MCLUL Episode 9 Guide

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is. In the case of answers where multiple people are present, I’ve only listed + and negative effects and for who so if nothing is listed for them, then it’s neutral.

~ means the dialogue is translated and may vary from the official English release.

Action Points: 800-1,000

Illustrations: 3 Total. You can get 1 per play through. There is one for Priya & Chani, one for Rayan & Hyun, and one for Nathaniel & Castiel. You will get whichever features your highest love interest and just need the right outfit and dialogue.

Auntie: After studying with Morgan, she can be found in the Library.


Art Deco Tiara

$155 for Priya’s & Chani’s Outfit
$160 for Nathaniel’s & Castiel’s Outfit
$155 for Rayan’s & Hyun’s Outfit

You get $50 from Clemence though.

Outfits: 3


There’s 3 outfits. Outfit 1 (The long skirt) is for Priya + Chani’s illustration, Outfit 2 (The Pants) is for Nathaniel’s + Castiel’s Illustration, and Outfit 3 (The dress) is for Rayan’s and Hyun’s Illustration.

It’s been two weeks since Candy fainted and we pick up in her room. She decides she wants to go to the gym so head out onto the campus. You’ll automatically be taken in front of the gym and bar so just head right on in where you’ll run into Kim.

Kim: I heard about you fainting. I’m teasing… I’m just glad to see you.

A. Thanks, Kim. /
B. Who told you? +5

Kim: So no…

A. Are you hiding something from me, Kim? /
B. You’re a terrible liar, you know. -5

Head out of the gym and Candy will want to hang out with someone.

A. (I’m going to send a message to Rosa.) /
B. (I’m going to see if Chani’s available.) /

If you hang out with Rosalya: 

Head to Shops Street to go to Rosa’s and Leigh’s apartment.

Rosalya: Yeah, I hope you don’t mind… To be honest, she was a little persistent about not understanding why you weren’t coming to the gym. She takes her coaching role seriously, I’d say!

A. Haha, that’s Kim to a T, yep. +10
B. Well… I would’ve rather she hasn’t known… /

A. Plus, I heard he’s going out of his way to avoid me. +5
B. Honestly, I don’t want any. /
C. I don’t know what he’s scheming. /

Rosalya: I think it’s since I’ve been pregnant… Smells don’t bother me yet, but I’m afraid that’s going to happen, so I cook as often as possible!

A. So, you’re OK, don’t you have any side effects due to your pregnancy? /
B. Is the baby still doing well? /
C. Aren’t you stressed out by the baby’s arrival? +5

If you hang out with Chani: 

You’ll be taken to the campus. Head to her dorm room.

Chani: In any case, I’m not satisfied.

A. You’re too hard on yourself. I assure you, it’s awesome. /
B. We have to exhibit your stuff, Chani! You don’t realize how talented you are! +5
C. That’s too bad, I would’ve liked to look at it a little closer. /

Chani: I liked her freckles! I’ve never seen so many on someone’s face. She always seems really shy and discreet. I had wanted to paint her since the beginning of the year.

A. Do you… like this girl? +5
B. It’s really striking! /

Chani: So, do you like it?

A. Hmm… It’s… different! I have to get used to it! /
B. It’s much too salty… Did you drop the salt shaker in the soup? +5

Head to the dining hall. After some more dialogue, head to the Dorm Hall and Chani will return to her room.

After, head to your dorm room to grab some things before meeting up with Morgan to study. You’ll run into Yeleen.

If Positive LoM:

Yeleen: Sorry if it was kind of hard for you. I just really wanted to know the truth. We were all shocked, that’s all.

A. Do I need to call the press because a “sorry” came out of Yeleen’s mouth? /
B. I appreciate it, thanks. +5

If Negative LoM:

Yeleen: You do understand why we asked the question. It was important.

A. More than anything, I got the impression you weren’t minding your own business. / or –
B. Let’s not bring the subject up again. / or –

Head to Hyun’s and Morgan’s room to meet up with Morgan to study.

Morgan: Yeah, they’re tabs. I think some day I’d like to be a composer. I don’t sing, and I’m not very comfortable putting myself on show… I’d rather write music for other people.

