MCLUL Episode 3 Guide

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is.

~ means the dialogue is translated and may vary from the official English release.

Action Points: 2,150-2,230

Illustrations: Four total. One with Rayan (Requires 55+ LoM) , one with Priya (Requires 55+ LoM) , one with Nathaniel (Requires 45+ LoM**) , and a group one with Hyun (Requires 65* LoM), Rosalya, Alexy, Morgan, and Yeleen. You can get up to three in a single playthrough (Priya’s, Rayan’s, and then either Nathaniel’s or the Group one).

*LoM amounts are still being tested! Please bear with me while it’s looked into. The minimum needed may be lower than the listed ones above, but those have at least gotten the illustrations. 

As of July 8th, 2018, these issues have been confirmed to be a glitch. As of July 23rd, 2018, they at least seem to be fixed now!

Auntie: In Auditorium 2 after returning from working at the Cosy Bear Cafe before you go back to your room.


Sakura Umbrella

$200 – Nathaniel’s Outfit
$150 – Group Outfit
$5 – For Nina’s Coffee.
$7 – For beer. (Optional)
$45 – For Alcohol (doesn’t matter which you pick, it’s the same price)


Outfits: Nathaniel’s Outfit (Black Jacket – $200), Group Outfit (No Jacket – $150)

Candy wakes up panicking that she slept in, but it turns out she doesn’t have class anyway.

If you grabbed the poster in Episode 1, you will have a dialogue about Castiel’s concert:

A. (It’s next week; I’d totally forgotten!) /
B. (I’m going to ask around today, see who’s going and organize the evening out…) /

If you didn’t, you just leave your dorm room and head out onto the campus. Candy will then talk to herself and if you hadn’t gotten the poster, you’ll get a call from Rosalya telling you about Castiel’s concert.

Throughout the episode, you’ll have characters offer to go with you (Hyun, Chani, Nathaniel, Priya…). If you decline everyone, you will accept Rosalya’s invitation. Whoever you pick will be who you go to the concert with.

You will not be able to get Castiel’s illustration in Episode 4 if you go with Hyun, Nathaniel, or Priya. While some people have managed to get it with Chani, I have not been able to repeat it and have only been able to get it with Rosalya. 

Similarly, Rayan’s Illustration next episode can only be gotten if you go with Chani or Rosalya (otherwise, you won’t run into him). For Hyun, Nathaniel, and Priya, you have to go with the respective person for their illustration.

You will not be able to change this unless you do a story replay of this episode or a single/free replay of Episode 4. Keep in mind once you say yes to someone, nobody else will bring it up. 

Whether you grabbed the poster or not, either way you will then get a call from Clemence asking you to be at work at 9AM. You will immediately be sent outside the school where you’ll run into Hyun.

Hyun: So early? I figured I wouldn’t see you until this afternoon. What’s up?

A. Clemence sent me a text saying to be there by 9 am, I was thrilled. /
B. I was supposed to come this afternoon… But apparently for Clemence, 9am is already the afternoon… -5

Make your way to the cafe. Before you head inside, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR COSY BEAR CAFE UNIFORM ON! Be sure to put on the apron and hat or you’ll get yelled at and have to use up extra AP and it’s a mess. Just be sure to do it.

With your uniform on, unless you wanted to be yelled at and see what happens, head inside the cafe. You’ll have some dialogue and then more of Candy’s monologues until a choice pops up.

A. Clemence? Can I help you with something? -5
B. (I’m going to wait here until she gives me some instructions…) /

After some more dialogue and Clemence patronizing you for existing, Hyun offers to give you a tour instead. Head into the Kitchen and have some more conversing as this visual novel murders your AP.

Hyun: Well, it’s big, and there are pretty many people!

A. Yes, that’s true I guess… What’s your major? /
B. Actually, I thought you just worked at the cafe. And that you managed it more or less with Clemence… +5

After some more dialogue and Clemence interrupting, Hyun then talks about the security system. When you open the cafe, you have to switch off the alarm and the code is 28N1. I don’t know if this matters, but they wrote it out and I feel like it’ll be important later so I’m noting it anyway.

