MCLUL Episode 1 Guide

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is.

~ = Translated content so wording may be slightly different in the official English release. 

Action Points: 1056-1,300, the amount can still vary a bit based on the choices you pick–some are much longer than others.

Illustrations: Five total. One of Rayan (requires 30 LoM), one of Castiel, one of Hyun (requires 35 LoM), one of Priya (requires 20 LoM), and one of Nathaniel. You can get all five in a single playthrough.

Auntie: After the interview with Hyun, instead of going down the alley, pick to go to the Park entrance and then into the park. Auntie can be found inside the Park–just go in and out until she shows up.


Student Bag

$20 – If you choose to buy drinks for everyone. Required for Priya’s illustration.
$88 – Outfit



You start off outside the campus. After some inner monologue, you’ll head inside. You’ll think some more until Rosalya shows up.

Rosalya: Lots of them have gone to live somewhere else. Others are still here… You’ll most likely get the chance to run into a few of them.

A. What’s Lysander up to? /
B. And any news about Castiel? /
C. What about Nathaniel? /
D. Have you heard from Armin and Alexy? /
E. Has Kentin taken off for military training? /

Head into the Art Building and you’ll overhear two people arguing. Tired of it, Candy will intervene.

Yeleen: Oh, so Morticia can talk!

A. Hey, you! Don’t you have anything better to do?! -10 with Yeleen
B. Aren’t we a little too old to be acting like that?! -5 with Yeleen

After some more dialogue and meeting Chani, head into Auditorium 1.

A. I’m here to enroll in the modern and contemporary art class… /
B. I’d like to get the keys to my dorm room, please… /

Head back to the Art Hall. After more dialogue, you can either head to the Dorms or to Auditorium 2. Regardless of which you do, you will do the other after so…


Rayan: Hello! You want to enroll?

A. Uh, yes. I think so. I mean, that’s why I’m here. +5 <– Towards Illustration
B. Yes! Your presentation was awesome! -5

If you picked A. Uh, yes. I think so. I mean, that’s why I’m here 

Rayan:  Don’t worry about not being sure: “It is the uncertainty that charms one. A mist makes things wonderful.”

A. Picasso? -5
B. Oscar Wilde? +5 <– Towards Illustration
C. Andy Warhol? -5
D. Nice Wording. So where do I sign? -10

If you picked B. Oscar Wilde?:

Rayan:  So, there are at least two of us here. Do you want to attend my classes…?

A. Absolutely. And therefore as such “let myself be charmed”, as you so eloquently put it. +10  <– Towards Illustration
B. I’d love to. I picked this university especially for this major. /

If you picked A. Picasso? or C. Andy Warhol?:

Rayan: Neither do I. It’s an art which involves plagiarizing others… Rather boring. Aren’t the most beautiful phrases the ones we form with our souls? ~

A. You’re right. -5 ~
B. I don’t agree… +5 ~

If you picked  B. Yes! Your presentation was awesome!:

Rayan: This new school year doesn’t scare you too much, I hope?

A. Scared? Me? No, far from it! I get used to things quick… /
B. I confess this university is much bigger than what I thought… +5

If you pick A.  Scared? Me? No, far from it! I get used to things quick…:

Rayan: It’s a great quality: make sure you keep it.

A. Thanks. I’m going to follow that advice. /
B. It can be a fault… +5

If you pick B.  I confess this university is much bigger than what I thought…

Rayan: Accepting your fears is the same as fighting them in a way. Don’t worry, I’ll inconspicuously slip you the outline I have for not looking like an idiot. I keep it preciously hidden inside my jacket…

A. All of a sudden, I don’t feel so alone! +5
B. Thanks for your valuable help! /

Rayan: I’ve already told a few students: on my way here, I saw the cafe next to Sweet Amoris high school is looking for a student to wait tables. Maybe you’d be interested?

A. Oh thanks! That’s exactly the type of part-time job I need. +10    <– ILLUSTRATION
B. Wait tables… That’s not my dream job… But I’ll check it out! Thanks. -5

After talking to Rayan, there will be a poster you can click inside the Art Hall which will get you Castiel’s illustration:


After more dialogue, head back outside and you’ll run into Melody. (This will happen regardless if you go to the dorms first or not–you just need to have spoken to Rayan already). Her dialogue will vary a bit depending on your choice in Episode 0.