A. That’s too bad, don’t you want to play me a little something? /
B. Have you already let Alexy listen to your work? +5

Morgan: I-I want… I want to introduce him to my parents!

A. Go for it! You only live once. +5
B. It might be a little soon, huh? /
C. Is it that important to you, to introduce him to your family? /


Before going to your dorm room, head to the library! You may need to go back and forth a few times between the campus and library until she shows up. 

Then, head to your Dorm Room. You’ll have some dialogue with Yeleen and then go to sleep. After a bit more monologue time and the rest of the day passing, it’s time for class!

Head into the Art Hall and you will talk to Chani for a bit. A text message will arrive from Clemence asking to see Candy at the cafe to talk to her and Hyun about something.

After a bit more dialogue, head into Auditorium 2 to start the class. After more dialogue, exit out to the campus to talk to Chani some more, and then make your way to the cafe.

Hyun: I just forced her to understand that her behavior wasn’t worthy of a manager. She is treating her employees differently, never values you, and even worse, pulls you down… As for me, well…

A. What do you mean, “Well…”? Clemence is pretty nice to you. +5
B. So, what happened? /
C. You shouldn’t have spoken for me. -5

After some more dialogue, exit the cafe. You’ll be taken straight to campus. Make your way to your dorm room.

Yeleen: Hey, I was expecting to find you when I got home, did you go out?

A. That’s none of your business… -5
B. I was at the cafe. Clemence has a proposition for me. /

Yeleen: An event with an entry fee! Not everyone can go. The point is to collect money for the university.

A. Yes, of course. I know it’s a charity event. /
B. Gosh, these people are going to pay to come to the event? /

After some more dialogue, Candy will go to sleep. She’ll then wake up the next day and rush to the Art Hall. After some more dialogue, head to the Break Room to find Chani.

Then, make your way to the Dining Hall. And after a bit more dialogue, head back out to the campus.

Hyun: Yes, thanks. I thought about things… And I think that if you agree to plan the event, then I will say yes too. I’ll see my family in two weeks…

A. Are you sure? That won’t be too long without seeing them? I know how important that is for you. +5
B. I was thinking of saying yes too! /

After a bit more dialogue, head to the Main Auditorium for Mr. Zaidi’s class. And after a brief bit of dialogue, head back outside. You’ll then make your way to the Cafe.

A. Hey… Are you doing better? We haven’t seen each other since your bad encounter, I’ve been worried. +5
B. You might even be able to give us a few ideas if you have any! /

After more dialogue, leave the cafe and head back to campus. Then make your way back to your dorm room. And then it’s time to go back to the cafe. After you finish decorating, head back outside.

Nina: I didn’t think it’d come out looking so nice!

A. Thanks Nina, without your help and your offer, we’d never have pulled this off. +5 with Nina
B. Yep, not bad! But just realizing I’m going to have to help you do your homework in addition to my own the rest of the year… I’m already exhausted. /

And with that, head back to your dorm room once more. After waking up and some monologue, take a walk around the campus until Castiel shows up. Sometimes he’ll show up very quickly, other times it can take a while. I’ve found him in both the Dorm Lobby and the Library.

Castiel: I get the impression you’re doing better. We haven’t seen each other since your Sleeping Beauty episode.

A. Yes… Much better. Thanks again for last time. /
B. It’s been a while now, I’ve had time to recover. -5
C. Sleeping Beauty who faints under pressure in the middle of her self-help class, I’m not so sure that’s the way it happens in the fairy tale. +5

Castiel: Why would I come to that kind of event?

A. If ever you don’t have any plans, I dunno… It might be fun. /
B. My boss is the one making the request. She wants people with a certain reputation… It made me laugh at the time, but maybe you’d really be interested in coming. +10
C. I’d rather be accompanied, so I’m asking you… /

If you pick C. I’d rather be accompanied, so I’m asking you…:

Castiel: Is it a date?

A. No! It’s just an invitation to spend the evening with me, th-that’s all. There’s no *date* about it. /
B. Why not? +10

After that, head back to your dorm room. After even more dialogue, head on out to campus where Candy will talk to herself some more. Then head to Rosalya’s and Leigh’s apartment.

Rosalya: Not at all! Is everything OK? Did you want to talk?

