-Subject: “inspiration” – He is happy you like the clothes he makes and his cookies. Asks what brown things you like.
-Subject: “cozy clothes” – Thanks you for the inspiration and gives you a cute outfit.

-Subject – “hello” – Asks how you are and that he baked some fresh cookies he wanted to share with you.
-Subject – “hi” – Asks how you are and that he baked some fresh cookies he wanted to share with you.
-Subject – “creamy” – Says he found some cream fabric and it made him think of you, so he makes and gives you a collar.

-Subject: “hello !” – Asking if you’re new here and need any help, introduces themselves as the Postfluffy.
-Subject: “about me” – Talks about enjoying the Village and his work! Also Lasagna.
-Subject: “caring friend” – Happy to be friends! Saw you had a bruise, so gifts you a Bandaid.

-Subject: “small bottle” – He found a small bottle on his way home and thought it’d look nice so he made it into a necklace to gift to you. The Bottle Necklace is very cute.

-Subject: “organizing” – He asks if you need help cleaning and tidying your home as he likes to organize things when taking a break from work.
-Subject: “comfort” – He asks if you have comfortable clothes and gives you some Overalls.

-Subject: “hello” – Asking how you are, talks about liking to collect things, and asks how you’re doing after just moving in.
-Subject: “rain friend” – Thanks you for being nice and also being an umbrella appreciator. Gives you a Ribbon.

-Subject: “cute cozy” – Happy you liked the gift. Asks if you enjoy cozy fashion.
-Subject: “little witch” – Says how she’s tired from preparing things for the Halloween fair. She wanted to help so she made the costumes and will be a Witch. Asks how you’ve been.
-Subject: “inspiration” – Asks for inspiration for Lace Collars. Send pictures of things with lace or stationery of lace to help!
-Subject: “cozy dress !” – She gives you the dress she was working on and thanks you for being her friend and for the help.

-Subject: “beret” – Is happy you liked the dress and gives you a Beret as she was making one for Tuffy and decided to make you one too!

-Subject: “rainy days” – Says how Rainy Days are so important to her and why.
-Subject: “umbrellas” – Talks about how her Umbrellas are magical.

If you got a letter that isn’t here, feel free to let me know what the subject is and some information about it, along with what letter you got it after :) Hopefully this will help people keep track of which letters they got.

What about “puf” you may ask? Puf is essentially Middlepot’s fluffy and kind of the Mascot in some ways. If you get a global message from Puf, definitely respond, but don’t expect a similar exchange like the NPCs.

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