Crystal Dreams

February 24, 2019

A Day of Pocket Camp

While I’ve still more or less quit the app, I do still have it on my phone incase of any future connectivity, miracles happen to not make it give me constant anxiety and to make fortune cookies just not suck entirely, or an event I really like. I’ve even uploaded a couple of videos, one especially recently, for the Cabin Grand Opening and the Valentine’s Day Best Friend gift (why could I only give it to one, game. Let me have multiple best friends

Regardless, with the power of leaf tickets because this sure wasn’t happening otherwise, I succeeded:

And I even managed to get a few extras too.

Unfortunately, as Pocket Camp continues to break my hopes and dreams, I get to watch the hours dwindle out for the Candy Cluster Muster event where I’m just two pieces of candy short and can literally do nothing about it.

I bought all the Seasonal Packs including it to use towards my fishing endeavors. And the only other thing that could give candy is the current fishing tourney… but only up to 6,400cm. I am currently at over 18,000, due to my need for pink crystals because I really love rocks and crystals and also the color pink, which is long after the candy amounts. So, I can not earn anymore and the event ends at rollover tonight to likely bring in some new events so you never have a moment to breathe.

Sorry, Isabelle, I tried. But it is literally impossible for me to finish all your goals today.

Honestly, my biggest thing is this just goes back to my biggest problems with Pocket Camp–needing to check in to such a point to make sure you never miss anything paired with having to work in the game’s tight limits. You can go through every single hoop and put your utmost effort on that last day, but still fail because the game limits how much it’ll let you do. Especially if you don’t have any leaf tickets to spare. And in some cases, even when you do, it still won’t be enough.

Regardless, I took the time to do a few other things too such as inviting some new villagers to camp and am doing my best to get both Diana and Flurry invited (Just… waiting for their furniture to finish crafting):

(Sadly, the new skip feature was on automatically and I just kept forgetting to tick it off so no screenshots for some–as per usual, ACPC does a great job with new quality of life features, but still hasn’t done any adjustments to the constantness of it all)

I’m still waiting for Marina and Cookie to be added. I know their data is already in the game and it’d be nice to have all my top favorites in my campsite (With the 8th slot rotating a selection of the villagers in second place). Regardless, once Diana and Flurry are invited over, I’ll likely be completely on break again until something else pops up. Or Marina and/or Cookie get added.

As always, I couldn’t help but take a few pictures too such as handing out crystal barrettes in the campsite as the twinning continues:

I also gave another fortune cookie a shot as I like suffering, but I still didn’t get anything good:

I wanted the cake sets, but I only got a chair. I also tried my luck with the stained glass one (FOUNTAIN), but didn’t do well with that either :/ Though, seeing how it was the grand prize, I wasn’t expecting much. I really hate the fortune cookies in this game so much. I wasn’t fond of them in New Leaf as it is– I didn’t need them to come back even worse.

Anyway, to finish this off, just a simple question:

Why are the lemons green?
(And no, the perfect lemon being yellow does not count)

February 22, 2019

Let’s talk about Arcade Spirits

So, for those of you who pay attention to my Youtube Channel, twitter, or even read my first entry of the year, you’ll know that I recently played the game in full and it was one of the games I was most looking forward to this year.

Did it hold up to my expectations? It absolutely did. I had a lot of fun with it. I had a lot of fun with the references. This will go into spoilers so if you do not want to be spoiled, I’d recommend stopping at this sentence. I played through all the routes and most of the different paths (I say most because no matter how hard I tried, I somehow still managed to always get Sue on my side. I’m honestly too scared to have it go differently at this point. I’ve also mainly just played as Kind and with a “bad” playthrough (Essentially trying to do terribly with everyone), Gutsy, and somehow still passed having no idea what I was doing).

I’ll likely be going back and forth on what I liked and disliked based on my train of thought, but honestly, any flaws I will be mentioning felt really negligible compared to what I did enjoy. I can only think of two things that really felt off-putting to me a bit (and in general with that scene for most characters) and one thing that upset me a lot, but that’s all personal stuff and your mileage will absolutely vary . I don’t think most will have an issue with the latter especially–I’m just sensitive. That said, I think the game can have personal effects on a lot of people for various reasons due to its themes as well.

I always loved arcades so getting to work at one in the game was a lot of fun. Whenever we went on vacation during the summer, I would always go to the arcade and along with occasionally playing a racing or shooting game, I’d play the crane game. A lot. I usually would go back to our room with tons of plushies I won. The fact that I could not actually play a crane game in the game made me sad, but at least I could watch one in the arcade itself :P

I may have just been a floor attendant at first, but I liked being around all the prizes. I would’ve gotten one of those bears. The red one that is third from the left, specifically.

My personal favorite routes were Percy’s, the friendship route (for one specific reason I’ll get to), and Teo’s. I actually didn’t expect to like Teo’s route that much as I generally don’t care much for overly flirty characters and he’s just a bit too much for me, but he’s actually balanced really great on his route and it’s a lot nicer than I expected and on a “how much did I enjoy dating this character”, he and Percy are kind of tied.

Going by character traits alone, Naomi, Ashley, and Percy were my favorite characters. I found there were things I could relate to with every character such as Naomi’s dreams, Ashley’s self-worth (though, my reasons are different than hers, Ashley is one of the characters I really found the most interesting to learn more about. There’s so much more to Ashley than I expected), and Teo’s inability to take a break. Seeing the characters grow is so interesting and I never really found myself bored on any of the routes as I got to learn more about the characters.

I genuinely didn’t expect to be too into QueenBee’s or Teo’s stories due to not being into eSports and, as mentioned before, Teo being a bit too flirtatious for me, but both characters had a lot more to them and I enjoyed learning more about them.

I would say the only part of the story where I felt a bit frustrated was during the grand opening of the new arcade. Regardless of route, some issue comes up right before the opening that makes things more difficult and also for the characters to realize how much the player character means to them after they get shot. I’m not upset with the timing or meaning or anything, but I felt some of the issues felt overly forced and that’s really where my issue is.