Head outside the cafe to start helping out and you’ll run into your roommate, Yeleen.

Yeleen: A-gain No way. I go to class and you’re there, I go to my room, and you’re there, I come to have coffee and you’re there, too.

A. Well, yes, I’m going to end up thinking our fate is to spend our lives together. +5
B. Doesn’t thrill me any more than it does you. -5

After getting Yeleen’s order (Hot Chocolate to go), you’ll go to the next customer who is a familiar face– Nina! And she has grown out of her Lolita phase.

Nina: Everyone kind of disappeared, even Lysander is faraway now…

A. Have you heard from him? +5
B. Yeah, lots of people left… So are you at Sweet Amoris now? /

Nina: Sure I do… But, I didn’t feel like going this morning…

A. A-are you skipping class? /
B. Oh, OK. And your mother doesn’t mind? /
C. From time to time… Never hurt anyone. /

Once you have her order for a black coffee, head back inside. Then head back outside where Candy will mess up.

If you had picked up Castiel’s poster in Episode 1, you’ll have a dialogue choice with Yeleen:

Yeleen: You listen to Crowstorm?

A. No, I’ve never listened to them yet… /
B. I just know the singer. /
C. Give me back my poster. +5

If you picked A. No, I’ve never listened to them. :

Yeleen: Oh really?

A. Really… Why are you so interested? -5
B. Really. /

Otherwise, you won’t get a second choice when picking B and Yeleen will mostly dismiss you.

After, or if you didn’t grab the poster, head back into the Cafe to grab the sponge. You’ll then have some dialogue with Hyun.

Hyun: You’ve been staring into space for five minutes without saying anything.

A. It’s nothing… Just some girl in my class who always ends up interfering in my life. /
B. No… It’s nothing.  /

If you pick A.  It’s nothing… Just some girl in my class who always ends up interfering in my life.:

Hyun: Doesn’t look like it’s “nothing”. You look worried… You want to talk about it?

A. No need, honestly, it’s nothing serious. It’s pointless. /
B. There’s this girl, Yeleen who’s in class with me… She’s messing up the start of my school year big time. +5

Clemence will then interrupt and you’ll realize you forgot to clean up your mess so rush back out with the sponge for your next dialogue choice.

Clemence: There are knocked-over chairs! There’s chocolate on the table! And you’ve barely been here 10 minutes!

A. Now that’s an overstatement; there are just a few drops, and I was going to pick up the chairs right away. -5
B. Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m going to straighten everything up right away. /

Hyun will then come out to try to make you feel a bit better.

Hyun: Well, it’s true. It’s her personality.

A. Do you mind not defending her every two minutes, please?! -5
B. You think so? I do everything wrong… /

If you picked A. Do you mind not defending her every two minutes, please?!:

Hyun: If I get into the conflict, it’ll just make things worse. That’s the most adult thing there is to do. Don’t you think?

A. All you’re asking me to do is to calm down, and not to worry. Easier said than done! -5
B. That’s true… I don’t want it to go badly for you either. +10

You’ll then have dialogue with Nina after.

Nina: Well, I’m headed out.

A. Are you going back to the high school? /
B. OK, I enjoyed seeing you again. /

Nina: Hey… Think you could cover me for the coffee? I hadn’t noticed, but I don’t have my billfold…

A. What nerve! / (Spend $5)
B. It’s on me this time around. +5 (Spend $5)

After more of Candy’s monologue, make your way into the kitchen and talk to Hyun. After some more dialogue, you’ll head back into the Cafe.

Hyun: So… How about a beer? It would do me a world of good.

A. Now? / (Hyun treats you)
B. With pleasure. / (Spend $7 for a beer)

Hyun: So when we find a real gem, we hang onto it.

