Shindig Achievement & Quest Guide

This is just a quick guide to help with the achievements and fetch quests incase you’re not entirely sure where to go next!

Achievements aren’t missable so don’t worry if you want to figure it out on your own too. You can also find this guide over on Steam.


I’ll be putting these in order to how you’ll likely get them to help make it less confusing. As I mentioned above, none of these can be missed and a lot of them you’ll run into just playing through the story, but if one is really confusing you, hopefully this helps!
Radio Gaga – There’s a Radio inside your house. Simply click it and listen to it until it starts to loop/repeats “FRIENDO ISLAND RADIO”. It’s about 6 and a half minutes long.

 Farseer – Simply click the telescope at the Observatory to use it.

 Steve Achievement – After becoming ‘Besties’, click each hat in Steve’s Collection for Steve to put it on along with a matching costume. There’s 8 Hats in total.

 WHAAAAAALE! – After becoming ‘Besties’ with Steve, head to the very top of the lighthouse and click to look out from the left side. You’ll get a surprise greeting.

 Thanks Hoomin – You need to give Astrid the Box that Big Bonus’ new Boots came in. You’ll be able to pick up the box immediately after the cutscene when the boots arrive.

 Waterfall Wishes – Simply click a very specific place in the middle of the Waterfall to try and look behind it! It can be a bit hard to notice so here is a picture as well:

 Midnight Thoughts – Similar to Radio Gaga– at Dogtor Hund’s place is a Recorder. Listen to the full reel until it starts to loop/repeats “Captain’s Log: Dogdate 0000001”. It’s about 3 and a half minutes long.

 A Fine Shindig – Complete the main story and get the Decorations, Cake, Drinks, and Music as requested.

 Sociable Type – You need to view every single hangout option from your Beach Hut. Below is a full list:

  • There are 13 character portraits with one being for each character. The only exceptions are that Cosmos and Astrid share one while Dogtor Hund and Hobb have one together and also their own separated ones. These unlock as you complete each character’s personal quest.
  • Next to the Flowers will eventually be a Red Book that lets you sit in on a group’s Game Session. I’m not entirely sure what specifically unlocked this (maybe viewing everything at Hobb’s? Or helping out Baxter?), but it’s one of the group ones that unlocks.
  • Chocolate Cupcake – On top of the Bed Header. It lets you listen to Hobb’s Chocolate Cake song again. (Might be optional to need to do again)
  • Weights – These appear in the corner. I noticed them after the post-game, but it’s possible they could have appeared sooner. It’s a group workout session.
  • A string of colorful flags above the side table/radio. Clicking them will bring you back to the Shindig. You can just hit to skip over watching it all again if you want. (Might be optional to need to do again)

 Epic Epilogue – After the Shindig is over, go ahead and talk to everyone back at their homes for some nice messages from everyone. You’ll get a special Thank you message after talking to everyone.


In general, all of these are absolutely connected and they mainly got separated as Steam apparently has a character limit for sections.

Main Quests

Below is essentially what you need to do to complete your job aka get the Music, Decorations, Drinks, and Cake as requested by Baxter. Regardless, you will need to complete all of the quests in order to finish these.

Music – Gotten through a quest from Cosmos after helping Astrid get back to normal size.

Cosmos will ask you to find 7 melody inspirations for the music. A music spot is indicated by these specific notes popping up:

If you see them, just drag the recorder he gives you over to them to record the sound. If you need help, here’s where to find each sound:

  • Visit your lovely Boat who will be whistling a nice tune.
  • Either let Milo hug you or just talk to you and Milo will have a cheerful tune to sing after.
  • Phineas’ Organ
  • When close to the Robot in Hobb’s house, it’ll play a tune.
  • After giving Baxter the Lute, Baxter will play a tune on it.
  • After completing AOS’ Trust Exercise/Quiz to be able to make the lemonade, she will sound the happy klaxon.
  • After the MausHaus makes the directions, the Mousing Chorus will start.

