MCLUL Episode 2 Guide

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is.

~ means the dialogue is translated and may vary from the official English release. 

Action Points: ~1,952-2,100

Illustrations: Five total. One with Hyun (Requires at least 45 LoM + correct dialogue + outfit), one with Priya (Requires at least 40 LoM + correct outfit), one with Rayan (Requires at least 50 LoM + correct outfit + dialogue), one with Amber (Requires at least 10 LoM + correct outfit), and one with Nathaniel (Requires at least 20* LoM + a specific choice. You can get three out of the five in a single playthrough (Originally 4, before June 12th, 2018).

At the moment, there seems to be a glitch and sometimes the illustrations will NOT be given even if you do everything right (because this wasn’t confusing enough). There is currently no correlation to these issues. If you run into this problem, I highly recommend contacting Beemoov directly to report it:

*It used to require 30 LoM, forcing users to have to use the Crush feature on Nathaniel to get it, but in the last part of the Q&A, Beemoov said this was a glitch and has now been fixed.

Auntie: She can be found in the Dormitory Lobby after Mr. Zaidi’s (Rayan’s) first class.


Makeup Bag

$225 – Hyun’s and Rayan’s Outfit
$185 – Priya’s and Amber’s Outfit
$90 – Nathaniel’s Outfit


Outfits: Cosy Bear Cafe (Free), Hyun’s/Rayan’s, Priya’s/Amber’s, and Nathaniel’s. You will get Nathaniel’s and the Cosy Bear Cafe outfit no matter what, but need to choose between Hyun’s/Rayan’s and Priya’s/Amber’s.

The episode picks up from where Episode 1 ended off with Candy and Nathaniel in the alley.  You will need to get at least 20 LoM here for his illustration later in the episode.

A. Do you know them… Seemed like they recognized you, and it scared them… /
B. You’ve changed. I had a hard time recognizing you… +5

If you picked A:  Do you know them… Seemed like they recognized you, and it scared them…

Nathaniel: Don’t worry, they won’t bother you anymore.

A. What’s that supposed to mean…? -5
B. Thanks… That’s reassuring… /

If you picked you had a boyfriend who wasn’t Nathaniel:

A. I can’t keep from thinking… all the change, Nathaniel? What happened to you?! -5
B. I’m still kind of in shock… It must be making me feel dizzy. /

If Nathaniel was your boyfriend:

A. I wish things had ended differently between us… -10
B. Thanks again, Nathaniel… +5

If you picked you haven’t played before/don’t have a boyfriend:

Nathaniel: And it didn’t look like you were going to get walked on, someone would’ve ended up coming by and helping you, it’s a coincidence that it was me…

A. What were you doing here, for that matter? -5
B. Yes, and in any case, I would’ve messed them up good before they even managed to touch me! +5

Nathaniel: Do you want me to walk you home?

A. No, no… I’ll be fine, thanks, I should be able to manage alone. +10
B. Um, well… If you don’t mind too much… (The idea of walking the rest of the way and running into those guys doesn’t thrill me…) / <– More chances to get his LoM up

Regardless of your choice, head back towards the campus. You’ll move inside and then make your way to your dorm.

If you pick B for Nathaniel to walk you home, you’ll get some dialogue choices along the way:

This first dialogue only happens if you had a boyfriend previously:

Nathaniel: So, have you managed to hook up with your old acquaintances?

A. Yeah. Rosa, Alexy… But I got the impression… you hadn’t stayed very close… +5
B. Yes, a few of them… /

Nathaniel: Still, are you glad to be back here? In spite of tonight…

A. Yes! Very. +5
B. Let’s just say it was a long day… (Considering my great roommate, and tonight…) /

If you pick B:   B. Let’s just say it was a long day… (Considering my great roommate, and tonight…)

Nathaniel: Come on, it’s going to be OK. Where’s the upbeat, perky girl I used to know?

A. And where is the sweet student representative? -5
B. She stayed in high school. +5

Nathaniel: I’m not going to go any farther, I don’t think it’d be looked on approvingly for me to in your room on the first night… Unless…?

A. Geez, who do you think you are?! +5
B. That wouldn’t bother me… -5
C. Are you being funny? /

In your dorm, the sheet situation will be brought up. Yeleen’s LoM will go up +5 if you changed the sheets.

If you chose not to change the sheets, you will run into Yeleen personally and have some dialogue with her rather than just talking to yourself.

Yeleen: That I was asleep? How do you expect me to sleep with paint splattered all over my bed?!

