My Candy Love: Alternate Life – Armin’s Episode 1 Guide (404 Not Found)

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– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

Any without one of the symbols above means I don’t know. However, LoM is actually defaulted to 0 in Alternate Life (it does not affect your main LoM at all).

Action Points used: 1,200-1,300AP
Illustrations: 1. Need to pick the right choice and have at least 35 LoM.

Money: $160 for Outfit

Outfits: 1

Fairy Gift:
AP Used: 14 AP

You can find Auntie at the Cafe after talking (or well, no longer talking) in the park.

The episode kicks off with Candy dropping off her stuff in the dorm and then going off to meet Rosa and Alexy for a tour of what has changed. Make your way to the Cosy Bear Cafe to meet them.

• Woah there, calm down! -5 to both Rosa and Alexy
• (I took Alexy in my arms, laughing.) +5 to Alexy, -5 to Rosa
• (I opened my arms wide to hug both of them.) +5 to both Rosa and Alexy
• (I wrapped my arms around Rosa.) +5 to Rosa, -5 to Alexy

After some greetings, it turns out Alexy has a surprise… The one, the only, it’s Armin.

Armin: …[Name]. I wasn’t expecting to see you…

• (I preferred to continue ignoring him.) +5
• I’ll bet. If I had expected to see you, I wouldn’t be here. -5
• Me neither… Your brother has some wild ideas… /

Head to the park entrance next where you’ll overhear Rosa and Alexy fighting over Alexy’s “surprise”. After some more dialogue, head into the Park. After more dialogue, you have a chance to meet Auntie. Head back to the Cafe Terrace to meet her.

If you’d rather just continue, head to Shop Street. You’ll then get on the bus to head to the mall.

Armin: Not that I don’t like it, but…

• Don’t mistake your dreams for reality. +5
• Shut up, please. /
• (I looked towards Rosa and Alexy…) -5

Once at the mall, there will be some more dialogue. Head up the Escalator and to Mall Gallery 1 to meet back up with Rosa and Alexy.

• Find the sexiest underwear you have. +5 (Less AP used)
• Find a thick, good quality hat. -5
• Find a pair of sunglasses. +5

After some more dialogue, head to the Fast Food Cafeteria.

• That’s a trick question, you never get the same thing. -5
• You’re going to get a special burger, with nuggets, a cola, and fries. /
• You’re going to get a double cheeseburger, two orders of fries and a lemon-lime soda. +5

Next, head off to Mall Gallery 2.

Armin: And you?

• Actually, it’s none of your business! -5
• If I need help, I’ll ask a salesperson, thanks. /
• Yes, I’m looking for my classes at university. +5

More dialogue and you get kicked out of the store.

• I’m sorry, it’s my fault. /
• No computer for me today… +5
• This is all your fault! -5

Armin: Nonsense, you couldn’t have handled him.

• True, and I hoped you’d be better than him. /
• But there was perhaps a middle ground to be had anyway! +5
• Just as I can no longer handle you today! -5

Head to the entrance and then go to Mall Gallery 1 to go to the game store.

Armin: You can’t push me to the edge so that I leave and then follow me.

• And why not? I can do what I want. /
• You didn’t think you were going to get away like that, did you? -5
• What? This is a public space, right? +5

• You lied to me the whole time we were together. /
• I think you have a lot of things to explain to me. +5
• How you ruined everything, and knowingly. -5

Armin: I wanted to impress you. Show you that I could be good enough.

• But you were already good enough! +5
• Good enough for what? /
• Impress me?! I hope you’re joking?! -5

• (I have a terrible urge to slap him right now.) /
• (I just want to turn around and run away from here.) /
• (I need to break this sudden closeness between us.) / <-- ILLUSTRATION WITH AT LEAST 35 LoM

After a bit more dialogue, the episode ends.