Naomi’s and Gavin’s situations vary quite a bit based off who’s route you’re on, but they’re highly focused on whoever you’re dating being in the wrong and having to let them know. With Naomi, she paints over a Pengy to look like Pengo and she wanted to put it on the arcade cabinet to get it more attention, but Pengy is essentially heavily copyrite protected and it being painted over like that could cause a lot of problems. And honestly, you know, if you want to paint over some other Penguin to look like the Penguin of a game you love, that’s fine, Naomi. You do you. But using it to advertise/get attention with essentially a painted over figure of something else is really not okay. You could have even asked Juniper and Ashley to draw something up.

As for Gavin, for whatever reason, he decided to up the difficulty on every single game. Arcade games aren’t that easy anyway. It wasn’t needed. And the main thing was to put on his focus about making a profit to keep dreams alive while also then bringing up their relationship when it shouldn’t have been. My main issue here was with the fact that it really felt he was getting better at compromising and then it was like we took two steps back. Considering everything that happened with the arcade, I’m not entirely surprised he went backwards a bit, especially as there is so much depending on the grand opening going well, but this still felt like too much.

Ashley’s is a bit of an odd one for me because I still don’t know how I feel about it. I think, for me, even though I am more comfortable with certain parts of myself, I suffer from that a lot. That everything is wrong and this just… frustration and hate of everything I’ve done. Any project I do, anything I write, (and the player character gives some pretty good advice there that I should probably take but instead I react pretty similar to Ashley so thanks for calling me out, game), and it was just kind of such a pinpoint for me to see because it felt like I was talking to myself. And especially after coming off Ashley being happy with just being herself, I was surprised to see that side. To see loathing like that and how she pushed the player character away. If anything, I would say my issue with Ashley’s was more that I don’t think I could understand how the shooting concluded the situation paired with it hitting me in a way I wasn’t expecting and am still dealing with myself.

With Naomi’s and Gavin’s, it was showing that it wasn’t something they should’ve gotten so upset for and figuring out their priorities so it’s the conflict itself that frustrated me a bit.

Teo’s and QueenBee’s, in a stark contrast to my issue with Naomi’s and Gavin’s, was actually an issue with the player character’s response. For both of them, I was genuinely happy for them. I had no issue with the idea of them going off and just long distance and occasional visits, but I had no way to express that. Teo’s actually gave me one answer to, but somehow it still delved into the Player character not really meaning it and I just kind of wanted to shake everyone. It was such a good opportunity for both of them and I couldn’t really understand the Player character’s selfishness here. Like, yeah, they compromise in the end, but I don’t think they needed to in such a way.

Juniper’s is possibly the oddest to me because, while she does explain how this just finally blew over as for why it’s coming up now, it really did just feel… so poorly timed and odd to bring up. Like… you go to wish them luck on their big project and then add on all these things they aren’t doing. I’m not sure what caused it to just kind of… explode there as it really didn’t feel like the right time (and it gets brushed off again at the hospital anyway and the player character can’t do much on crutches) and just made me feel terrible for something that couldn’t be handled at all at that moment. It’s not like I could leave back to the apartment real quick.

Finally, Percy’s which was the one I enjoyed the most here. I played Percy’s first (and his route is the one I have up on my channel) and due to just how well his flowed, I didn’t even think there would be a conflict there for each character.

Percy rejecting a chance to possibly extend his life/cure his condition because his sister didn’t make it is so heartbreaking, but also makes a lot of sense with his character. His big goal is getting that score she couldn’t have herself and that is all he focuses on. He doesn’t feel he deserves that life. And only when he nearly loses the player character does it really hit him how selfish he was being. It just felt such a natural progression and due to his heart condition and how long he has being the main personal conflict in his route, the player character’s life being what kind of flipped the switch for him felt like such a perfect trade-off that I really didn’t expect every route to have things happen the same way.

That scene is literally my only writing complaint though (outside of Percy’s which I felt was perfect and Ashley’s which hit too close to home). Everything else I found really great.

As for the other scene that hit me a bit, it was Francine’s death. While I was worried that it could happen, I really hoped it wouldn’t. Having lost both of my grandmother’s within the last year and a half, it made me cry quite a bit and I really didn’t handle it too well.

Going back to some of my favorite scenes… Honestly, part of the issue was I truly enjoyed too many scenes and options and you can’t actually do them all in a single playthrough. Every scene helping out in the arcade, whether it be playing detective to figure out an issue or using your body as a cupcake shield, is a lot of fun. And there were so many moments to really learn more about the characters. Similarly, all the scenes at MAX were also really great.

If I could have went through the rest of the game in a maid dress, I would’ve.

Even during the auction. I loved both of the hanging out scenes with Naomi, but I also loved bidding on everything with Gavin. But if I bid, I couldn’t help save the kittens. These decisions were very hard. Not to mention not being able to hang out with everyone on the boardwalk…

And even when the new arcade was being planned, it was pretty difficult. All of the ideas were great. Being able to stream directly from the arcade? Amazing. Better prizes? Always good. Tickets for everything? YES. I wish it was possible to say yes to more options to make things even more amazing.

I will say though, it made me sad that if you do end up going in a relationship, whoever your two lowest friendships are will just kind of… leave. I tried so many things to keep friendships up only to realize you can actually only keep everyone around on the Friendship route. And to be honest, I felt like I spent less time with the characters during the friendship route so I was surprised that was the only way they stayed.

The only thing I wish the game had is a gallery feature of some sort. While I loved the prizes and concept art, I would have loved an area to see all the illustration moments with my character.

At least I took a lot of screenshots. And also recorded my first playthrough.

Anyway, this is getting long so I’m just going to sum it up a bit:
-If you like games, there’s a lot of fun references that you can enjoy even if a visual novel isn’t your type of thing!
-While the customization is a bit simple (And I wish at the least my character could be a bit shorter), I feel all the color options and the niceness of being able to pick your pronouns makes up for it–yeah, maybe the character isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but an ambiguous character helps lessen anyone feeling left-out.
-Why couldn’t I actually have the Mr. Moopy plushie I got at the beach in my room? Why isn’t there an actual one I can have in my real room? These are the real questions. (don’t worry, they’re rhetorical :P)
-All the characters are really interesting and I loved getting to know their stories.
-The ending varies a lot more than I expected based on your main personality trait which is really cool.
-I AM SO HAPPY YOU CAN TURN ON INDICATORS. I have a lot of trouble understanding sarcasm so it was really helpful for me to pick an answer that meant what I thought it would and not get blindsided by something like a “Hi” being turned into a “Hi you suck go die” without warning.
-It’s nice being able to just stick to friendship if you want.
-Francine’s family is overly spiteful T__T why would you do that ;~;
-Even though I kind of had an idea of what would happen plot-wise with Deco Nami (and most of everything with Sue–just… not the relation even if I figured her gang was working for him), it didn’t ruin any of my enjoyment of the plot.
-I need my own IRIS.

