Crystal Dreams

May 12, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 55

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It as another day with no news, but Isabelle said to pace ourselves as it is only Tuesday and in a real seasonal game, I can not afford to pace myself Isabelle. I sadly received my Gulliver item and it was a hairstyle and I’m so sad. I never found my last two fossils yesterday, I still have a rock missing in action (can they not spawn on sand?? I figured they could since fossils and weeds can, but…), my bottle recipes are nothing new (Dark Cosmos Crown), and it was raining again. I did have some very nice gifts from Madison though.

While casually looking for fossils, I also am doing my best to talk to my villagers every day. Merengue was hanging out at Cookie’s and us all being in the same dress made it feel like a club meeting.

Along the way, I noticed Saharah’s here. In all honesty, if it’s not Redd or Gulliver, I’d much rather Flick or Chip if only to get models made that I want. My storage is so full :( And I have certain ideas for some and want to see if I can place it like I’m imagining.

Since it seems rocks can’t spawn on/in sand (pathed sand, not beaches of course) after all, I ended up doing some adjustments to the Zen garden to make it looker nice again and put a random stone material in there to make up for it.

I think a Rock could maybe look nice in the grove, but honestly, I have no idea where it could fit. At this point, I have at least one rock I will be breaking still and no where for these two rocks to spawn. Maybe I can figure something out though. I at least found all four of my fossils today (though, no sign of the two I missed yesterday).

In the end, I found out the issue is that apparently the rock won’t spawn if it’s within four spaces of a cliff… which was an annoying issue. I tried adjusting some things so we’ll see if it finally works tomorrow.

If anything, today was mainly surprises. I found the other fossil I likely couldn’t find yesterday and immediately put transparent patterns down there.

I received some very generous gifts which helped a lot (on top of getting to catalog a lot of new things too).

I also realized I hadn’t properly gotten all the flowers in the Secret-Grove-Garden area so I worked on that too.

Despite nothing really happening though, I still pretty much played all day so… I also finally managed to clean out my storage a bit which at least means I should be able to work on my house now… I just have so much to do :(

May 11, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 54

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While Isabelle had no news, I personally made a lot of progress and my own goals have shifted a bit. The big thing is with Villager recipes out of the way, my focus is on Seasonal, Event, and Celeste recipes and various other things.

1. Cataloging situation – Besides clearly needing to update my list in general and also get non-furniture items up on that image list, there is still a lot I need to catalog. I also had just 6 Saharah rugs left at the time of starting Day 54, but by the evening I got them all (thank you so much to everyone who helped!!).

2. Celeste can apparently only give out the zodiac item during the correct season (IE: You can’t get any order zodiac item besides Taurus right now). If you have all the other recipes besides zodiac, she apparently just gives you the matching Star Fragment of the current zodiac. I don’t know if this holds if you visit someone who is on a different date who has Celeste, but I guess it’s something I can try to test next time I visit a friend. I wish I thought to take a screenshot or something earlier, but I was spamming through quickly as I didn’t want to take too long as I wasn’t the only one there and I wasn’t expecting to not get a recipe.

3. Birthdays – Celebrating a Villager’s birthday at another town actually counts towards the Nook Miles thing which is nice because otherwise it’s going to take 3 years minimum if you have 10 villagers and only celebrate theirs as you need 30 total to complete it. I do wonder if you go to multiple towns the same day to celebrate the same villager if it still counts too. Either way, I’m trying to stop by whenever someone has a villager celebrating a birthday so if you happen to, I’d love to visit!

4. I do want to work on crafting everything I still haven’t yet. I’m so behind on it (partially because I hate material grinding) and also need a lot of customization kits in order to get all the colors in one go so I hopefully won’t have to remake things. Unfortunately, I have not always managed to remember to do this, but here’s hoping I may be able to just catalog them from other people before it comes to that. I would say offhand, the things I probably need the most of right now are various flower materials, gold nuggets, and wood. Maybe also more stone. Maybe I’ll put a full list together soon.

Regardless, it was a new day and I had mail. One for the painting I bought at Filia’s town (Sinking Painting), one from Mika with the Cream Stew Soup Kettle (thank you, Mika!!), 5 letters from the Nook Shopping thing that contained those books so I could go make a stack of books, and finally, a letter from Cookie.

