MCLUL Episode 7 Guide

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is. In the case of answers where multiple people are present, I’ve only listed + and negative effects and for who so if nothing is listed for them, then it’s neutral.

~ means the dialogue is translated and may vary from the official English release.

Action Points: 1,000-1,250AP

Illustrations: 5 Total. You can only get 1 per playthrough. There is one for each love interest. They must be your highest LoM to get the end scene with them and you also need the right outfit. You must also pick the right dialogue, if applicable.

Auntie: The Bathroom at Night after returning back to campus from Rosalya’s [and Leigh’s] Apartment.


Flamingo Float

$15 – Present for Rosalya
$120 – Hyun’s and Rayan’s Outfit ($40 for the swimsuit, $80 for the rest of the outfit)
$120 – Castiel’s Outfit ($55 for the swimsuit, $65 for the rest of the outfit)
$120 – Priya’s and Nathaniel’s Outfit ($45 for the swimsuit, $75 for the rest of the outfit)
$5 – Bus ticket to go to the beach

Outfits: 3


Essentially, you’ll pick the swimsuit (right image of each box) and then the “cover” (left image of each box) for whichever you picked.

Rose swimsuit with Shawl and Shorts – Hyun’s and Rayan’s Outfits
Mermaid swimsuit with the dress and tube – Castiel’s Outfit
Bikini with the Top and skirt – Priya’s and Nathaniel’s Outfits

We pick up from Rosalya’s surprise announcement last episode in Candy’s dorm room.

Rosalya: He was with me when I found out. My period was late. It was Leigh’s idea to go and buy me a pregnancy test on his way home from work one night, and it turned out… That he was right.

A. Weren’t you using any kind of contraceptive? /
B. What about school, how are you going to manage? -5
C. Did you want to get pregnant? +5

Rosalya: I was frightened, but happy. I asked myself tons of questions: what about school, the apartment, all the rest. But in the end, I decided the time is never just right… I’m sure I’m making the right decision. If it happened now, it was meant to happen!

A. I’m really happy for you. /
B. Have you and Leigh taken the time to talk it through? It’s a huge decision. -5

If positive LoM with Yeleen:

Yeleen: Oh… Maybe I should’ve knocked. I really need to sleep tonight. I’m not exactly in the mood to have a party in the room.

A. We’re just chatting, do you mind? /
B. I understand… +5

If Negative LoM with Yeleen: 

Yeleen: No, have mercy, not tonight, I really need some peace and quiet.

A. You could at least say it nicely. – or /
B. We’re not having a party, we’re just chatting.
C. Sorry I didn’t tell you ahead of time, Yeleen.

Yeleen: Did you buy the CD?

A. Hmm… Yes. /
B. A… friend gave it to me. /
C. How’s that any of your business? <– Only appears with negative LoM.

If you pick A. Hmm… Yes.:

Yeleen: I’ve had it for something like a thousand years. I know it so well I could sing it a cappella.

A. Oh, really… great. /
B. How did you hear about them? +5

If Castiel was not your Ex:

Yeleen: After hearing you chat with Rosalya and Alexy so much, I definitely figured out that’s where you all met. And so… Were you one of Castiel’s friends, too?

A. I knew him really well, yeah. /
B. Yeah, but we didn’t talk to each other much. /

If Castiel was your Ex:

Yeleen: After hearing you chat with Rosalya and Alexy so much, I definitely figured out that’s where you all met. And so… Were you one of Castiel’s friends, too?

A. We were more than friends… +5
B. He was in the crowd I hung out with.

If you picked A. We were more than friends…:

Yeleen: And so, are the two of you going to get back together?

A. I’d like to. /
B. No.
C. (It’s none of her business.) That didn’t even cross my mind.

If Positive LoM with Yeleen:

Yeleen: I’m getting to know my roommate, is that so bad?

A. Despite what happened earlier, we haven’t been the best of friends in the world until now, so I’m a little surprised. /
B. No… It’s better than our usual arguments. +5

If Negative LoM with Yeleen:

Yeleen: I’m getting to know my roommate, is that so bad?

A. I’m just surprised. / or –
B. Dunno, considering what happened earlier between us, I find your behavior strange. /

You go to sleep after that. Head out into campus the next day and you’ll run into Kim.

