MCLUL Episode 8 Guide

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is. In the case of answers where multiple people are present, I’ve only listed + and negative effects and for who so if nothing is listed for them, then it’s neutral.

~ means the dialogue is translated and may vary from the official English release.

Action Points: 1,200-1,300AP (If you decide to play around with the Crush feature for more than 1-2 illustrations in a single playthrough, keep in mind that it’s 100AP per crush switch and so 300-400AP extra on top of this estimate)

Illustrations: 5 Total. You can get 4 per playthrough if you play around with the crush system/have everyone maxed/at the same amount or 2 per playthrough otherwise (One with Castiel and one with whoever your highest LoM is). There is one for each love interest. Castiel’s requires at least 60 LoM. Using the Crush feature and having them all maxed/at the same amount, it is possible to get Priya’s OR Hyun’s, Nathaniel’s, and Rayan’s as well. Otherwise, beside’s Castiel’s, you will only get whoever your highest LoM is. Rayan’s and Priya’s also require a certain dialogue to be picked while Hyun’s/Priya’s also needs you to confide in whose you want along with the highest LoM requirement.

If you’re a bit confused, there is a detailed explanation here on getting four in a single playthrough. I have also outlined and emphasized it more in the guide below.

Auntie: You can find her at Sweet Amoris High School when going to lunch with Nathaniel. You must head there before you go to the Alley to head towards the Snake Room.


Long Fake Tattoo

$145 – Outfit

Outfits: 1


There’s just the one outfit this time. It appears in all illustrations.

Despite who you ended your episode with in Episode 7, Candy wakes up in her dorm room the following Monday.

A. Yeleen? You’re not coming to class? +5
B. (I’m going to let her sleep.) /

Head out to the Dining Hall where you’ll run into Chani.

Chani: I think I was just born in the wrong era. The stories in class about ancient history and medieval art… I feel like I’m being told about a mystical place. Almost as if someone was telling me the story of Gondor.

A. Gondor? /
B. I didn’t know you were a fan of The Lord of the Rings! +5

After talking to Chani, head into the Art building and you’ll get a call from Clemence who wants Candy to close every day that week.

Chani: Seriously? She thinks she can talk to you like that? Stand up for yourself!

A. (I said that I would be there tonight but I wasn’t sure if I could come the other nights.) +5 with Chani
B. (I replied that I agreed to work for the week.) -5 with Chani

Head into the Main Auditorium for Mr. Lebarde’s class.

A. An icon is a character symbolizing an important cause or message. +5 with Mr. Lebarde
B. I’m going to tell you about Ripley’s character in Alien. -5 with Mr. Lebarde
C. To create an icon you need to have a clear idea of what a strong female character is… /

Mr. Lebarde: You’re going around in circles… I guess it’s stress, unless you haven’t written your introduction… But at this point in the semester that would be shocking!

A. Yes, yes, absolutely, it’s stress! -5 with Mr. Lebarde
B. Actually, I wrote it recently but… /

After some more dialogue, meet Chani out on Campus.

Chani: Are you okay? What did he say?

A. He put pressure on me to work on my thesis. -5
B. He tried to encourage me. +5
C. He was exaggerating a bit, I don’t feel like I’m that late on finishing my thesis. /

After some more dialogue, head into Auditorium 2 for Mr. Zaidi’s class.

Yeleen: So you didn’t happen to see him this weekend, by chance, [Name]?

A. I did actually… We had a drink with some mutual friends, but it stopped there. -5 with Melody
B. These are rumors! /
C. How he spends his weekends is nobody’s business. -5 with Yeleen

A. You should shut up! Who do you think you are? You’re lucky Rayan didn’t hear you! /
B. (I didn’t say anything and stayed in my place without flinching.) /

If you pick A, you get kicked out of class and will run into Priya in the Break Room:

A. Apparently I disturbed the class, the teacher asked me to leave the auditorium. +5
B. I was just in class… But I left, I needed to get some fresh air.
C. Tell me… Did you also hear the rumors about Raya… Mr. Zaidi? -5

A. I don’t have time for this! I should take this opportunity to work… -5
B. Are you the one procrastinating now? That’s new, coming from you. +5

Head out into the Art Hall.

Chani: Do you like him?

A. No! /
B. I-I… I don’t know! /

Head out onto Campus.

Melody: What do you think about this rumor going around?

