My Fluffy Life: An Overview, some small notes, and a few tips

My Fluffy Life released several months ago now, but I often see a lot of the same questions popping up. So, I figured I’d give a little summary of information while also hopefully giving some helpful answers too. My Fluffy Life is very cute and overall, very simplistic, but there’s a lot beneath the surface and it’s so easy to miss out on things due to that.

The game can be played across multiple services, using an account system so you can log in through Steam, a Mobile device, and eventually even in Browser. That said, if you have it on a Mobile Device or Steam, you will need to buy it again.

If I had to describe the game simply, think old Virtual World meets Scrapbooking. While there are other players around you, you can’t actually interact with them nor are they necessarily there in real time. The main way you can communicate to other players is through the Bulletin Board and through Letters. Regardless, I’m getting a little ahead of myself so let’s start from the beginning.

My Fluffy Life starts with letting you make a cute little plush character. You’ve just moved into Cotton-Floof. You get a house, you meet some new shopkeepers, and each day you can roam around and click things to build up Happiness. The various things you can click in the scenery can give you 1, 2, or 3 points depending on how happy it may make your MFL character. Generally, the less often you may see something, the more points it gives, but I have had some things give me different points. You can also earn extra points by interacting with a plant in your window once you’ve bought one before going out and if it’s raining, you will get extra points if you rent an umbrella from Nina. That said, you use up energy every time you click something– if you run out of energy, you can either eat food or go to sleep until the next day. Happiness can also be earned by playing minigames (both actual minigames and ones where you fill orders). Every 20 Happiness can turn into 1 Teddy Coin, the main currency in the game.

Happiness can be turned into Teddy Coins by clicking the Computer and hitting the arrow below your Happiness and Teddy Coin amounts. It’ll automatically turn all possible Happiness into Teddy Coins. That said, with Happiness recently becoming a currency on its own, I hope eventually it may be a manual option. There is currently one limited store that exclusively uses Happiness for the items and it seems this may happen again in the future so I’d personally recommend spending the Happiness you want before turning it into Teddy Coins as it doesn’t seem that Teddy Coin items will be going away at this time. Even new items that were added to the usual stores for the Holidays stuck around.

There have been limited currencies for Halloween (Tickets) and Valentine’s Day (Love) as well. This will likely continue for future events, but I kind of hope there will still be a Teddy Coin option (or even the option to exchange Teddy Coins for an event currency).

The Stores and NPCs

You initially only start with 3 Stores. The first is Muffin’s store, Baked with Love, sells baked goods. Eating them will let you recover energy if you would like to keep clicking around for Happiness over playing a minigame. That said, the game works on its own time– you can play through as many days as you would like each day. The main reason for keeping the day the same is if you have a lot of good bonuses (IE: It’s raining and there’s 3 happiness per click spots) or maybe want to make sure you buy some things that need to be delivered tomorrow before, well, going to tomorrow. Everything else can be done even if you have no energy. Energy will also go down over time, though, slower than if you’re clicking for Happiness.

Second is Pupu’s store, Pupu Stationery, where you can buy stationery for using in your letters and Scrap Book. Even if you are not much of a writer or scrapbooker, you’ll likely want to consider some of Pupu’s items for some of the NPC Quests (which I’ll talk about later).

The last store, which will have two spots before it for the other shops you can unlock, is Flora’s shop: Delicate Breeze. This is the furniture store. Besides furniture, you can also buy Tea to recover energy as well. Essentially, this store is also where you can decorate your Fluffy’s home. After buying an item, it’ll generally be equipped automatically so if you want to switch to something else, you need to click it again so there will be a pink border around it.

At the moment, your house can contain: 1 Fireplace, 1 Bed, 1 set of Lights, 1 Desk and Chair set, 1 Table and Chair set, 1 Window, 1 Back Wallpaper, 1 side wall color, 1 Door, 1 rug, 1 set of Curtains, and 1 Plant. You can mix and match among any of those selections, but only one pick one of each “type”. The Plants are not sold by Flora. And don’t worry, you do have some starter furniture initially.