The game really does make you think about what you would sacrifice for your dreams and it’s hard. I’ve been struggling a lot in real life with a job that really takes a lot out of me and makes it hard to really focus on things I do enjoy (like… 100%ing games, writing, reading, baking, and cooking… And especially traveling which is the most expensive thing on this list) and it’s so hard to juggle if your dreams are really worth it sometimes. There’s a lot you really need to put into it and sometimes you forget just how much work you do. You can’t always just wait for it and you need to be ready to take that step and the game genuinely makes you think more than you’d expect it to.

And with that said, I am really looking forward to the sequel.

February 20, 2019

Miitopia’s Finale (and Pokemon’s pause)

So, I had asked people if they’d rather see everything together or in separate posts on Twitter and separate posts won! Thus, some of these entries may be a bit short, but I hope people enjoy them regardless.

I think, in general, I need to get more comfortable with shorter entries and not always worry about it so much. This one is still a bit grouped, but that’s because I will be bringing up some issues in relation to the capture cards I use and my computer which has to do with the recent videos of Miitopia, but also why Pokemon now has to be on pause (which is a shame as I felt up to playing more recently–both Pokemon and Miitopia).

Regardless, I finally did something I had been hoping to for ages now: I beat Miitopia.

Sure, there’s still post-game, but it’s so nice to have finally hit the finale. In general, the game is a lot of fun antics-wise, but it’s really supposed to be silly and kind of contradicts itself in that regard.

The game has the monotony and grind of a normal RPG, but with less freedom to actually move around going into rails and choices for which way you feel like going… And honestly, I think part of my issue is I wish they just stuck to one. It’s incredibly monotonous to play through the same level 6 times just to hit each diverging path. It doesn’t change up enough and there isn’t much strategy to the game (which I will admit I don’t mind) when you can only control the player character. Your party members always work on their own so most of the time, I feel like I’m just holding the B button to fast-forward to get through as quickly as possible.

I love when unique things happen. I love the story. But the gameplay is so exhausting and if it wasn’t for a friend’s help with leveling, I’m not sure when I would’ve gotten to level 50 in order to continue (which… I likely didn’t need to, but it’s how I feel most comfortable playing).

Despite that, I really want to see the game fully through. The credits were really nice as well and I am happy I played the game, I just… Wish there was more to it I guess? I don’t know, it’d be neat to see the characters grow more too rather than it being eventual repeating dialogue. I don’t know if I’ll fully complete the post game or get all the medals (though, I’d like to, but I may do most of that off a recording), but I hope I can at least see all the different areas.

Sadly, at least some of the medals are a “wait until the quest you need” pops up which is… annoying. Quests switch out daily and it’s a bit frustrating. Even though I believe certain areas are judged by a day of the week, I don’t really enjoy having to wait for a specific day to be able to do something unless the entire game is like that… Which Miitopia is not.

Finally, I will say I really enjoyed the credits, it was pretty cute.

Our next area currently seems to be the Beach, which is nice, but I sadly don’t know exactly when we’ll be continuing it.

And this wraps around back to what I mentioned at the top with both this game and Pokemon and honestly, pretty much every console (whether hand console or home console) system I have.

Essentially, Windows 10 uses up a lot of RAM. Even more so with recent updates. And without enough RAM available, the console recordings lag and the 3DS recordings have audio delay. If I’m lucky after first restarting, I may be able to get something for a while, but there’s no guarantee and right now I’m not in a position to be able to buy (or even set my computer up with) more RAM.

I could, of course, just record 3DS games without sound, but I know most people don’t want that. Similarly, while the small skips for console recording isn’t the end of the world, that actually really bugs me (I play enough things without sound that watching a video muted works fine for me), but it just sucks being so powerless to do anything about it.

So, once those issues are ironed out, hopefully both series can come back. I desperately want to finish the Pokemon games before the Gen 8 game comes out and even more so, I really want to clear most of this backlog before Animal Crossing. But we’ll just have to see how it goes.

January 2, 2019

A Year in Review. Or something like that. & Most Anticipated 2019 Games

I don’t usually write posts like this, usually feeling my activity kind of speaks for itself, but this year, unless you follow my MCL/Beemoov game blog, I haven’t done much of anything.

There’s a lot of reasons for this. For one, we’re in the process of moving so everything is being packed up and moved around. The other is that it had been a very rough year and I’m still recovering from it.

And trust me when I say nobody is more disappointed by the lack of things completed than I am. As someone who usually finishes a game within about a week tops unless it’s something more real-time focused like Animal Crossing, having some games still incomplete (Such as Let’s Go Pikachu which I have not played since getting the Cascade Badge and Miitopia is years old at this point. Ultra Moon is over a year as well).

I’ve already spoken a bit about Ultra Moon and part of why there’s been such a pause (And losing the footage of the climax of the game sure didn’t help), but in general, it comes down to: Lack of time combined with needing something a bit more light-hearted/that I can just enjoy and relax in. Similarly, the reason I’ve played a lot of Visual Novels lately is reading helps me relax, I don’t have access to many books on hand, and I need something simple right now due to stressing too much.

I’ve mentioned before how I feel like I’m slowly no longer having a place in gaming and while part of it is due to my own busy schedule, a large part of it is due to games being focused on an audience that not only have I never been apart of, it’s one I don’t wish to join.

I have nothing against those who do enjoy it, but it’s not why I started playing games and it’s a bit disheartening for me. Such as Super Smash Brothers that ended up removing my favorite feature, trophies, in lieu of spirits that have various skills you can give your character. I’d still prefer trophies. I don’t care about figuring out the best spirits for my play style and character. In the end, we mostly got it as my husband would still play with friends and I wanted to check out the story mode. Which sadly was also disappointing to me. It’s not bad and it has interesting moments and cute Easter Eggs, but it feels more like a challenge mode and I never cared for those. At least we can always use any character we have unlocked so far (just… Hope you have one you’re good with unlocked already), but as I mentioned before, I find most people who really enjoy some of those super hard challenges do for the challenge themselves and so it sucks if there’s a Spirit someone may really want and just… keep failing. Some challenges I kept working towards for over an hour. While I am proud for having every part of the map we’ve done 100%’d so far, it’s not really what I’m playing for and it doesn’t give me that sense of achievement. Maybe because I’m a perfectionist, but if I failed once, it doesn’t matter if I get it eventually–I already feel like a failure.