Kim: I decided to do my daily jog all the way to campus this mornin’. Though with a little luck I’d run into ya. A good thing I did, I guess.

A. Why’d you want to run into me so badly? /
B. Sorry Kim, I haven’t come to the gym lately, but I’m going to make up for it! +5
C. Listen Kim, I’ve already paid for the whole month anyway, so whether I come or not, doesn’t change a thing for you.  -5

Kim: You pay to get in. But since I’m one of the organizers, if you promise me to try harder to come to the gym more often, maybe I can somehow let you in free!

A. I’d loved that, Kim! I promise I’ll come to the gym once a week! +5
B. I didn’t even know that was going on this weekend; I’m not sure yet if I can come… /
C. If I decide to come, I’ll make you a promise then. /

Head into Auditorium 2 for Mr. Zaidi’s class.

A. Enough already, we get the message! Mind if we skip your raunchy remarks and start class now? +5 with Yeleen and Rayan
B. (I prefer not to say anything.) /

A. (I took out my phone to discreetly send an SMS to Rosalya.) /
B. (I’m going to wait until the end of class.) /

If you pick A. (I took out my phone to discreetly send an SMS to Rosalya.):

A. Ex-excuse me, I pulled out my phone just now; I listened to the rest of class. -5
B. Sorry… My mind was elsewhere today. +5

Rayan: To be honest, when I saw you at the back of the auditorium, I thought you were waiting to talk to me at the end of class…

A. Oh no, I was just not being attentive. /
B. Uh, well, to tell the truth… I wanted to know… Do you plan on going to the beach this weekend? +5

Leave the auditorium and you’ll run into Melody.

Melody: I thought Mr. Zaidi was never going to manage to start his class; they sure are immature when they set their minds to it.

A. They tried to get on his nerves and it didn’t work, Mr. Zaidi handled it well. +5
B. For sure, it was pretty annoying. /

Melody: I almost did… But that’s not my job. Even though I’m his assistant, I’m not there to make them behave. O-or to teach the class in his place…

A. I meant to tell you… I saw the two of you talking, last weekend, in the street… I was closing up the cafe a-and… /
B. Y-yeah, I understand. /

If you pick A. I meant to tell you… I saw the two of you talking, last weekend, in the street… I was closing up the cafe a-and…:

Melody: What did you see?

A. I heard you get upset, and leave crying. -5
B. Not much. Then Mr. Zaidi came and talked to me afterwards; he had seen me watching the two of you. +5

Head out into the Campus Quad and you’ll run into Chani.

Chani: Yeah, but that didn’t really bother me! The house was huge, I took tons of pictures.

A. But, weren’t you afraid? /
B. I’d love to try some day! +5
C. I admire how courageous you are. /

Head the way you would to your Dorm room and Chani’s dorm will open up nearby.

Chani: Ignore the mess…

A. Wait, I can’t begin to guess… Which side is your roommate’s, and which is yours? +5
B. I love your plants! /

Chani: Let’s see… what’s left… I have all kinds of juice, tomato, cherry, cranberry, strawberry, or “True Blood”. What’ll it be?

A. Wow… It’s red…! /
B. “True blood?” What’s that? /

Chani: Is that your thesis?

A. Uh, no, it’s just my outline, I forgot to bring the rest. -10
B. Y-yes, that’s all I’ve written so far… /

Make your way to Shops Street and you will spend $15 on a stuffed hippopotamus for Rosalya’s baby. From there, head to Rosalya’s apartment which will show up on that street.

Rosalya: So, here’s the living room with a little mezzanine that we transformed into a little bedroom, and there’s the bathroom, and an extra bedroom.

A. An extra bedroom? You’d already planned it for the… (I lowered my voice) baby? /
B. Is it Lysander’s old room…? /

A. How’s it going, have you had… morning sickness? /
B. So, are you happy? +5

Alexy then shows up with a bunch of gifts. Leigh then arrived.

A. Darn, I’m not free this weekend. -5 with Alexy
B. What do you say to celebrating it at the surf competition this weekend? +5 with Leigh

You then leave with Alexy to head back to campus. Outside, you run into Morgan.

A. So… well… I’ll be on my way. /
B. Alexy… Are you coming anyway or not? +5 with Alexy and Morgan

Either way, you’ll head into campus alone. At this moment, you have a chance to run into Auntie!