It was the Full-body tights outfit… I adore you Cookie, but I don’t think I will be wearing that.

I wasted no time making my Stack of Books before I headed off to the world of dailies. I’m not sure if I like the default version or the “Old” version better, but I just kept it the same for now.

Reminder for self: Clean out my storage x-x But with that done, it was off. I donated the painting first, but now it was time to try and find my fossils and also see if I can figure out what happened to that rock.

Going along the beach, I found Gulliver!! It’s been so long. Here’s hoping he gives me some of the items I want… (Fingers crossed for either Dala Horse (heck, I want three of these… Maybe four), Moai statue, Pagoda (I need two of these), and Stone Henge. Also maybe the Hula Doll for the beach, though, that’s low priority in comparison to the rest. On an even lower priority a Lucky Cat just to craft a Gold Lucky Cat for the Recipe check-mark, but I’d much rather something I don’t have).

Cookie was also pretty hyped.

While I wasn’t having much luck with the communication parts, I did manage to sell enough seashells to the Nooklings to hit the final Nook Miles goal so that was nice at least.

Teddy was worried about his catchphrase, but I told him it was fine.

After finally finding the parts for Gulliver, I decided to continue my fossil search and along the way, found a lost item. I guessed it was Cookie’s right away somehow so that was nice.

I really wasn’t having much fossil luck (only found two), so I made my way to Filia’s for now as he got Redd again. Meanwhile, because I guess Margie calling me out yesterday wasn’t enough, Judy called me out today.

I don’t have time to do nothing, okay!!

Moving on, I gave Teddy a new hat and Margie asked if she could call me Princess too.

Filia then was at Lopez’s birthday so I stopped by for that birthday today! He was also in August and the fluffy clouds are so beautiful in this game.

I then did some more crafting visits.

And made another birthday stop!

The only other thing I really ended up doing was experimenting with a waterfall trick where you can kind of jump through it– unfortunately, I could only get it work when entering from the back… Not the front :( Which stinks as I had the perfect use for it in two areas, but oh well… Though, considering I think it’s a glitch, it’ll probably get patched eventually anyway so maybe that’s for the best.

I really need to stop procrastinating working on my house v-v But I need to work on getting rid of more stuff in storage first. And get the rest of the things into the image list.

May 10, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 53

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While there were no announcements, there was a lot of mail. Besides the rest of the K.K. songs I had ordered (Just 14 K.K. songs to go), I had a letter from the Happy Home Academy along with a letter from Merengue, and the last two Mom’s Plushies I needed from Madison.

What really surprised me about the HHA letter was I didn’t expect any future gifts. While it was just a High-end stereo, it still makes me a bit nervous to be redoing my home. I just hope it comes out okay. My biggest worry is the Kitchen honestly. I just don’t know if I can make a Kitchen I’m happy with in a 6×6 space :/

Regardless, it was off to do dailies, visit friends, and sell some stuff in no particular order. While looking for Star Fragments, and keeping my hopes alive for a large one, I did find a Pear Dress recipe from Antonio.

Upon heading into the Able Sisters, I saw the crown I’ve been waiting for. I’ve actually had it cataloged for a while now and people have offered to let me buy it from their shops, but I was actually really adamant not to as incase there is ever an Able Sisters upgrade (Label permanently? Gracie here instead?), I wanted to have the bells into it and I wasn’t doing a good job buying as much as I could. So I ran to withdraw 1 million bells (and also pop into Nook’s Cranny, I have an order okay?!) and finally purchased it.

I had books available through the Nook Shopping Daily Selection today. There were other items I hoped to order too, but I needed 5 Books for the Stack of Books so I decided to just get them all. I feel like I may regret this later considering I’m hoping to work on my house but it’s too late now.

As I headed back to Able Sisters though, Alfonso asked if he could call me Princess too. Even if he may not be around forever, I still hope we’ll be friends so of course I told him yes.

I don’t think I’ll manage to get the photos of all my villagers who will be leaving (I already failed at Audie’s), but maybe I can try to buy them some day and set something up to remember them. At the least, I can always order their posters.