That’s definitely not the best way to think of things, but I think it’s part of why the whole “It’s not the end result, but the journey you take to get there” thing doesn’t work for me. I’m not against hard work, but no matter how hard I work, I just don’t feel good enough if I didn’t finish already.

And that’s also part of why there’s a lot of things on the back-burner right now. For one reason or another, I had to stop and I’m the type of person who really has a hard time picking something back up once I put it down which is why I never really put things down usually.

I’d like to hope this year, maybe I can get a lot of those games and other projects of mine that are in progress done. Maybe also further some other things important to me, like learning languages and maybe getting the chance to travel more again soon. I think in general I just desperately need a change of scenery.

I’m still inching closer to getting some things done, so it may be a slow progress, but it’s some kind of progress nonetheless and I’m thankful most people have been patient with me as I slowly get each part up. I really should learn to record in advance and properly schedule things, but I’ve never been good with schedules (Mostly because my life is insane and things can change at the drop of a hat).

Finally, to make this a little less solemn, I want to talk about the games I am looking forward to most in 2019:

1. Animal Crossing

While I am still pretty burnt out from Pocket Camp, I am hoping once we see official footage for the upcoming Animal Crossing game, it could help re-ignite my flame. Animal Crossing is a very complicated series for me that holds a lot of memories between playing with family to meeting a lot of close friends to also a bit more painful memories that I don’t want to go into.

One of the things that will be nice is getting to talk to many of those people again. The other thing is worrying that the same thing that ruined another game for me could happen in a combination of some personal matters and the burn out.

I think there’s a lot of promise for the game. I think there’s a lot they could do right. But I will admit, especially with the constant stream of events in Pocket Camp and some of the patches is recent Nintendo games (Such as Mario Tennis Aces and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate) that they could end up just making it a little too much.

There are ways to do it, of course, and Animal Crossing is a real time game. It doesn’t need all of these bricked walls. I always had mixed feelings on the way monthly items were given, but I am absolutely terrified of the idea that they may just put in weekly to bi-weekly events with new items and bonus objectives and I get that it’s there to give people things to do and reason to check back, but it just stresses me out. I feel anxious all the time worrying I’ll miss something if I’m not constantly checking in and that isn’t fun. That isn’t fun in the slightest.

Animal Crossing has so many events and things already that it really doesn’t need constant extra content added–especially not any time soon. I’d also rather them work on it to be the best it could be before releasing, even if that means the game could be pushed back, rather than getting a big expansion down the line.

I feel pushing things before they’re ready has become a trend recently and it really needs to stop. I get really wanting a game to come out. I get being excited for a fandom. But I feel there’s such a large amount of impatience and entitlement nowadays about when something should and why they don’t have it yet (and it’s been like… so much worse in the AC fandom with how much it’s grown since New Leaf) and it’s not fun to see. And I feel that is part of what contributes to rushing products out and the added content later.

2. Ooblets

I’ve been following Ooblets for ages now between the Discord, Patreon, their shortly lived mailing list that may make a comeback, and really every bit of their social media.

It’s a combination of so many of my favorite games in a super adorable art style–there really isn’t anything not to like. Also, Perplamps and NonPlayerCat are really sweet.

Regardless, just everything about Ooblets makes it hard not to be excited and I’m looking forward to something to put a lot of time into without constantly worrying I’m running out of time.

3. The New Pokemon Project.

Despite my mixed feelings on Pokemon right now, Pokemon has a very big place in my heart and nothing can change that. I know it’ll likely have some new battle mechanics I don’t care for and even more Pokemon and things so I’ll just keep my hopes simple: Better customization and better catch mechanics.

ORAS still had some of the best catching mechanics to me and I’d really prefer to go back to that over Gen 7’s gimmick. Also I never want to see motion controlled catching again (paired with needing to catch so many of the exact same Pokemon to boost chances of certain ones spawning and other things) which is easily the biggest reason I’ve had trouble playing more of Let’s GO. I knew some Pokemon would be rare, but I didn’t think they’d be that low of a chance. I can’t stand seeing more than the amount of Pokemon I need when they look the same (So, as an example: I would never want more than 3 Geodude and only if I didn’t have Graveler or Golem yet. Another example would be no more than four Pikachu–three male and three female, and again, only if I didn’t have any Raichu yet. The two extra Raichu would be to trade for Alolan Raichu–one of each gender). I can’t really explain why, but it really bothers me organizational-wise and that’s part of why I struggle.

I tend to be very possessive with my Pokeballs incase something rare I need DOES show up so needing to swing over and over again at the same Pokemon to even get some to show up stresses me out. And as much as I hate battling, I will take it over catching the same Pokemon over and over that I don’t even need (this is why I don’t do breeding outside of Pokemon you can’t get otherwise).

4. Jenny LeClue

There still isn’t a full release date so it’s possible it could be pushed back further, but I love mysteries and have been following this for a while and even have it prordered soooo….

5. Arcade Spirits

This is a visual novel game I played the demo of recently and actually really enjoyed for a multitude of reasons to the aesthetics, writing, and interesting customization. While I don’t record everything, I actually played around with a lot of the choices even after finishing my recording.

I’m really looking forward to the full release in February.

6. Mineko’s Night Market

I get to solve mysteries, run a cute store, and make friends with cats. How could I not look forward to this?

Anyway, that sums it up for the most part. Hopefully I can finish more of my backlog before things start dropping at least and hopefully this year will be better than the last.

October 30, 2018

In which I talk a bit about Ultra Moon & general channel stuff

So, for people who may follow my Twitter or actually read my Youtube descriptions, you likely recall me saying I wanted to finish Ultra Moon before Let’s Go Pikachu releases next month. Unfortunately, as also mentioned on Twitter, the recent recording corrupted after less than half the total footage recorded.

Between Rotomdex’s reminders and my own obsessive saving, I couldn’t redo the footage. It’s just gone. And it’s incredibly frustrating as it was the first time I really enjoyed playing. It was footage I was actually happy to see. Happy I had recorded. Only for it to be gone due to a corruption.

