My Candy Love: Alternate Life – Kentin Episodes 2, 3, and 4 Quick Guide

So, for those unaware, when I make a guide, it’s really important for me to be able to have EVERY outcome tested– I wanted to check every single response and double-check as much as humanly possible for things to be right. Especially when illustrations are tricky.

Regardless, I have been asked about Kentin’s other episodes and the main reason I didn’t make full guides for them is I just didn’t have enough AP to test to the amount I needed, especially as I’m just not as great at guessing Kentin’s best answers.

However, I am sharing my notes that should at least:
-Get you all the positive options and illustrations
—–Due to lack of testing, I don’t know the minimum LoM required for all of the illustrations.
-Share where to find Auntie

All dialogue listed is positive, if applicable. I’ll put notes on anything different.

Kentin Episode 2: 660AP-740AP, Outfit is 170 Gold. 2 Illustrations– one per playthrough.
• Right after Rosa & Alexy’s conversation in the Dining Hall/Cafeteria, you have a chance to find Auntie! She is in the Restroom of the main building. She will give you the Backpack. She uses up 14AP.
• Going to your room gives you an option to call Kentin or not. This choice does not matter, both are neutral, do what you want.
• After you meet with Kentin, you get your choice split– Going for a walk gives you the standing kiss illustration while going to dinner is the sitting kiss illustration.

Positive answers if you pick to go on a walk:
• (I should go buy something to eat.)
• (I took a step forward to give him a hug.)
• Can I throw the next stick?
• Are you trying to ask me if I’ve gone out with a lot of people?
• Honestly, I didn’t see him enough to really judge him.
• I think I could get used to that…

Positive answers if you pick to go have dinner:
• (A dessert! That’s a thing, right? To bring a dessert when you’re invited for dinner.)
• (I took a step forward to give him a hug.)
• I think I could get used to that…
• How do you… do you stick everything on the furniture, so it doesn’t fall?
• I understand your mother. You were pretty cute with them…

Kentin Episode 3: 820AP-1,000AP, Outfit is 190 Gold. 2 Illustrations– one per playthrough.
• I’m listening. I’ll try to take a step back.
• Yeah, okay. A symmetrical relationship, all that… Okay.
• Another double neutral– regardless of if you decide to be patient or send a message, Kentin will call right then and there and both options are neutral.
• Great, ever since I saw your name appear on my phone!
• Wanna meet in front of the theater and choose any romantic comedy there?
• Yes! Kentin! And I won’t tell you more, because I know you don’t care!
• After talking to Yeleen is when you can meet the Fairy. You can find her in the Park and she’ll give you a Popcorn Cart. She uses up 10AP.
• It doesn’t bother you that I’m asking you all these questions?
• So you really have an adventurous life! It’s crazy!
• Oh! Greece! For all the Art History, it’s… incredible.
• I was talking about it with Rosa, when you called me, actually. (Both are actually neutral here, but this one gives you an additional choice)
• That depends on what you mean by “admire”, actually.
• Time for the choice split! Once again, both are neutral. Saying you’re not ready leads to the illustration where you just sleep together alongside the dogs while saying you want him goes for the NSFW illustration.
If you chose to go for the walk last episode, you get an extra dialogue choice here: How do you… do you stick everything on the furniture so it doesn’t fall?

Choice Split – Safe Illustration option:
• (I directly snuggled up against him.)

Choice Split – NSFW Illustration option:
• (I pushed him away laughing to take off my sweater and top.)

Kentin Episode 4: – 1,100-1,200AP, Outfit is 180 Gold, 1 Illustration. You need 100 LoM for it.
• The first choice lets you decide who to talk to– if you pick to let yourself have time to think, you talk with Yeleen. If you pick to talk to Rosa, well, you talk to Rosa, but this does also give you +5 with Rosa. The other option is neutral.
• Both options are neutral here. Either way, you’ll end up reading them.
• (I took the bouquet without saying a word.)
• (I set my hand on his, smiling.)
• No, it’s okay… I believe you. I trust you.
• Thanks… But I… Well, I don’t intend on doing that…
• After talking to Kentin here, you can find Auntie on Shop Street where you will get Muffin the Dog. She uses up 18AP.
• So, are you ready for the big departure?
• I love you too!