MCLUL Episode 10 Guide

Unless something changes with the story, this will likely be my last University Life Guide. I will likely still do guides for spin-offs and maybe events.

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is. In the case of answers where multiple people are present, I’ve only listed + and negative effects and for who so if nothing is listed for them, then it’s neutral.

~ means the dialogue is translated and may vary from the official English release.

Action Points: 1,200-1,500AP

Illustrations: 5 Total. You can get 1 per play through. There is one per love interest. They just need to be your highest LoM and you need the correct outfit.
During a free replay, you can pick from the five for who will be your date. As long as you pick the right outfit, you’re good.

Auntie: She can be found in the infirmary before meeting Melody at the library.


Bewitched Pendant

$155 per outfit
$5 for a bus ticket



Red Outfit: Castiel’s and Priya’s Illustrations
Yellow Outfit: Hyun’s Illustration
Black/White Outfit: Rayan’s and Nathaniel’s Illustrations

As usual, more time has passed and we start off on campus with Chani. After some dialogue, head to Auditorium 2 for class.

Mr. Lebarde: Let’s see, now… [Name]? Would you be so kind as to join me up front, please?

A. E-er, y-yes, coming, sir. /
B. Is it a pop quiz on the master’s thesis? Like last time? +5 with Mr. Lebarde

A. Thanks, but I don’t deserve all this… I wasn’t alone. The director is the one who managed everything and I had help from Hyun, the server at the cafe and from Clemence, the owner. /
B. Thank you, sir. /
C. Thanks, I loved doing it! I’m willing to organize another event as soon as you want. +5 with Mr. Lebarde

Mr. Lebarde announces the new assignments and Candy gets paired with Melody for “Viking Art”.

After a bit more dialogue, head out onto campus.

Chani: Yeah, but you’re the one who organized everything. But that’s not the point. Why’d she do that?

A. I don’t know…  I had the opportunity of meeting her mother and I ended up in the middle of a family argument in the room. +5
B. I have no idea. She can’t keep from taking credit for herself I guess. She was really disappointed not to be part of the organizing. -5

A. I wanted to tell you… I was surprised to see you come to the party with Priya. I didn’t know you were friends. /
B. OK, I thought something was wrong, I’m reassured to know it was just the snooty aspect of the party that made you run off. /
C. At the time… I thought you had gotten into an argument with Priya. Considering she left without saying goodbye to me either… /

If you went the illustration route with Priya and Chani last episode: 

Chani: Uuuuh… you dreamt of me? Tell haha. ~

A. A basic dream in my room and then.. you went back to bed in your room. ~
B. I dreamt that you told me that you had feelings for Priya. / or + ~

If you picked B.:

Chani: Tell me more, you know that dreams are often a mirror of our subconscious, it’s interesting to analyze! ~

A. No, that’s all! ~
B. And then it… Got out of hand… / or + ~

Candy will then automatically go to her room to get ready to go to the gym. You’ll jump ahead to be in front of the gym so just head inside.

Yeleen: N-no, I’m not avoiding you!

A. So are you no longer owning up to the lie you told your mother at the gala? -5
B. I guess we’ll run into each other again later in our room anyway. /

Yeleen: Stop! You sound like my mother!

A. Maybe she’s right! You’ll never measure up. -10
B. Why are you constantly going after me? /
C. Yeleen… Admit that what you’re doing is mean. You owe me an apology at the very least. /

Castiel then shows up to break it up.

Castiel: I wasn’t going to butt in but I felt like it was about to get out of control.

A. Thanks, Castiel. /
B. Everything’s just fine. /
C. This raging maniac doesn’t get what I’m saying! -5 with Castiel

Follow Castiel out of the gym for some more dialogue.

Castiel: If my memory serves me well, you said… that I needed to stop talking about you “as if you were a 15-year-old girl at one of my concerts”.

A. Even in hindsight I think that’s good advice. /
B. Sorry… that particular night… wasn’t my night. And you showed up at the worst time unfortunately I didn’t really think that. -5
C. Yes, Castiel… maybe I spoke in anger. But I was right. I refuse to let people walk all over me. +5

Castiel: Shh… Amber left the party at the same time as him… She was worried.

A. And so… Amber and you are friends? /
B. Did she tell you what was going on? I always get the impression that Nathaniel is on the verge of confessing the truth, but… -5
C. I didn’t see you two afterwards… I figured you had both left fast. /

If you picked  A. And so… Amber and you are friends?:

Castiel: Yes. Is that a problem?