While I was able to figure out WHY this issue happened and thus, make it so it wouldn’t happen again, that sadly doesn’t help save anything else. I also uploaded the recording, unlisted, for people to still watch the part that isn’t if they want to, but I didn’t publish it.

And this is just… Kind of soul crushing. I’ve been struggling playing much of anything lately. I know people are probably tired of seeing Visual Novels popping up–I can’t say it’s my favorite thing either, but I really enjoy reading and unfortunately, reading is about all I’ve been capable of doing lately.

For those who have been enjoying the random visual novels, I’m glad! I technically have a couple of other things recorded, but I don’t know when/if I’ll upload them sadly… Or maybe I will just unlisted with Public playlists.

Anyway, back to Pokemon: As mentioned, the footage is dead and there is nothing else I can do. I tried so hard, but it’s just… gone. And it’s heartbreaking because it was the climax of the game. So many scenes I would’ve loved to keep recorded (and I worked so hard in the plaza to have the outfit I wanted for these scenes too) only to not have it at all now.

I did, however, take a good amount of screenshots. On a disheartening note though, I really hoped to get more screenshots and when I missed them, I tried to make myself feel better by saying I could get them from the video later. CLEARLY THAT ISN’T HAPPENING.

Regardless, I’m going to go through some of the screenshots and my thoughts to at least keep some memory of the episode around. So, let’s get started.

I left off in my last video getting to Aether Foundation after Lillie and Cosmog were taken, so that’s where we pick up.

It’s pretty similar to the original, just with some of the new characters making an appearance in the process. It ends the same.

Lillie gets her Z-Powered form and I cry because she gets a ponytail and I don’t have that option despite being on a tropical island. Also her backpack is way cuter than my bag.

Anyway, we’re off to the next island and we have to go see the Exeggutor to get the flute. And despite my issues with a lot of the mechanics, outside of Trials, in Alola, I really do like the environment.

We get the flute and after going through the canyon which I got flashbacks to how much I hated doing enough in Moon, we get the fancy flute playing scene which is honestly one of my favorites and I want a real Moon Flute.

They added a lot to this scene which just makes it haunt me even more that I will never have the recording of it now.

That said, putting so much in this and with Necrozoma really made everything with Guzma and Lillie’s mother become a lot more anticlimatic.

I kind of failed my first Warp Time, but I did get to have a pretty picture in the best warp area so not too bad:

I don’t expect to use the Warp system anytime after this (I have the legendaries from past games and I have no interest in shiny hunting) so I at least feel a bit lucky that I landed here, even if by mistake.

I got the right one on my second attempt though.

It was then time for my next trial with Mina which was… Honestly kind of cool.

I liked visiting the other trial leaders and honestly, my only real complaint is that there wasn’t more variety. I didn’t care about battling nearly all of them again and while talking was nice, I don’t know, with how unique each trial felt, I kind of wish it was a little different than battle most of them.

The rainbow flower was so pretty though.

After that, it was off for my final Grand Trial. And then I finished that and headed to the league–stuck in the cave before the top of the mountain which is where I stopped recording.

I don’t know when I’ll get the next part up due to a handful of reasons:
1. I’m still really upset about losing over four hours of footage.
2. I had expected my team to actually LISTEN to me after finishing all the trials, but apparently they do not until after you become Champion… Which means I still have to deal with them disobeying me which just… sucks.
3. As mentioned, I’ve been really struggling with playing things lately.
4. We may be moving very soon and have been having to pack up a lot of stuff which also means just not much free time right now.

So while I hoped to finish Miitopia and Ultra Moon… I just don’t know if that’s viable right now, unfortunately. :(

October 15, 2018

Super Mario Party thoughts

So, while I haven’t been able to do much lately for various reasons, I have been spending some time playing Super Mario Party and just, generally, thinking a lot.

As usual, this is more of an “off the cuff” thought/opinion article over an actual review, but there’s some things I wanted to say about the newest game in the Mario Party series and it felt like a good opportunity to take some time to post on here.

In general, my main feeling with SMP is that it’s a good first step. I’m so happy the car is no longer part of it and I missed moving around on the board. I also find most of the minigames quite fun.

My main issues are some of the games’ mechanics paired with the boards themselves.

All the boards feel relatively small is the biggest issue. Stage hazards/mechanics are mild or annoying (such as Megafruit Paradise and the pipes/bridges), and it just feels kind of… lifeless? Bland?

It’s like all the makings are there for a good game, but it fell short in actually pulling them off. I just genuinely don’t enjoy the boards and while moving around is fine, it just isn’t much fun to me.

I am probably in the minority saying this, but I especially dislike the character dice blocks. Some dice are honestly just better than others. Combine them with the ally system, which honestly feels so overpowered and can give quite an advantage, not just in the boards themselves, but also the minigames, and it’s just… tiring? I kind of wish I could turn the mechanic off because while I can maybe make an agreement with a friend I’m playing with, I can’t change anything with the computers.

While some people say it makes the game more strategic, I don’t want some kind of Mario Party meta–I want to just pick the character I like best without thinking about what dice will be best for this situation. And when it comes down to it, it makes certain allies much more useful than others.

I also miss the original 1-10 dice blocks and items, though, with the smaller boards, I can understand this change and just hope it’d be reverted when bigger boards come into play.

On a similar note, while part of me is okay with Bowser being a playable character, the game feels wrong without Bowser Spaces. The Unlucky (And Very Unlucky which… are just an annoying twist that barely does anything) Spaces are relatively anti-climatic and the Lucky Spaces also don’t really add much. They feel more like leftovers from 9 and 10’s systems and just don’t feel as relative here.

Speaking of anti-climatic, the Hidden Blocks… Having the spinner, which you can’t even stop so it takes longer for no reason as well, ruins some of the surprise as you know what to expect based on where the spinner lands. If it’s random and you can’t time it, just let the character hit the box and get it over with. I’m also sad to see Boo switched out for Lakitu, though, as it functions the same it doesn’t feel as much of a loss as the Bowser spaces being removed are.

Partner Party… While it has some interesting mechanics/puzzles, I wish it just functioned like a normal party with teams. I don’t care for moving at the same time or most of the ways it functions–especially because trying to land on a specific space can get frustrating incredibly fast.

