MCLUL Episode 5 Guide

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is. In the case of answers where multiple people are present, I’ve only listed + and negative effects and for who so if nothing is listed for them, then it’s neutral.

~ means the dialogue is translated and may vary from the official English release.

Action Points: 1,500-1,800

Illustrations: Six total. One with each love interest and one with Alexy and Morgan. You can earn 3 in a single playthrough depending on choices (One with Alexy and Morgan, one with Nathaniel, and one with Priya, Rayan, Castiel, or Hyun.) You need at least 25 LoM, the right dialogue, and the right outfit for Castiel’s, at least 50 LoM and the right dialogue for Nathaniel, at least 55 LoM and the right outfit for Priya’s, at least 50 LoM, the right dialogue, and the right outfit for Hyun’s, and at least 80 LoM and the right outfit for Rayan’s*. Alexy and Morgan’s is automatic as long as you have positive LoM with them and go to the Main Auditorium after visiting the break room again after during the objective “Find a place to sit and study before going to the gym.”

*At the moment, I’ve had Rayan’s be super finicky if you didn’t get his illustration last route (As in some friends got it, some have not–it doesn’t help that the dialogue varies based on if you went his illustration route last episode or not). 

At the very least, most people have had luck getting it doing all the positive and neutral (when no positive is available) options along with Hyun helping at the Cafe. I personally did finally manage to get it with choices I’ve picked before so I’m hoping that means the issue has been fixed.

Auntie: In the Dining Hall before going to Mr. Zaidi’s class. As soon as you’re out of the dorm room, head there!


Tote Bag with Logo

$120 – Priya’s & Rayan’s Outfit
$110 – Hyun’s Outfit
$115 – Castiel’s Outfit

Outfits: 3.


One for Priya & Rayan (The one with the overalls and backpack), one for Hyun  (The one with the flowers and collared shirt), and one for Castiel (The one with the beanie).

Candy wakes up and after having a horrible start, she goes to head to class. Before you do, you can find Auntie in the Dining Hall. 

After seeing Auntie, if you want to anyway, make your way to Auditorium 2. Rayan is late and while Candy motions for Chani to sit next to her, Melody ends up taking the seat.

Melody: Pff.

A. Everything alright? /
B. (Looks like she’s in a bad mood… Better if I leave her alone.) /

If you pick A: 

A. Stop beating around the bush. /
B. All I can do is remind you I’m here for you. +5

Rayan will then enter the classroom. He seems a bit off and even ignores Candy despite raising her hand like crazy.

After a comment from Melody, Rayan leaves the room and says he should have cancelled the class for today. Yeleen then makes a snippy comment which Chani tosses back at her.

Chani: And we don’t come to hear your opinion on the topic.

A. Well said! (I winked at Chani.) -10 with Yeleen
B. (I glanced at Chani but I refrained from making a comment.) /

After a bit more dialogue, the class ends. Meet Chani in the break room.

A. What’re you writing? /
B. Strange “class”, wasn’t it? /

If you pick A: 

Chani: Oh, I… I’m looking for an outfit for Hellfest in a few months! So, I’m jotting down a few ideas.

A. You’re going to Hellfest?! +5
B. Oh, OK! /

Candy then gets a phone call and after briefly mistaking Kim for her mom for some reason, she then mentions how she can go to the student lounge or study in one of the auditoriums.

Despite how this sounds, you don’t actually have a choice here. Go to the break room and it’ll be too crowded so head into the Main Auditorium (if nothing happens, go back and forth between it and inside a bit) where you’ll be able to get your first illustration–Alexy and Morgan kissing.

A. So the two of you… is it serious? /
B. In any case… I see you aren’t wasting any time! -10 with Alexy, -5 with Morgan
C. Right… I’ll be on my way, haha. See you later! +5 with Morgan

Head outside (or go straight to doing this if you want to skip the scene above) and after some monologue, head into the gym (You’ll be sent out in front of it and the Snake Room). You’ll work out with Kim before finally getting on the subject of Nathaniel.

A. Has Nath been back to work out recently? -5
B. You know, I saw Nath and Amber at the Crowstorm concert and… It looked like Amber was feeling pretty rotten. Did you hear about that? +5

Kim: Now he’s gotten away from campus, but that doesn’t keep him from making “trouble” elsewhere.