I still had fossils to find and also needed to find where my rock had put itself now, but I found all my star fragments (And got two large ones!), but most importantly, I had friends to visit! First up was Tom’s town as it was Patty’s birthday!

I’ve been trying to visit other towns for their character’s birthdays as it counts towards the Nook Miles thing and it’d take over 3 years otherwise if I just kept to my own villagers.

Next up was Filia’s town as Redd was there :D And then I stopped by some other friends’ towns as well.

I managed to find my fossils well enough, but I could not find where the rock I broke yesterday respawned anywhere. I did get a new reaction from Phil though.

And also gave some medicine to Mira.

After that, it was just a lot of crafting for people and thanks to kind tips, I’ve made a lot of progress on the recipe front. Maybe I can finally try and relax. And hopefully actually manage to decorate my house tomorrow.

May 9, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 52

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Today started with quite a lot of mail from everything I ordered plus my statue from Redd. I also had a letter from Margie and I agree with the sentiment and hope I can have some nice book area in my room. I had wanted to add something to the cafe too, but it just didn’t work out.

After that, I immediately ran to donate the Valiant Statue to Blathers. It was thankfully real and my Detective work paid off.

I decided to pause from my usual fossils first as one of Ruu’s villagers, Phoebe, was actually crafting the Iron Closet which was one of the recipes I still needed so I did my best to get over there first.

I then ended up getting another recipe at Vitalis’ town. Ironically, the regular Tulip Crown as the last one I got.

It was then off to look for fossils and maybe it was due to my breaking the usual schedule, I could not find my last fossil anywhere. Also apparently weeds can grow on sand which feels weird.

In the meantime, I went to talk to my villagers. Margie told me to imagine myself having a cup of tea and what kind of tea it was. I picked [Masala] Chai Tea. And then she called me out entirely.

As for Star Fragments, unfortunately, I once again didn’t get any Large ones :( But thankfully due to the power of time zones, I was able to go make some more wishes so here’s hoping I will be lucky tomorrow.

I wasn’t able to play much today overall, but I did manage to catch K.K. Slider’s concert before he left.

Just K.K. Birthday, K.K. House, K.K. Island, K.K. Marathon, K.K. Metal, K.K. Safari, K.K. Salsa, K.K. Ska, K.K. Sonata, K.K. Song, K.K. Steppe, K.K. Tango, K.K. Technopop, K.K. Western, K.K. Etude, Rockin’ K.K., The K. Funk, To the end, and Two Days Ago left to go.

I also made further progress on the recipe front! Below are, I believe, all the Villager recipes I still need– the rest are Seasonal ones from Balloons, from Events, or are from Celeste:
General Recipes: Iron shelf, Straw umbrella hat, Wooden-block bench, Pine Bonsai Tree*
Flower Crowns: Chic mum, Chic rose, Cool hyacinth, Cool windflower, Cosmos, Cute rose, Dark cosmos, Gold rose, Hyacinth, Lily, Purple Hyacinth, Purple pansy, Purple windflower, Simple mum, Windflower
Flower Wreaths: Blue rose, Chic cosmos, Chic windflower, Cool pansy , Cool windflower , Cosmos , Dark lily , Dark tulip , Fancy lily , Fancy rose , Gold rose , Natural mum wreath, Pretty tulip, Snazzy pansy, Tulip

* I still can’t find out for sure if it’s seasonal.

May 8, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 51

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So, to my surprise, most people said to continue doing daily entries T~T So thank you for enjoying them!

It was another day of no breaking news and more rain, a typical day in Pink Sea apparently T__T

To my surprise, I got the Nook Miles thing for Island Togetherness. In reality, it should be completed, but I’m only up to 30 as I just kind of suck at talking to everyone. Mail-wise was mostly K.K. songs I ordered that I cataloged from a friend (and that’ll be where all my orders go again today), but I also had a letter from Judy:

Yay for us being friends :D And Judy, you have no idea how down my mood is but I appreciate it. I hope to at least redo my ingame-house soon, but real life moving is still a mess.

It was then off for fossil hunting and to see where the last rock moved itself this time. Unfortunately, that was to my tiny little flower plot.