A. A real gem? Me? He’s kidding. I’m the queen of clumsiness. +5
B. That’s true, Clemence should learn to restrain herself. /
C. Oh… Thanks for the compliment. -5

Hyun: Not really, but you know his name?

A. One of my best guy friends really fell for him. -10 with Alexy, / with Hyun
B. (Alexy wouldn’t like me to tell everyone that he really “fell” for Morgan… Especially since Hyun might mention it to Morgan…) /

If you picked A. One of my best guy friends really fell for him.:

A. Does that bother you…? /
B. Would you mind trying to find out if he is…? -10

If you picked B. Would you mind trying to find out if he is…?

Hyun: Don’t meddle in others’ lives, that would be the best favor to give your friends, I think…

A. It was done precisely with my “friends’“ agreement. -10
B. (I preferred not to add anything on the subject… I feel stupid enough like this.) /

Hyun will then notice the time and realize he has to go. Head out of the cafe and then you’ll go down the alley.

A. (It’d be better of I turned around, I don’t want to relive what happened last time… I’m going to make a detour.) /
B. (I folded my arms across my chest, lowered my eyes, and picked up the pace.) / <– You’ll run into Rayan. This is required for a chance at Rayan’s illustration.

If you picked B and ran into Rayan:

A. So, I’m not going to hang around… +5
B. Would you mind walking me home? I’d feel much safer with you. -10

Regardless of what options you pick, make your way back to the campus.

Before going to your dorm, you can actually run into your Aunt here! Head into the Art Hall and go back and forth into Auditorium 2 until she shows up. 

After that, make your way to your dorm room. Candy will monologue some more and then you’ll fall asleep until you’re woken up by Rosalya’s phone call. She fails to tell you where they are so you go out to search for her.

She isn’t on campus so you head into town. You can find them at the park. After some more discussion (and possible LoM loss with Alexy depending on your choice with Hyun), you’ll eventually get a dialogue choice with Rosa.

A. Rosa, if there’s anything wrong whatsoever, you can tell us, you know. -5
B. What’s going on, Rosa? Are you two still together? /

Head to the Cafe and you end up stopping there to eat. After some more dialogue, you get a choice with Rosa.

Rosalya: You forgot to tell us how cute your coworker was.

A. He most likely is, but he’s my coworker above all. /
B. True, he is… /

After more dialogue, head into the Cafe and talk to Hyun. If he’s not inside the cafe, head into the kitchen.

Hyun: Oh, don’t worry, you’re not bothering me, I’m almost done. Clemence should be here soon to take over.

A. I get the impression you spend your life here, but you’re a student just like me. /
B. Oh, OK. I’ll let you finish straightening up. I’ll wait. I really don’t want to bother you at the end of your shift. -10

If you pick  A. I get the impression you spend your life here, but you’re a student just like me.:

Hyun: That’s true, I get that feeling, too. I need the money so I told Clemence to give me as many shifts as possible.

A. Are you in trouble moneywise? -5
B. I couldn’t spend so much time here. On top of classes, it’d be enough to drive me crazy. +10

Hyun: I figured as much, yeah.

A. Maybe you could ask Morgan to come? -5
B. If you want to invite some people, that could be fun. You know, the more, the merrier. +5

A. How about if we did it here? -5
B. In your dorm room? /

If you pick  A. How about if we did it here?:

Hyun: Not so sure Clemence will like that; you haven’t been working here long. She might have a hard time accepting it.

A. We don’t have to tell her… +5
B. Right and I’m not brave enough to ask. /

Hyun: You want us to go together?

A. Oh. For sure! / <-- Locks you into going to the concert with Hyun B. No sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing that night yet… / With that done, leave the cafe and make your way to “Shops Street”. You’ll get a choice between two outfits. Pick the outfit with the black jacket for Nathaniel’s Illustration. Pick the outfit without a jacket for Hyun’s. Priya’s and Rayan’s can be gotten regardless if you have the right LoM and choices. Miss Paltry: And do you think that’s the case everywhere? For example, has anyone here ever held their tongue, out of fear of being judged or afraid of retaliation?