A. It’s silly. And I don’t know if it’s coming from the fact that I went to have a drink with him. But that’s on me, and I’ll be ready to defend myself! -10
B. I don’t understand why everyone is making a big deal about it! Apart from being a teacher, he’s only human. /
C. What he does in his personal life doesn’t concern any of us. -5

Melody: Well, we worked a lot together. It amazes me to hear what everyone’s been saying…

A. Ok, so between us, do you have any idea of who it is? I mean… The rumor is that it’s a student… Have you ever seen him get closer to someone? -5
B. You don’t think it’s his style? Would he ever do something like that? /

Melody: You know, that could be the source of all these rumors? That were then exaggerated and manipulated.

A. Yeah I know, I’m afraid of that happening. /
B. You think so? I didn’t realize that! (Better to play the innocent one.) /

A. Are you sure he’s married? Have you seen them together? /
B. The fact that he is married is none of my business… /

Melody will then leave and Chani will head back over when you get another call from Clemence.

A. Do you want to eat together before I go? +5
B. I think I’m going to go eat alone… I just need to think. /

Head to the Cafe and you’ll run into Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: What’s up? You don’t look too good.

A. No, I’m fine! +5
B. Well, you might say that it’s not the best day of the year… /
C. No, I’m fine, I’m just hungry… -5

Nathaniel: Well, I had to at least try my luck!

A. You couldn’t have just sent me a text? Like a normal person… /
B. You’re sure you weren’t here to meet up with someone else and after running into me you just decided to invest that as an excuse? +5

If you spent the end of Episode 7 with Nathaniel: 

Nathaniel: Great, well we’re just wasting time here. I’m not going to let yo usay no, and I’m the one who’s paying! So come on.

A. (I have a hard time understanding Nathaniel’s personality changes… I don’t know if it’s wanting to change my mind or the curiosity that’s pushing me to accept the invitation…)
B. (I thought back to the end of the evening we spent at the beach… It was kinda nice…)  /

Before you head to the Alley, you can actually run into Auntie! Head between the Cafe and Sweet Amoris until she shows up at Sweet Amoris. You will get the Long Fake Tattoo. 

With that done, make your way to the Alley to go to lunch near the Snake Room.

Nathaniel: I love this place, it’s…

A. Nath, you’re inviting me to a cute little neighborhood restaurant… Are we on a date? +5
B. Anyways, thanks for the invitation, it’s nice… /

Nathaniel: Well not quite friends, but as I told you at the beach, I’m hanging out with you today just the same as I would with anyone else… It’s just that, you don’t have the same reaction as the others do… You’re not trying to run away from me.

A. I hesitated many times. -5
B. I can still run if I want to. /
C. I know you Nathaniel, I know the person I knew in high school is still in there somewhere… I have no reason to flee. +5

Nathaniel: Just tell me.

A. So I have to speak, while you still haven’t decided to tell me the truth about what’s going on with you? +5
B. I have the pressure to finish my thesis, my job as a waitress is not going super well and to make matters worse, a rumor has been going around campus that maybe concerns me! /
C. It’s not much… I’ll get over it. -5

Nathaniel: A rumor? What’s it about?

A. I’d rather not talk about it…  /
B. It seems that Mr. Zaidi has a relationship with a student… /

If you pick  B. It seems that Mr. Zaidi has a relationship with a student…:

Nathaniel: B-but he’s super old!

A. Yes, it’s true… /
B. You’re exaggerating a little, he’s 33 years old! /

Nathaniel: Yes. Let them do it. Let everyone do it. When something gets to you, just let it go.

A. The old Nath would never have said that. -5
B. Did you not listen to me? I can’t. +5
C. Is that your secret? You just ignore everything? That’s how you act in your own life? /

With lunch over, make your way to the Cafe. You’ll head inside and Clemence and Hyun will be arguing.

Hyun: Yes, I realize that… But I can’t let her act that way without saying anything.

A. I can’t believe she dared to contradict you! -5 with Hyun
B. You’re right to react, that’s not normal. /
C. Thank you for supporting me in front of her. +5 with Hyun

After some more dialogue, head into the Kitchen.  You will put your uniform on through the game (Even if you put it on ahead of time, it makes you do this–it doesn’t register as you having it on already).

Then, head outside the cafe to start your job and you’ll run into Priya:

If you were not excused from Rayan’s class:

Priya: Is that your sigh that I can hear from the other end of town?

A. My sighing made that much noise? -5
B. Yes… You’re doing well? +5

Then head back inside. Clemence asks you into the Kitchen again so head in there to talk to her once more.