This really makes me want to just fill the plot up with flowers like I plan to when I don’t need any anymore, but I wouldn’t have anywhere to breed them then. I don’t have a second town specifically for flower breeding this time and this is honestly killing me. I just can’t stand something where I don’t want it to be and it just stresses me out beyond words.

As I climbed around to check for any randomly bred flowers from the rain and picked up some tee branches which I am so tired of doing, I sighted a boat I had been waiting to return for weeks now: Redd!! He was finally here again.

As much as I wanted to run over there, I had an order to my madness morning chores so he had to wait for now, but SOON.

Along the beach, I found a Recipe in a Bottle from Lily: Bamboo Bench. Sadly, I already had it :( Considering outside Seasonal/Event/Celeste stuff and the 31 Flower-related recipes (Wreaths/Crowns), I only have these Recipes left: Iron closet, Iron shelf, Straw umbrella hat, and Wooden-block bench (Also possibly the Pine Tree Bonsai if it isn’t seasonal but I think it is?), it’s probably going to be pretty rare I get anything new. :/ (I actually got a few recipes today so this was slightly longer, but yeah).

As I ran along looking for my fossils, it was generally a pretty bittersweet feeling. I wish I was more proud of my town. The difference between how I felt finishing up Pink Sea in New Leaf and this is like night and day, and while part of it could be due to things outside the game scope, I think a lot of it is I didn’t get my hopes up in New Leaf like I did here.

I knew what restrictions there were and what to expect from the get-go. I could plan every aspect with that in mind. With New Horizons, I got so caught up in the grandiose of scale and terraforming without realizing the restrictions would make a lot of the things I wanted to do either have to be done at a smaller scale or not at all. Not any area is exactly how I envisioned it and that sucks. A lot. There’s nothing I can really do to “fix” it, but I do think it means I’ll never really be happy with my town either.

My museum still getting so little progress as I wait for Gulliver and hope he gives me what I need doesn’t help.

Regardless, it was time to head to Redd’s and be the Detective Princess of my dreams.

I started with the Solemn Painting as I always found it really pretty. Alas, it was fake. The Famous and Jolly paintings were fake as well. That only left the Valiant Statue. As far as I can tell, it looks like the real one! But if not, I have an idea for where to put the fake one.

He also had the Toy Box in Blue which was the last color of it I needed so definitely a win today. The rain had started to clear up and was gone as the hour changed, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t end up raining again later.

I then decided to play around with some ideas I had with the entrance as I kind of just want to finish up with it because having to just… remove waterfalls and add cliffs to get places sucks. This genuinely hurts to do:

And there’s no need for it. Let it just have an option like the room decorating to drag things in because this is just disheartening. I’ve sometimes even considered changing stuff up, but it’s just not worth the effort and I’m not looking forward to doing similar for other areas.

I do think it came out nice, but the anxiety over it wasn’t worth it. And just ignore the one picked lily– accident from all the pain it took to place those lamps -_-

After that, I mainly did my usual crafting for people thing, but I also got to hang out at Spooky’s for a bit and check out her town after making some Crescent Moon Chairs. The area she made for Rainy was really sweet.

Heading back to my own island, I went to greet my other villagers who were now awake. Judy even taught me a new reaction.

Though, I don’t know if “Amazed” is the right now…

Not much else happened, but later that evening, I did run into Wisp.

I once again picked something new, but he gave me a Throwback Gothic Mirror which I already have all the colors of :(

Meanwhile, I tried adding a few more elements to the Grove area.

Teddy tried to give me a new nickname… but I decided to stick with the old one. Though, he added to it so now I’m “Team Captain” Princess (but shortened to Princess).

Other than that, thanks to some kind trades and friends, I’ve been slowly working on getting my pink flowers set up… But honestly, I’m so overwhelmed, that some are pretty much going in the last place they’re needed.

I work so much in patterns that I’m struggling really laying it all out as I get more of specific kinds. Right now, of the ones I need tons of, I have the most of Pink Windflowers. In Second is a tie between Lilies and Hyacinths, but I’d say Lilies are higher overall? And finally Roses which I do not have much of at all.