A. It’s not my fault, the can of paint was in a bad place, I just wanted to put away my stuff! /
B. Paint? On your bed? I hadn’t noticed. -10
C. I’m sorry, I would’ve preferred avoiding that, but I couldn’t. If you’d been in my shoes, the same thing would have happened. -5

The next morning, you decide to head to the Cafe to check if the Manager is in.

As of June 12th, 2018, the outfit choice previously held until the first day of class shows up now. You need to get the outfit with the red jacket if you want Hyun’s and/or Rayan’s and the outfit with the Blue Jacket if you want Priya’s and/or Amber’s.

You need to get at least the correct order + another positive dialogue with Hyun along with having at least 45 LoM with him and the correct outfit for his illustration. You also need at least 2 positive dialogues, the correct outfit, and 40 LoM with Priya for her illustration.

Hyun: I’m sure the same will be true for you.

A. I hope so… She already intimidates me even though I don’t know her yet. /
B. I’m confident. I’m going to do fine. +5  <– Towards Hyun’s Illustration

Follow Hyun into the cafe to talk to the Manager, Clemence.

A. I’m ready to learn; I’m sure it’s not too complicated. -5 with Clemence
B. I already know how it works. I’m sure I’ll get used to your rules really fast. /

A. Well, it’s just that today, I’ve already made plans… But maybe we can set up an appointment to do a test-run. -10 with Clemence
B. Su…Sure (Too bad for Rosalya and Alexy!)  /

Regardless, you’ll end up staying and be told to put on the Uniform to try out the job. After putting it on, you’ll immediately be in front of the cafe and need to take some orders.

Priya wants a plain lemonade with a straw and no ice.
The Administrative officer wants an espresso with no sugar with a drop of milk.
Melody wants either a Banana Lemon Milkshake or Peach Soy Milk[shake].

Unfortunately, you can’t actually get this 100% right. You’ll forget no ice for Priya’s lemonade and you’ll forget to ask about the Banana Lemon Milkshake for Melody.  But yes, onto the actual choices and not my ranting.

A. (Greet the admin officer.) /
B. (Greet Melody.) -5 with Clemence

Once you have the three orders, head inside the cafe.

Hyun: Tell me the orders, I’ll get them ready..

A. There was a peach and soy milkshake, an espresso, sweetened, with a drop of milk and a lemonade. /
B. I need a peach and soy milkshake, an Americano cafe, no sugar, with a drop of milk and a lemonade. /
C. A peach and soy milkshake, an espresso, no sugar, with a drop of milk and a lemonade. +5 (”Correct” Answer) <– Towards Hyun’s Illustration

Hyun: Everything still OK?

A. It’s just intimidating to feel yourself being watched that way… +5  <– Towards Hyun’s Illustration
B. Everything’s fine. I should be able to handle it… /

A. Oh I’m really sorry, I’ll take the glass back to the kitchen right away! /
B. I thought I heard “with ice”, quite the opposite. +5 with Priya, / with Clemence  <– Towards Priya’s Illustration

Priya: Fortunately, I’m supposed to have the “gift of gab” for my future as a lawyer… Without it, I wouldn’t have done you much good!

A. Is that what they teach you at the university? /
B. I’m pretty sure you were already like that in high school. +5  <– Towards Priya’s Illustration

If you had at least 45 LoM with Hyun and picked the right choices, you should get the illustration. Then head into the Cafe to talk to Clemence. You’ll be told you got the job! Head back outside and Hyun will talk to you.

Hyun: You see, I never doubted you.

A. You didn’t happen to push Clemence into making that decision by any chance, did you? +5
B. Thanks for your help today in any case. /

If you picked A:  A. You didn’t happen to push Clemence into making that decision by any chance, did you?

Hyun: All except for yours, I admit… But there were only three others!

A. Did you do that… for me? /
B. That’s not playing very fair… -5

With your training run done, you want to find Priya and it turns out she headed towards Sweet Amoris high school! Make your way there.  As a reminder, need to get at least 40 LoM + 2 positive dialogue choices with Priya to get her illustration.

Priya: Yeah, well, fortunately your charming co-worker was around at the time.

A. Yeah… That’s true, without the two of you it would’ve been complicated. /
B. Do I hear a touch of jealousy? +5  <– Towards Illustration

If you picked B. Do I hear a touch of jealousy?:

Priya: But I couldn’t stay around and make up for all your mistakes. I mean, I didn’t have all day.

A. I would’ve really liked for you to try though… +5  <– Towards Illustration
B. Hahaha, you’re not wrong about that. /

You’ll then remember you forgot about your outing so you’ll try to get back in contact with Rosalya to let her know. Head back to the Campus entrance to meet up with her.