Melody: Yep! I never left town.

A. You haven’t changed a bit! -5
B. Melody! We’re going to be able to get everyone back together in the old gang! +5

Melody: It’s the first time one of the students has been picked to be a teacher’s aide!

A. That’s quite a responsibility… +5
B. Oh, you’re a student representative again! That’s great! -5

Melody: Oh yeah, he’s around… But I don’t have any news, no… I’m not interested.

A. Oh really? What happened? I remember you liking him quite a bit back in high school! -5
B. Oh really? I don’t have any news either… I wonder what he’s up to… /

Melody: I assure you, we’re definitely talking about the same guy. You’ll see. Anyway, I’ve gotta run, Raya… Uh, Mr. Zaidi must be waiting for me to finalize the registrations.

A. Wait up! Tonight, Rosalya and I are having a drink at the campus pub to rehash old times! Wanna join us? +5  <– Melody joins you at the bar later.
B. Good luck! /


Melody: Do you remember me?

A. Yes, of course, we were together in high school, right? +5
B. Uh… I’m not sure. I’m sorry, I left town so long ago. I just got back… -5

Melody: It’s the first time one of the students has been picked to be a teacher’s aide!

A. That’s quite a responsibility… +5
B. You’re kind of like a delegate basically…? -5

Melody: Oh right, Rosalya… I run into her sometimes…

A. What about you? Remind me, what’s the guy’s name you had a thing for in high school… Any news? -5
B. What about you? There was a guy, a blond, who was the main student representative… If I’m remembering right… /

Melody: Well, I have to run, Raya… Uh, Mr. Zaidi must be waiting for me to finalize the registrations. See you later.

A. Wait, Melody! Tonight, Rosalya and I are having a drink at the campus pub, to rehash old times, wanna join us? +5  <– Melody joins you at the bar later.
B.  Ok, good luck. See you later! /


Leave the Art Hall and head to the Dormitory lobby. After some more monologues with Candy, take the elevator. After even more monologues, head into your dorm room.

Yeleen: There are over 3,000 students on campus and the two of us had to end up together.

A. Ironic, isn’t it? /
B. Anyway, we have no choice. Let’s just start over, OK? -5

If you picked:  A. Ironic, isn’t it?:

Yeleen:  Here. I’ll let you get settled…

A. Have you already picked which bed you want? -5
B. I guess I get the bed without all the stuff already spread out on it… /

If you picked:  B. Anyway, we have no choice. Let’s just start over, OK?:

Yeleen: I don’t think you get it, no one talks to me like you did earlier.

A. Listen, maybe I shouldn’t have butted in. /
B. And what gave you the right to talk to Chani that way? -5

A. So, since we’re here, we might as well do our best to make things go smoothly… What’s your name? -5
B. Think whatever you want, I’m going to take this side here, we’re not obligated to talk. /

And after going to both places, you’ll leave the college automatically once outside. Head down the Alley and then to the Cafe. Then head inside.

Hyun: Have you ever worked in a cafe or bar before?

A. Yes, of course! -5
B. No, not really. But I learn fast! +5 <— Towards Illustration
C. Uh… I used to cook meals and set the table at home! /

Hyun: What’s your main quality?

A. Kindness. /
B. I’m very helpful. -5
C. My sense of humor. +5  <— Towards Illustration

Hyun: What’s a macchiato?

A. A kind of coffee, I guess… /
B. A fancy coffee with milk, for hipsters. +5  <— Towards Illustration
C. Chocolate Milk with ground hazelnuts and a splash of milk. -5

Hyun: Complete this series of words: lunch, chocolate, tea, eat…
This riddle varies a lot by version, but B is ALWAYS the correct answer. The way the riddle works is that it uses the last two letters of the word before to make a word. So, using the English one as an example: lunCH, chocolaTE, tEA, eAT… And only one word below starts with “At”. 

A. Coffee /
B. Atmosphere +5  (Correct Answer)  <— Towards Illustration
C. Ashtray /

Hyun: But… Would you like a drink? There’s no one around, and I was about to take a break.