I really didn’t work out a breeding area enough and I’m absolutely paying for it now (especially as someone who just isn’t comfortable asking anyone to come water even when I know they don’t mind/have no problem doing it). I didn’t realize just how much having a second town just for hybrid breeding helped and I just feel kind of lost right now because of it.

Kind of like how I work best when I have all the furniture I need and can just shuffle as needed, I really just need to have as many flowers as I can good to go or I have a hard time keeping track of everything and where maybe I won’t want flowers or would prefer something else.

On a less melancholy note, I got the last Plastic Pool I needed and placed it where the Blue one had been. I’m not sure if I’ll keep this one here or not or change it to one of the other colors, but I’m happy to finally get it.

To my surprise though, things got a little more eventful as the day came close to an end. Besides crafting a lot for people and doing some DIY trades, I got a new item for around my Museum as a tip!

I’m not entirely sold on that specific spot yet, but I’m happy to be filling it out in some way.

And I even got to wish on some starts. Fingers crossed for Large Star Fragments tomorrow!

May 7, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 50

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A new day had begun with sadly no new announcements. The rain had returned though, after the one Sunny Day I had in ages. I mainly just got all the items I ordered, but I also had a letter from Flurry with a Cartoonist’s Set. I then went into full chore mode to look for my fossils, gather up seashells for selling, and find my bottle recipe of the day: Lucky Gold Cat.

The Floor Lights really added to the music area like I hoped, not that the rain really shows it. I wish I saw Villagers over here.

Kicks was in my town today with some nice stuff too.

Besides that… Nothing really happened. I wish we could ask our villagers for requests or something, but it was relatively quiet for Day 50. I did learn some new recipes today (A Blue Rose Crown from Margie and others from visiting other peoples towns) and also crafted some things for people, but as for my town itself, nothing really happened.

I did adjust the path/pattern around the fountain near my house though to make it easier to walk around. I’m hoping to also organize the flowers in that area soon too.

But like with Videos, I may not continue doing Daily entries unless something big happens ooor do multiple entries over a week instead. Everything just feels so slow right now, sadly :( It’s weird, I felt like I always had a good amount to talk about with New Leaf, but ACNH feels kind of empty at times.

Should I continue doing daily entries?

  • Yes! (82%, 9 Votes)
  • No, do them weekly. (9%, 1 Votes)
  • No, just do some for events/big moments. (9%, 1 Votes)
  • No, just do one entry until something significant happens. (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 11

Loading ... Loading ...

For now, I guess I’ll just stand in the plaza and see if any of my villagers want me to do anything for them…

May 6, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 49

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A new day has begun and Isabelle sadly had no new announcements today. I did get quite a bit of mail though with the items I ordered, a painting from Redd, and an… interesting letter from Alfonso:

My Recipe in a Bottle of the Day was a Hyacinth Wreath from Hans. Sadly, I already had that one.

I then went around working on some areas. I think I need to add some floor lights to the Music area behind the DJ Booth, but I’m pretty happy otherwise.

I do wish more could be properly seen from the “view port though too. I guess I could consider moving the trees, but who knows.

Saharah was here so I bought her rugs as those are all I still need right now.

Small: Simple small Avocado mat
Medium: Black Blocks rug
Large: Red dotted rug

Unfortunately, I only needed the Medium rug, but 1 is better than none. I still have 11 rugs to go (at the time of publishing this post anyway, though, it was 18 left after the initial purchase from Saharah):
Small: Simple small purple mat, Yellow-design kitchen mat
Medium: Black wooden-deck rug, Fossil rug, Red carpet, Simple medium avocado mat, Tatami mat, Tropical rug
Large: Green stripes rug, Monochromatic wavy rug, Red-and-blue checked rug

I also stopped by a friend’s town to do some cataloging.

I wish cataloging didn’t feel so overwhelming in this game. It’s one thing when I could just do a quick search for an item, but suddenly I have to double check colors too and it not only takes so much longer, but I second guess myself a lot too and it sucks.

Next, I stopped by Liz’s town as her Saharah had another rug I needed. I got distracted by the double rainbow though so that’s the picture I took there.

When I got back to town, Mira said how she wanted to move. I know you can apparently close out during the conversation and then you’re likely to have a different person asking tomorrow, but I just… am not comfortable closing my game out like that honestly :( So I went through it and told her I didn’t want her to go.