A. Well, I’m looking for a special outfit, and maybe you can help me. /
B. Yes, everything’s fine. But wait, first, how are you? +10

Rosalya: Very good choice. So, which one do you want?

A. (I’m still hesitating, there’s an off-white dress with lace over the shoulders that especially caught my eye.) <– Towards Priya’s and Chani’s Illustration (Options: Priya’s/Chani’s Outfit + Nathaniel’s/Castiel’s Outfit)
B. (I’m still hesitating… But the pants with the suspenders and the see-through blouse really suits me perfectly.) <– Towards Nathaniel’s and Castiel’s Illustration (Options: Nathaniel’s/Castiel’s Outfit + Rayan’s/Hyun’s Outfit)
C. (I’m still hesitating… But the short black Charleston-like dress is really hot!) <– Towards Rayan’s and Hyun’s Illustration (Options: Rayan’s/Hyun’s Outfit + Priya’s/Chani’s Outfit)

After choosing, you’ll be sent to the front of the Cafe so just head inside.

Clemence: Good afternoon? You think it looks good? There are still lots of things to get ready! Just look at that, they’re incapable of operating a coffee machine!

A. Did you show them how? -10
B. I admit they don’t seem exactly with-it… +5

Head outside to greet guests.

A. Well… You’re kind of putting me against it. I… /
B. Yeah, go ahead. It’s not as if you were going to turn the place upside down! +5 with Priya

Castiel: Looks that way… There wasn’t anything to eat at home, might as well steal stuff from the buffet inconspicuously.

A. I’m sure you actually adore this kind of high-society party. +5
B. Nice of you to have come! There’s already a crowd inside. The latecomers should be here any minute, I’ll meet up with you all afterwards. -5
C. In that case, hope the buffet isn’t disappointing. /

Yeleen: I can’t believe it, you’re even wearing a costume? I didn’t think it was mandatory.

A. No, it isn’t. I just figured that it’d be nice for me to play along, considering I’m the organizer. /
B. I can do without your negative comments. Other people gave me compliments so it had the right effect! -5

A. Yeleen had nothing to do with the theme picked. /
B. Oh really? Yeleen, for that matter, I wonder… How’d you get the idea? +5 with Yeleen

Head into the party. Go back and forth between the Cafe and Outside the Cafe until you run into someone. You need to run into Priya & Chani, Castiel [and Amber], and Rayan and Hyun in order to trigger the next objective. The other they show up is random. As a note, the first two conversations both happen inside while the last conversation happens outside.

Castiel: A real party planner, maybe we should hire you for concerts.

A. You get by just fine without me. /
B. And have to confront the groupies that run after you? No thanks! -5
C. I’d really enjoy that! +5

If you pick  B. And have to confront the groupies that run after you? No thanks!:

Castiel: I find it pretty funny.

A. True it must be pretty flattering. /
B. Yeah, me too, I think they’re ridiculous, but funny. -5

Amber: Well, anyway, I knew you’d all be here tonight… And I figured it’d do me good to change my daily routine a little… I needed it after a day like today.

A. Why? What happened? /
B. It’s good you came, it’ll get your mind off things. +5 with Amber
C. I didn’t know you were friends. -5 with Castiel

If you pick A. Why? What happened?:

Amber: Sometimes being a model isn’t easy…

A. The cliche of the complaining model, heard that before. -5
B. Why? It’s pretty much a dream job. /
C. I can imagine… +5 with Amber

With Priya: 

A. I think that’s great you and Chani are friends. Has that been the case for long? +5
B. I hope I’m not going to get into trouble for letting you in. /
C. I’m surprised to see you with Chani… Are you together? -5

Priya: No fiasco in sight! You aced it. But don’t you want to take the opportunity to talk to the artists here?

A. I don’t really know… I don’t see myself approaching all these people to try and “sell” myself. /
B. Yes! You’re right, I’m gonna give it my all. I’m gonna go talk to them. /
C. Hmm… I’d rather spend the evening talking to you. +5

Rayan: Yes, and he’s right… It’s a big success. Don’t you think so?

A. Everyone’s saying that, but I can’t figure out if it’s to make me happy, or if it’s really true. -5
B. I do, I’m really proud of what we pulled off. /
C. I do! I feel ready to organize all the parties in the area in record time now! +5

After talking to all three pairs, you’ll run into the Director. Then head into the Kitchen.