I also just… wish there were 3 bonus stars still? Not sure why it was lowered to two.

I guess the best way to explain this is it feels like the game was kind of… compacted to some degree while adding some convoluted mechanics. Everything feels very slow. And while I understand why the Joy-cons need to be used having played many games that really focus on specific vibrations, I find playing with a single Joy-con really uncomfortable (And I have tiny hands!) so I wish I could use a Pro-controller or something.

It’s like it’s so close to being one of my favorite Mario Party’s, but still falls short in a lot of sections.

Some final notes I don’t really have much to say on:
-I wish the on-map versus space games had more instructions. You’re just kind of tossed in there.
-In general, more instructions on some games would be nice–I lost one because I didn’t realize ammo could run out.
-I don’t know if I’ll ever get to manage to play Toad’s Rec Room to its full extent. I haven’t had a lot of free time lately nor do I know anyone who lives super close who also has a Switch and I just wish there were ways to set these up even for people who may only have the one Switch. I know they can be played as is, but I feel doing it plain is just kind of bland.

Despite my negativity above, there’s still quite a bit I do like about the game and I AM having fun with it, even if I wish some things were changed a bit, so here are some things I am enjoying:

-Minigames. I actually like the minigames quite a bit. While I definitely have my favorites, I don’t think there are any I particularly dislike, though, some I really just don’t enjoy the controls for. That said, this is on par with Mario Party in general–even 9 and 10 I liked a lot of the games.
-The story. It’s simple, but it’s cute and I like that it ties into all the modes versus a separate mode you need to play to do it along with letting you play who you want to in the process.
-The Plaza. It’s just… nice being able to walk around. I wish it was a little easier to tell if there was something new for you to do, but it’s still a fun feature. I wish there were ways to build it up or something beyond just earning the gems–kind of like the little collectibles/souvenirs you could get (I loved that parade…). There are stickers in the game, but it being focused to one little spot down a pipe and just being able to look at them otherwise makes it a bit lackluster, even though I love stickers. I wouldn’t want them removed, but I wish they weren’t the only collectible thing.
-Despite not being big on Rhythm games, I actually found the ones in this game fun and I’m glad just doing all the modes was enough despite how much I suck at them. I will admit I wish they were more precise on exactly what beat you’re timing to–that’s always been my biggest issue with Rhythm games because I focus on too much at once.

And, of course, my favorite mode is River Survival. I have wanted a full co-op option for so long and the only thing I’m sad about is that it doesn’t have online. It kills me that they added online just for the normal minigames and I wish they added it in full as it’d be nice to actually play a 4 person party with all four actually being people and this mode as well. That said, there isn’t tons of variety with the games and it can a bit tiring to compete. I feel like they could’ve done twists on some of the versus games as well to help put in more variety.

The computers aren’t terrible, but they can really cause issues in certain modes or when it comes to rowing.

But it’s so nice having one where everyone can work together.

All in all, I’m having fun playing (even if I don’t see myself replaying much once I have everything unlocked) and I’m hoping the next Mario Party will at least continue in this direction… Though, I wouldn’t mind certain things not making a return.

September 26, 2018

Why I’m excited for the Let’s Go games

As mentioned on Twitter, I’m a little bit MIA right now, due to life just being a bit too much lately and as someone who enjoys getting things done, it likely frustrates me as much as it frustrates anyone else (though, you’ve all been quite sweet so thank you).

Regardless, I wanted to move onto something I’ve been thinking about a lot because it’s pretty equally split on people I know who are interested in the games and who aren’t. Similarly, with new information coming to light due to various people getting to play over in London along with what I personally played while in Nashville, I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

Because honestly, I wasn’t that excited when they were first announced. I’m tired of remakes. I have trouble with motion controls (more so the fact that I can’t aim), and as much as I love Kanto, I’m also tired of Kanto (they could just do Gen 2 and then we get two towns).

But I found the style intriguing and I loved the character designs of the trainers (I miss Gary though T__T Our new rival doesn’t even look similar). So I figured I may get it anyway.

I’ve mentioned before that Pokemon is a special game to me. I started playing it when I was about 8 and still have fond memories of playing Pokemon Blue on my Gameboy. And with newer generations, since around Gen 3, I’ve been really struggling at finding my place with Pokemon and just not feeling like it’s for me anymore.

While I wouldn’t refer to Pokemon as complicated myself, I would at least say certain things can be convoluted. And that especially is the case when it comes to battling for me. I know some people find abilities make things more interesting, but I’ve never cared for them or held items. I don’t care for EVs or IVs. Honestly, I wish it was just possible to get all Pokemon to the same stats if trained enough and then it just having to do with types and moves. If I had to deal with battling, that is what I’d want. And yes, while others may find that too simple, to me it’s fair.

As mentioned previously, Pokemon has, for me, always been this idea of making these friends and journeying through the region with them and accomplishing all these experiences together. So, having things locked to a certain stat requirement that some Pokemon can never reach sucks and really hurts my experience with the game, honestly. Especially when ribbons or other little in-game trinkets are locked behind it (and when most people going for it don’t even care for those).

It’s made me feel like I just don’t have a place in Pokemon and especially with my struggle going through Moon again with Ultra Moon, I’ve been wondering if I’d even still enjoy Pokemon anymore. And that thought kills me because I have SO MANY memories of Pokemon. I met a lot of friends due to it, it’s a game I hold so dear to my heart, and it’s not even so much that I’ve grown out of it–what I enjoy I still enjoy, but lately I’ve felt the focus is going towards an audience I’m not part of. “Gotta Catch ’em all” being more like “Gotta min-max those IVs/EVs”.

So, seeing Let’s Go which does NOT have a focus on battling is almost like a breath of fresh air. Being able to just explore and catch (which thankfully, seems more timing based now which means maybe I won’t completely suck) Pokemon and seeing the environment come to life (which was also my favorite thing about Pokken) just makes me want to see a big Pokemon game that really brings back all the regions for us to explore all the more. I want to be like Ash and explore every region with this team I bond with. I get that it’d be hard to scale and honestly, I wouldn’t care if they didn’t (People can switch their teams at the start of region if they want to or not, but I think people should be given the choice and that could let people curve the difficulty as they want), but I think it’d be such a great experience.

