Fantasy Life

This is the page to keep up to date on my progress in Fantasy Life–a simulation adventure game! If you’d like to keep up on my adventures, keep an eye on the Game Playthrough category for the game and/or check out my Youtube!

My Character’s Current Appearance:

Current Stats:
Level: 118
Paladin Rank: Creator
Mercenary Rank: Creator
Hunter Rank: Creator
Wizard Rank: Creator
Miner Rank: Creator
Woodcutter Rank: Creator
Angler Rank: Creator
Cook Rank: Creator
Blacksmith Rank: Creator
Carpenter Rank: Creator
Tailor Rank: Creator
Alchemist Rank: Creator
Pets: Sakura the Pink Dog, Emi the Pink Cat, and Cherri the Pink Bird
Horse: Snowball the White Horse
Other Mounts: All!
House: The Manor and every Holiday Home

My Character’s Current Interior:

โ˜‘ Earn every license
โ˜‘ Earn every Life Trophy
โ˜‘ Complete all Life Challenges
โ˜‘ Finish the Story
โ˜‘ Finish the DLC Story
โ˜ Hit level 200
โ˜ Get all skills to level 20
โ˜ Complete every NPC quest
โ˜ Complete every Bliss quest
โ˜‘ Earn every Bliss Reward
โ˜‘ Buy a house in each area
โ˜ Get all NPCs to maximum friendship level
โ˜ Buy all the Lunares Exchange Shop items
โ˜‘ Every Saddle

Random Image of the Moment!:

Wanted Items – Note: Please keep in mind these aren’t always the proper names
-Lovely Sarong (Part of the Lovely Pack from the Goddess Statue at Port Puerto)
-Daemon’s Bangles (Part of the Daemon’s Armor Pack 2 from the Goddess Statue at Al Maajik)
-Royal Pass
-Hermes Sandals
-Star Ring
-Legendary Talisman
-Demonic Mirror
-Magicbane Shield
-Floaty Table
-Cloud Bed
-Furlin Window
-Astral Window
-Best possible versions of the following:
–Wand of Wisdom
–Blossom Blade
–Laura’s Dagger
–Destiny Bow
–Marine Axe
–Whirlpool Rod
–Clam Frying Pan
–Star Smasher
–Plume Saw
–New Wave Needle
–Haute Needle
–Miracle Flask
–Any skill level 15 Weapon/Tool minus Mercenary weapon

โ˜ = Needed/Incomplete | โ˜‘ = Gotten/Completed