MCL Episode 39 Guide

I really appreciate that you guys have found these helpful T~T And as asked, here we go again! Like last time, this is based off @kizmetcandy‘s guides for the most part, but with… random helpful interjections and in order of the Episode over character divided. I just personally find it easier laid out like that.

As a note, I have not had time to play every route myself just yet so some options may be translated versus the official translation due to my not having found them in English. Anything with a ~ is a translation and thus, may not be 100% accurate of the line (but the choice percentages are right!)

I will continue updating until all choices and things are set, but hopefully this helps people out!

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is.

Action Points: ~250-400 AP cost is what it was on the old system.

Illustrations: Five total. One with Nathaniel, One with Castiel, One with Lysander, One with Armin, One with Kentin. You can only get one per playthrough with whichever guy you’re dating.

Auntie: During the objective to go to the prom (after getting ready at your house), you can find Auntie in the Park at night.


Glass Shoes/Slippers


Bus Ticket (Optional – Only if you choose to go to the mall) – $5
Ice Cream (Optional – Only if you choose to stay home, one of 3 options) – $15
Something salty (Optional – Only if you choose to stay home, one of 3 options) – $40
Crepes (Optional – Only if you choose to stay home, one of 3 options) – $30
Armin’s Dress – $440
Castiel’s Dress – $450
Lysander’s Dress – $445
Kentin’s Dress – $450
Nathaniel’s Dress – $440
Prom Ticket – $10 if you helped out/volunteered, $20 if you didn’t



Black Dress – Armin’s Illustration
Blue Dress – Castiel’s Illustration
Pinkish Red Dress – Lysander’s Illustration
Red Dress with plunging neckline – Kentin’s Illustration.
Green Dress – Nathaniel’s Illustration

The Episode starts off with a time skip to the day of exam results. You start off in the school. Head down to the stairwell to hear the Principal over the intercom.

Amber and Li will talk shortly after. Once they’re done opening their mouth, head to Classroom A or B to see your History Exam results. If A doesn’t work, try B and vice versa. I had to go to B on my US account, but A on my UK account so…

Your grades for each subject will depend on how much studying you did last Episode. If you did the study session, you’ll get the highest grades (A in History, B in Sports, A in Science, and A+ in Art). If you saw Evan and studied alone, you’ll get average grades (C in History, B in Sports, B in Science, and C in Art). If you didn’t study at all (saw Evan and spoke to Alexy and Rosa), you failed and need to do a make-up test.

Once you’ve gotten your history exam, head to the hall and you’ll have some dialogue with Kim and Iris. If you don’t get it immediately, try going up and down the hall a bit or going in and out of Classroom B or A (as you can also meet them in one of the classrooms). After, head to the Science Room.

It’s too crowded though, so Ms. Delanay sends you out and you need to head to the gym for now instead.

In the hallway or courtyard, you’ll run into Castiel. Once again, if not, keep going back and forth until you do.

Castiel: Don’t tell me you’re running around to collect your stupid grades…

A. Uh… I am. /
B. You’re not? –
C. Not at all. +

Then head to the gym for some more dialogue. As far as I can tell, you’ll always get a B in Gym at least. Anyway, with that done, make your way back to the Science Room.

Once you’re finished talking to Ms. Delanay, head back out to find Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: Now that I’m not accountable to him anymore… I feel like all this was for nothing.

A. Of course not! +
B. I understand. /
C. That’s a bit stupid. –

Once you’re done talking, head into the Art Room and talk to Patrick. You decide to get some fresh air after the conversation so make your way to the garden to find Kentin who flunked his exams.

Kentin: My behavior hasn’t been very “hard-working” lately.

A. To say the least… /
B. Let’s hope this will serve as a lesson. –
C. Look at the bright side… +

You decide to try and find Rosalya. Heading into the school or gym, you can find Lysander. After some brief dialogue, make your way to the staircase to run into Amber and Li if you didn’t run into them in the Courtyard. You might also run into them down the hall.

A. You are really unbelievable, Amber. – for Amber, / for Li.
B. I don’t have any problems. /
C. (I sighed as I rolled my eyes.) /

Finally, make your way to Classroom A or Classroom B to talk to Alexy and Armin.  If you failed your exams, you’ll have a dialogue choice:

A. Your family stories distracted me!
B. I did not work hard enough. /
C. I’ve been distracted lately. +

After these lines of dialogue, head to the courtyard to leave the school as Rosalya seems to no longer be around.