In any other game, while I do like her, I probably would’ve let her move, but just letting her and/or Teddy move after everything that happened during “Day 0” would feel wrong and I just can’t do it. If I did, I’d probably have just stuck to 8 villagers, and used the remaining around to make a sitting area with a pond for them, but we can’t remove plots either soooo…

Nothing else in particular really happened today. I didn’t even get to catch my villagers crafting due to having to lay down because of allergies :( But I did take this super cute picture in Judy’s house:

Anyway, this was a pretty short day as allergies have just been breaking me entirely, so here’s an ACNH tier list I filled out to finish this off:

May 5, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 48

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A new day has begun, Nature Day is over, and to my surprise, something was actually announced today: A visitor at the campsite! Before I made my way over there, I emptied my mail of the random stuff I ordered plus a letter from Flurry.

Along the way, I also combed the beach and picked up more Star Fragments. I’m going to start carrying a Taurus one around until I show it to Celeste. I also had gotten 8 Pink Lolita Dresses to give out to some of my villagers. Since I know they can switch between multiple outfits, I thought it’d be fun.

The last three are reserved for Diana, Maple, and Peanut whenever I finally get them T__T Mira and Teddy could absolutely pull it off too, but I just love their current outfits a lot.

Also I love when I see them wearing cute designs… I need to set up another cute dress.

Leif was also here again… If I had Redd even just a fraction of the time at this point :(

My camper ended up being Olaf this time. Still not sure if I feel relieved or not each time. For once, I decided to try and talk to my campsite villager more to see if I could learn a new recipe.

He first offered a card game for a Mountain parka to guess the suit of a card– sadly, it was a Club and I guessed Heart. The second time, he offered a Snowglobe, but I turned him down as I already had one. He tried to hint on moving in so I didn’t bother talking to him further, but I pretty much declined his request. Really didn’t feel worth the paranoia, honestly :(

I then continued on my way to look for fossils and thankfully, they were all pretty close by again… and even right next to each other for the last two.

Cookie had only just gotten up and was crafting with a recipe I still didn’t know yet! I feel like a lot of people have it by now, but I was really excited to get it.

Besides that, honestly, not much else happened today. I visited a lot of friends to get new recipes and catalog things and I even have just 19 rugs left. I even got to stop at a friend of a friend’s for some art (so I should get a Moody painting in the mail tomorrow). I also let Mika take some of the flowers I wasn’t planning on keeping. I generally can’t stand crafting, but I find if the part I hate the most is gone (the resource management grind), it doesn’t bother me as much. Resource management and durability are just systems that stress me out which is the last thing I need in a relaxing game.

Similarly, I’ve always been awful at watering flowers. I actually never kept any flowers alive beyond Golden roses because I would get tired of watering them until New Leaf with the beautiful ordinance. But I don’t really mind watering for friends as I just enjoy being helpful, especially as I feel I can’t help as much in some other ways due to my… particular-ness with certain things. I don’t know if I’d have ever finished my Watering Nook Miles thing otherwise.

In that same vein, crafting for myself is just so draining. I hate resource grinding so much, but I love being able to craft things for friends and it’s part of why I have the crafting situation I do. And sure, it helps with Nook Miles too, but that honestly feels like a bonus if anything.

Speaking of crafting though, I have about 127 recipes left to go at the time of writing this post as far as I can tell. I don’t think you can actually permanently learn the construction kit recipes. Of the ones there, most of it involves Flower Crowns/Wreaths, Event stuff (like the wedding items), Seasonal stuff (From Winter with Snowboy and also balloons as well in Summer, Fall, and Winter I believe?), or items from Celeste. Exceptions are the Acoustic Guitar, Iron Armor, Iron Closet, Iron Shelf, Iron Worktable, Stacked Magazines, Straw umbrella hat, Wooden table, Wooden-block bench, and Wooden-plank sign which are all from Villagers, a handful from Cranky ones which I don’t have any. But then it’s just… waiting for the Seasons to turn.

Moving on to some other things, thanks to my Taurus fragment carrying plan, I finally had it with me when going to see Celeste. I really like her Zodiac tales.

