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Just some Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World stuff~

Despite having played the Wii U game, I was pretty excited for this version as well. That is because my favorite thing to do in the Wii U version was ride Poochy. And the 3DS version, not only still lets you have Poochy, but lets you play Poochy in his very own stages, but there are also Poochy Pups!! LOOK AT THEM WITH MY YOSHI (And yes, the photo to the left is also them with my Yoshi):

I love them so much… I don’t think they have official names so from here on out, we’re naming them Bluey, Pinky, and Blacky.

I love them so much though:

Even their flying animation is adorable:

And yes, you may have noticed I said My Yoshi–that is because in this game, you can actually create your own! This is an amazing feature and I don’t know why it wasn’t in there to begin with. Look at my adorable Yoshi:

If I knew how to crochet, I would try to crochet it like the ones in the shorts to go with my lovely Poochy Amiibo:

And in giant view:

(I wish it was this big when designing–it’d help so much more with the little details…)

And while not with my Yoshi yet, it is with my favorite Yoshi otherwise, the pink one:

From the adorable opening sequence <3 I don't know if I will write again when I'm finished, but for now you can always find my playthrough over on Youtube :)


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