You can find her at the “Restroom at night”. As always, it may take a few times going back and forth. You’ll get a Flamingo Float for your efforts. 

With that done, head to your dorm room. After a bunch of monologue and an extra day passing, Alexy will wake Candy up to go shopping.

Alexy: Didn’t anyone ever tell you to lock your door before going to bed? Anyone could come in.

A. And you walked into my room without knocking! -5
B. Isn’t Morgan with you? +5

Head back to Shops Street to go to Leigh’s shop.

A. (I saw several swimsuits, including a seafoam green bikini with a wrap top.) <– Towards Priya’s and Nathaniel’s Illustrations. (Choice of this swimsuit or Hyun’s/Rayan’s outfit)
B. (I saw several swimsuits, including a mermaid bikini that really caught my eye!) <– Towards Castiel’s Illustration (Choice of this swimsuit or Priya’s/Nathaniel’s outfit)
C. (I saw several swimsuits, including a floral one-piece with a deep-cut neckline.) <– Towards Hyun’s and Ryan’s Illustrations (Choice of this swimsuit or Castiel’s outfit)

You buy the swimsuit and then the cover part separately. I don’t know why. It’s dumb. I don’t even know why they do this and don’t just show all three outfits in full. I guess to make us use more AP :/

From there, head to Sweet Amoris to take the bus from there to go to the beach. Pay $5 and you’ll be there.

First stop is the Beach bar, because of course it is.

Alexy: Let’s just say I had a good time last summer…

A. Was his name Dake, by any chance? /
B. Tell me more, now! /

Alexy: A toast? You want to make a toast? You never talk, so a speech, what the hell’s going on now?! What’re you about to announce?!

A. Are you getting married?! -5 with Leigh
B. Alexy, let him finish! +5 with Leigh

Alexy: You two are going to have to stop making announcements. This is too much for one week!

A. Congratulations to both of you! /
B. You’re going to be so faraway! +5 with Leigh

Rosalya: Yes, yes, yes, yes!!

A. Yes! Let’s go! -5 with Rosalya
B. We can meet up later. +5 with Rosalya

Head to the beach with Alexy and Morgan is here.

Alexy: Uh, well, yes. That’s surprising, I-I didn’t…

A. Hahaha, you sly little devils! +5 with Alexy
B. I thought it was just supposed to be the 4 of us for tonight! -5 with Alexy

Hyun: Darn, I forgot my trunks! I didn’t think the weather’d be so warm.

A. Hyun? The whole campus got the word! -5 with Hyun
B. Yesss! Hyun! +5 with Hyun

Rosalya invited Hyun and Morgan and Alexy head off to leave the two of you alone.

Hyun: Those two are really made for each other.

A. You don’t mind Alexy spending all his time in your and Morgan’s dorm room? /
B. True and it’s kind of thanks to me! /

If you pick B. True and it’s kind of thanks to me!:

Hyun: Yeah, I’m convinced we all have a soulmate waiting for us somewhere…

A. Seriously? So how do we know when we’ve met? +5
B. I really like that kind of myth. -5

Head to the Cosy Beach to eat together.

Hyun: So you didn’t experience the joy of having little sisters who stick their nose in your business non-stop? You really missed out!

A. Haha, I hardly dare imagine! /
B. Actually, I have Rosalya for that. -5

Hyun: My sisters are real pests. They’ve already asked me millions of questions about you!

A. How do they know I even exist? /
B. What kind of questions? -5 if high LoM, +5 if low LoM

If you pick  A. How do they know I even exist?:

Hyun: Oh, uh well, I just told my family I had a new co-worker and… I…

A. Your family? You talked to your family about me? -5
B. You really share everything with them… +5

Hyun: No, not all that much… But I never say no to a night-out with friends!

A. I’m starting to get to know you, I know that even if you seem all shy like that, you’re a true partier at heart! /
B. When we had our first little get-together in your dorm room, I see to remember you knowing how to enjoy a party to the fullest. -5

Priya will then show up with Castiel in tow. Castiel will go and get a drink.

A. What’s his trip? -5 with Priya
B. “Pulled that off”? What? What have you done now, Priya? +5 with Priya

Priya: How could I forget that moment!