A. No… but… considering the past history you two have. Did it ever cross your mind that Amber might still have feelings for you? +10
B. Not at all…  I think she’s mature and totally different. I’m glad. /
C. I’m surprised, considering the pest she was in high school, you and I had the same opinion about her back then. /

If you picked A again and did NOT date Castiel in HSL: 

Castiel: Hmm… we’ll have to talk about your teenage dreams some other time then.

A. Hmm… That is private. /
B. (My cheeks turned red despite myself. I coughed to get my composure and try to hide how flustered I was.) /

If you picked A again and DID date Castiel in HSL: 

Castiel: Hmm… we’ll have to talk about your teenage dreams some other time then.

A. (My cheeks turned red despite myself. I coughed to get my composure and try to hide how flustered I was.)
B. You already know them. / or +

If you picked B. Did she tell you what was going on? I always get the impression that Nathaniel is on the verge of confessing the truth, but… :

Castiel: No. I think she’s protecting him but at the same time, it’s their problem and I recommend you do the same. You’re just going to get yourself in trouble.

A. He looks like he needs help. +5
B. Yeah, you’re probably right.

Castiel: Hmm. Anyway, I need to go home and take a shower before meeting up with the band to practice.

A. OK, I’m going back to campus. See you later, maybe. /
B. Maybe I could… come with you. /

Make your way back to your dorm room. You’ll get a text message from your mom along the way. After some more dialogue, it’s time to meet up with Alexy and Rosalya.

Alexy: She and I have talked a lot, and I did some research. So I’ve learned tons of stuff on the topic.

A. Maybe she should quit school. -5
B. You think… maybe… she shouldn’t have kept the baby. /
C. Darn… I didn’t realize it could be so intense. +5

Alexy: I didn’t even realize you got assaulted… I feel really bad about not having been there.

A. What? Come on, Alex, don’t worry, everything’s fine. +5
B. True, it seemed like you disappeared overnight. /

Head into the Snake Room to meet Rosa.

Rosalya: I’m so glad to see you two! This was a great idea, Alex!

A. Seriously, it’s been quite a while since all three of us got together. +5 with Alexy
B. I should’ve stayed home to study tonight, this isn’t reasonable. -5 with Alexy
C. For sure, this was a good idea. +5 with Alexy

Rosalya: I’m happy with Leigh, and even though I know we’re going to be the best family in the world, it’s important to know we have support.

A. Why are you so serious. Is everything OK? + or /
B. Well, sure, Rosa, it’s not like we were going to reject you. /
C. I admit it wasn’t necessarily obvious… I mean, it’s a bit change, and I still have a little trouble understanding why you want to have a baby so badly before you graduate. -5 with Alexy

A. Want me to drink yours, Rosa? /
B. (I put my bag down on the table, spilling Rosa’s glass on purpose.) + with Rosalya

Priya: Did I say something wrong?

A. No, don’t worry, everything’s fine, she’s just tired. /
B. Actually… she couldn’t drink it because of the alcohol in it. -5 with Alexy
C. I’m sure it’s just the exhaustion. I plan on seeing her soon, I want to make sure everything’s OK. +5 with Priya, + or / with Rosalya <– You run out after Rosalya before heading back inside.

Priya: I want to go back to India, to see what I can do.

A. To India, but… that’s far… that’d mean we wouldn’t see each other anymore. +5 with Priya
B. I understand why that’s important to you, but after what you went through, aren’t you afraid of going back there…? /
C. Don’t break up the group! India is much too far, we wouldn’t see you anymore. -5 with Priya

Priya: My sister… Boyfriend trouble. It’s her first boyfriend, and he broke up with her, she was in tears. I’m going to go see her.

A. Oh no, poor thing. Good luck. /
B. There’s a first time for everyone, she’ll get over it, stay with us! -5 with Priya
C. Do you want… me to go with you? We didn’t get a lot of time to talk. +5 with Priya.

If you have positive LoM with Rayan/said you were okay with being friends, you will run into him on your way back to campus: 

Rayan: We’re alone and in any case, I hope we’re still allowed to speak in public!

A. Considering the events over the past few weeks, I’d rather we were discreet. + or /
B. We can definitely do whatever we want. -5
C. For the time being, we’re just talking, I don’t see why that would be a problem. + or /

Rayan: Everything’s fine. They’ve gone into the dorm.

A. I’m sick of not being able to talk to you, without keeping my guard up. It’s exhausting, I get the impression we’re breaking the law even though we’re just chatting! + or /
B. Phew, that was a close call! / or +
C. I’ll let you go to the auditorium on your own… It’s not a good idea to chat here in the middle of the quad. -5

Rayan: That would replace moments like these with more discreet conversations…

A. Sorry, I’d rather not… -100
B. That’s a great idea. + or /

Head to your dorm room.