As for the stores you can unlock… On the 12th day, you will unlock Fay’s shop, Fairy Gardening. She sells the Plants that you can have in your house. As mentioned above, you can only have one plant on Display at a time. Interacting with the Plant before going out each day (So if you sleep, you do need to interact with it again) will give you bonus happiness when clicking.

On the 23rd day, you’ll unlock Bibu’s shop, Warm Hug. He sells Clothing plus Cookies you can eat for energy.

There are also two other NPCs– Tuffy and Nina who are siblings. Tuffy will deliver your mail. If you buy anything from the stores on the computer or use a code you got from a friend or NPC, he’ll deliver the items the next day. He’ll also deliver the stationery that is marked on the calendar.

Nina shows up whenever it’s raining, and you can rent an umbrella from her. You do need to rent the umbrella every time it rains (after all, you are just renting it! Don’t worry, it automatically returns itself), but it does give you bonus points if you have one. The Rain itself does not– it’s just the rented umbrella.

Besides the NPC stores, there’s also stores you can access through the Computer in your Fluffy’s house. Stuffie Self essentially allows you to buy things to change your Stuffie’s physical appearance. Maybe you’d rather be a cat or bunny or puppy instead or want a different expression– simply buy a Sewing Kit and whichever option you want and then use them from your inventory after they’re delivered.

Rollcake Store is another clothing store and your primary option before Bibu opens up Warm Hug about 3 weeks later in-game. Of course, you can still get items from the NPCs during this time.

The final store right now is the Happy Baby Store, a limited time clothing store, where all the items cost Happiness instead of Teddy Coins. It hasn’t been said when this store will leave, nor do I know how often another store will show up, but at the time of writing this (the last day of February), it’s still here!

Finally, I want to note that not every food item gives the same energy so don’t just buy any food item you want. Bibu’s cookies cost 50 Teddy Coins, but actually only give 10 Energy. Meanwhile, Flora’s Tea costs 20 Teddy Coins and lets you recover 20 Energy. All of Muffin’s food also have the 1:1 rate that Flora’s Tea has so I’d purchase from her or Flora depending on how much energy you’d like to recover.

Quests and Codes

As I mentioned earlier… There are NPC Quests, but not the way you’d usually expect to get them. To get these, you need to add each of the NPCs to your friend’s list– Muffin, Pupu, Flora, Fay, Bibu, Tuffy, and Nina… and then send them a letter. Tell them Hi, introduce yourself, you don’t have to be super overly personal– just friendly. That said, do not spam them— they will not be happy with that. A response can take a couple of days. The process is not fully automatic yet, but when you do get a response, they may ask you some questions or for your help with something or for… inspiration like, “I want to see some pink things” or “I would like to see things with wings” or “I want to see some flowers”– while some stuff you can just write an answer to, most of the requests require you to either add in a picture you took and/or use some of the stationery you bought from Pupu. Keep in mind that each photo you take costs 10 Teddy Coins.

There are only so quests right now, but as you complete them and become closer friends, they will also give you codes for special items. These codes can be redeemed through the Teddy Bank on the computer. You cannot get these items any other way. My usual outfit is actually made up of gifts from the NPCs. They’ve honestly given me some of my favorite items in the game.

I try to still write every so often in case there’s anything new. Sometimes they’ll even give you some sneak peaks on what’s to come as well.

Besides getting codes from NPCs though, you can also get them from other players or make some yourself. Essentially, if you click the little heart in the bottom right corner of your inventory (the little bag under the camera), you can pick an amount to “donate” which will give you a code that someone can then redeem to get access to those items. You can also gift Teddy Coins by clicking the heart under the amount in the Teddy Bank.

Here are some codes I’ve put together as an example– some are stationery, but some are Teddy Coins! If you use one, please be sure to comment and say which you used.


All 5 have now been taken!!

You can often find people sharing stuff on the Bulletin Board :) If you take one from there, don’t forget to send a message saying Thank you.

Events, Seasons, and Stuffies

At this point in time, My Fluffy Life has had three events: Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day– the latter of which is happening right now, but is supposed to end tomorrow.

Halloween was the very first event. It brought Fall along with it and also unlocked the way to Gentle Hills which you could get to by clicking the path to the left of the sign. The event was more or less entirely held there, but you could get candy from all the NPCs once per in-game day the first time you clicked them each day. There was also a present in Gentle Hills that you could click to get a Dress and a Candle.

