MCL Love Life Christmas 2021 Guide

We have a return of the memory game with decorating wreaths this time. Once you’ve made enough, you can do on a date. You can pick who for the first, but it is random otherwise. You need to either use 1 Decoration for a date or pay 50AP. You will also need to pay 50AP to retry or continue or move on. Each date requires 4 correct dialogue choices. You can find all the Illustrations here.


Nathaniel: Tell me, what would you prefer it be?

-Honestly, a thrilling activity, I never get tired of them!
-Something calm and soothing. <-- CORRECT
-An Activity where you have to think! An evening of “Guess that song” in a chalet, or something else?

Nathaniel: Do you know what the word “caribou” means?

-Animal that pulls Santa’s sleigh?
-Animal with antlers that lives in the forest?
-Animal that scrapes the ground with its hooves? <-- CORRECT

Nathaniel: Actually… Do you know the difference between caribou and reineer?

-They are the same! <-- CORRECT
-The snout and the weight!
-Their antlers?

Nathaniel: Do you recognize the smell?

-Moss? <-- CORRECT


Rayan: You said one clue!

-In any case, if it’s hiking, you should have told me, I don’t have the right shoes!
-In any case, I’ll follow you on any adventure. <-- CORRECT
-Are we going to go wingsuit flying?!

-Bungee jumping?
-A hot air balloon ride? <-- CORRECT
-Hang gliding?

Rayan: Actually, I would love for us to go together!

-New Mexico? <-- CORRECT

Rayan: That depends on us… But do you think there’s a limit?

-Over 9,000 feet? <-- CORRECT
-Over 1,600 feet
-Over 3,000 feet


Castiel: That’s a real hint, you can’t figure it out with that?

-Are we going dog sledding? <-- CORRECT
-Are we going to canicross running in the mountains?
-Are we going to a wolf refuge?

Castiel: Do you know the maximum speed the dogs can go?

-18 mph <-- CORRECT
-31 mph
-43 mph

-Mountain climbing
-A visit to a natural hot spring spa! <-- CORRECT
-A hike with snowshoes!

Castiel: The big question is who’s going to steer the sled?

-Can’t the instructor stay with us? I would be reassured.
-I would like for you to steer!
-I’ll do it! <-- CORRECT


Hyun: Well… if you ask the right question, perhaps I’ll reveal my surprise!

-Are we going to eat at a really chic restaurant there?
-Should I take my yoga pants? Are we going to take a class?
-I don’t know… Do I have to take sportswear with me? <-- CORRECT

Hyun: It requires a bit of equipment… but I have everything we need!

-Ice skating? <-- CORRECT
-Freestyle skiing?

Hyun: A little. Do you know when the first ice skates were used?

-Thousands of years BC? <-- CORRECT
-19th century?
-7th century?

Hyun: Alright, can I let you go and send you sliding?

-If I have a broken leg for the rest of our trip, I’ll never forgive you.
-Don’t let go of me, please! I’m a bit scared. <-- CORRECT
-(Inside I’m trembling like a leaf, but I would prefer not to let it show!)


Priya: Maybe…

-Did you plan on going on an expedition under the sheets during our trip?
-Night skiing? That would be great!
-Are we going to go on a walk through an ice cave? <-- CORRECT

Priya: We don’t need a guide, I have a map!

-Oh… we’re saved!
-Hmm… Can’t we use our GPS? I wouldn’t want us to get lost in a cave.
-We should probably tell someone about our trip? Just in case. <-- CORRECT

Priya: If not… I can always warm you up!

-I’m here for the hike and the love of the sport! Let’s stay focused. <-- CORRECT
-We’re going to melt the ice at that rate.
-Oh, I’m already cold, actually… We don’t have to go all the way to the cave, there’s a forest right here.

Priya: And yet we are far from being in the largest ice cave in the world, do you know where it is?

-In Antartica?
-In Austria? <-- CORRECT
-In Switzerland?