A. Yeleen… is everything OK? /
B. (I rolled over onto my side to try and fall all the way asleep.) /

If you pick A: 

A. Do you want to talk about something? +5
B. (I didn’t dare say a thing.) /

Head out to campus. You’ll run into Chani on the way. After you’ve finished all dialogue with her on the Campus Quad, you have a chance to find Auntie!

Before heading to the Library to meet Melody, go back and forth between the Quad and the Infirmary until you meet her!

After dialogue with her and Raphael, you can continue to the library.

Melody: Oh, hi!

A. Sorry Melo, it took me longer than planned. /
B. Hi! Well, here I am, let’s get to work. +5

Melody: You think so? I’m afraid we don’t have enough info.

A. Sure we do, the articles you found are great Melody, I’m sure this’ll be enough! +5
B. Yeah, maybe you’re right, I’m going to browse through the library. /

Hyun: Besides, once the evening was running smoothly, I no longer saw any reason to stay.

A. Bummer, we could’ve spent the end of the evening together. +5
B. I saw you talking to Mr. Zaidi during the party. I was surprised. -5
C. Yeah, I totally get it. That’s also the not-so-nice side of that crowd. You can come across really interesting people or people who want to start a debate every change they get. That can be exhausting. /

Head out the library.

Hyun: You know it all by heart now!

A. Yes! It’ll be fine. I even remember the code for the alarm: 28N1. +5
B. Yes, I’m a pro now. I even remember the code for the alarm: 29N1! -5
C. Yes! There shouldn’t be any problems! /

Head to the dining hall.

Rosalya: People give it too much thought, there’s never a “right” time.

A. You’re right, what matters if your willpower. If you two fully realize the change it’s going to bring about, you’ll do what you have to. + or /
B. You two are going to make great parents. + or /
C. I’m still convinced there’re better times than doing it when you’re still a student, but that’s your choice. -5

Rosalya: How’ve you been doing?

A. Fine! /
B. I’m doing great, the gala went really smoothly. It was awesome. +5

Leave the dining hall and you’ll monologue your way back to your dorm room. Head to the Cafe.

Clemence: Leave the keys in the mailbox when you go.

A. Thank you Clemence. Have a nice evening! /
B. I thought you’d’ do part of the shift with me, at least the early evening. -5

Head into the Kitchen and then leave the cafe.

Nathaniel: And I want you to understand, and for you to give me some time.

A. So you’re going to go on keeping your little secrets for a long time still, if I get your drift. /
B. I’ve already given you enough time, in my opinion. -5
C. Don’t you think you owe me the truth after everything that happened? +5

Nathaniel: Not everything revolves around you, there are other things at stake, and probably reasons why I can’t tell you everything.

A. Hmm… I know Nath, but how do you expect me to keep on trying to get to know you if you don’t tell me anything. /
B. Is that your way of saying things “nicely”? /
C. OK, I’m going to leave you a little more time. /

If Nathaniel walked you to your dorm in Episode 2:

Nathaniel: Yeah.

A. There was a time when you walked me all the way to the dorm and asked to come up to my room. You don’t do that anymore? +5
B. Good night. /

Head back to your dorm. You’ll get a text message from whoever your highest LoM is asking you out tomorrow night.

A. (I let her get her stuff without saying a word.) /
B. (If I don’t reach out to her, we’ll never get there…) /

If you pick B:

Yeleen: And now, from all of my 23 years of age, I realize she’ll always have to have more. What’s the use…

A. Do it for yourself. You’re doing a Masters. Don’t stop now that you’ve come this far. +10
B. I’m glad you’re telling me the truth, and I’m glad that you told your mother, but all that is no excuse for what happened at the gy… /

Yeleen: Well, I’ll leave you alone… and be on my way.

A. Where have you been going every night? When you don’t sleep on campus. /
B. OK, see you later. /

A. (The striped jeans à la “Beetlejuice” with the white crop top should do the trick. Hmm, still, this is cute, too. I can’t make up my mind.) <– Towards Nathaniel’s and Rayan’s Illustrations. Choice of the black/white outfit and the yellow outfit.
B. (The wine color jumpsuit is so classy! Hmm, still, this is cute, too. I can’t make up my mind.) <– Towards Priya’s and Castiel’s Illustrations. Choice of the Red Outfit and the black/white outfit when on Priya’s route. Choice of the Red Outfit and the yellow outfit when on Castiel’s route.
C. (I haven’t had the chance to wear my bright yellow dress yet, but it fits me so well! Hmm, still, this is cute, too. I can’t make up my mind.) <– Towards Hyun’s Illustration. Choice of the Yellow Outfit and the Red Outfit.