A. (Let her know she can keep the radio on.) /
B. (Let her put her headphones on.) /

If you pick A. (Let her know she can keep the radio on.):

A. Have you heard of that band? …Crowstorm? /
B. (Better not to strike up a conversation, I know I’m always venturing out on shaky ground with her…) /

After some more dialogue, it’s time for Mr. Zaidi’s class! You used to get the outfit choice here as well, but as of June 12th, 2018, it was moved to before you head to the cafe.  You need to get at least 50 LoM With Rayan and the red jacket outfit to get his illustration.

Head into the Art Hall and Auditorium 2 for your class.

A. (Sit next to Chani.) +5 with Chani, / with Melody
B. (Sit next to Melody.) -5 with Chani, +5 with Melody

Chani: Yeah, but they’re all students!

A. You are not reassuring me, seriously, Chani. /
B. You have an extraordinary sense of humor. +5 with Chani

A. Umm… All the quotes you said are true. +5 with Rayan <– Towards Illustration
B. Umm… Art can lie. /
C. Umm… Art expresses truth. (Melody must be right.) -5 with Rayan

If you picked A. Umm… All the quotes you said are true.:

Rayan: Are you trying to say art is subjective?

A. That’s exactly it. +5  <– Towards Illustration
B. No, not really. -5

A. Right now I like watching… Game of Thrones. +5  <– Towards Illustration
B. I have never been… frightened when contemplating a work of art. /
C. Marina Abramovic’s performance: “The Artist is Present” -5

A. And Melody’s… (Yeleen, too.) +5  <– Illustration if at least 50 LoM
B. I understand! I was surprised but it didn’t bother me. / <– Illustration if at least 50 LoM

Head out of the Auditorium and talk to Chani. If she isn’t there, she’ll be in the Campus Quad.

Chani: Are you OK? I was wondering what was going on.

A. Yes, yes, perfectly fine. /
B. He wanted to “apologize” for having only questioned me out of the whole class. +5

If you pick  B. He wanted to “apologize” for having only questioned me out of the whole class.: 

Chani: For once, we don’t have some lame teacher that just wants to talk about his past as a failed artist… I like that, yes. And you seem to like him, too, for that matter.

A. No… I mean, not like the way you’re implying… /
B. There’s something intriguing about him. /

Candy then talks about going to the Dining Hall for lunch, but before then, make your way to the Dormitory where you can run into your Aunt Agatha!

Simply go back and forth between the Campus Quad and Dormitory Lobby until she shows up. Once you’re done, head over to the Dining Hall to complete the next objective! 

Feeling a bit lost, Rosalya comes to your rescue and you eat lunch with her and Alexy.

Alexy: Are you sure it’s the class that’s intriguing? Not… the teacher in charge of the class instead?

A. No, that’s really not what I meant. /
B. Alright, I have to admit he is intriguing. /

Alexy: So do you know his first name?

A. Morgan +5 with Alexy, / with Rosalya
B. Ethan /
C. Illian /

Rosalya: Discussions aside, [Name], are you with me, yes or no?

A. Organize a meeting between Alexy and the guy of his dreams? That could be fun! +5 Rosalya, / with Alexy
B. Wouldn’t it be better to let things happen… naturally? +5 Alexy, / with Rosalya

Alexy: I don’t know how to approach a guy in this kind of situation… I don’t want to embarrass him. I always find a way to… be sure before making a move.

A. That shouldn’t be embarrassing! You should be able to flirt with whoever you want, after all who cares about a person’s sex or gender. +5 Rosalya, / with Alexy
B. Yeah, I see how that could be embarrassing… +5 with Alexy, / with Rosalya

A. An awesome idea! -5 with Alexy, / with Rosalya
B. A very bad idea. /

Lunch is over and it’s now time for your afternoon class. After Alexy heads off, Rosalya decides to walk with you to class.

Rosalya: We’re gonna find you a super sexy partner!

A. OK… A little help never hurts I guess… +5
B. Seriously, I think I can handle it on my own. -5

And then, surprise, Amber shows up. And she’s being nice. You need to get at least 10 LoM with Amber and picked the blue dress outfit to get her illustration. 

Amber: And so?! How come you’re back among us?

A. I came back to do my last year of university. But I didn’t think I’d run into so many from the old high school crowd… (Especially not you.) +5
B. I came back for my major. What about you, what’re you doing here? /

A. Sorry I’m having a real hard time recognizing you. You’ve changed so much! +5
B I’m surprised you even came to talk to me. I have no memory of us having had the slightest pleasant conversation our whole time in high school. -5
C. I’m just having trouble realizing that it’s really you… /

Amber: Yeah, I’m only going to school part-time. I’ve started a modeling career.