A. Don’t make fun! +5 with Priya
B. Without her, I would’ve most likely screwed the trial run up. /
C. Actually, if we could forget about it, that’s suit me just fine. -5 with Hyun and Priya

Morgan and Alexy will then show up and drag Hyun to the ocean.

Priya: Yeah, I ran into her. Apparently Leigh bought a house around here; looked like she was in seventh heaven! What’d you rather do?

A. I’d love a drink, let’s go see them! /
B. We can join them after we’ve walked. /

If you pick B. We can join them after we’ve walked.:

Head to the Beach and you’ll have more dialogue with Priya.

Priya: Ever since they set up the competition, yeah. I definitely have to stop hitting the books at some point.

A. Whereas I for one should seriously start hitting the books. /
B. Yeah, you’re right, it’s nice being here. /
C. Isn’t it pretty hard to study law and have a social life too? /

If you pick A. Whereas I for one should seriously start hitting the books.:

A. (I let myself go and listened to her instructions.) +10
B. Are you playing yoga instructor?! -5

Priya: Of course it’s different. We’re different. For you, it’s a passion. And for me, my principles are what have led me down this path.

A. Is it related to what you talked about at the first self-help class? +5
B. What are you going to specialize in? /

Priya: Progress is being made, but never fast enough to my liking.

A. Have you told your parents about being bisexual? +5
B. Aren’t you concerned about how others judge you? -5

A. Did you only come to the beach with Castiel? No one else…? +5
B. Are you close to Castiel? /

If you pick A. Did you only come to the beach with Castiel? No one else…?:

Priya: So I may have a chance of spending my evening with you then, unless you’d rather be a fifth wheel for the two couples.

A. Easier to handle if there are two of us. +5
B. I’m used to it. /

If you pick B. Are you close to Castiel?:

Priya: Why all the questions?

A. I don’t see him often and no one really talks to him, so it’s a good opportunity to find out more. -10
B. I was wondering about the kind of relationship you two have. /

Picking A just lets you skip right to this next part. So, head to the Beach Bar once more. Castiel and Rosalya are not there, but you see the pair of twins they actually kept together in the game–Amber and Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: Did you get tired of listening to Crowstorm non-stop in your room? Did you decide to get out to see the real world?

A. Yep, but I lost track of time, I could’ve listened to the album for ages. +5 with Nathaniel
B. What about you, do you have a life outside of the boxing gym? /
C. Yeah, I personally have a very active social life. -5 with Nathaniel

Amber: Oh stop, you’re gonna make me cry. Darn, it’s time, I have to do my duty as a model.

A. They hire models for this kind of thing? +5 with Amber
B. Will you meet back up with us afterwards? /

Amber then goes off with Priya leaving Candy and Nathaniel alone.

Nathaniel: You know, she can’t believe you even speak to her.

A. She can’t believe it? You mean, I’m the one who can’t believe how her personality has changed! +5
B. Oh really? When someone talks to me nicely, I have no reason to be on the defensive. -5

Nathaniel: I’m pretty proud of her.

A. What about her, is she proud of you? -5
B. That’s sweet. /
C. I know you don’t want to get back on the topic, but… I worried about what happened the weekend of Castiel’s concert. +5

Nathaniel: Why, am I already boring you? We could chat…

A. Now you want to chat? Up until now, every single conversation we’ve had has been a source of conflict. +5
B. Suits me. Let’s chat. -5

Nathaniel: Never… I mean, let’s say very rarely, I’m not a big fan.

A. I’m kind of surprised… That’s not what the rumors say. +5
B. Oh, you’re driving Amber home, so… -5

If you pick A. I’m kind of surprised… That’s not what the rumors say:

Nathaniel: And so, you believed them?

A. After seeing your change in style, kind of, yes… /
B. I don’t know Nath, in any case, do as you like. +5

If you went to the concert with Nathaniel:

Nathaniel: I tell her lots of things… She’s kind of the only person I can confide in these days. And she advised me to talk about it again with you.

A. She’s right, I’m a good listener!
B. Why does Amber want you to talk to me, personally? It’s weird. +

Nathaniel: Let’s not jump ahead. That particular night, I know you were much more afraid than you wanna admit, so I’m telling you all this to reassure you. And to get rid of any doubt you might have about me still being involved with those bastards.