A. What kind of “trouble” are you talking about? -5
B. Yeah, I understand… But why? Why such a change? /

Nathaniel when then interrupt your conversation and Kim will rush off. After some more monologue from Candy, you get a choice.

A. (Better if I leave him alone.)
B. (I couldn’t keep from running after him.) <– Towards Nathaniel’s Illustration

If you pick A: 

Candy will have some dialogue with Kim, monologue a bit, and then it’ll jump to her back at Campus.

If you pick B:

Candy rushes out the gym to chase after him. Head to the alley to find him.

Nathaniel: Did you follow me?

A. Yes, I followed you! -5
B. The way you behaved at the gym earlier… What’s going on, Nath?! /

Nathaniel: So, what do you want in the end?

A. I can tell something’s wrong, I’m just looking for a way to help out. +5
B. Tell me what’s going on. -5
C. Is it because of your father? /

A. Stop acting like that with me, I’m trying to show you that I’m on your side. / <– Towards Illustration
B. Talk to me! I’m trying to understand. /

If you pick B, the conversation ends, but if you pick A:

A. (I watched him go…) /
B. (I caught up with him and forced him to face me.) / <– Illustration if high enough LoM.

After a bit more conversation, head back to school.

Candy is hungry so she decided to go get something to eat before class. Head into the Dining Hall where you’ll bump into Chani.

If you peaked in her bag in Episode 4, you’ll have a dialogue choice:

A. I just thought it looked like a sketchbook. -10
B. To be honest, I saw it… When you left me your bag last time. /

After, head into the Art Hall to eat together. You’ll then get some monologue about the class.

After some more conversation, head outside and you’ll run into Melody.

Melody: Fine thanks. Sorry, I don’t have time, catch you later.

A. OK… See you! /
B. Hey, what happened this morning in our contemporary art class? You seemed… annoyed. /

If you pick B:

Melody: It was a misunderstanding, I’m sorry.

A. Does it have to do with Mr. Zaidi? -5
B. Does it have to do with your notorious date from last time? +5

Head to your dorm room and after some monologue and a weird dream that features the 5 love interests, Candy makes her way to class. Head to Auditorium 2.

Chani: Hey, sleep well?

A. Not really, I had a strange dream… +5
B. Could’ve been better. /

You will then get your test results! Based on how well you answered the questions last episode will determine your grade.

Head out of the class and talk to Chani a bit more.

A. You’ve never talked to me about your roommate before. +5
B. OK, wish her good luck. -5

Head to your dorm room where Yeleen will be.

A. Hi Yeleen. /
B. (I didn’t say a word and I went to sit down on my bed.) -5

If you got a good grade on the test:

Yeleen: Yeah, but we planned on sitting here. So…

A. The last time I invited friends, you were here and it wasn’t a problem.  -5
B. Forget it… I’ll go find somewhere else. /

If you got a bad grade on the test: 

Yeleen: That’s right… Call it whatever you want, but I’m giving you a piece of friendly advice. That multiple choice test was a cinch and you’re likely to get permanently lost by what lies ahead.

A. I don’t need your “advice”, thanks. / or –
B. Its just a grade, I have plenty of time to make up for it. /
C. Switch majors? Stop dreaming.

A. (I really feel like putting her in her place.) -10
B. (I threw my bag over my shoulder, and headed for the door, without saying a thing.) /

With that done, head to the Library where you’ll overhear the Director talking to Rayan.

A. (I’m going to slip out of the library discreetly.) /
B. (Maybe I can go see him…) /

If you pick B: 

Rayan: [Name]! Have you been there long?

A. Well, I kind of… heard the conversation. /
B. Only for a few seconds. -5

Head back out the library and Candy will get ready to call Rosalya only to get a call from Clemence.

Clemence: *** Good. So you’re on campus right now? For the keys, you didn’t answer my question! ***

A. Yes, I’m on campus. I can come to the cafe to get them, if you’d like. /
B. Yes, I’m on campus. It’s not very far, I’ll wait for you here. +5

Head to the cafe to meet Clemence. You don’t need to put your uniform on.

Clemence: There you are! Will you know how to handle opening the cafe, fixing drinks, setting up the chairs and all the rest?

A. Well… I haven’t done all of it yet on my own, but I’ll do my best. /
B. Yes, of course. -5

After some more dialogue, head to the park. Candy will get a message from Rosa and then meet you there.

Rosalya: You’re starting to freak me out, I don’t remember that. And…? What did I do then?

