My Candy Love – Music Day 2022 Guide

This is mostly going to just be a quick answer guide. Essentially, you can spend AP to rush through the memory part of the event or play the minigame. Then there’s the dates every time you’ve earned a certain amount. Each date has 4 questions you need to answer correctly in order to unlock an illustration piece. At the end, you unlock the illustration. You also earn outfit parts along the way with the wigs unlocking at the end. The first date will always be your Crush for Love Life and will be random answer.

If you answer incorrectly, you’ll need to use either 1 of the Red Ribbons or 50AP (if you ran out of those) to try again. Those are also the costs to continue to the next question.

As have become the usual, besides the illustrations, there is a bank outfit and a bonus item based off community progress.


Nathaniel: Do you have any ideas for the gift? I’m so bad in that department…

• We could get him tickets to a concert. That would make up for Music Day.
• Yael told me about an artist that creates dinosaur themed pieces… ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• I’d be happy to offer him free coffee all week next week.

Nathaniel: I’m not sure that the guys have the same intentions as you. Actually… Where should we meet, and at what time?

• We can meet up here. I’ll be easier for the costumes.
• I’ve already thought about that, and actually, we won’t meet up. ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• Can you come get me at the Cosy Bear?

• (I know, I’m going to hit the dance floor! A central location is the best way to find him.)
• (I’m going to stand in that slightly elevated alcove over there. I’ll get a better view.) ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• (I’ll wander around until I find him. We’re talking about a game of love and chance, right?)

• (He’s always been a great dancer. How about we confirm his identity on the dance floor?)
• (In any case, I’m sure it’s him! To dispel any misunderstanding, I kissed him on the lips.)
• (And since tonight we are playing our roles in this fairlytale, I returned his gaze and bowed.) ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER


Castiel: Ah… Are you sure you don’t want us to do something together, quietly?

• But… I’ve already imagined everything. Come on… It will be so romantic.
• As you wish, I’ll find someone else to accompany me. Pancake, how about an enchanting evening?
• Yet I can already see us there… Me, behind the mask looking for you in the crowd… And you in a sumptuous costume… I’m sure you’d be sublime. ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER

Castiel: Honestly, I’m not even sure you’ll find me tonight.

• That’s part of the game… Why put on a mask if not to cause doubt…? ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• You’re not coming after all, are you?
• And I am convinced of the opposite. I would recognize you among a thousand, Castiel.

• (I can attract a crowd too, and I’m going to show him!)
• (I’ll just watch the scene.) ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• (I’ll show them… Wait a minute!)

Castiel: May I have this dance, beautiful stranger?

• At the risk of making some people jealous… with great pleasure! ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• You’re far too irresistible for me to refuse, sir. But let’s be quick, my husband isn’t far away.
• With joy, my love! I was beginning to wonder if they would give us the chance.


• But I guess we can match the rest of our outfits, that would be nice.
• So, if you don’t mind, I’ll take care of designing our outfits! I’ll call Dambi tomorrow, and…
• And to be honest, I’d find it even more romantic if we played the surprise card. ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER

Hyun: You bet I am! Dambi and I have worked hard! So much so that I’m afraid you won’t recognize me!

• Don’t tell me anything, that’s part of the game!
• But of course I will! I’ll always recognize you! I love you and you are unique to me. Never forget that.
• Could you give me a hint, then? ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER

• (That silhouette, over there, in that midnight blue suit studded with silver. I would recognize him anywhere!) ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• (Ah! There he is! He may have his back turned towards me… That grey suit enhanced with brocade, that’s exactly his style!)
• (Is that you over there in that jet-gold outfit? Looks good.)

Hyun: You bet I am! Dambi and I have worked hard! So much so that I’m afraid you won’t recognize me!

• How about we drink a glass of champagne?
• (I couldn’t resist. I pulled him towards me and kissed him passionately.)
• Will you grant me the first dance? ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER


Rayan: I have a little idea for the style… It will be princely! However, for the color…

• Princely? Go all out! Blue and gold, for example?
• If I may, burgundy would look great on you! ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• What about dark colors to enhance the costume. Like shades of grey…

Rayan: Where do you want to meet and at what time?

• Let’s meet there, at the door to the ball.
• I don’t want to meet… ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• I’ll wait for your carriage in front of the Cosy Bear, after closing!

• (I’m just going to wander around. After all, aren’t we talking about a game of love and chance…?) ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• (I have to get a good vantage point. I’m going to go to that slightly raised alcove over there.)
• (The best way to see is to be seen. I’m going to position myself in the middle of the dance floor!)

• “So you walk swiftly, and look ardently…”
• “So you walk softly, and look sweetly…” ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• “So you walk softly, and look ardently…”


Priya: I’ll just have to choose the color… I’ll need a dominant tint and some brocade…

• Why not blue and silver? You’ll be like a starry night…
• Red and gold could be beautiful, don’t you think? ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• Maybe something with purple and bronze? You’d be… captivating!

• Will you be able to dance in your outfit? I would love to waltz with you.
• What if we went to the ball separately? That way, we’ll be able to enjoy discovering each other there! ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• Should we rent a limo to get to the ball? It’s a bit like the modern coach.

• (I’m going to get us two glasses of wine, to toast to our reunion.) ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• (And why make her wait any longer? I walked over, and saw her eyes light up when she recognized me.)
• (I’ll surprise her, it’ll be fun. I slipped through the crowd to get behind her.)

• Come, my love, let’s dance!
• (I got a little closer to her, to better immerse ourselves in this whirlwind of feelings.) ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• How about some champagne?