Disney Dreamlight Valley – It’s time for Update 3!

Update 3 is officially here!! As always, you can find my video playthrough over on Youtube as well.

First thing I ended up doing was checking out some of the new things. Seeing how many new recipes there were (Just one– Buñuelos. It’s made with Wheat, Cheese, Eggs, Milk, but you’ll also learn how to make it through Mirabel’s story). Unfortunately, as soon as I brought up the Premium Shop, my entire excitement died and my mood dropped as I saw the prices.

They’re bad. They’re really bad. Or more specifically, they are very expensive. The Star Path (the game’s mission/season pass) costs 2,500 Moonstones and usually has multiple furniture items, clothes, decals, etc. These packs are 3,000-5,000 for three pieces of furniture or a Premium House Skin which is… just… crazy to me? Like I don’t know how those prices were thought to be fair. To make matters even worse, the items rotate out after 5 days. And I was so worried when they decided to increase the daily moonstone price that the prices would be expensive, and yet this is still so much worse than I imagined.

I also can’t help but think from the POV of someone who gets the game free to play and like… What will 250 (assuming they find their daily chest each day– as mentioned, I suck at finding mine) get them? Nothing. The items will rotate out before they even have a fraction of the amount they need for anything.

I don’t even like everything from each pack, but you have to buy the bundle, and just… I don’t know what to do. I don’t really want to pay those prices, though I do have enough Moonstones due to having the Ultimate Edition, but I also don’t want to miss out on things due to the Collector side of me. I’d like to hope maybe they will reconsider these prices as I haven’t really seen anyone actually happy about them, but who knows when that could happen and the items could rotate out first. I don’t even mind buying things from time to time, but the value has to balance out and I can’t see how any of these cost more than the Star Path does. I was expecting 500-1,000 at most if it was on the higher end. I never expected over 3,000 at the lowest.

For those who don’t play, to give an idea of value, $5 of Moonstones is 1,200, $10 is 2,500 (The Star Path price), $20 is 5,500, and $50 is 14,500 which as usual with these things, the highest is the best value. It’s 15,005 for all four “packs” currently in the store. $50 isn’t even enough to cover that. You may still have enough if bought the Ultimate pack and have kept up with your Star Path rewards and Daily Moonstones, but it’ll still take up most of your reserves.

I don’t really have words for just how… incredibly disheartened I’ve been with the whole situation. I really hope they do something, but at the same time, I feel like anything that could be done won’t be quick enough before anything switches out. The trailer even showed more items that will clearly be in the Premium Store so plenty are planned, which isn’t surprising if they are rotating out every 5 days and we get game updates bi-monthly.

Moving onto actual story stuff and not feeling like I got backstabbed by the new series of microtransactions, the main story continued with Frosted Height’s now covered in a blizzard. Towards the back of the area, there was a locked door with some footprints.

Inside was Olaf and honestly, I feel awful that he’s just been trapped here waiting for us to find him. That’s really heartbreaking. It’s clearly been years, but who knows how long it felt in the Valley itself.

After getting back his nose and buttons from the Dark Squirrels, we just needed to find his arms. Meanwhile, we continue to see the Forgetting being evil. I still hate their outfit. And Elsa has some of her own advice to give to the situation. I’ll be honest, I’m bad at letting go of stuff in real life, let alone game me as well apparently.

To get his arms, we needed to reach through the portal as they were apparently still holding onto the Orb.

With Olaf’s arms returned to him, he was able to finally give us a warm hug and thanks to the power of warm hugs love, the Frosted Height’s Orb was rejuvenated. Honestly, I could use a Warm Hug in real life right now.

With the Orb now back to life, it was time to put it back in its pillar. It is very pretty. We also got our own little Dark Squirrel friend from Olaf so… I guess they really were playing with him? Maybe?

Now, it was time to find the other new character and to lead us there, a golden doorknob was found in Peaceful Meadows near one one of the ways down to Dazzle Beach.

While getting to work on this, I also had Olaf on to follow me so I could work on his friendship quests. He wanted to put on a play like he used to in order to make everyone smile. In the end, for whatever reason, he decided to make the play about our character’s story. Though, honestly, it seems to focus more on Donald and what happened in the Forest of Valor in the end. I also find it interesting we essentially got to make popcorn, but still can’t actually make it? (For anyone who needs a reminder of the recipe, it’s 2 Corn, Sugarcane, Butter, and Pure Ice.

Once I got through the latest part of Olaf’s quest, I got back to working on Mirabel’s and she finally returned along with the Mini-Casita… Or more accurately, the Mini-Casita decided to come back with Mirabel in tow. The Mini-Casita is absolutely huge, honestly. I think the only thing “mini” about it is that it only contains Mirabel’s room.

