Stardew Valley

Welcome to the Stardew Valley page! This is for a quick summary of my progress in Stardew Valley:

Farm: Pink Waters
Married to: Sebastian
Children: Zachary & Marina
House Upgrade: 2/2
Coop Upgrade: 3/3
Barn Upgrade: 3/3
Animals: Dog (Goldie), 1 Brown Chicken (Chicky), 1 White Chicken (Chirp), 1 Duck (Ducky), 1 White Cow (Milky), 1 Goat (Goatie), 1 Brown Cow (Choco), 1 Rabbit (Chai), 1 Dinosaur (Dino), 1 Void Chicken (Midnight), 1 Sheep (Fluffy), and 1 Pig (Piggy). Also lots of Slimes.
Mines: 120 (Complete) and Desert Mine opened.
Community Center Progress: Complete.
Museum: Complete.
Mods Used: Coming soon.

House Tour
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Farm Tour
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Photo Gallery
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