MCLUL Episode 0 Guide

Everything is neutral for Episode 0.

Action Points: Free

Illustrations: None.

Auntie: She’s your guide for the episode. If you help her find her bracelet, she’ll give it to you.


Magical Bracelet

You get dropped right in with some monologue and Candy instantly moves into the campus where you run into your Aunt Agatha.

Auntie: Have you had time to tour the city a little?

A. Not really, I just got here… (This is my first time playing My Candy Love.)
B. I know my way around already – I used to be a student at Sweet Amoris! Have you already forgotten? (I played My Candy Love – Season 1)

If you picked B: I know my way around already:

Auntie: I’m not surprised. You had a boyfriend at Sweet Amoris, right?

A. Yes, I was with Castiel.
B. Yes, I was with Nathaniel.
C. Yes, I was with Armin.
D. Yes, I was with Kentin.
E. Yes, I was with Lysander.
F. No, I didn’t have a boyfriend.

Auntie: Do you get it?

A. Yes!
B. Uh… No, I’m not sure, can you repeat that?

Auntie: Those trips won’t cost you APs, but you’ll need them if you want to unlock other dialogues. Is that clear?

A. Yes, crystal clear.
B. You lost me; can you repeat that, please?

She’ll then ask you to follow her into the Art Hall. Go ahead and do so.

Auntie: Speaking of love, you see that kind of gauge on the right? You know what it’s for, don’t you?

A. Yes! It’s the Lov’o’meter! I know everything already.
B. No, what’s it for?

If you pick B: No, what’s it for?:

Auntie: When you talk to one of the characters, the gauge goes up or down. The higher it is, the more the character likes you And vice versa, the lower it is, the less of a chance you have of winning him over. It’s really important! Get it?

A. Totally! I’m ready!
B. Not really, can you repeat that one last time?

Auntie: I almost forgot! You also have money at your disposal: dollars $!

A. Yep, I know how that works, too! Can I go now?
B. Dollars $? What can I do with them?

If you pick B:  Dollars $? What can I do with them?:

Auntie: The money is used for buying objects and clothes. You’re given a $5 a day when you log in. If you need more, you can go to the bank. Get it?

A. Yes, got it! I can’t wait to go shopping!
B. Uh, I wouldn’t mind if you explained it again…

Auntie: When you get access to a date, it doesn’t mean winning will be easy. You have to choose the clothes that the character will like and choose the right dialogues. If you make the right choices, then your date will be a success! Do you get it?

A. Yes, that sounds like something I can do.
B. Uh, it’d be better if you repeated that.

Auntie: OK, this time, I’m practically done. You know what replays are for?

A. No, please explain!
B. I can replay episodes in different ways!

If you pick A. No, please explain!:

Auntie: There’s also Single Episode Replay. You can replay whatever episode freely without your story being modified. This is the replay you should use if you want to unlock the different endings or try to find special objects, and the like, but without changing your story all the same! Do you get the idea?

A. This time, I get it. Thanks for your explanations!
B. I’m going to need you to repeat that one last time! Please, Auntie!

Auntie: Great! Before you go, I need a little help. I must have dropped my bracelet on my way to see you. Can you help me find it, please?

A. My pleasure.
B. Auntie, I’m going to be late for registration!

A. And by the way… How am I supposed to go about finding your bracelet?
B. I’m setting out to look for it right away!

If you pick A, Auntie will give a little hint how she had sat on the benches for a while. Regardless of which you pick, head back out to the Campus Quad and there will be a glowing item on the bench:


(If it doesn’t load, just hover over it until you find where you can click)

Once you have it, head back into the Art Hall. As a thank you, Auntie will let you keep it.

Auntie: You’ll find all your clothes and accessories in your closet.

A. OK.
B. Where’s the closet?

You then get 100 Action points after some more dialogue and that finishes the tutorial!