A. We can say what we think, so long as we do it with respect. +5 with Priya
B. In the case of politicians or government officials, I don’t think we hold back. -5 with Priya
C. (I’d rather not say anything.) /

A. (I whispered so no one would hear us…) /
B. (I preferred not to bother her.) /
C. (I didn’t say a thing, but I lay my hand on Priya’s forearm, to show my support…) / <— Illustration if you have at least 55 LoM.

Before you leave, you need to pick an option for the box which I’m guessing will show up eventually.

A. (I’m going to suggest “Harry Potter’s fans need a follow-up”.) /
B (I’m going to suggest “School bullying”.) /
C. (I’m going to put in a blank piece of paper. No one’ll know it’s me.) /

With that done, hurry to catch up with Rosalya and Alexy. They’ve headed into the Break Room, a new area that has opened up next to Auditorium 2.

After some discussion about what happened with Priya next class, Alexy realizes his phone is missing.

A. I’ll go look for you, Alexy. +5
B. Are you sure you searched all your pockets? (I feel took lazy to walk all the way back to the park…) /

Either way, you’ll end up going to look for.  Head to the park and you’ll see it’s not there, so you decide to look elsewhere. In the end, you’ll find it in the alley (It will NOT show here until you’ve checked the park first):


As soon as you pick up the phone, Chani will show up. Head in front of the campus and if you didn’t say yes to going with Hyun, you’ll have a dialogue choice (otherwise, she won’t bring it up):

Chani: Well… It’s not Dimmu Borgir, but it’s still a band that blows you away. I like ‘em.

A. Dimmou what?! +5
B. That doesn’t surprise me coming from Castiel… It’s definitely his style to play music that “blows you away”, like you said. -5

If you haven’t already accepted an invitation to Crowstorm’s concert, you’ll have a chance to go with Chani.  

Chani: How about going to the concert together?

A. Great idea! I still hadn’t figured out who I could go to it with… / <-- Locks you into going to the concert with Chani (Leads to a scene with Rayan next episode) B. Thanks, but I may be going to it with someone else. /

Make your way to the dorms and you’ll run into Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: Well, you’re the one I was coming to see. Obviously.

A. Hmm… Something tells me that’s not the whole truth. -5
B. Well, here I am. What were you coming to tell me? /

If you picked B. Well, here I am. What were you coming to tell me?:

Nathaniel: If you wanna spice up your routine, you know where to find me, [Name]. I’d be thrilled to do you the favor.

A. I’ll keep that offer in the back of my mind, in case I ever get the urge. /
B. Hmm, I manage the dose of spice in my life just fine with you adding your grain of salt. +5

Nathaniel: It’s the only way I figured out to get the money my parents had saved up for me to “study”. I use it to enjoy life a little more.

A. Meaning, what? You hang out with shady characters who enjoy taking their frustration out on girls in the street? -5
B. After all, do what matters to you. I just hope you won’t regret your choices. +5
C. After all, we only live once. /

If you haven’t already accepted an invitation to Crowstorm’s concert, you’ll have a chance to go with Nathaniel.  

A. No, I wasn’t especially thinking about the concert, besides I still don’t know exactly who I’m going with… (I’d rather wait and see what Priya or Rosa have planned…) /
B. And so, are you going to it with someone? I don’t know… We could maybe go together. / <-- Locks you into going to the concert with Nathaniel

After more conversation, you get another dialogue choice (regardless of the above):

Nathaniel: You’re likely to see me go down these halls from time to time. Maybe one of these days it’ll be coming out of your room.

A. Stop being so sure of yourself. /
B. Come and visit me whenever you feel like it.  -5
C. Dream on. +5

If you dated Nathaniel, you’ll get one extra dialogue choice: 

Nathaniel: Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be the first time the two of us ended up between the sheets… Right?

