My Candy Love – Summer 2021 Event Dialogue Guide

The surprise Summer Event this year took a page from Easter’s Board Game events with one of their own. You can earn dice through items from minigames or buy them for AP. There’s three different outfits you can earn plus a bank outfit. There is also a community goal once again for who knows why. Sadly, it costs AP to make the items to exchange for the dice as well :(

Regardless, this is a quick guide to help with the Dialogue Portions of the Event whenever you land on a speech bubble, you have a chance to get one of the following (until you’ve seen them all):

Nathaniel: Maybe you can help me find a better idea!

A. You can start a squirt gun fight?
B. If we join together, maybe we can bury him in the sand. <-- CORRECT
C. You can post a picture of him snoring on the social network pages.

Nathaniel: I’m going!

A. No, Nath, tell the coastal police! <-- CORRECT
B. Drop your phone in the sand near them, they’ll pick it up, and you can just follow them!
C. You should pretend to be a buyer!


A. Like trying an outdoor yoga class! <-- CORRECT
B. Like trying to fish on the rocks!
C. Like trying a ride on a Jet Ski!

Rayan: Try to guess.

A. Hmm… Rub a tomato on it? <-- CORRECT
B. Hmm… Rub ice on it?
C. Rub the burn with a piece of bread?

Castiel: Do you have an idea?

A. The Scientist by Coldplay?
B. Lonely Boys by The Black Keys <-- CORRECT
C. Angie by The Rolling Stones?

Castiel: We could have left… and gone to the beach at Copacabana, for example!

A. Oh yeah… In Florida, that would have been great!
B. Oh yeah… In California, that would have been great!
C. Oh yeah… In Brazil, that would have been great! <-- CORRECT


A. (Super motivated, I grabbed Priya and picked her up in my arms.)
B. (With the excitement I kicked the ball with all my strength!)
C. (Pumped up, I yelled while running around on the sand!) <-- CORRECT

Priya: I think I just got stung by a weever, it really hurts.

A. Go put your foot in the water!
B. Rub some lemon on it!
C. Run on the hot sand! <-- CORRECT


A. 2,100 feet?
B. 2,700 feet?
C. 1,150 feet? <-- CORRECT

Hyun: That seems far away…

A. No, it’s only 300 meters from the shore! <-- CORRECT
B. No, it’s only 200 meters from the shore!
C. No, it’s only 100 meters from the shore!

Each dialogue you complete gets you an illustration piece. Once you’ve gotten them all, you’ll unlock the group illustration.