I learned a new reaction from Mira: Disagreement.

Too bad I’ll never be able to nod thanks to Reactions requiring certain Vllager types :|

I also experimented with putting the Moon here. I don’t know if I’ll keep it there, but I kind of like it too.

May 4, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 47

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It’s officially the last day of Nature Day! And on the loading screen, I noticed C.J. was here too– I don’t think I’ll bother selling many fish to him, but I can at least do the challenge and get a new fish model. Isabelle unfortunately still had no news which I was kind of surprised about as I expected her to at least mention Nature Day was ending…

There wasn’t really much mail-wise. Just a letter from Phil, some Simple Panels I ordered, and a Hallo Tee from the Special Goods section.

With mail checked, I went off to see if C.J. was still where I saw him on the loading screen and he was! I think I may just… wait on the loading screen for a bit before I load up next time as a way to see if anyone special is here.

I wouldn’t really call that Big, but okay… Okay, the Snapping turtles definitely, but squids? Regardless, working on this challenge gave me time to comb the beach too. I had more Star fragments to get plus today’s recipe in a bottle: Sandy-beach flooring.

I finished the challenge pretty quickly, but to my surprise, I got three Red Snappers in a row no less… 13,500 Bells for those was pretty nice. I also gave him some Seahorses for the model.

I would say the other surprise was my hitting two balloons and getting two different Imperial furniture pieces in a color I didn’t have yet. Also I have nothing to say about this, but I was so flabbergasted I’m sharing it here.

I also worked a little more on the gate area– I do think the silver borders look nicer in the end and I added a little stone under which makes the broken stone path work a little more. It’s like it leads to an old ancient garden kind of.

As for the Star Fragments, I managed to get 1 more Large, but I still need more in general even if just to make one of each thing… On a more positive note, a friend sent me some Summer shells so I was able to make my Shellfish Pochette. I can’t decide if I want to use it with my main outfit or not though. I have mixed feelings on non-backpack bags as it is. For now, I put it on my “Casual” outfit.

My shops were kind of disappointing today despite everything else going on, though, it was almost a relief to not see the Lolita hair in the Able Sisters again today as it was in pretty much every day last week and it taunts me as I love the ringlets and bangs (and both longer wavy hairstyles also have nice bangs) and it kills me that the only high ponytail hair has the bangs it does and it just the usual plain ponytail. Let me have hair like this, Nintendo T___T Or even like Persona 5’s Kasumi…

Meanwhile, Cookie has also started calling me Bestie a lot and it’s kind of sweet.

And, of course, I made sure to do my final Nature Day Nook Miles+ Task. This time it was to transplant a tree so I just… dug one up and placed it back down immediately.

I think the big thing today though is I’ve actually managed to get a handful of brand new recipes from various people and towns, including friends.

The two biggest highlights for me being the Star Pochette and Magazine Stand recipes which are both items that were on my wish list. Unfortunately, I can’t craft the Magazine stands just yet as I need 2 Magazines per stand and I’ve already used up the order slots today… But I was at least able to make the Star Pochette which let me finish off my future Star Gazing and Celeste visiting outfit:

(If you know who made the dress, let me know! I tried looking for information, but couldn’t find anything and I was shown it by a friend :( )

However, as one last surprise, a friend sent me over enough Magazines to make the two I wanted! I’m still going to play around with the positioning, but I’m really happy to have both designs I wanted.

I think today will be an early stop, but if anything else happens, I’m sure I’ll add some further notes here.

Edit: Of course more happens as soon as I post it :P I ended up going over to another friend’s and got to see Celeste and wish on some stars. Fingers crossed for at least one other large star fragment tomorrow! …I keep forgetting to bring a Taurus fragment with me to show her though ;~;

I also got a new reaction from Judy today– Thought!

I then did some additions to the island. Mostly just small add-ons or little areas, but I hope they make things more aesthetically pleasing.

Once three of the Vintage Pocket Camper arrive plus the Tourist Telescope, the Miniature area will be done. I’ve wanted something to do with the models and I’m glad this gets more use for my third lighthouse.