And being able to play this with a friend and see the environments like this and Pokemon just wandering around have highlighted how much I want something like this. Something focused on the Pokemon and seeing them and the world itself and not “what new gimmick can we add to battling this time”.

While I do wish the game featured more than just the first 151 + whatever new Pokemon they put in like Meltan, I’m still excited to play it and see all the different places in the world. And while I do think some of the restrictions are a little silly (If I want to beat Brock with a Charmander, Caterpie, and Pikachu, I should be free to, game!! Though, I mean I still could once getting admission to the gym), I still think it’s going to be a great game and there’s a lot I’m looking forward to that I hope will make it into future games.

That said… I still wouldn’t mind a non-motion controlled catch system though.

September 13, 2018

What I hope for from Welcome to Animal Crossing

So, there was a new Nintendo Direct today (the one postponed last week) and much to my excitement, a new Animal Crossing game was announced! (Other games I am excited for: Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Yoshi’s Craft World and you can see a bit more of my commentary over on Twitter) You can also check out the specific announcement below:

Isabelle also made it into Smash, but hopefully she’ll still have time to help us out in the Mayor’s Office when the game comes out next year :) Which brings us to the point of this post– I wanted to take a moment to go over some things I’m hoping to see in the upcoming game.

I’ve already done similar posts in the past and still standby all of those things, but with Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp, I feel there’s a lot more I’d like to see and well, also not see, honestly.

In general, I think New Leaf is easily one of the best Animal Crossing games so literally just starting from that and upgrading it (Think like a New Leaf+) is a great start.

Being able to place our houses everywhere is great and I hope we see that go further with being able to place other villagers’ houses as well, or at the very least, have the option to do so. Being able to use paths to block things off with the Welcome Amiibo update was great, but I don’t really want to litter my town with paths to do so and it’d be super easy to just have it so Nook can be all “Hey, *name* moved in, would you like to place their house?” and saying “Yes” would put you in a similar mode like placing your own house while “No” would have the house plot be placed randomly.

Speaking of houses, I generally felt the size of the house in New Leaf and Wild World is great, but I’d absolutely take extra rooms upstairs or even larger rooms in general. I’d love to see different room sizes as well from Happy Home Designer.

Happy Home Designer in general brought a lot of great things (And I may get back to it soon, I do still have villagers to give houses) such as: Being able to select a skin color, ceiling items, customizable doors, different room layouts, and exterior customization. I hope we’ll be able to place items outside and maybe for shops and things, actually be able to customize their appearance. Just imagine people’s towns having a different looking cafe or Nookling shop.

I’d also love to see the campsite from the Welcome Amiibo update of New Leaf combined with features from Pocket Camp. Campers showing up there and being able to have villagers visit that way alongside being able to decorate a camp site and camper. I think that’d be really cute. Speaking of Amiibo, I hope we can use the cards and Amiibo ingame as well. It’ll make getting my favorite villagers easier for sure.

While I do love the train scene with Rover (or Kapp’n in non-train cases), I would like to be able to pick my character’s appearance from the start. I mean, I usually get the face I always get answering honestly, but it’d be nice to have hair I like right away and for those who’d prefer a different skin color and not want to wait until Summer when they can tan, I think it’d be a nice option.

Honestly though, I hope it brings in all the amazing items we got to see from Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp. My issues with Pocket Camp’s mechanics besides, it had tons of great items (Such as the water-paths!!) and I’d love to use them in my main town. While the changing of seasons is a thing to the point where I don’t think we’ll have scenery changes like Pocket Camp has, I still think a lot of cool features from it could be brought over.

As for things I hope that change from New Leaf:
-The furniture limit. At the very least, I hope it’s much greater (City Folk having a smaller one than Wild World still hurts me on a personal level), but I’d love to see it gone entirely. We can only put so many items in a room regardless due to size restraints, we don’t need item limits on top of it.
-The moving mechanic. While I do feel this was a glitch/coding issue based on the Best Friend prompt, I hope this is adjusted. I’d also love a way to permanently set someone to stay so I’d never have to worry about them moving, even if they come back again.
-As mentioned above, villagers being able to place their house wherever.
-More pattern space. And being able to edit patterns regardless. While I understand why this existed, this made it incredibly frustrating exchanging patterns between characters in the same town. Every time I wanted to edit something, I’d have to get it back to the Mayor somehow and it was just really tiring.
-Regional exclusives just being part of everyone’s game. While I made tons of great friends who I am looking forward to playing with, I’d love to be able to learn about different cultures and experience things in my game alone without needing to essentially line up regions to get everything. Not only that, but I genuinely do love hearing about different cultures so I think it’d be a lot of fun to see the different events in every game.
————Similarly, I’d love if some older events made a return to.
-I adore ordinances, but I’d love to be able to set more than one.
-Also more public work space!

I hope we’ll be able to transfer some stuff from New Leaf to the Switch version. Mainly because I might cry remaking all of those patterns.

I’m really curious just what will be new though. I think we can all expect new items at the least, probably some new characters as well (Also we’ll see Lottie return). I’d love if we could actually fully adjust our map ourselves or even increase our town size. I wonder how many villagers we’ll get this time–12? 15? Could we have less if we wanted?

There’s so much to look forward to. And I’m already planning out what I hope to do next <3

August 29, 2018

A Trip to Tennessee! (Pokemon Worlds and Goals)

So, we ended up going to Tennessee last weekend to see some friends (And well, go to Worlds while there anyway), which if you check my Twitter or are subscribed to my Youtube channel, you likely already knew :P But anyway, it was nice to go somewhere new. I had never been to Tennessee so I had fun just enjoying Nashville.

Before we get into the general trip stuff, I’ll talk about Pokemon and Pokemon Worlds a bit :)

So, we picked up our badges on Thursday afternoon. Figured it was best to get that and the shop out of the way ASAP.

