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Fire Emblem: Fates

Welcome to my Fire Emblem: Fates page! Most of progress can be found through watching my playthrough on Youtube, but if you want a quick summary, this is for you!

Character Appearance
Path: Revelation
Class: Strategist (aka the one where I can heal and do magic while riding a horse because yay)
S Supported with: Silas

My Castle


S Ranked Pairs
Felicia x Kaze
Azura x Jakob
Leo x Sakura
Elise x Ryoma
Saizo x Orochi
Subaki x Hana
Takumi x Camilla
Xander x Hinoka
Laslow x Nyx
Odin x Selena
Arthur x Effie
Hinata x Rinkah
Azama x Beruka
Hayato x Kagero
Setsuna x Kaden
Keaton x Mozu
Benny x Charlotte
Niles x Peri

Random Photo of the Moment

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