A. That doesn’t reassure me in the least, it worries me more than anything, tell me more! +5
B. Okay… Let’s take it slow. But I won’t let you off the hook that easily. Promise me that some day you’ll explain it to me. -5

Rosalya will show up and Nathaniel will go off to find his sister.

Rosalya: I hope so…

A. Mind finally telling me what the problem with Nath is? -5
B. Still, we were having a nice chat… +5

Rosalya: Doesn’t that make you happy?

A. You’re answering my question with another question. /
B. I admit I’m happy to see him. +5
C. I thought I’d been clear: I don’t want you to play matchmaker for me! /

A. (I turned to face Leigh right away.) So do you know him well? +5 with Rosalya
B. Well… I’ll let you eat, I’m gonna take a little walk and enjoy the beach before it gets dark. /

During the walk, you will need to run into three people: The Administrative Officer (On the Beach), Clemence (On the Stairs), and Yeleen (On the Cosy Beach). The order can vary, but each has at least one dialogue choice.

It will take some going back and forth to get them to show up if they don’t show up immediately.

At the Beach:

Administrative Officer: Hello [Name]! I’m surprised to see you here instead of working on your thesis.

A. How do you know I need to be working on my thesis? -5
B. Yeah, hello to you too. /

A. Which of your comments should I deal with first…? The fact that you’re treating me like a weak student, or the fact that you’re accusing me of disrupting Yeleen’s studies? /
B. Is she the one who told you that? /
C. Yes, everything’s fine between us now. Don’t worry about it. /

At the Stairs:

Clemence: Well, well, well! Some people enjoy the weekends when the cafe’s closed!

A. Yeah, like you, from what I can see… -5
B. Hello Clemence, how are you? /

Clemence: Hold on, not so fast! I saw Hyun and he told me about the day you managed to cafe on your own…

A. Oh… And what’d he say? /
B. I’m sorry about the broken coffeemaker, and about the unsold pastries… I really tried my best. +5

If you pick B. I’m sorry about the broken coffeemaker, and about the unsold pastries… I really tried my best.:

If Hyun helped you out:

Clemence: He didn’t say anything about that… You broke the coffeemaker?

A. To tell the truth, he’s the one who broke it. He didn’t do it on purpose, obviously. /
B. Yeah, I’m sorry. /

If Priya helped you out:

Clemence: He didn’t say anything about that… You broke the coffeemaker?

A. Yeah, I’m sorry. /
B. Actually… A friend who helped me out at the cafe during my lunch break broke it… -5 ~

At the Cosy Beach:

A. (I turned back to face Yeleen.) Who are they…? I don’t get the impression they’re at school with us… /
B. I’ll be on my way, see you later Yeleen… -5

Finally, head back to the Beach stairs and you’ll run into Rayan.

Rayan: Well now… This town really is tiny.

A. Have you been friends long? +5
B. We’ll most likely run into each other again. My plans were to spend the day with them, and the evening, too. -5

Rayan: I wasn’t expecting the area just outside of town to be so gorgeous.

A. I agree, it’s awesome. And just wait because you’re only on the stairs now, you haven’t seen the rest. /
B. It’s nice, but I’m still a mountain lover. Too bad there aren’t any nearby! +5

Head back down to the beach to continue the conversation.

Rayan: It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything except bury my nose in art books all day long.

A. I’m surprised, coming from you. You’re always telling us not to take out our books! /
B. Oh really? It does some good to look up from your books once in a while. +5
C. You should’ve come here from time to time. -5

Rayan: I don’t want to seem impolite, but I’m going to meet up with Leigh. We’re meeting at the bar on the beach, I wouldn’t want him to get fed up waiting. Want to come with me?

A. I’ll come along, sure. /
B. (I glanced over at Castiel at the other end of the beach; he wasn’t on the phone anymore.) I’ll join you later, I still have a few people to see. /

If you pick  A. I’ll come along, sure.:

Rayan: Please sit down, Miss… I mean, [Name]. What would you like to drink?

A. Well… What are you having, Rayan? +5 with Rayan
B. Well, I don’t know… What are you having, sir? -5 with Rayan

Rayan: I’m going to have a margarita.