Nathaniel: If you’re looking for your little server friend, I saw him talking to a teacher outside.

A. Nath?! I thought you were trying to avoid me at all costs. /
B. How’d you manage to get into the cafe? It’s a private party. -5
C. What’re you doing here?! +5

Nathaniel:  Yeah. Yeah, I’m talking about that. I realize how stupid I was to try and sever all ties. You were worried, I wanted to settle the problem on my own. And I guess I just made you more frightened instead of reassuring you… I shouldn’t have left.

A. You’ve got it wrong, I’m fine. On the contrary, maybe should’ve left a long time ago. -5
B. Yeah, you shouldn’t have gone and left me without any understanding at all, when you definitely knew I was upset after what had just happened! +5
C. You made your decision. In a way, I understand. /

Leave the kitchen. After more dialogue, the party will come to an end. Head back to your dorm.

The illustration scene will start with whoever your highest LoM is or the other person in the illustration with your highest LoM showing up at your door.

You can see below for the specifics, but for the most part, the dialogue choices do not matter. You just have to stay in the room. Never leave. Just continue to stick around with whatever and you’ll eventually get the Illustration.

If Castiel or Nathaniel is your highest LoM:

Castiel: Are we going to stand here forever? Can we come in?

A. Hmm, I dunno… Considering what happened earlier, I’m not sure I want to let you in. /
B. Yeah, come in… /

Castiel: And I know you’re not a 15-year old girl at one of my concerts, you have nothing in common with them. I’m sorry you got that feeling.

A. Thanks… I appreciate the effort. And I’m surprised to see the two of you together. /
B. Well, yeah but, that doesn’t sound exactly 100% sincere. /

Castiel: It looks really good on you.

A. Really? Still, it sounds like you’re teasing… /
B. Thanks… /

A. (Things are going much too fast.) Sorry, I… I can’t!
B. (I moved my face closer to his…) <– TOWARDS ILLUSTRATION

If you picked A. (Things are going much too fast.) Sorry, I… I can’t!:

Run outside to the campus grounds.

If you picked B. (I moved my face closer to his…):

The situation continues.

Nathaniel: Or it can turn into something unforgettable…

A. You’re totally crazy! I have to get out of here. (I sidestepped them, grabbed my phone on my bed and left the room in a hurry.)
B. (I looked at Nathaniel… Before putting my hands around Castiel’s neck to kiss him.) <– ILLUSTRATION
C. (I laughed nervously.) Are you guys pulling my leg? <– TOWARDS ILLUSTRATION. 

If you pick A, head out to Campus. If you pick B, the dialogue continues until the illustration. If you pick C, you get a little preview of what’s to come and another line of dialogue:

Castiel: So… What do you think of that? It’s a proposal… Do what you want with it.

A. (I grabbed Castiel’s hand, then Nathaniel’s…) In the end, I do want to see more. <– ILLUSTRATION
B. I’m sorry, I can’t. I… I need some air. (I grabbed my phone on my bed and left the room in a hurry.)

If you picked A, watch the scene until the end. Otherwise, run out to the Campus.

If Rayan or Hyun is your highest LoM:

Rayan: I can’t… I can’t tell you. You’ll run away from me.

A. Something’s obviously wrong. You came all the way here to talk to me, so do it!
B. Take your time…

A. You’re starting to flip me out, you’d think you had just committed murder! What’s going on?
B. Does it have anything to do with me? We didn’t do anything wrong… I don’t understand… Did someone hear us talking using each other’s first name?
C. Talk to me…

Rayan: We laughed, too… I’d hardly drunk anything. We were alone outside… And we kissed. It happened all of a sudden, without warning. He left right afterwards. I stayed out in the street like a jerk. I… I don’t know what to do. I have to leave town.

A. What? But…? What? You… You’re into men?
B. I need some time to grasp this. Hyun?! You kissed each other?! How’s that possible?! Just a few weeks ago he could barely stand you. And Hyun?! No, I know Hyun, that’s impossible!

Hyun: I won’t be long. I… Here goes, I thought what you did for tonight was awesome. You were breathtaking. And your outfit… everything… I’m impressed.