A. No… Sorry Clemence, but I’m not available this week. / with Clemence, +5 with Hyun
B. (I don’t want it to fall on me, I can make an effort.) Yes, I’ll organize my schedule and I’ll be here this week. +5 with Clemence, -5 with Hyun
C. I still need time to think. -5 with Clemence

Head back outside to give Priya her orange juice and you’ll see Nina talking to her.

A. (But I don’t feel comfortable talking to Priya about it… I know what she’s going to tell me… I-I’d rather talk to someone neutral… Hyun has already offered me his help, I’ll go see him.) +5 with Hyun <– Towards Hyun’s Illustration
B. Priya, the same thing happened to me… with the same man. +10 <– Towards Priya’s Illustration

If you pick A. (But I don’t feel comfortable talking to Priya about it… I know what she’s going to tell me… I-I’d rather talk to someone neutral… Hyun has already offered me his help, I’ll go see him.):

Head into the Cafe Kitchen to talk to Hyun.

Hyun: Another subject needs to be clarified… This Nathaniel. For me, he should’ve been doing something to prevent this for a long time.

A. I think we don’t know everything yet… If he hasn’t acted on it, it’s probably because he has a good reason. +5
B. The next time I see him I expect to have explanations, I’m sick of accepting his mysterious behavior so easily. /
C. Yeah, I don’t really know what to think about it.  /

Hyun: I’ll take care of her…

A. You’ll just get caught up in my mess, I don’t want you to get fired from your job. +5
B. Thank you so much, Hyun… /

If you pick  B. Priya, the same thing happened to me… with the same man.:

Priya: He should’ve acted! He should’ve known! He should’ve done something! And now you’re telling me he’s still hanging out with the same guy, barely an hour ago? I’m going to punch him!

A. No, we don’t know exactly what’s going on. I didn’t say they were friends, I don’t know what’s the nature of their exchanges… Nath still saved me at that moment. -5
B. I don’t know what to think about all this… I need to talk to him about it. /
C. Let’s manage one aggression at a time… First this guy… Then we’ll see about killing Nathaniel… +5

Head into the Cafe to talk to Hyun.

Head back to campus. You’ll run into Chani… Or more accurately, she’ll run into you.

Chani: Are you alright?

A. Not great, no… /
B. I think I’ll just go to take a rest, that will do me the greatest good. /
C. I have way too much going on today, I’ll deal with that tomorrow.+5

Head to your dorm room and Yeleen will be there.

Yeleen: The director came here, he was looking for you. He said it was private and he would come back to talk to you about it tomorrow.

A. I already know. /
B. Well then, let him come look for me tomorrow. +5
C. What did he tell you exactly? -5

Candy will wake up the next day, put on her outfit that she needs to pay her closet for, and then head to the library to go to Miss Paltry’s class. This is when you have your first chance for an illustration. Castiel must have at least 60 LoM to receive his at the end of this scene, regardless of your choices.

Castiel: Well, it looks like the only free spot is next to you.

A. Oh hey, yeah, sit here. Sorry, I’m not going to be very good company today. /
B. Nothing like the singer from Crowstorm to cheer me up. -5
C. I just wanted to have a discreet place to avoid being called on, if you sit next to me, it’s over. +5

Castiel: I don’t know,  just heard a noise. I raised my head at that moment. Why, what is it?

A. Nothing. (I hid the paper from Castiel, I don’t have the heart to tell him what’s going on.) /
B. If it’s you who did it, It’s really not funny at all. -5
C. (I put the paper in his hand.) +5

Castiel: Wow… and… it’s true?

A. No way! /
B. Yes that’s right, I didn’t tell you? -5
C. I can’t, it’s getting worse and worse… I have to get out of here. +5

Shortly after, Candy faints from the massive amount of stress and Castiel carries her out. If you had at least 60 LoM With Castiel, you get his illustration. 

She wakes up a bit in the infirmary before closing her eyes again.  At this point, before clicking anything (or even just clicking right after getting Castiel’s Illustration), if you confided in Hyun and have everyone at the same LoM or at least 95+, this is where you would change your crush to him to make him your highest LoM, if he isn’t already, for his illustration. If you confided in Priya instead and have everyone at the same LoM or at least 95+, you don’t need to switch your crush to her just yet (if it’s not already/if she isn’t already your highest), but there’s no reason not to so as to be ready when her scene comes later in this room. 

If you confided in Hyun and he’s your highest LoM:

You’ll automatically get the illustration of Hyun before Candy wakes up in the morning.