A. What tact! Seriously, Nath, don’t overdo it. /
B. That’s true, after all. Still, doesn’t mean I want to make the same mistake twice. +5
C.  Yes, I remember very well, just imagine. /

After a bit more dialogue, head into your dorm room to see if Yeleen is there. But she’s not. Candy decides to look up some of Crowstorm’s recent music, but alas, you won’t actually get to hear this because this isn’t Henri’s Secret.

You’ll get a text message from Priya asking for you to meet her in the break room. As you leave, you run into Melody.

Melody: Seriously, how clumsy can I get. I’m really sorry. Are you OK? Did you hurt yourself?

A. It’s nothing. Don’t worry. Stuff like that happens. /
B. It kind of hurts, yeah, try to be more careful next time. /

Melody: Yeah, that’s it. I must be putting too much pressure on myself…

A. You should let loose a little. /
B. Want to talk about it? /

Melody: Thanks, so I’ll wait for a text from you.

A. For sure. /
B. I have pretty many things to handle before the party, but I’ll do my best. -5

With that conversation done, make your way to the Art Hall and into the break room.

Priya: In any case, I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend Miss Paltry’s class again after having behaved that way.

A. Don’t be so sure, she really seemed to appreciate your participation. +5
B. I can go to see her to talk to her about it, if you want. /

If you hadn’t accepted any invitations yet, Priya will bring up Castiel’s concert.

Priya: Have you made plans to go to it with someone or would you agree to us going together?

A. Let’s go to it together, I’d like that. / <-- Locks you into going to the concert with Priya
B. I’ve already made plans to go to it with Rosa… But we could meet up there? /

There will be a bit more dialogue either way and then it’ll end as Candy has to head to class. Heading into the Art Hall, you’ll get several messages before rushing after Yeleen into the auditorium where your class is.

You’ll take a seat next to Chani, but still be caught up with your phone and get in trouble.

A. I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb… /
B. Please forgive me, Sir, I just have one very important message to send. -5

After class, leave the hall where you’ll talk to Chani again.

Chani: OK, no prob! We’ll talk about Cistercian art some other time, then? I really wanted to hear your point of view about it.

A. Uh… I’d love to, Chani, but some other time! Sorry, I’m in a hurry. /
B. Sorry Chani, Cisterthing is not really my thing… And I really have to run! +5

Head towards your dorm room and you’ll finally get a hold of Yeleen.

Yeleen: Yes… Got a problem with that?

A. Listen, I had planned to have a party tonight… Here, in the room. Do you mind? -5
B. Do you have another place to sleep? /

Yeleen: Hmm… OK, but I’m warning you, I’m not cleaning up or doing the shopping!

A. Hold on, I think we misunderstood each other… It’s a party with my friends… -5
B. Uh… OK. But are you staying? /
C. O-OK. Thanks Yeleen. /

Rosalya will suddenly show up and after Yeleen leaves, you’ll have a dialogue choice.

A. What got into you?! /
B. Have you lost it, Rosa? /

Rosalya: I’d like to remind you that Hyun will be there tonight. The party may be more important than you think.

A. I like Hyun, but he’s my coworker. You’re imagining things. /
B. That doesn’t make Yeleen’s being there any better. -5

Head up the elevator so you can start heading towards Shops Street again. Rosalya will stop you on the way and then you can continue making your way there.

A. (I’m going to get stuff for champagne soup. It’s refreshing and different.)
B. (Hmm, a little tequila, salt and lemons. That should be pretty good.)

^As far as I can tell, the above choice does not matter (I’ve seen people getting it for both), but I personally picked champagne when I got them. 

You’ll be asked for your ID, but you apparently lost it.

A. I’m sorry I lost my I.D., but I’m really 23. /
B. I must’ve forgotten my I.D., but I’ll come and show it to you tomorrow, if you want! /

The store clerk goes to call the police, but Rayan ends up helping you out.

Rayan: At this time of day, the auditorium doors are locked… However, I happen to have the keys.