A. Is that why you’ve come to see me? To congratulate me about the gala?
B. Thanks Hyun… That’s really sweet…
C. Without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to do all that.

Hyun: Please, say something.

A. I like you, too!
B. Listen, Hyun… I… I know. I know what happened tonight… With Mr. Zaidi.
C. Hyun… You look kind of out of it… Are you sure that’s what you came to tell me?

Hyun: I don’t know what to do, I’m thinking about leaving town! Imagine what’s going to happen when I run into him again!

A. Hold on Hyun, that kind of thing doesn’t just happen… It sounds like what happened was almost against your will, but it takes two to kiss. Are you attracted to him?
B. Why do you want to leave town? You kissed each other, so, that happens! Move on.
C. W-wait… Are you into men?

Hyun: No, that’s not what I said… I… I guess the term that fits and that you used, is, unexpected. It was unexpected… That’s bound to be the reason I don’t know what to think about it.

A. Listen, I don’t feel the least bit comfortable, I’d rather leave… I’ll let you talk here, at least you won’t be disturbed.
B. (I stayed quiet, awaiting Rayan’s answer.) <– Towards Illustration

If you picked A, Head out to the Campus.

A. You don’t owe me anything, we aren’t a couple. But I can’t. (I let go of his hand. I picked my phone up off my bed, and ran out the door of my room.)
B. (I moved closer, and kissed him on the cheek.) <– Towards Illustration.

If you picked A, Head out to the Campus.


Rayan: The three of us, [Name]…

A. I-I… I think I understand what you’re talking about… And I can’t. Sorry… I have to get out of here, I need some fresh air. (I picked my phone up off my bed, and ran out the door of my room.)
B. I… (I can’t think straight anymore… And at the same time… I have nothing to lose. I kissed Rayan…) <– ILLUSTRATION

If you picked A, Head out to the Campus.


Rayan: The three of us, [Name]…

A. I-I… I think I understand what you’re talking about… And I can’t. Sorry… I have to get out of here, I need some fresh air. (I picked my phone up off my bed, and ran out the door of my room.)
B. I… (I can’t think straight anymore… And at the same time… I have nothing to lose. I kissed Hyun…) <– ILLUSTRATION

If you picked A, Head out to the Campus.

If Priya is your highest LoM:

Chani: Actually… I’m coming to see you because. Here it goes… I left so fast earlier because…

A. Are you interested in Priya?
B. Are you interested in me?
C. Chani, you know you can tell me everything, right? I’m listening.

A. Come in Priya.
B. (I nodded to Chani, as if to ask her if she wanted me to let her in or not.)
C. Chani’s here… Do you want to come in?

Priya: I saw you talking to Nathaniel… And…

A. I have the right to talk to him.
B. Yeah, I know what you’re going to say… But I needed to know more after what happened last time.
C. And…?

Priya: And you… You and I have gone through tons of things since high school and when we got back in touch… I didn’t get the feeling I was seeing a friend again. I had a whole new person before my eyes… I like how you’ve changed, I like your humor… And I want more.

A. So, you like both of us?
B. And so now, what do we do?
C. I can’t believe you dare say that to us! You can’t want to be with two people at the same time!

Priya: Will you let me?

A. Yes, I’ll let you. (She comes a little closer… A strand of her hair, stuck to her lower lip, separates us.)
B. You’re playing a dangerous game, and neither Chani, nor I deserve that.

As a note, both of these DO lead to the illustration–just if you pick B, you have the extra dialogue below to stop the scene sooner.


If you pick  B. You’re playing a dangerous game, and neither Chani, nor I deserve that.:

Priya: What am I doing? I’m human with everything that encompasses–complexities and faults. Not everything is black and white, [Name]. And…. You both make my head spin… I-I… It’s driving me crazy. ~

A. (I leaned over to kiss her.) ~ <– Towards Illustration
B. This isn’t the way I want this to happen. ~

If you pick B again, head out to campus. Otherwise, continue reading the dialogue in the dorm room.


A. (I kissed her back.) <– ILLUSTRATION.
B. N-no… I can’t, I’m sorry, we’re friends.

If you pick B, head out to the campus. Otherwise, continue reading the dialogue in the dorm room.

Candy will then wake up in her dorm room and the Episode will end.