The main part of the event required you to play minigames to earn Tickets. There were 3 games: Angel Bunny which was essentially like Flappy Bird, the Pumpkin Patch which required you to pick all the Pumpkins that weren’t bruised, and Baby Teddy where you had to watch Baby Teddy and click them everytime they showed up so they wouldn’t jump-scare you gently.

Tickets were generated based off which game and how long you managed to last. There were 7 Outfits, 5 Accessories, and 4 Stuffies.

There was also a Gachapon Machine you could use for 1 Teddy Coin which would either give you one of 9 exclusive Stationery or Candy which you could eat for energy.

The Candy unfortunately didn’t stick around, but the stationery did… Though, of course, as one gets used each time you use them, you can eventually run out.

When Halloween left, the Fall season stuck around keeping the Pumpkin Picking game, but also bringing in an Apple Picking game and letting you harvest Honey and make Jars of Honey and Jams to fill orders for more Teddy Coins. There was also a fundraising thing set up for raising funds to get sweaters for the Christmas Event.

The Christmas Event brought in Winter and several new things. It also took place in Gentle Hills. The main part of the Christmas Event that is no longer around is the big Tree where you could write wishes and put gifts for others to grab (you could grab one an in-game day).

Like Halloween, there was also a gachapon with 9 stationery items.

There was also a giftbox with a Santa Hat you were given when clicking it. Everything else introduced in the event stuck around after Christmas left. Due to the fundraiser being successful, you were able to get one Sweater a Day (in-game) for free clicking the box. There were 9 total to get– which one you got each day was random.

A Stuffie Workshop was set up for you to fill orders for requested Stuffies. For every 50 orders you filled, you could then pick one you made to take back with you. I made… a lot.

There was also a Cookie Making workshop to earn teddy coins. You got a free apron the first time you helped out.

As mentioned, the free sweaters and both workshops are all still around, but I’m guessing they will leave when Winter ends. One new minigame was also added after Christmas ended– a sledding minigame to help earn more happiness.

Finally, Valentine’s Day added a booth in Gentle Hills where you could make Valentine’s for friends and buy special stationery (there are 9 different ones). Depending on which type of chocolate you attach to the gift will determine how much Love the person receives to spend on items. The Chocolate Lollipops gave 100 Love, the Chocolate Strawberries gave 500 Love, and the box of Chocolates gave 1,000 Love.

You could then spend the Love on up to 12 exclusive items. You need 8,000 Love to buy one of everything. You could send friends as many Valentine’s as you like though so if you wanted to send the same person like… 20 Valentine’s, the only thing that can stop you is if you run out of Teddy Coins.

And that sums up the events so far!

So, Stuffies. As mentioned, you could get 4 from the Halloween Event. Besides those, there’s obviously the Stuffie Workshop ones which have a lot of combinations– you have 3 types to choose from, 5 colors for each (their default + 4 patterns), 4 bows to choose from, and 3 outfits. Even the face is optional.

Finally, there’s Shy Bunny Plushies— these are gotten by actually making your own custom one from the store and ordering it. You will then receive a code you can put in on the website to get your Stuffie in the game along with 2 infinite stationery items of your Stuffie. There are currently 11 different species you can pick from and regardless of what kind you get (IE: A full plushie, a pin, a keychain, etc.), it’ll be a full regular Stuffie in-game. Besides the species, you can pick one of three arm positions and various accessory options. I hope to get one of each one day.

Closing Thoughts and other tidbits

I feel like I covered a lot of the general gist of everything and summed stuff up, so just some kind of final things. For one, you do get a cute profile page. You can also change your Fluffy’s name here at any time.

The Scrap Book seems to have infinite pages. I usually use it to make notes on what items seem to give 3 points and also for saving cute stationery and photos.

If you really want to rush through the day, but don’t feel like clicking everything to get your energy down, you can just leave the game up in the background while you do other things. Energy will still go down over time. I personally like to have my energy empty before I stop playing just in case something gets added where it’d be better if I slept until the next day (or like, new items added to one of the stores where I’d have to wait until the next in-game day for them to be delivered).

Finally, remember to be kind! A lot of people are just looking for something cute and calming.