Before continuing with Mirabel’s storyline, I decided to finish up Olaf’s first. At least we got the stage after considering how many other quests just… take the items away and we never get to have them for ourselves.

It was then time to help out Mirabel and get her room set back up. During it, we had to do some things for our house as well, so I took advantage of the new door appearance feature. I really need to buy more of the door designs more. I initially thought changing it would not actually “use” the item, but I guess it makes sense it does.

While working on the Star Path stuff in-between everything, I also noticed Remy’s restaurant had gotten an upgrade. And yet, most of the tables continue to remain empty which is especially frustrating as I get super unlucky with the Star Path tasks this time around.

Despite the steady progress, I did hit a breaking point in the next step after finding the parts of the table. Essentially, I need to wait for Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa to finish fixing the table and Moana to finish working on the tablecloth to continue. I have no clue when this will be done (I would guess at least a day? Maybe?), but I’ll update this post later and put out a second video once that finally finishes.

As an aside, if anyone is struggling with finding things with Mirabel’s quest, I found Scrooge’s Key near the back of Anna and Kristoff’s house (buried, you have to dig for it) and the parts of the table had two partially buried that you had to dig up and two just laying around.

Meanwhile, the Potato mystery just got weirder. For one, there was a Red Potato in Remy’s house. I know some people are thinking maybe this is a way to get the Golden Potato without the code, but I don’t think the code has an expiration date so I don’t know if that is necessary.

But with one new Potato, we also found new steps for how to proceed with our Golden Potato… In Merlin’s house, you can see the book and multiple of these stone diamonds. There is one next to the book as well.

Going into the Cave on Dazzle Beach, placing the Golden Potato on one you can find as you headed down caused a Golden Carrot to spawn.

The next one was on the table in Elsa’s Cave. Putting the Golden Carrot there caused a Golden Crab to spawn.

Then, at the top of the castle on the railing, putting the golden Grab there made a Golden Night Thorn spawn.

Heading back to Merlin’s house, we could then place the Golden Night Thorn by the book which caused us to get a Gleaming Gold Potion. As for what to do next… That’s what I’m still currently trying to figure out.

I ended up finishing off things mostly trying to get as many Star Path tasks done as possible, especially as now I just feel… even more demotivated than usual with it. It doesn’t help that one of the new tasks is having 5 daily conversations with the same character which means it gets completion-walled for 5 days… Technically, 6 for me counting today because I spoke to Mickey during Mirabel’s quest before I got this task. -_- Regardless, as always, I got the new Critter first.

I also placed some of the new furniture I got from Olaf’s friendship quest.

And, of course, I changed my House to the pink variant. I do wish it was a pale pink instead of so white though. Not pink enough at all. Which is a shame as I feel like every other color option HAS a lot more of that color than the pink one.

(As an aside, also not a huge fan of the new chest design? I don’t have the patience to craft and replace so many chests either so I really wish they chests just upgraded based off your house size like the chest you start with. I miss when we could buy crafted items from Scrooge)

I’ll likely check back in later to see if maybe I can get any other Star Path stuff done or if Mirabel’s final quest part can be continued, but otherwise, just expect an edit and additional video tomorrow.

Edit as of 7:15PM on February 16th, 2023: The objective for Moana ended up ticking about 3-4 hours later. Still no change on the other objective part though, but I would assume it’ll definitely be done sometime tomorrow. Anna specifically says it’ll take them “a day” so it’s a matter of if just a new day/rollover will be enough or if it’ll actually require 24 hours.

Edit as of 3:04PM on February 17th, 2023: As expected, the other objective ticked after about 24 hours, so I finished up Mirabel’s quest. What kills me a bit with these wait periods on the final quest is that the task that follows is like… 3-5 minutes long at best so it’s just a super unsatisfying wait and makes the walling feel a lot more obnoxious. The photo moment was cute though and once again, I’m glad they’re giving us the items now.

I also got these cute Earrings in Scrooge’s today:

The only Star Path task I have left now is just having to have 5 Daily Discussions with Mickey so I’ll likely be back on the “Just buying from Scrooge each day” task. That said, I still can’t seem to find my daily chest at all -_-

Edit as of February 18th, 2023: Apparently, we could do more with the Red Potato as well, hinted by a new post-it note in Remy’s Realm.

Cooking the Red Potato, Lobster, Raspberries, Chili Pepper, and Slush Ice together makes the “Icy-Red Stew… Yuck”. You then place it in the Serving Section in Remy’s Realm in order to spawn the Raging Red Potion.