A. Yes, great idea! +5   <— Towards Illustration
B. That’s really nice, but I have other plans unfortunately. /

Hyun: What would you like?

A. Lemonade. /
B. A vodka Red Bull. -5
C. Coffee +5  <— Towards Illustration

Hyun: Tell me, [Name], I’ve never seen you around before… And we run into everyone here. So I guess you haven’t been in town long.

A. Touche, Sherlock! +5  <— Towards Illustration
B. Not exactly… /

Hyun: Seeing as how you’ve been around, I guess you already have your favorite places, friends, and a boyfriend?

A. Well, I have a few friends from high school who still live here, yes. But I just got here this morning. +5    <— ILLUSTRATION
B. That’s a pretty personal question… -5

With the interview over, you now have a chance to get Auntie’s gift. Instead of heading back to the alley, head to the park entrance and into the park. Go in and out of the park until she shows up and then make your way back to the Alley and University entrance where you’ll run into Chani.

Chani: He asked me if I wouldn’t prefer a coffin. What an adorable man.

A. Believe me, as far as I’m concerned, I would’ve preferred a coffin. +5
B. Don’t worry, that attitude wasn’t just for you. He was like that with everyone. /

Chani: I’ll be there.

A. I’m meeting a girlfriend for a drink at the bar on campus tonight. Want to join us? +10  <– Chani joins you at the bar later.
B. I’ll let you go see your dorm room, in hopes that you’ll be luckier than me! /

You then head back into school to try and find the Administrative Officer to ask about switching dorms. Head into the Art Hall and back to Auditorium 1 where you’ll run into a new character, Morgan.

A. You looked lost, too. +5
B. I have to hurry. I’m going to end up missing the meeting! Thanks again. /

Leave the auditorium and head outside the art hall. Then head to the library where you’ll find the Administrative Officer sleeping.

A. (Wake him up gently.) /
B. (Drop it.)  /

If you pick A:

A. Missing the meeting…  /
B. About dorms… /

If you picked A again:

A. You’re welcome, sir. /
B. Precisely… Speaking of which… /

Leave the Library and head to the Dining Hall.

Miss Paltry: Does anyone know what a self-improvement class is?

A. A class that teaches us good study methods for our finals. /
B. A class that lets people talk about their day-to-day problems and the news. <– correct answer, + with Rayan, / for everyone else
C. (Don’t answer.) /

Chani: Don’t try to tell me you are indifferent to his face, even I got a little chill when I walked into his classroom to register this morning.

A. I don’t know what you’re talking about… /
B. I admit, he has… that certain “something”. /

Head back outside and you’ll run into Yeleen and Rayan will come over.

A. My room makes me homesick. /
B. It’s just the first day of school – that’s always overwhelming… /

Head to your dorm room. Unfortunately, your door seems jammed.

A. (Push on the door.) /
B. (Wait for help.) / <– You will get some dialogue with Melody, but no dialogue choices.

Actually go into your room. Upon opening your closet, some paint will fall on the bed above the couch.

A. (I’m going to change the sheets on her bed and replace them with mine.) +5 later
B. (I’ll leave it like that and talk to her about it later.) /
C. (I’m going to act like nothing happened.) /

You’ll then immediately be taken outside the school after some dialogue.  Head towards the cafe and then you’ll be redirected to the bar where you’ll see Rosalya’s surprise–Alexy!

If you have played before + had a boyfriend:

A. I missed you so much! +5
B. If you’re here… Does that mean Armin is here too?? /

A. What about you Alexy… Are you… Do you have someone? /
B. So, what did I miss?! Tell me everything! +5

If you haven’t played before/didn’t have a boyfriend: 

Alexy: So, how did the first day on campus go, not too overwhelmed?

A.  A little, thanks to Rosalya who left me on my own amidst the pack of wolves. /
B. It wasn’t all that great. But it’s already starting to get better since I found the two of you! +5 with Alexy and Rosalya

A. Actually, Alexy, do you have any news from Kentin? /
B. Well, what’s new, otherwise? /

After a bit more dialogue, head into the Snake Room. This is where you’ll get Priya’s illustration if you get her to at least 20 LoM and pick the right choice towards the end.