I think I generally liked the colors/theme of the Worlds 2017 stuff better, but I still really liked the lanyard at least. I loved all the Pokemon with the different instruments. I kind of wished there was more merchandise featuring all the Pokemon for this over just Pikachu. They did, however, give out this free poster which was perfect (And we were even given a few extras!):

So, while we didn’t really buy any of the exclusive stuff, we did get these adorable plushies:

And here’s the bag by itself:

We also got some packs of cards with our spectator badges and these were essentially the highlights from our pack openings:

I did not get nearly as nice cards from opening the digital versions :P

They also had a demo station for the Let’s Go games! I was really excited to try them out:

And even got this cute Pokeball stress ball for playing:

I actually had a lot of fun with it. I really like the look of the game and how Pokemon show up and just exploring. The world feels so much more alive which is really nice. The Pokeball controller worked well, though, I found I accidentally would hit the button versus moving it sometimes, but I think that’s more just because I was getting used to it. It also reacted fairly well, but I couldn’t figure out exactly where the timing was for Pokemon who move around a lot and sadly, my time with the demo ended before I could play around with it more.

I’m really looking forward to it though. Now to just… finish Ultra Moon.

Some other miscellaneous tidbits:
-Apparently the demo wasn’t planned. The person we spoke to said they only found out about doing it like a week ago and it was super last minute.
-You may remember the curve ball demonstration during E3. The guy who was walking me through the game said the feature was removed and not in this build. He seemed unsure if it’d be brought back for the main game or not, but it was at least not in the newer version of the demo.

But yes, some pictures from the Pokemon Center, the main room, and where it was being held:

I really loved the stage. I love the buildings being all Pokemon world themed and it just really makes me wish there was some big combined Pokemon game of all the various cities and things we’ve gotten from every game. The Pokemon World is already so huge and there’s so much to see and I wish they’d actually use that versus constant new regions. At this point, I’m just kind of tired of new regions and new Pokemon. I’d mind a new region less if we could visit it alongside familiar ones, but I think there’s plenty of Pokemon at this point :(

Moving a bit more outside the convention center, I wish we got to do more in Pokemon GO, honestly. We seemed to manage to miss every single raid, there weren’t too many Pokestops actually in the main room, my GPS was constantly a bit finnicky, and I just didn’t have much luck with spawns either. I at least finally got a Sneasel and I did get a shiny Sunkern:

Also Tom traded me one of the Shiny Mareep he caught when we had visited back in April so yay :D And I at least got a lot of gifts to send back to people. Since I don’t go out much (and sometimes just can’t especially with the weather lately), I don’t usually have many chances to give gifts out :(

But yes, as to one of the biggest reasons for going, it was to pick up this from a very amazing friend:

This was one of the prizes for the first winner of the Sylveon Girls Battle in 2016 in Japan and one of my most wanted items that featured Mega Audino T~T My next big goal will be Mega Audino Ddakji:

So, if you’re in Korea or know someone who could maybe help with those, let me know! ❤

Going into general Tennessee, it’s time for various random tourist-y pictures and food tours :P

But yeah, I had more fun than I would have expected and there’s definitely more I would like to do and see so hopefully we have time to go again. And hopefully we won’t have another person pulling the fire alarm or another super hot day that destroys me because those were really the only bad things.

As for Pokemon Worlds next year… We don’t have too many plans, but Washington DC is a pretty good location for us, so maybe~

August 18, 2018

Something I miss with games

While I know this is definitely a minority thought, it’s something I think about a lot, especially when revisiting old games and what really frustrates me with newer games: The required skill ladder.

For me, the difficulty is really the least important part of a game to me. I play the game because of the story, to have fun, the characters, silly little trinkets, etc. I don’t care if a game is too easy, but nothing really frustrates me more than when a game is “too hard”. And some games definitely exist just to be hard! That is totally a thing, but at the same time, some games do add an option so even more “casual” players or those who may have some disabilities can still play it–like for example, Celeste. Celeste came out early this year and actually comes with an Assist Mode which allows you to customize your gameplay experience to an extent. And even with the normal mode, if you do die, you will respawn in that same room and can try again. I think my only real issue with it is that by using the mode, you get a stamp next to your file for doing so… Which I… don’t think it’s needed.

Kind of like if you end up using the Invincibility Leaf in Super Mario 3D Land/World and New Super Mario Brothers 2, you may finish the level, but in some way it won’t be fully completed until you do so without the handicap such as preventing secret areas from unlocking or things gathered not counting.

For some people, whether it be a disability or someone who may not be as well-versed in video games or just may have trouble with certain things (For example, I tend to be pretty good at games and am a quick learner, but to this day my aim is terrible and I am really awful with any kind of games that require aim for something), this may be the only way they can play and despite putting in all their effort into it, even if whatever instance they use is a bit overpowered, they get punished for it and I don’t understand the point of that.

It’s one thing if people were trying for like… high score tables or other things, but most people just want to see everything a game has to offer. They want to earn all the little trinkets, explore all the levels and areas, and just play the game to their heart’s content without hitting some stark difficulty curve or a certain piece that says “You can’t do this because you’re not good enough to” and I miss when things could be completed because the person was dedicated and had a lot of heart even if they weren’t the most skilled.

I still managed to get first place in every course of Super Mario 64 despite never drifting because I didn’t even know drifting was a thing. I managed to earn all the trophies in Super Smash Brothers and Super Smash Brothers Melee because most didn’t require crazy high scores or the highest difficulties. There were very few, unlike the newer iterations where you often need to beat things on the highest difficulty and get certain scores in certain modes and I just… I don’t find that fun. That isn’t fun to me.

And it’s the same issue to me with Pokemon where they have endgame that is for IV/EV trained Pokemon and ribbons and things exclusive to it and again, I feel there’s such… a difference between people who want to play and have fun but still SEE everything with the things they love and enjoy versus those who want to get to the highest skill level. (A good example is the minigames in Super Mario Odyssey–there’s a volleyball one and one for jump rope. They both have high score related achievements in those minigames. My personal preference would’ve been “play once” and “play 10 times” for each and then the high score table just be those who want to see how far they could go.)

And when it comes down to it, people who play for those high scores and high skill requirements are playing for those reasons more often than not. Those are fun for them. The extras/rewards/prize(s) are just bonuses.

But those who maybe just enjoy collecting and seeing everything may not have the ability to reach the skill ceiling that gets higher and higher and it just… It’s disappointing, I guess.

I miss being able to collect without being a super hardcore min-maxing video game strategist and when achievements focused more on progress over high score tables. And it makes me sad that video games seem to be going in that direction more and more, tying the two into one category (Because contrary to belief, not all collectors are hardcore high score table champions–there’s different levels of “completionist”) when it’s… really not.

It just makes me sad because I think one day there will be a time video games won’t be for me anymore and I’m sad for that day to come.

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