If you confided in Priya instead, no matter what, you will not be able to get Hyun’s illustration. 

After falling asleep, she then wakes back up the next morning to the nurse, Raphael, and her parents. At this point, if you confided in Hyun, this is the earliest you could change your crush to Rayan in preparation for the next illustration scene in the episode if he isn’t already your highest LoM (And if you have everyone at the same LoM or at least 95+). However, if you confided in Priya, you should switch to her next as mentioned above.

Lucia: Hello, we are [Name]’s parents, who are you?

A. He’s just a friend, Rayan. -5 with Rayan
B. This is my teacher in my main subject, Mr. Zaidi. +5 with Rayan
C. He’s just my teacher. /

Raphael: Nice nickname! Well, now that you’ve calmed down, I’ll take your temperature. Your parents brought a prescription from your doctor to take a blood test. So I’ll take some blood, if you agree.

A. Hmm… It’s mandatory? Because needles aren’t really my thing. +5
B. No thanks, I prefer to pass on the blood test. /
C. Yes, no problem. /

Raphael: But you’re still one of the bravest students I’ve ever had, no matter how old, I’ve never seen anyone feel comfortable with needles. Rest now… I’ll bring you a tray of the best things I can find in the Dining Hall.

A. Thank you, Raphael… +5
B. I didn’t feel the prick of the needle because you are a very good nurse, sir, that’s all. /
C. (I just smiled and settled in a more comfortable position to fall asleep.) /

Rosalya will then come to visit.

Rosalya: It took me pushing you to the edge, and you fainting in class for me to realize. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…

A. It’s true that you have changed a bit… /
B. Stop feeling guilty, I didn’t faint because of you. /
C. I accept your apology. +10

Rosalya: Too much emotion?

A. Yes, there are many things that I haven’t told you… /
B. Yes, I don’t know what happened. /

If you pick A. Yes, there are many things that I haven’t told you…:

A. There’s this guy… And Nath hangs out with him… This guy attacked me one night, and he went after Nina yesterday… We have to stop him. +10
B. That’s all… It’s mainly all these worries that finally caused me to explode. +5

Rosalya will then leave and the Director will show up for a bit. After more dialogue, night will fall and Priya will show up right after Candy eats. If you confided in Priya and she’s not currently your highest LoM or you didn’t change your crush to Priya before to make her your highest LoM (if you have everyone at the same LoM or at least 95+), this is the time to do so to get her illustration.

If you confided in Priya:

Priya: You’re feeling better?

A. Yes, much better. /
B. I had a terrible day yesterday… / or + <– Illustration if your highest LoM

If you confided in Hyun:

Priya: You’re feeling better?

A. Yes, much better. /
B. I had a terrible day yesterday… I kept thinking about Nina… /

After receiving Priya’s Illustration (or if you still haven’t after receiving Hyun’s earlier in the Infirmary) and moving to Castiel’s greeting, this is the earliest you could switch your crush to Rayan if he is not already your highest LoM and you have everyone at the same LoM or at least 95+ in order to get his illustration in an upcoming scene.

Candy will then wake up to Castiel greeting her.

Castiel: I saved her, I have the right to a visit!

A. Everything is fine, it’s no big deal. +5 with Castiel
B. I’m not even dressed or ready, can we see each other later, Castiel? /

A. It’s been ages since I’ve seen an mp3 player like this one! Did you find it at a flea market? +5
B. Maybe one day you’ll have to chance to share the stage with them… /
C. I could’ve just found them on youtube, but it’s cooler like this! -5

Castiel will then leave and Raphael will return.

Raphael: Well, if you ever feel dizzy, or anything abnormal, don’t hesitate to come see me. It was nice to have you here, even if I wouldn’t want to see you back here.

A. Thanks again for everything, Raphael. /
B. Otherwise, we could possibly try to see each other outside the infirmary… Have a drink, or something to eat. /

Head out to the Campus to meet your parents. Then make your way to the park.

A. (However, I would like to make sure of that.) For the thesis? Why? M. Lebarde talked to you about me? /
B. I don’t know if I’ll have time. -5 with Rayan
C. Okay, I’ll let you know. +5 with Rayan

Lucia: He’s still much younger than you!

A. Did you really have to become friends with my main teacher? /
B. I’m a little surprised to see you like this.  /

Head back to Campus and then Nathaniel will show up while Candy is talking to her parents. After some more dialogue, Candy will head into the campus so head to the Main Auditorium to talk to Rayan.