Once you’ve recorded all 7 sounds, give it back to Cosmos and he’ll give you a tape with the music.

Decorations – Once you’ve become Besties with Steve, you need to collect the Crepe Paper upstairs in the Lighthouse that are next to the ink pot on the table by the bed.

You will use them to clean out the Lab tank for making the Lemonade and then need to give the Rainbow Crepe Paper.

With the dyed Crepe Paper, head to Hobb’s and put them through his pasta maker in order to shred them.

Take the shredded Crepe Paper to Mousey and the MausHaus for them to make into decorations.

Cake – Gotten through completing Hobb’s quests. Once you give him the Beetroot and Dog-safe Cocoa, he’ll get to making it. (See the Neighbors Quest part of the guide for more details)

Drinks – Throughout the game, you will find lemons. You need 10 Lemons and Sugar to make Lemonade at Dogtor Hund’s place. Once you have everything, you need to clean out the tank with the Crepe Paper and then talk to AOS to have her sanitize it. You’ll then be able to add the lemonade ingredients.

Lemon locations:

  • In your Beach Hut on top of your Pillow.
  • While in town, you should see it being held above the Apothecary. Simply click and it will be dropped for you to pick up.
  • At the post office is a package for you which contains a lemon.
  • At the top of the Tower on a Table in Hobb’s house. Click it and Hobb will let you take it.
  • To the right of Baxter’s Treehouse is a Greenhouse. Click it and it’ll say how you can ask Baxter for the key. Go ahead and do so and then you can grab the Lemon in the Greenhouse.
  • This lemon is in the fruit bowl at Pig-Wiggin Wheelz.
  • After completing Steve’s request, click the Viking Hat for Steve to put on in order to get this Lemon.
  • After Astrid moves, a Lemon will be left in the center of the crossroad that you can pick up.
  • At Dogtor Hund’s house at the bottom of the counter to the left of the entrance.
  • By the MausHaus

Sugar – Grab the cereal box at Big Bonus and Little Extra’s Store: Pig-Wiggin Wheelz.

To make the Lemonade:
-Go to Dogtor Hund’s
-Use the Origami Paper on the tank full of Rainbow Goo next to AOS
-Talk to AOS and have her clean and sterilize the tank.
-Add in the 10 Lemons
-Add in the Cereal Box
-Talk to AOS again. She’ll ask you to answer 5 questions correctly before she will help make the lemonade:

  • What is the quasi-historical TV show that Dogtor Hund and Hubb like to watch?
    Answer:  Podlork
  • During the great roleplaying massacre, Enquiliath the Wizard was slain by the dragon called…
    Answer:  Frexnar
  • Little Extra, the diminutive pig, has shown award-winning talent at:
    Answer:  Ballet
  • The Bad Cat and Cosmos are new media trailblazers, creating “Content” mainly for a:
    Answer:  Podcast
  • What is Steve the turtoise’s favourite colour?
    Answer: Steve (I personally picked A, but as they are all the same, it shouldn’t matter)

Neighbor/Friend Quests

Pretty much every single quest on the island is connected in some way and this will help sort it out a bit along with helping you keep track of who needs what.

Baxter – Gives you the very first quest of everything you need for the Party: Music, Decorations, Drinks, and a Cake! He has another quest later on at his house located in the big Tree. Details for these can be found in the Main Quest section.

Milo the Venus Hugtrap (Located in front of the old Item Shoppe) – Milo enjoys hugging, but also enjoys talking if you’re not particularly fond of hugs. Milo doesn’t have a quest, but is important to finishing up Cosmos’ music quest.

Cornelius the Bookodile (Located inside the Book Store/Library) – Asks for a way to meditate by the moon without going outside late at night so Pet Rock can follow its dreams. You receive the item that will help Cornelius out from helping Quinn the Octo-Postmaster.