A. You made things awkward for us. -5
B. And… You dished it out in front of a bunch of his groupies. /

Alexy will then show up and bring up the news about him and Morgan being together.

If you got Alexy & Morgan’s Illustration/spotted them in the Auditorium: 

A. Once again, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! /
B. Still, you picked the auditorium! There are more discreet places. +5 with Alexy

Alexy: So, starting tonight, I’m going back to my room.

A. We can see you’re oozing with disappointment. +5 with Alexy
B. And Hyun, what’d he do? /

Alexy: In any case, we got the chance to talk with him a little over the weekend, and I like him. He seems really close to his family. He’s 100% sweet, I give my approval!

A. True, he is nice… +5 with Rosalya
B. I don’t know him very well yet… /

A. Did you… do it? -5
B. Tell us absolutely everything! /

After a bit more dialogue, head back to campus. Morgan will show up.

If you got Alexy & Morgan’s Illustration/spotted them in the Auditorium: 

A. Once again, I’m sorry! /
B. I’m practically sure that I can’t beat you in that field yet. +5

A. Everything alright? We’re not disturbing you too much, I hope. -10 with Alexy
B. (I preferred pretending like nothing was going on, and kept messing with my phone.) /

You’ll then head into Campus and talk to Rosalya.

Rosalya: It makes me so happy to see both of them like that! I get the impression I’ve achieved something big.

A. And me? Do I get any credit? Didn’t I play a role? +5
B. True, they do make a good match. /

Make your way to your dorm room and after some more monologue, you’ll run into Priya.

Priya: Why don’t you go in and tell them the party’s over? It’s your room too, after all.

A. Yep, that’s exactly what I’m going to do! /
B. Pff… I don’t feel like another argument between Yeleen and me… /

If you picked A:

Head into the dorm room thanks to Priya’s help.

Yeleen: Yes?

A. Will your “party” be over soon? I’d like to get my part of the room back. +5 with Priya
B. You’re making so much noise, and the door was locked from the inside with the key in the lock, I couldn’t get in. /

A. So, is this going to last a lot longer or can I come back into my room soon? /
B. And on top of that, you’re doing it on purpose! /

Priya suggests heading to the dining hall while Yeleen finishes up.

Priya: If my roommate isn’t against the idea, and you agree, we can always work things out between us to change rooms.

A. I really don’t want to talk about it with the admin director. -5
B. I’m not sure it’s such a good idea. /
C. I’d love to share my room with you. +5

It then continues as if you picked B.

So, if you picked B or just finished the above, make your way to the dining hall to talk with Priya. You’ll get +5 just during this scene.

Priya: I write about San Francisco and the people I met there. But the whole story isn’t based on her.

A. Do you still talk to her regularly? +5
B. Could I read it? /

Priya: Bummer… If for some reason I don’t go, I’ll drop by to say hello and cheer you on.

A. That’d be great! / <– Towards Priya’s Illustration
B. Don’t bother, I’ll probably be pretty busy, anyway… -10 <– Towards Hyun’s and Rayan’s illustrations.

Make your way back to your dorm room.

A. Thanks for straightening up. /
B. (I prefer not saying anything, I just sat down on my bed.) /

If you pick A: 

Yeleen: You’re thanking me for something perfectly normal. So you’re insinuating that I don’t usually straighten up. Even thought I’m a civilized person.

A. Geez, having a conversation with you is exhausting. -5
B. I know perfectly well that cleaning up after a little party is normal. But still that doesn’t mean I can’t say thanks anyway. /

Yeleen: You never know, I remember something to do with some paint that went all wrong.

A. I can’t believe it. You’re bringing that up again? -5
B. Yeah, yeah, I got it.  /

After some more dialogue and then monologue from Candy, it’s time to go to the cafe.

A. (As I looked distractedly through my wardrobe, I let my thoughts wander to memories of the concert… and of Castiel.) <– Choice of Castiel’s and Hyun’s Outfits
B. (As I looked through my wardrobe, I tried to focus as much as possible on my mission of the day: run the cafe with an iron fist!) <– Choice of Hyun’s and Priya’s/Rayan’s Outfits if Hyun is higher LoM, Choice of Priya’s/Rayan’s and Castiel’s Outfits if Priya or Rayan is higher LoM

You will then get a text message from Hyun.

