My Candy Love – Summer 2022 Guide

This is mostly going to just be a quick answer guide. It works like every other dice/boardgame event. Essentially, you can spend AP to buy dice directly or make some using items from the Event. When you land on a “speech bubble” spot, you’ll get a conversation randomly with one of the Love Interests that you need to answer correctly despite the lack of any indicator of what the right answer is. You can only land on each spot once (unless you answer wrong). Shirts give a clothing piece, mortar and pestle give a crafting ingredient. You need to use some AP to craft (and $ if you want to speed it up), unfortunately.

If you answer incorrectly, you’ll need to land on the space again to try again.

As has become the usual, besides the illustration, there is a bank outfit and a bonus item based off community progress.


Nathaniel: Or something a little more rock’n’roll and unexpected, to take risks even if it means losing the competition?
• Is it not by taking risks that you’ve obtained the most results in your life? ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• You’ve always been a good student, Nath. Your strength is to achieve what is expected of you, but better. Build a castle.
• Rock’n’roll? Oooh… You want to encroach on Castiel’s territory? I like that!

• I don’t know if Thia will like this take, but in any case, I’m impressed. ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• Haha, all that’s missing is a police car chasing the bad guys!
• Oh yeah! I’ll say that I didn’t expect that…


Castiel: A plan that’s so amazing that it should even leave me a bit of time to enjoy the beach… and the downcast faces of my hesitant competitors.

• I think that you came to gain some inspiration from the other competitors.
• What. I know you, you’re going to improvise something at the last minute.
• That sounds like something you’d do. You act all casual, but in reality you always know exactly where you’re heading when it comes to being creative… ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER

• Did you place all your bet on size? It’s not very subtle… ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• Are you trying to evoke the Indian temple of Kuala Lumpur?
• Ohh! So… you really didn’t know what to do? What is that thing?


Hyun: I’d like to do something that’s true to my style, and it doesn’t matter if it’s not a conventional castle…

• That’s an easy one! Make a sand cake! Plus, you’re already super good at sugar sculpting! ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• You could make a cartoon character. You love them, and it’ll be a chance from the classic castles.
• How about a Cosy Bear castle? Remembering our university years…

• You didn’t make a cupcake? ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• Wow! Nice, it almost looks like a castle!
• You should have added a little bride and groom made out of sand, so that the creation is complete.


Rayan: Would I be better off going in a modern, baroque or classical direction?

• Have you ever been anything other than modern? You were the one teaching us about Game of Thrones in art history, after all… ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• Baroque can be fun, right?
• Classic, right? Aren’t you always saying that everything starts there?

• Ah… I imagined something more… I don’t know… cubic.
• That’s rather bold of you to present such a complex castle to a child, don’t you think? ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER
• I like that! It is very complex, but intriguing.


Priya: I know what I want to do. Whether I’m going to get there is another matter… It’s a bit… ambitious!

• It really does look very big. Maybe you should only do part of it…
• Hmm… It’s big but if it’s not too high, you can probably finish it before the end of the day.
• At the same time, have you ever done things differently? ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER

• I didn’t dare tell you earlier, but it was probably a bit too much, even for you…
• Hmm… It’s not that bad. The tower is very impressive.
• Well… You tried. But we can’t lie to one another… It’s going to be complicated to win with… that. ⬅ CORRECT ANSWER