Head out to the campus. You’ll be taken to the bar street and head into the gym.

A. Is that how you feed yourself, Nath? Talk about balanced! +5
B. Did you buy all that for us? That’s adorable, thanks. /
C. Hmm… I’m not really hungry. -5

Nathaniel: What are you imagining now?

A. I’m imagining that you brought a souvenir back from a fight? /
B. Did… did your father do that? -5
C. Your cat did that, right? +5

As long as you have the right outfit, you’ll get the illustration.

Make your way back to your dorm.


Priya will meet you at your dorm room. After, head out onto the campus quad. Once outside, make your way to the park.

Priya: We’ll dance! Come on, let’s go!

A. (Panic-stricken, and egged on by the crowd, I took Priya’s hand and followed her on stage.) + or /
B. N-no, go on! I’ll watch you! -5

Priya: Her name’s Tara. An old friend from middle school. We don’t see each other often, but I read on Facebook that she was playing here, and I figured it was the chance to see her! That song is one she was already playing when we were 14,

A. Do you want to go and say hi to her? /
B. Looks like you two are really close… Is she a good friend? +5
C. You didn’t need me on stage.

Priya: Because I only invited you. Alexy, Rosa or Melo aren’t here… Just you and me.

A. Precisely, that’s what I wanted… To be alone with you. + or /
B. For sure, I’m surprised not to see the others tonight.  /
C. You, me and “Tara”!

A. Tell me…
B. Some things don’t need to be put into words. Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge… A-and, I want to take the plunge. / or +

If you have the right outfit, you will get the illustration no matter what.

Head to your dorm room. Candy monologues a lot before falling asleep.


Head to the art building to meet up with Rayan. You’ll head into the break room.

Rayan: Or I’ll find a better excuse than that, but…

A. Yeah, but… it’s still dangerous. We’re taking a big risk. + or /
B. It’s a brilliant idea! / or +
C. In any case, we’ll see when the time comes!

A. Serving alcohol to a student? We’re starting to break a lot of rules now… -5
B. Hmm, that looks delicious. What is it? +
C. You shouldn’t have! That’s adorable.

The illustration will happen as long as you have the right outfit. Leave the break room and then head back to your dorm.


Castiel will show up in your room.

Castiel: I thought I was going to fall asleep.

A. Right, well uh sorry, if you haven’t shown up so early, we wouldn’t be in this situation. -10
B. And personally, I thought I was about to have a heart attack earlier! /

Castiel: Pff… I guess it’s not the night-out you were expecting.

A. I’m sure we can have a nice time here. I can put on some music and we can chat. + or /
B. We can still try to go out… can’t we? -5
C. It’s not your fault.

A. Wow, that was… I understand the infatuation better now. The video’s awesome. + or /
B. The actress… Who is it? +5
C. I have trouble understanding why you go to a girl’s house whose goal is to poison you. There’s no explanation, but the video’s incredible!

A. Yeah, but, it doesn’t make me comfortable… Knowing that we’re chatting while they are just on the others side of the door.
B. It must not be easy, I guess.
C. Aren’t you afraid of what they’re going to say when you leave here? +5

Castiel: You know… You have no reason to envy the girl in the video.

A. (I was so surprised by his answer, I saw there gaping, not knowing what to say back.) + or /
B. What makes you think I envy her? -5
C. And yet, there’s good reason to.

You’ll head outside your room and get the illustration as long as you picked the right outfit. You’ll then head back into your room.


Head to Hyun’s dorm room.

Hyun: I wanted to do something nice for you.

A. The jacket, the meal, the decorations, Hyun… You went overboard. It was just supposed to be… I thought we were going out.
B. Did you do all this, just for me? It’s… Thanks, I don’t know what to say, I didn’t get ready for this. +5
C. It’s great! So what’s on the menu?!

Hyun: So he pushed me down another path, convinced that I’ll be happier elsewhere.

A. That sounds harsh to me… He should’ve let you do what you like.
B. Well… Are you enjoying majoring in communications anyway?
C. That must not have been easy for your father. +5

A. The two of us aren’t going to dance here alone, all the same!
B. (I grabbed his hand, and he pulled me towards him in the middle of the room.) +5

You’ll receive the illustration as long as you have the right outfit.

Head back to your room.

You’ll wake up with a few messages. Head out to campus to leave for the bus to go to the hospital. The ticket costs $5.

After some dialogue, take the elevator upstairs. Leave the room after more dialogue.

Finish making your way towards the dorm hall and then just go through the rest of the dialogue until the episode ends.