Hyun: “Hi, I know you’ll be alone today at the cafe, I’m really sorry to put you through that. I can’t go in with this fever. But I can still answer text messages if you have the slightest problem. Don’t forget.”

A. (He is really sweet!) +5
B. (He kind of overdoes it.) /

Make your way to the cafe and once inside, the alarm goes off.

A. (28N1)  <– Correct answer
B. (I18N) /
C. (I know Hyun’s sick but he told me I could call him if needed…)
D. (I’ll call Clemence, I’d rather not screw something up.)

If you picked C or D:

A. Clemence, tell me fast, I have a minute before security gets called! /
B. Sorry, it was better for me to call you, instead of trying a code at random, wasn’t it? -5

Head into the Kitchen to get the pastries. After, head outside to take care of the tables and chairs. Go back and forth a bit if needed and Castiel will show up inside.

Castiel: Relax, it’s just me.

A. Sure, you surprised me, that’s all! /
B. Well, it’s not like the Crowstorm singer comes here every day for coffee! -5

Castiel: Is the waitress so disastrous? Does she chase all the customers away?

A. Not at all, it’s just that it’s still early. They should be showing up any time now. -5
B. That must be it, I’m a real walking disaster. +5

Castiel: So, if the coffee’s delicious, maybe I’ll go put a good rating on your webpage.

A. Seriously? That’d be awesome! /
B. Don’t forget to mention the incredible waitress who made you the best coffee in the world. +5

Castiel: Besides, more than anything, it looks like the only cafe without a morning rush… It’s kind of nice having some peace and quiet for breakfast.

A. Yeah, here you won’t be followed around by a herd of fans, most likely anyway. +5
B. That’s fame, I guess! You must expect that to happen, right? -5

Castiel: So I see…

A. What about you, are you making a living with your music? In any case, if I remember correctly, you weren’t exactly planning on going back to school. -5
B. Do you mind being on the road all the time, and not being able to see your old Sweet Amoris friends as often? /

Castiel: With all the touring, I take part of my classes through e-learning. So, I’m not on campus much; we’re not likely to run into each other every day.

A. Bummer, it would’ve been nice to. -5
B. OK, I get it. It’s great the band is successful and you can keep doing what you want, in any case. /

Head into the Kitchen to get sugar for Castiel’s coffee and then head outside to bring it to him.

Castiel: You wanna sit down a second? We can talk a little.

A. Well, I’m not supposed to sit down during my shift… -5
B. Um, sure, why not… +5 <– Towards Illustration.

If you picked B: 

Castiel: I have to admit, the coffee’s pretty good…

A. So will you go write a comment on the website then? -5
B. (I just smiled at him.) /

A. By the way, speaking of that, I’m really sorry about what happened… -5
B. She had a little to much to drink, but it was kind of funny, wasn’t it? /
C. (I prefer not to stay on the subject.) +5 if he’s not your ex, / if he is.

If Castiel is your ex and you pick C: 

Castiel: That said, I could’ve done without certain comments, but I’m not going to make a fuss about it.

A. I wish she had kept quiet at the time too. +5
B. That said, not everything was worthless. -5

Nina: Hi [Name]! We have an hour of class that was canceled, I told my friends that the waitress here was adorable, so we came here.

A. All of you…? -5
B. No problem, have a seat! /

Nina will then place a large order, but it doesn’t matter because Candy will just mess up anyway.

A. What? +5
B. (I put my pad away and went to the kitchen to get the order ready as fast as possible.) /

Castiel: Hey, need help?

A. Well… yeah, sure. +5 <– Illustration with the right outfit and at least 25 LoM
B. Don’t worry, I’ll end up handling it! -10

A. Don’t worry, I’ll do it. -5
B. Thanks, that’s really sweet. +5

Head back outside the cafe.

A. But… aren’t you eating something? /
B. Nina, next time, try to come with people who know how to behave in a cafe. -10 with Nina

A. Why did you say yes to her for the ticket? /
B. So… I just have to straighten all that up… /

If you pick A: 

Castiel: Anyway, I think things are going better now, but she went through a tough time when Lysander left… It’s my way of… I dunno…

A. So do you know what Lysander is up to? -5
B. I guess it must not have been easy for you either… +5

If you pick B, it then goes straight to the next scene.

Castiel: Need a hand?