A. Mojitos, really?  + with Alexy, / with Rosalya and Priya
B. Perfect! + with Rosalya, / with Priya and Alexy
C. I’d rather have a beer to start with. + with Priya, / with Rosalya and Alexy.  <— Towards Illustration

A. What are you studying, Priya? +5  <— Towards Illustration
B. So, you all stayed in touch after I left? /

A. You know, maybe we misjudged her and things are going to go just fine. + with Priya, / with Rosalya and Alexy  <— Towards Illustration
B. I hope I can find some way to switch roommates… /

If you got Castiel’s poster and are dating Castiel:

Rosalya: And you thought it’d be a good idea to go running to your ex-boyfriend’s concert to see how he’d grown up?

A. Well, I admit it intrigued me. Maybe he doesn’t even remember me anymore. /
B. You think I have a chance? I mean… At least to talk to him a little… -5 with Priya, / with Alexy and Rosalya

If you got Castiel’s poster and are NOT dating Castiel:

Priya: I always wondered if you had had a secret affair with him… That you hid from us in high school!

A. He was one of the boys that I liked back then, I confess. /
B. No! I would never have hidden such a thing! /

If you got Castiel’s poster and did not have a boyfriend or have not played before:

A. Anyway, I was thinking… If you feel like it, we could go, it would be a good excuse to go out. +5 with Priya
B. And I was thinking of you Rosalya, if you want, we could make it a night out? -5 with Alexy and Priya

If Melody and Chani aren’t there:

A. (Thinking about exams caused a face to resurface in my mind… Nathaniel.) -5 with Priya and Alexy, / for Rosa (All / if you never had a boyfriend)
B.  (I’d rather not think about exams for the time being… I want to know more about Priya’s everyday life.) +5 with Priya, / with Alexy and Rosa  <— Towards Illustration

If only Melody is there OR you invited both Melody and Chani:

Melody: Yeah, like I said, I’m Professor Zaidi’s assistant and I needed some room with my own desk. So they had no choice but to find me a room by myself…

A. All the same, the admin officer seemed to say there was no other solution… + with Melody and Priya, / for the rest  <— Towards Illustration
B. OK, so is one of you finally going to explain why Nath isn’t here at our little Sweet Amoris reunion? – with Melody, / with everyone else
C. Priya, do you have a room on campus too? +5 with Priya, / with everyone else  <— Towards Illustration

If only Melody is there and you picked A:

A. OK, so is one of you finally going to explain why Nath isn’t here at our little Sweet Amoris reunion? -5 with Melody, / with everyone else
B. Priya, do you have a room on campus too? +5 with Priya, / with everyone else  <— Towards Illustration

If only Chani is there:

A. So, none of you have heard from Nath? /
B. Priya, do you have a dorm room, too? +5 <— Towards Illustration

A. It’s my round! (cost $20) +5 Priya  <— ILLUSTRATION
B. I’m going to get a drink! -5 with Priya, / for Rosa and Alexy

After more dialogue, you’ll head out the bar. Everyone will talk and then head their separate ways. You’ll immediately head down the alley and end up running into two thugs.

A. Listen, I don’t want to have any trouble. Just let me go home. /
B. If either one of you gets close to me, I’ll scream. Let me by! RIGHT NOW! /

If you pick A:  Listen, I don’t want to have any trouble. Just let me go home.

Dishonest Guy: In your shoes, I wouldn’t try to grab your phone. We don’t need you to invite anyone else. We can have a good time just the three of us.

A. But you know, the more the merrier! /
B. That’s not what I was trying to do. Now, I’m out of here. /

A. (I have no choice. I have to scream, someone’s going to hear me.) /
B. (I’m going to knee him you know where.) /

If you pick B:  If either one of you gets close to me, I’ll scream. Let me by! RIGHT NOW!

Strange guy: Still, it’s true not all the other girls are as cute as you…

A. I warned you, I’m going to scream. /
B. I’m telling you for the last time, let me by. /

Regardless of your choices, you’ll get the illustration of Nathaniel after some dialogue. (But if you want my personal choices, I picked A, B, A)

And with that, the episode ends!