A. Modeling?! And do you do fashion shows sometimes? +5
B. That’s funny. I would’ve bet on it. /

Rosalya: Admit that it wouldn’t have been as funny as seeing your face when she came up to you!

A. But how is it possible for her to have changed so much? /
B. It was actually a joke, in two minutes she’s going to come back to insult me and tell me to get out of her way, is that it? /

Rosalya: And you didn’t even tell me! How’d you see him? What’d he say to you?

A. After we went out… On the way home on campus, some guys hassled me… / (You confide in Rosa)
B. I ran into him on the way… / (You don’t confide in Rosa)

After some more dialogue, head into Auditorium B once more for your next class. Once class is over, head back into the Art Hall to meet up with Chani. If you’re having trouble running into her, go back and forth between the Quad and Art Hall until she shows up.

Then make your way to the Dormitory Hall where you’ll run into Priya.

Priya: You haven’t been fired yet?

A. Don’t exaggerate, I wasn’t that clumsy! +5
B. True, without you it’s going to be hard… /

With that done, continue to your room. Your package from your parents came!

Yeleen: So, what is it?

A. Stuff my parents sent. /
B. Nothing that concerns you. –

If you switched your sheets with Yeleen’s: 

Yeleen: I’ll let you take care of cleaning mine before giving them back; I don’t have any spare ones for the item being, so in the meantime I’ll keep yours.

A. Well, what about my sheets? You’ll wash them too, I hope. I’m not the one who left the can of paint barely balanced at the top of the closet. /
B. As if YOU were going to do that for me! –

If you DID NOT switch your sheets with Yeleen’s: 

Yeleen: …I don’t know… Offer me yours!

A. You need to change them, now, right away? You’ve only been sleeping on them a few days.
B. Yes. Why not… I’ll lend them to you until you get some other ones. /
C. You have the nerve! No way. -10

Time skips ahead a bit. Head over to the Cafe.

Hyun: We’re lucky to have such a motivated new recruit.

A. Oh yes! I warned you. I wanted this job bad. -5
B. I didn’t have class this morning so I took the opportunity… /
C. Motivated yes, I hope I won’t be as clumsy as during my trial run, but… +5

Head inside to talk to Clemence.

Clemence: …Yes, morning.

A. I came as fast as I could when Hyun told me my contract was ready. /
B. Where do I sign? +5 with Clemence, / with Hyun
C. Hyun told me you wanted to see me. -5 with Clemence, / with Hyun

Clemence: Most likely  I’ll call you at the last minute for busy days or for special events.

A. I guess I don’t have much choice… /
B. Sure, no problem… /

A. (I should at least read the contract before signing it.) /
B. (I’d be better of signing immediately, I feel her questioning gaze looking over my shoulder.) /

Head back to school for class and you’ll run into Chani again. Head into the Dining Hall to eat together. Rayan ends up joining you.

A. Isn’t there a dining room for the teaching staff? +5 with Rayan, / with Chani
B. This is the first time I’ve ever seen you in the dining hall. /
C. How are you, Mr. Zaidi? -5 with Rayan, / with Chani

After the meal, head into the Art Hall and Auditorium 2 once more for your last class this episode.

A. Terrorist attacks. / <– Best answer though. You get spoken down with the other two.
B. Famine /
C. Stress from final exams. /

Candy decides to head to the gym since she has some free time so she goes to buy some Workout clothes downtown. Head towards the Cafe then the Park entrance and then there’s a new destination to the right to go to “Shops Street”.

With the gym outfit purchased, make your way back to the alley and Candy will find her way to the bar and the gym next door, BEEFIT.

Inside, you’ll run into a familiar face– Kim! After Kim calls you out and makes you feel bad, you’ll learn more about the gym and head to the treadmill which works fine until you get distracted from hearing someone beating some punching bags.

A. (Better for me to go discreetly back to what I was doing…) / <– Illustration if you have at least 20 LoM with Nathaniel
B. (I’m going to try to attract his attention so I can say hi.) /

Nathaniel: Have you been spying on me long like that?

A. I’m not spying on you, I heard some noise, I just wanted to take a look. /
B. A little while. The view is kind of nice. +5
C. I was on the treadmill over there and I wondered who was working out so hard. -5

Nathaniel: Right after high school I got into it more seriously. It’s a great sport for letting off steam… and defending yourself.

A. Yeah, well… It’s pretty violent. +5
B. I love it. /
C. I’m surprised you got into sports! -5

Nathaniel: And so, have you signed up at this gym for sure?

A. It seems to me it’s the only gym in town. /
B. I’m for sure planning on it. +5
C. Yes. Why, did you want to keep the gym to yourself? -5

Kim will then interrupt and after some more dialogue, the episode ends.