My Candy Love: Alternate Life – Armin’s Episode 3 Guide (418 I’m a Teapot)

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– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

Any without one of the symbols above means I don’t know. However, LoM is actually defaulted to 0 in Alternate Life (it does not affect your main LoM at all).

Action Points used: ~775-960AP
Illustrations: 2. You need at least 80 LoM and have to pick the right dialogue choice. You can only get one per route.

Money: $190 for Outfit

Outfits: 1

Fairy Gift: Kitty Lingerie
AP Used: 22AP

You can find Auntie at Sweet Amoris before going to the Cafe.

The episode kicks off with Candy and Armin talking in Candy’s dorm room, discussing what to do for their next date. It’s been three days since the end of Episode 2. Alas, Alexy interrupts you and so Armin gets pushed in the bathroom for some reason.

Alexy: So, if I deliver breakfast to you for a week, will you be a little less mad at me?

• That seems a bit light to me. Let’s say… two weeks? -5 with Alexy
• Sold! I’m already much less mad at you! +5 with Alexy
• You didn’t need to do that, I wasn’t that mad at you! /

Alas, Armin’s Assassin’s Creed Ringtone ruins everything.

Alexy: That’s an… original radio station. Just after ads, silence again…

• What are these insinuations! -5 with Alexy
• You know, the campus radio station is pretty amateur… +5 with Alexy
• Okay, okay, you got me. /

After some more dialogue, Armin will come out and Alexy will leave.

Armin: Then why did you tell me to hide?

• Because I don’t necessarily want people to know for the moment. /
• I just didn’t want Alexy to be right. +5
• I don’t know, I panicked, that’s all. -5

Armin: I was talking about your afternoon, not mine…

• Nice try, but I know you’re still joking. -5
• But I thought we were spending the day together?! /
• Careful, with your jokes: I could take you at your word… +5

After leaving the Campus, use the Bus Stop to go to Sweet Amoris to run into Auntie for the Fairy Gift: Kitty Lingerie. Then you can continue on your way to the Cafe for the Cupcake Workshop.

• Are we too early…? /
• Your cupcakes are really delicious, it’s an opportunity to learn! +5 with Hyun later
• We thought that if we learned to make them, we wouldn’t have to buy them from you! -5 with Hyun later

• I almost want to let you win, just to see what you’re thinking of… +5
• I think I already have a few ideas in mind… /
• Deal! When I win, expect to spend a very, very tiring evening… -5

While getting ready in the Kitchen, it is time for the Illustration split in two dialogue options where I just kind of hate both scenarios.

• (… If Clemence distracts him, that gives me an advantage to apply myself to my recipe and win.) / ⬅ Park Illustration & Candy Wins
• (…His little comment about jealousy really got to me. I never had the opportunity to see him jealous, maybe now is the time…) / ⬅ Apartment Illustration (NSFW) & Armin Wins

If you let Clemence distract him:

• (I focused on my mixing.) /
• (I looked up at Armin to give him a sympathetic smile.) /
• Are you okay, Armin, sweetie? / ⬅ ILLUSTRATION CHOICE

After, head to the park.

If you have at least 80 LoM, you will get the illustration after a bit more dialogue.

After some more dialogue, you decide to make things official and that is where the Episode ends on this route.

If you decide to try and make Armin jealous because Candy forgot he did show jealousy with Dake previously:
Dialogue does change slightly depending on Hyun’s LoM amount (and if you hit all of his positives, Hyun gives you his number), but it does not affect the illustration.

• Hyun, I could really use a hand too… +10 with Hyun
• Hyun, you look muscular too… +5 with Hyun
• (I kneaded the dough, arching my back and sighing lasciviously.) -5 with Hyun

• Can I try? I’m good at handling things like that. -10 with Hyun
• Hyun, that frosting looks really delicious! +10 with Hyun
• Hyun, you handle that perfectly! +5 with Hyun

Armin will suggest heading to his apartment. When you get to the park entrance, you’ll get another dialogue choice.

• You okay? Is it work? -5
• (I preferred to say silent.) /
• You’re rather silent… Are you thinking about your dare? +5

Then, make your way to his apartment where things escalate very quickly.

Armin: Well?

• (I was craving it; I gasped with excitement.) / ⬅ ILLUSTRATION CHOICE (NSFW scene)
• (Now that he was so close to me, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue this game.) /

If you have at least 80 LoM, you will get the illustration after a bit more dialogue.

After some more dialogue, you decide to make things official and that is where the Episode ends on this route.