Agatha the Otter (located in the Apothecary) – Asks for a rock with personality. You give her Pet Rock after completing Cornelius’ task.

Phineas (Located outside between the Apothecary and Post Office) – Needs a Cloth with Oil to clean the Organ. You will get this from Agatha upon completing her task.

Quinn the Octo-Postmaster (Located at the Post Office) – Wants something to keep her other brains busy while sorting mail. You can find what she needs at the Observatory.

Hobb (Located at his house which is next to the Post Office) – He will be making the cake, but asks you to retrieve the Dog Friendly Cocoa and pick up his beetroot which he needs in order to make it. Both require you to help Astrid so you can get to the North side of the island.

The Dog Friendly Cocoa can be found at Dogtor Hund’s sitting on the shelf:

The Beetroot just requires you to give the ticket Hobb gives you to the Mousey at the Farm– he’ll pop up when you get close to the little Castle to the right. After you give Hobb both items, you’ll get the Cake.

Steve (Located in the Lighthouse) – You need to be a Lighthouse Keeper to go upstairs and Steve is willing to make you an Honorary one if you become his ‘Bestie’. To do so, you need to get him a Wizard Hat which as he’ll mention, you can get from Baxter.

Baxter (Located at the Tree House) – To get the Wizard hat, you need to get him a Lute. You can get the Lute from finishing Phineas’ Quest.
While here, you’ll also want to make sure you head to the right and pick up a purple mouse-looking toy with a red button which you will need to get the item for Quinn’s quest.

Astrid (Located at the Crossroads, later the observatory) – You can’t really miss her as she is blocking the only way to the North half of the island. She needs the perfect smaller box to get back to normal size. You need to complete Little Extra’s request to get it.

Little Extra (Located at the Car Store) – If you head into the Store, Little Extra will explain how Big Bonus has sensitive feet and he’s saving to get him some Boots, but he needs $15. You can get $5 from 3 different locations:

  • Head back to your Beach Hut and a Crab will be holding $5 to the left. Click them and they will give it to you.
  • After completing Quinn’s quest, she gives you $5 as a thank you plus the item for Cornelius.
  • The final $5 is from the Piggybank upstairs in the Lighthouse after becoming Steve’s Bestie. Simply click it to take.

Cosmos (Located at the Observatory) – You can get to the Observatory by going through the Arch to the right of Hobb’s house and then heading to your right again. Cosmos’ current request is just to help get Astrid back to normal. However, if you use the Toy you got from Baxter’s on the Puzzle cube in the corner, Cosmos will knock it down for you to give to Quinn.

Getting this Puzzle Box pretty much sets of a nice combination of task completion. Giving it to Quinn gives you a reward towards Little Extra’s quest plus the item needed for Cornelius’ which lets you get Pet Rock for Agatha which allows you to get the Oil and Cloth for Phineas which lets you get the Lute to give to Baxter which lets you take the Wizard Hat to give to Steve which will then give you access to another lemon, the final $5, and the item needed for the Decorations. Having all $15 lets you also finish Little Extra’s request which after giving lets you have access to the Box to help out Astrid which unlocks the second part of the island so you can finish Hobb’s quests AND allows you to get a new task from Cosmos to get the music. (See the Main Quest section for details)

Mousey – Asks you to bring something to invigorate the other Mice after ~*the incident*~. This is what gets you the Decorations. More information is in the Main Quest section.

You must complete every single Character’s request in order to be able to get all the achievements along with even finish all of the Main quests.

You can’t get the Cake, Music, Decorations, or Drinks without getting to the second half of the island and Astrid needs you to complete Little Extra’s quest to get the box which means you need to complete Quinn’s quest to get another $5 and you need to complete Cornelius’ to get the item for Agatha to get the item for Phineas to get the item to Baxter to get the item to Steve in order to get a lemon AND another $5 for Little Extra so as you can see, it’s all connected :P

If you prefer watching a video, you can find my entire Playthrough below.