Disney Dreamlight Valley – Thrills & Frills Update (And Expansion Act II)

It’s officially May 1st and thus, the update is here! As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to start off in the Valley as I figured that’ll be quicker in the long run than the Expansion stuff.

In the end though, that worked out because Merlin was busy taking care of things before you could actually start his quest for the new Expansion Act.

After getting my new-found villager mail (with my first two letters being from Ariel and Belle), I noticed Mickey had a quest icon. With the Quest being called “You Have Mail”, I thought it’d be in regard to Villagers now sending mail as they have done quests before to tie in new features, but it was actually the start of Daisy’s Questline.

Essentially, Daisy was off doing her News Reporter best to find out more about what was happening. She’s ready to come home now, but obviously, she needs her house back in order to do so.

Before heading off to place her house in the Plaza, I wanted to briefly look through some of the new Premium Shop and Star Path items. I can’t say enough how excited I was to FINALLY see a Pink version of one of the really pretty ballgown dresses.

While I do love it and it’s absolutely accurate to what it’s supposed to be, it is a bit plain, and I don’t think I’ll fully use it as a dress replacement. I still really hope they’ll add it as a pattern we can make our own designs on.

And, of course, with unlocking the Premium Star Path and a certain bundle in the Premium Shop, I couldn’t resist getting the latest Critters.

Unfortunately, I’m very much at capacity when it comes to Critter Spots in the Valley so I ended up putting Heihei and his house near Moana’s house.

Anyway, with that done, it was time to get Daisy all moved back in.

It was then time to start with the friendship leveling. My favorite thing from Daisy’s friendship gifts is this cute Headband. I’m not sure I’ll use it over my usual crown though.

Anyway, with Daisy all set-up, it was time to get to work on the Boutique which we had to grow back to its normal size.

I quickly set some things up before focusing back on Daisy’s friendship quests.

I also did my first challenge. While I was a bit confused with it initially which is why my result is so lackluster, I feel like I’ve slowly gotten a better idea of it all since.

The first thing with Daisy’s quests was helping her and Donald have a nice date. It was actually pretty cute and he gives us a version of the wardrobe he made for Daisy. I adjusted some things in one of the Cozy rooms to make room for it.

I feel like we don’t see Daisy and Donald have as many romantic moments compared to Minnie and Mickey so this was nice.

I also added a few more things to the room after getting one of the new Premium Shop packs.

Second was helping convince Scrooge to put hers and Minnie’s collaboration brand, Dots & Daisies, in his shop. While I generally like Minnie’s and Daisy’s fashion sense, I did not care for this top at all.

One frustrating thing though is that the update broke my usual dress design. I did my best to adjust it, but it still hasn’t really recovered 100%.

Next was Daisy wanting to host a party which got glitter bombed by Vanellope and Stitch. Playing detective was fun, but it wasn’t much of a mystery.

With all of Daisy’s stuff done, it was time to head over to Eternity Isle to get to work on Act II of A Rift in Time.

Talking to Merlin explained how he had been looking into the Spark of Imagination, but the area has sunken underwater, and we needed to try and use our newfound time powers to restore it after finding various Flickers around the Valley and in Realms.

It was then time to head inside where there were some interesting rooms…

And thus, we had to ask the three Villagers introduced in the expansion: Rapunzel for the music room, Gaston for the pedestal room, and EVE for the Computer room. I would guess this is part of why those characters were chosen, but I still have mixed feelings on it all.

Alas, it wouldn’t actually be that easy as just asking them. Rapunzel isn’t feeling well so you need to make the soup and tea that Mother Gothel used to make her. Gaston wants a fancier version of his Coconut LeFou to stand with him. As for EVE, she needs a way to properly connect to the computer to understand it.

Once that’s done, there’s a slight puzzle-esque element to each (Mostly just the music one– the rest are more task-oriented and I had found all the things for the computer puzzle before even getting to the point I needed to) and then the door leading to below opens.

Down there, we finally meet Oswald.

With his help, we need to get up to the Altar to reach the Spark of Imagination.

But just as we’re getting it, “Merlin” shows up behind us.

Despite realizing he is acting very strangely, instead of holding onto the Spark that we literally just got to and practically had in our hands, we let Jafar take it and make a mess of things, opening a black and white shard in the sky that not only affected Eternity Isle, but also unlocked three Toon Critters: Toon Monkey, Toon Capybara, and Toon Cobra. They show up all day, every day, but their favorite foods seem to be different– that said, using the liked foods will still unlock them for you after ~4 days.

I suppose this is the Rift in Time as mentioned in the Expansion name.

Regardless, before checking out all the damage, I wanted to focus on Oswald’s quests for a bit. First up, we had to literally destroy the communication barrier, letting him exit his usual Silent Movie demeanor.

And then it was off to set up his house. Unlike how houses are usually set up, we actually had to craft a pencil in order to ‘draw’ Oswald’s house and then get some 3D Glasses to fully bring it to life (and we get the keep the giant pencil and 3D Glasses which is neat). While I initially thought of placing his Theater-house in the Valley, I actually kind of like it in the shopping area I have in Eternity Isle. It’s replaced the Pizza Planet, but I was never really satisfied with it there anyway.

Oswald’s most extensive quest was needing to track down all these Alarm Clocks, each named after a classic dance.

As I played through this part, I REALLY hoped that we would get one at the end… And we did, but as an item– not a Critter :(

Anyway, I continued through Oswald’s quests…

…And it ended with an interesting Trolley Problem. But at least it all worked out I guess despite some weird dialogue? (Like Rapunzel not knowing what a Trolley was despite being there to welcome the Trolley beforehand??)

With Oswald’s quest done, I also had worked on the end of Act II’s quest, but it ends pretty abruptly and just strongly hints getting Oswald leveled up. It made me think maybe there would be something extra when I maxed him out, but I suppose I’ll just have to wait until Act III.

Regardless, with Eternity Isle’s new story part done and Oswald’s friendship at level 10, it was time to focus on some of the other new stuff like being able to ride rides! Some didn’t work despite the prompt and the Space Bumper Cars don’t properly let you turn the camera, but it’s still a neat feature.

I then worked on the new Dreamsnaps, made the new cupcakes, and finished the respective new Village Dreamlight Task.

Finally, I did make a little more room to another of Heihei’s house in the Meadow with all the new Critters… But that’s really all I can fit there now, unfortunately.

That pretty much sums up everything the last few days. I’ve been doing Daisy’s challenges though to try and unlock more things. I had fun using this board to have a little like… “pin board” of my favorite Decals as I don’t get to use a lot of them.

I’m also thinking of maybe doing some kind of Tool of Magic contest since people can share their designs, but I’m not really sure if people would be interested or what would be a good prize (Stacks of Pumpkin Puffs? Stacks of an item of your choice? Hmm…). I think it could be fun though if people would want to enter.

Anyway, I’ll be continuing to check in each day for new store stuff and the challenges from Daisy, plus Dreamsnaps stuff too. I’m also impatiently waiting until we can finish those other Village Achievements…