A. I wouldn’t want to waste your time, and unfortunately someone’s expecting me tonight… /
B. Could you go there with me? / <– Required for Rayan’s illustration. You will be late to the party though by like 40+ minutes.

If you go with Rayan to the Auditoriums, you’ll have some extra dialogue with him:

Rayan: Talk about nasty weather! It’s the kind of cold evening that makes me want to sit by a fire and watch a silly Christmas movie, like Love Actually.

A. Ohhh, the scene between Mark and Juliet with the signs… I’d give anything to see that movie again! +5
B. I’ve never seen Love Actually. It never really tempted me all that much… /
C. Christmas movies are not really my thing. -5

If you pick  B. I’ve never seen Love Actually. It never really tempted me all that much…:

Rayan: Really? That being said, I can relate. What do you like?

A. Art films about art… I like those a lot. -5
B. Science fiction. /
C. A little bit of everything, but mainly a good screenplay and a thrilling story. /

Head into the Auditorium, and sadly, your ID isn’t there.

A. Yes. I confess… We couldn’t find anywhere else. +5
B. No, it’s at a friend’s. -5
C. Yes. I know it’s against the rules… But we’ll be discreet! /

If you ran into him after working at the cafe, you will get the following dialogue:

Rayan: Before you go… I have something for you. I was thinking about giving it to you after class tomorrow, but… So long as I’m here.

A. Really? What is it? <— Illustration if at least 55 LoM
B. Thanks, but you shouldn’t have. /

A. I don’t know what to say… Thanks. Really. +5
B. It’s sweet to have thought of me. I’ll feel safer with this. /

Make your way to your dorm room.

Regardless of whether you’re 2 minutes or 40+ minutes late though, the party literally starts off exactly the same and it makes no difference.

A. I must have missed an episode, wanna explain? /
B. Are you talking about me? /

Rosalya: Did you manage to find what you wanted?

A. Yes, but can you imagine I came close to not ever getting back from the grocery store. /
B. Yes, I got everything. Sorry for the wait… (My feelings are kind of hurt about the way everyone welcomed me) +5 with Rosalya

Melody: The Police! You weren’t even in the wrong. How’d you work it out?

A. Well… I got help from… another customer. /
B. He ended up calming down and I managed to get out safe and sound. /

Yeleen: Except that, well… In your case, it’s understandable, but in my case…

A. What’s that supposed to mean? (Am I dreaming or is she making fun of me in front of my own friends?) -5 with Hyun
B. But in your case? Go on, finish your sentence. /

A. What are the rules? /
B. Yeah, I’ve heard of it. /

If you pick A. What are the rules?:

Yeleen: You haven’t heard of it?

A. Since I asked about the rules, obviously not. /
B. I’ve never played. /

If you pick  A. Since I asked about the rules, obviously not.:

Hyun: No, don’t go Yeleen. Besides, it’s room, too. Why are you reacting like that, [Name]?

A. Usually she’s the one that aggresses me with the slightest sentence. +5 with Hyun
B. She’s trying to turn you against me! -5 with Yeleen

If you pick B. Yeah, I’ve heard of it.:

Yeleen: So, I’ll let you explain it to everyone then.

A. It’s really easy. Someone asks a question and the others have to drink if the question is true for them. / <– Correct answer with how they play in this
B. Someone makes a statement and the others have to drink if it’s false for them. /

Rosalya: Let’s do one more as a test: Never have I ever worn nail polish.

A. (Drink.) (Nail polish has never really been my thing.) /
B. (Don’t drink.) (I love nail polish.) /

Hyun: Never have I ever lied.

A. (I raised my glass to my lips. I have no memory of having lied before about anything whatsoever.) -5 with Morgan
B. (I left my glass in front of me. That’s been my case more than once.) /

Yeleen: Never have I ever fantasized about one of my teachers.