A. I’ll have the same. /
B. I’m going to have a virgin cocktail. +5 with Rosalya

If you pick B. (I glanced over at Castiel at the other end of the beach; he wasn’t on the phone anymore.) I’ll join you later, I still have a few people to see.:

Castiel: The word “dragged” is especially appropriate. I would’ve definitely preferred to stay home, composing.

A. If you only leave home to perform and make recordings, you’re going to turn into an old hermit. +5
B. I’m glad to see you in any case. -5
C. Priya is especially persuasive. /

If you pick C. Priya is especially persuasive.:

Castiel: To say the least. But she’s basically the only one who has tried to stay in touch with me since high school, so I don’t want to run her off.

A. What do you mean “the only one who has tried to stay in touch”? -5
B. Yeah, plus if you intend to “run Priya off”, be prepared to hang in there. /

Castiel: Yeah, I’m planning on meeting up with Priya at the bar, later. But I still have to call my damn manager, he’s totally useless.

A. Oh really? What’s going on? /
B. Okay, I’ll let you make your phone call. /

If you pick A. Oh really? What’s going on?:

Castiel: Stuff about touring, and the band, that’s not going to interest you.

A. Tell me anyway, I’ll see for myself. /
B. Okay, I get it. I’ll let you make your phone call. /

If you pick A. Tell me anyway, I’ll see for myself.:

Castiel: Well… The band manager already sees us as headliners. He wants us to start touring the country… I think it’s a little too soon…

A. True, it’s soon. +5
B. Well, no, just the opposite! That’s awesome! Go for it. +10

Then make your way to the Beach Bar.

If Castiel is your ex:

Rosalya: Well, what? We don’t care. I bet your art teacher doesn’t care about knowing that Castiel was your ex, either. Unless… you’re interested in him?

A. Come off it, what’re you talking about?! He just doesn’t need that info. – with Rosalya
B. Come off it. It just feels weird talking about that kind of thing in front of my teacher. /

After some chatter with Rayan, Rosalya, and Leigh, Priya and Castiel will join you.

Castiel: No, we’re recording now, I’m going to spend a few months on campus.

A. Have you already written the songs for the next album? /
B. I bet Castiel’d like to talk about something other than his band, at least for one night. +5 with Castiel
C. Watch out for the fan riots to come! -5 with Castiel

Nathaniel will then be invited over to join. Alexy, Morgan, and Hyun will follow suit.

Rosalya: I’m getting tired… Can we go home?

A. Oh no, already? We can go dance! Or enjoy the beach, but stay! /
B. You’re right, take care of the two of you. +5 with Rosalya

Priya: Your teacher sure is nice for sure!

A. Haha, you’re saying that because he’s buying us a round? +5 with Priya
B. You bet, he’s the best teacher! /
C. Tonight, he’s not my teacher, he’s Rayan. -5 with Priya

Nathaniel: Is he serious?

A. Aren’t you fed up with this rivalry that’s been dragging on since high school? -5
B. Where’s Amber? +5 with Nathaniel

Morgan: Hyun refuses to go dance in public because he’s got two left feet, or so he says. He says everyone’ll make fun of him.

A. No one’ll watch. -5 with Hyun
B. I’m not a big dancer either, if that’s any reassurance. /
C. Can’t you leave him alone, just a little? +5 with Hyun

Rayan: I feel like I know you better now. And I see you are a thoughtful person, your friends count on you a lot. That’s a nice quality.

A. So, I’d need to meet yours to know more about you. /
B. Still, you didn’t talk a lot. -5
C. I was afraid you’d be bored. +5

At this point, you will end up meeting (or sticking around) with whoever your highest LoM is. 

If your highest LoM is Castiel: 

Head to the Cosy Beach area. There is no dialogue choice. As long as you have the right outfit, you’re good.

If your highest LoM is Nathaniel: 

Head to the Beach Stairs. There is no dialogue choice. As long as you have the right outfit, you’re good.

If your highest LoM is Priya: 

You will join Priya on the dance floor.

Priya: So dance with me! Come on!

A. Okay! Here I go! /
B. Hmm, I’d rather watch you. <– ILLUSTRATION if correct outfit

If your highest LoM is Rayan: 

There is no dialogue choice. As long as you have the right outfit, you’re good.

If your highest LoM is Hyun: 

Head to the beach.  There is no dialogue choice. As long as you have the right outfit, you’re good.