If Rayan is at least 70 LoM or your highest LoM:

A. I know that you have a wife. /
B. You dare, reluctantly, confess to me these kinds of ambiguous feelings, when you already have a life elsewhere? It disgusts me. -10

Rayan: I graduated from college, and I chose to settle down in a city far away from our memories. It was just time for me to move on.

A. I’m sorry… /
B. You should’ve stayed… Even if she is no longer there, she’s still your wife. -10
C. I didn’t want to force you to tell me all that… I… +10

A. (I prefer to not talk about it anymore… It wouldn’t be considerate.) /
B. I’m feeling empathetic… I feel like he wants to keep talking to me about it.) +5 <– Towards Illustration

This is the latest where you should switch your crush to Rayan to make him your highest LoM if he isn’t already to get his illustration, assuming everyone is at the same amount/at least 95+ LoM.

If you pick B. I’m feeling empathetic… I feel like he wants to keep talking to me about it.):

A. (I can’t catch my breath, I’m frozen by his words, and his honesty, I continue to listen to him carefully.) /
B. (I couldn’t help it… I took two steps before throwing myself into his arms.) / <– Illustration if highest LoM

Once the illustration has been gotten and the scene moves to the next dialogue, you can change your crush to Nathaniel to make him your highest LoM, if he isn’t already and assuming everyone is at the same amount/at least 95+ LoM.

Rayan: Let me rephrase… Do you want us to keep trying to get to know each other…? Despite the fact that it’s explicitly forbidden to us? Or do you prefer that we stick to the relationship that we must have? That of a student and teacher?

A. I… I’m glad I had made things clear. But, I think that from now on, we should just stick to a teacher and student relationship. /
B. I think… I still want to learn more about you, Rayan. +5

If you pick A. I… I’m glad I had made things clear. But, I think that from now on, we should just stick to a teacher and student relationship.:

Rayan: And I respect that choice.

A. I… I can’t afford to put my last year in jeopardy. /
B. I… /

As of March 6th, 2019: Rayan will drop 100 LoM if you say you want to stick to a professional relationship.

Head out onto Campus and Candy will think to herself and get a text message. Then head to your dorm room.

Yeleen will greet you and Chani will show up. She asks Candy to follow her with all her study materials. Leave your dorm room and head back out to the campus. Chani will pull you back inside and then you’ll arrive somewhere new: Morgan’s and Hyun’s dorm!

Alexy, Priya, Morgan, Chani, Hyun, and Rosalya are all there. They decided to hold a thesis writing session together to exchange ideas and help one another.

After a few hours, everyone starts to get tired.

Chani: If you want, we can do this every Friday. Well… it’s not an obligation, but… it could be cool.

A. That’s a great idea, Chani! +5 with Rosalya
B. I don’t know… Some people like to go out on Fridays. +5 with Alexy
C. I think I actually prefer to study alone. /

Nathaniel will then show up to talk to Candy.

If you confided in Hyun: 

Nathaniel: Hey, Waiter, calm down, you guys weren’t having a romantic date together, I’m not interrupting anything serious I just need to talk to her for a few minutes, don’t worry.

A. Don’t talk to him that way! -5 with Nathaniel
B. Yeah, I’ve been wanting to talk to you. /
C. Just let it go, Hyun… I’ll go talk to him, and I’ll come right back. -5 with Hyun

If you confided in Priya:

Nathaniel: What’s the problem? I don’t understand! What’s holding you back, Pri-Pri? Please, go ahead!

A. You’re making it worse, Nath! Just stop! -5 with Nathaniel
B. Just let it go, Priya… I’ll go talk to him, and I’ll come right back. -5 with Priya
C. Stop it both of you! We’ll talk, and then I’ll come right back. /

Leave the dorm room and after some more dialogue, head out onto the campus.

This is the chance for Nathaniel’s Illustration. If you did not switch your crush to him already to make him your highest LoM, if he isn’t already (and again, assuming everyone is at 95+/the same amount), this is the time to do so. 

ALL of the following options will give you his illustration if he is your highest LoM.

A. What do you mean when you say you “need him…”? -5
B. Why were you with him? /
C. Why do you want us to file a complaint? I thought you’d protect him… He’s your friend, after all. /

Head back to Hyun’s and Morgan’s room. Whoever you confided in will have told everyone about what happened and why you went to talk to Nathaniel. There is then a group hug and the episode ends.