A. I wouldn’t mind a little help. /
B. I can handle it, don’t worry, enjoy your coffee. -5

Castiel: Wait, you aren’t going to throw out this coffee, if you can reheat it, I’ll drink it myself. I’ll pay for it obviously. I have to stay alert until tonight, for the recording…

A. Are you recording a song today? /
B. Sure, no problem. I’ll bring it right back. /

If you pick A: 

Castiel: Yes…

A. Can I come? -5
B. Cool! /

If you pick A again: 

Castiel: No. It’s not open to the public.

A. Yeah, I figured as much, but I’m not just “public”. We actually know each other. -5
B. I understand… /

Head into the Kitchen to take care of the coffee, then head back outside to Castiel.

A. Are you the slightest bit hungry by any chance? It would help me out… /
B. Would you like a pastry to go with your coffee? +5

Castiel: I can tell you’re giving me your little questioning look, you’re trying to read my mind non-stop. What do you want to know?

A. I was just wondering how your dog, Demon, was doing? -20
B. No, seriously, I didn’t have anything in particular in mind. /
C. Nothing, I’m just impressed to see how successful you’ve been in reaching your goals. A singer. It suits you well… /
D. Do you have a girlfriend? -5

If you pick D: 

Castiel: Geez, I feel like I’m talking to a groupie.

A. Maybe it was a little straightforward, but it’s just to find out more about you. It’s been so long since we talked. -5
B. I’m not a groupie. I’m asking because I’m interested. /

Nathaniel will then show up for a bit.

Nathaniel: I’m surprised to find the local starlet here, I thought that this was a sleazy place for high school kids.

A. How nice for the “sleazy place’s” waitress. +5 with Castiel
B. Seriously, are you two still stuck where you were in high school, have you kept on squabbling all this time? -5 with Nathaniel
C. There’s no reason you can’t both sit down and have a drink. And keep your cool! -5 with Castiel

If you pick A:

Castiel: Otherwise what?

A. (I should break it up.)  /
B. (I’d rather let them settle their differences.) /

And then he leaves.

Castiel: In any case, follow my advice, he’s not the best person to hang out with.

A. That’s funny, I get the impression that people said the same thing about you back in high school. +5
B. You’re most likely right. -5
C. I’ll hang out with whoever I want to. /

Castiel leaves as well so head back inside the cafe. Head into the Kitchen to look for something to eat. Hyun put some food in the fridge for her.

Head back into the cafe and depending on whoever has higher LoM, either Hyun or Priya will be there!


Hyun: I took what I needed to, to make the fever go down, it’ll be OK.

A. Not a good idea… You should go back and rest! +5
B. Didn’t you believe in me? I can manage, you know… -5

Head back into the Kitchen to eat while Hyun takes care of things.

A. (It’s nice, he’s really thoughtful.) /
B. (He’s insisting too much…) /

After some more monologue, head outside the cafe. Head head back inside.

A. I don’t get it! It was working fine this morning! What’d you do? +5
B. Darn! How am I going to manage this afternoon? /

Hyun: …I just wanted to clean the machine, and I tripped… and pulled the machine down with me…

A. Didn’t you hurt yourself? /
B. Geez, if I don’t have a machine to make coffee, I know someone who’s going to let me have it. -5

Hyun: Hey by the way, you… You aren’t wearing yours.

A. Yeah… I totally forgot. /
B. I admit I didn’t want to wear it this morning. /

If you pick B: 

A. You’re not going to tell her, are you? -10
B. I know, I shouldn’t have… They’re the cafe and logo colors… I’ll wear it next week. +5

Hyun: That’s what we usually sell in a whole week! She must’ve screwed up.

A. I don’t think she screwed up, no… She knows perfectly well what she’s up to. +5
B. Maybe… /

Hyun: I’ll be OK…

A. You were sick, you shouldn’t have come in today, I told you so! -5
B. Can I do something to help? You can’t stay like that. Should I call 911? /
C. Hyun, go home and get some rest! /

If you pick C: 

Hyun: Yes, you’re most likely right, but… I didn’t want you to be alone today… I wanted to help you.

A. You’re overdoing it. If I need your help, I know how to ask for it. But today, you need to take care of yourself. +5
B. That’s really sweet, but I can handle it on my own. /
C. I didn’t ask for your help, Hyun… You’d better get some rest. -10

Hyun: There isn’t one nearby. And there isn’t any medicine here, it doesn’t matter.

