Disney Dreamlight Valley – Festival of Foolishness Guide

If you just want the codes, go here, but if you want help on how to get to each of the codes yourself, this is a quick guide for that! You can also watch me go through the event over on Youtube!

The Festival of Foolishness Event is a Discord-exclusive event done through the official Discord Channel. You can still use the codes even if you do not play the Event. You will need to play the Event at least four times to get everything (or well, if you don’t actually play the story through properly and just keep scrolling back and clicking the other option). You do earn multiple codes per playthrough and yes, you may use every code you get. The Event lasts from May 11th until June 9th, but you have until July 10th, 2023 to use all the codes earned from the event.

For the most part, dialogue plays very little on what happens and is mainly just up to how you want to play your character as it will alter some of the dialogue. The only things that change the codes you get are big story decisions.

You’ll get the chance to earn your first code when you decide who you want to check in with. After some discussion with them (regardless of the choices you make), you will receive a code.
-Anna and Olaf will give the FOFSURPRISEKIT code which gives 15 Snowballs, 15 Hardwood, 15 Glass
-Moana and Mother Gothel will lead to Moana giving the FOFCATCHDAY code for 5 Kingfish, 5 Fugu, 5 Anglerfish
-Mirabel and Minnie will give the FOFCRAFTYKIT code for 5 Clay, 5 Fabric, 5 Cotton
-Ariel and WALL-E will give the FOFSOUVENIR code for 5 Iron Ingots, 5 Gold Ingots, 5 Tinkering Parts

After that, you’ll run into Stitch and Donald. Once again, your choices are just for fun. After picking Socks or Lamps and a successful pranking session, you’ll get the FOFSUCCESS code for 8 Pumpkins.

You’ll then have a choice to prank either Ursula or Scrooge. Like with the four options for who to check in with, this is a similar deal. You get a different code based off who you decide to prank, but all the options will end up with the same conclusion, just with varying dialogue based off which you pick.
-Pranking Ursula gets the FOFLOSHARD code for 5 Dream Shards, 5 Night Shards
-Pranking Scrooge gets the FOFLOGEMS code for 3 Sapphire, 3 Ruby, 3 Diamond

After that, it’s just picking what you’d prefer. The final choice comes at the Reward Ceremony where Merlin will be about to cast a spell. Both options give you a different code– each for 150 Moonstones.
-Choosing to Block the Enchantment gives you the FOFTROPHY code for 150 Moonstones.
-Choosing to Add your own magic to the spell gives you the FOFGLITTER code for 150 Moonstones.

And that’s all 9 codes! Congrats on finishing the Event!

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