A. (I took a sip. That idea has never crossed my mind.) /
B. (I just kept my glass in front of me without picking it up. Who has never thought about it?) /

If you pick  A. (I took a sip. That idea has never crossed my mind.):

Alexy: Not even Mr. Zaidi?

A. I confess that… -5 with Hyun
B. No, seriously, he leaves me cold. /

If you pick  A. I confess that…:

Hyun: I also have to acknowledge that there is some charm. But it sounds like Eric Northman arrived on Campus. ~

A. Haha, you watch True Blood, Hyun? /
B. Eric who? -5 with Rosalya

If you pick  B. (I just kept my glass in front of me without picking it up. Who has never thought about it?):

Melody: Oh, yeah, like who?

A. I’m playing but I don’t have to explain myself. /
B. Well, Mr. Zaidi… He has something… different. I don’t know. -10 with Melody, -5 with Hyun

Melody: No, but anyway, I’m going to go. I-I have a lot of things to do.

A. Already? The party has barely started. +5
B. Why’re you leaving? Did the question upset you? -5

Rosalya: Darn, same for me.

A. I’ll take it to her. <– Chance for Nathaniel’s Illustration.
B. Too bad for her, I’ll give it to her right at the first class, tomorrow morning. <– Chance for Hyun’s Illustration.

If you picked A. I’ll take it to her:

Hyun: I’ll be here when you get back.

A. I hope so. +
B. Have a good time without me, I’ll be in a flash. /

Head up the elevator and you’ll find Melody. Sadly, she didn’t notice you so you follow her out into the campus.

Melody: Thanks! You shouldn’t have, I could’ve done without.

A. Are you sure everything is OK? Do you just have things to do? -5
B. I hope you enjoyed the party anyway… /

Melody: Thanks, that’s really sweet.

A. Are you sure you don’t want to come back to the party? Sorry to insist, but it’d do you good. /
B. So, I’m going back… They must be waiting for me. /

A. Don’t study too much, either! Get some rest. /
B. Watch out for werewolves, please! +5

You then get ready to head back to the party only to notice Nathaniel with some girl.

A. I won’t disturb you any longer. +5 <– Towards Illustration
B. Is she the one you came to see this afternoon? –

Head to the Dorm Building and Nathaniel will chase after you.

A. Let go of me! Who do you think you are? / <– Towards Illustration.
B. What’s the deal? -5

A. (I don’t need to see that, I turned around and pressed the elevator button.) +5
B. (I gave the girl a challenging look.) /

A. (I didn’t say a thing and turned to face the elevator.) /
B. You asked for it, Nath. / <– Illustration if at least 45 LoM.

Nathaniel apologizes and leaves. Candy will head towards the elevator when Rosalya, Morgan, Alexy, and Hyun will show up. The party is officially over.

Head back to your room to go to sleep and the episode ends.

If you picked B.  Too bad for her, I’ll give it to her right at the first class, tomorrow morning.:

Morgan: Never have I ever been attracted to someone the same sex as me!

A. (Drink. I’ve never been attracted by a girl.) /
B. (Don’t drink. I’ve been attracted by a girl before.) -5 with Yeleen

A. (I stood up and followed Rosalya and Hyun’s example)
B. (I stayed seated, I definitely didn’t feel like dancing.) -5 for Hyun.

Alexy: Yeah, your turn [Name], you haven’t made a statement yet!

A. Never have I ever wanted to kiss anyone who’s here. /  <– Towards Illustration.
B. Never have I ever done anything illegal. /
C. I’m wearing sexy lingerie, right here and now. /

A. (I took a little sip.) /
B. (I set my glass down in front of me without taking a drink. And I immediately looked at Hyun without meaning to.) +10 with Hyun <– Illustration if 65 LoM or higher.

After some more dialogue, Yeleen speaks up.

Yeleen: And in my case, we don’t have enough blankets, if you don’t mind me saying so… Right [Name]?

A. Are you still stuck on that mess! /
B. Yes, Yeleen, we know. -5

After some more dialogue, the episode ends.