A. (I tried to take his temperature by putting my hand on his forehead) / <– Illustration if correct outfit and high enough LoM
B. (I got up to go behind the counter to check and see if there was anything that could help him) /

Hyun will leave so head outside of the Cafe to continue doing your job and the routes re-sync up.


Priya: That’s what friends are for! Besides a little manual labor will take my mind off things. I had the occasion to experiment the serving profession once, with an old friend…

A. With Olivia, your ex…? /
B. Is there anything you haven’t done Priya? /
C. That’s sweet, but I don’t want to bother you, I’m sure I could’ve gotten by this afternoon. -5

If you pick A:

Priya: Hmm… To answer your question, no. I don’t miss her, and at the time time, I do. It was a beautiful time, but we took different paths. I’m looking for something else now. ~

A. Which is? +
B. I see… /

Head into the Kitchen to eat and think about Hyun.

A. (It’s nice, he’s really thoughtful.) /
B. (He’s insisting too much…) /

Once done, head outside the Cafe. Then head back inside.

Priya: However, there is a little problem with the coffee machine. I think it conked out…

A. Really? You’re kidding me. Clemence is going to kill me. -5
B. What’d you do? /

Head into the Kitchen to get Priya an apron (it’s on top of the microwave under the table). If you have high enough LoM and picked the right outfit, you’ll get the illustration after some dialogue!

Priya: So, is it really all that horrible?

A. Everything looks good on you, Priya! /
B. Let’s say it’s cute! /

If you pick A:

A. I didn’t say pretty, I said a knock-out. /
B. You’re always so sure of yourself. +5

Head back outside the cafe for some more dialogue.

Priya: In any case, I really had a good time, maybe I should apply too!

A. Oh yeah, I wouldn’t be the only one confronting Clemence! Please, apply. /
B. Today was fun, but most of the time it was no picnic. +5

And with that, Priya makes her way back to the dorms.

After some monologue, head to the alley. Head back into the Cafe. Rayan shows up/

A. I admit it’s late and yes, I’m closing up… Maybe some other time. /
B. What difference does a few minutes make? I can still serve you something if you’d like me to. +5

Rayan: Here you go, the last one… Too bad there aren’t any more: nothing like a little physical activity to take your mind off things, and that’s definitely what I need right now…

A. Oh? You seem absorbed in your thoughts… Is everything alright? /
B. That’s true, it’s nice. +5

Rayan: I opted for sparing you an hour with a teacher in a really bad mood. It wouldn’t have been very productive, it was better for me to get my thoughts in order…

A. And did you manage to? To get your thoughts in order…? -5
B. I didn’t have a problem with that… /

Rayan: Well, I was talking to Melody. I bet you heard us talking, didn’t you? We were making a little too much noise.

A. No, not at all, I just barely hear some distant voices, that’s why I came out to look… -10
B. I have to admit I caught snatches of your conversation… /

Rayan: I just want to explain what’s going on…

A. You don’t owe me anything, Sir. /
B. I’m listening. -5

Rayan: Melody and I ran into each other in a nearby street and I had to talk to her about her behavior at the university and…

A. Melody? Her behavior? She’s more like the “model student” type. -5
B. Did she come on to you…? /

Rayan: Seeing how I had canceled the last class, she wanted to “make up” for things. I tried to explain that she wasn’t supposed to do that, but before I could finish, she took off…

A. I understand… Don’t worry, Melody has been kind of hypersensitive lately… /
B. Still, she seemed really upset. +5

Rayan: It’d be a shame for a rumor to start based on a misunderstanding.

A. For sure, it’s a good thing you explained, I admit that just watching the scene from a distance raised certain questions in my mind. +5
B. I understand. /

If you didn’t have the Illustration ending with Rayan in Episode 4:

Rayan: All the same, I’m surprised to see you alone so late at the cafe…

A. I’m not a child, you know, I can handle it. +5
B. I’m not all that reassured either to tell the truth. /

Rayan: Even though we aren’t supposed to, outside of class time.

A. “Not supposed to”, that doesn’t mean a thing. We have every right to talk, the world is not going to fall apart just because of that, we’re not doing anything wrong. +5
B. You’re right… -5

If you had the illustration ending with Rayan in Episode 4: 

A. It shouldn’t have happened and it won’t happen again. + <– Illustration if high enough LoM
B. I don’t regret what happened. / <– Illustration if high enough LoM
C. It was strange… I don’t really know what to think.

Hyun will then spot the two of you and the episode ends!