I also made some fun visits to friends. I was hoping to do a Teddy Bear Picnic-type thing for Maple’s yard so I’m excited that it looks really nice, even though mine will be a lot smaller…

I just really hope the things I do will be even close to this impressive.

May 3, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Day 46

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Sunday is Turnip day and I just… I still wish Isabelle would announce special visitors. It’s really weird she doesn’t. Anyway, I had a bit of mail– mostly stuff I ordered, but I managed to get a new DAL item: DAL cap and of course, the letter I was waiting for:

I’m pretty sure that’s the last prize? But also paranoid so maybe I’ll wait another week to be sure. I’ll fully work on my house soon… Hopefully. I still need to figure out a good idea for the basement room anyway (along with if maybe I want to move it to a different room and other issues…).

Marina’s poster also arrived today after I finally invited her to Harvey’s island yesterday so I could order it.

It’s honestly kind of killing me that I haven’t been able to scan in all my Amiibo yet :( But at least I only have three dream villagers to go…

I also set up my Simple Panels a bit– I’m not sure if I’m going to keep a switching pattern or end up doing it just one way or the other, but at the very least, I think I’m going to make them all White Simple Panels.

Either way, it was then time for our fossil search and beach combing. Meanwhile, our glowy spot decided to invade our RESERVED FOR STONEHENGE space.

Further to my surprise after running back to store some things I realized I forgot to, I ran right into Daisy Mae. She is always so much easier to find when I’m not planning to buy any turnips (and even if I was, probably not at 103 each).

It was then finally time to get back to my Fossil-Beach mission and my DIY Recipe in a Bottle this time was Scattered Papers from Graham.

Leif was also here again today, likely due to my Nature Day Nook Miles+ goal being to plant some Mums, which aren’t usually sold here.

I adore Leif as a character, but he’s the recurring character I really need to see the least right now as unless he starts selling hybrid pink flowers, there isn’t anything I need from him.

Meanwhile, with the Simple Panels in, I did my best to set them up:

I ordered gold ones today so I’ll check tomorrow if those look better than Silver, but it does look kind of nice.

While continuing my fossil search, I ended up finding a lost item which belonged to Cookie.

This at least felt like a believable area to find it. I feel like I only see villagers in the “Village” area and plaza and that makes me kind of sad. They just never seem to move around much. Maybe once I get more flowers in? :(

On the bright side, one of my fossils today was an Amber. I’m generally not big on the “put a bunch of the fossils you’ll see in the museum outside the museum” thing, but I really like rocks so I couldn’t help but make an exception to put this in my little… Grove thing.

Meanwhile, Judy scared me when she accused me of eating her Panna cotta… but she was just kidding in an effort to show me the Intense reaction. This is my first new reaction from her, but I really need to stop getting new reactions behind this Waterfall.

And I don’t know, she looks more downtrodden and melancholy if anything.

While Redd continues to allude me, a friend did get him and honestly, even if I don’t buy anything or need what’s available, I really just love trying to figure out which is fake and which is real. There was a fake painting I liked though so maybe I’ll have that for my house…

I also continued my beetle practicing and for the most part, it was going well…

There were even shooting stars.

But then we were struck with a sudden disconnect :( The Horned Elephant was saved as I had stopped back to sell some things, but anything I earned during my first return trip was just completely gone– it was as if I was never there despite them not disconnecting. Super weird.

I did manage to get the Golden Stag and Giant Stag again, but I still need to re-catch/find the Horned Hercules. I did my best to make up on star wishes too and at the very least, I did end up catching one other surprise:

And it is SO SHINY in this game.

Meanwhile, back in town, the on and off rain continued. I also decided to move the cedar tree over here to open it up and I do think it looks nice– maybe I will keep the silver borders.

Eventually, it turned into a full Thunderstorm– my very first no less!

It’s honestly kind of insane, but maybe I should’ve expected as much with the crazy wind this morning.

As things eased down (as much as they can when your town is storming), I stopped by a town to visit Celeste. Unfortunately, I got a Mums Wand :(

Regardless, the night ended on a high note with some new art for the museum and new recipes from a friend!: Cardboard sofa, Cherry Wall, Apple Rug, Key Holder, and Bone Doorplate! I also genuinely can’t wait to see the museum fully fleshed out. It’s really looking great.

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