You’ll head outside the school and then your boyfriend will show up to walk you home. Once at your house, Candy will invite them in. Head inside and after some dialogue about getting them something to drink, head up to your room.

After a make-out session your mother nearly catches you having, you finally introduce your boyfriend to your mom.


Armin: Your mom is nice!

A. Yeah. She must be up to something. +
B. That was stressful! –
C. Yeah, she is nice. /


Nathaniel: Well… The least you can say is that your mom is more welcoming than your dad.

A. Yes, it’s a bit worrying. /
B. My dad really scared you that much? –
C. I agree… +


Lysander: Well… Are you ready for introductions?

A. Not at all! –
B. I wasn’t expecting that. /
C. Obviously. +


Castiel: I’d rather have a nice “Get out of here and go home” cocktail.

A. I don’t think that was on the menu… +
B. Seriously? /
C. You can go home, if you want… –


Kentin: Oh gosh. I wasn’t planning on having tea and coffee with your mom!

A. If it makes you feel any better, neither was I… /
B. And?
C. Don’t worry. +

Head downstairs and you’ll have some more dialogue with your mom, boyfriend, and eventually, your father. Once that’s over, head back to your bedroom.


If you failed your exams, you get stuck in your room and have to study so you do not get any outing and have to head to school for retakes.

Head into the school and you’ll run into Rosalya.

Rosalya: I don’t really know. An accident, I suppose.

A. Well, we’re two of a kind. +
B. Crap, I’m sorry. /
C. A bump in the road… –

Head down the hall and upstairs to run into Amber for some more dialogue. After some dialogue, Amber will take the exams and then so will you. Now head to the gym to drop off your books. You will run into Li and have some dialogue with her.

Li: The last thing I want right now is to be stuck in a half deserted high school with you!

A. That was ironic, Li. /
B. And yet… here you are. /
C. I think I might actually miss you, you know.  /

After, head to the courtyard and you’ll leave the school and run into Kentin who will give you another dialogue choice.

IF YOU ARE NOT DATING KENTIN (Whether you got his apology or not doesn’t matter):

Kentin: I know it’s still a bit early to ask this from you and I know it’s a lot to ask for, but I really hope you can forgive me for my behavior.

A. I hope so too. –
B. That will take some time indeed. /
C. Don’t worry… +


Kentin: You’ve been really great.

A. Yes…
B. It’s normal. +
C. I’m glad I could help out. / or +

After some more dialogue, you can head on home.


If you passed your exams, after sleeping and a weekend with your family, you decide to do something. It only effects AP/$ usage + a chance to effect LoM with whichever character(s) you meet, so just pick which you like best or who you’d like to see.


You have an additional choice dialogue before you pick what to do! You have the option to send him a text message as he should be re-taking the exams today.

A. (I sent him a supportive text.) +
B.  (I hope he will pass them.)


A. (I’ll go down town for some shopping.) / <– You run into Deborah & Thomas and one other person depending who you’re dating (Alexy if Armin, Evan if Kentin, Melody if Nathaniel, or Peggy if Lysander or Castiel)
B. (Maybe do some shopping at the mall…) / <– You run into Capucine & Samuel, send an embarrassing text to your boyfriend, and run into Kim & Violette
C. (I feel like staying home doing nothing for once!) / <– You have a movie day with Lucy/Laeti.

If you chose A:

Walk around (Between the Cafe, Park Entrance, and Shop) and you’ll eventually run into Thomas who is with his babysitter… Deborah! You will have a choice:

Thomas: Yes and Deborah is a great babysitter!

A. Good. + to both
B. I’m having a hard time believing it. / Leads to another choice
C. I have no doubts about that… / to both.

If you chose B:

A. (Spill the beans.) – with Thomas, / with Deborah
B. (Change the subject.) +5 with Deborah, / with Thomas

Then head to the park and you’ll have a dialogue depending on who you’re dating!


You’ll have a dialogue option with Alexy!

Alexy: I asked if he wanted to take a walk before going but he said “go ahead, I will meet you there”. He was playing…

A. He might never go then. /
B. Not cool!
C. That looks like him. * +

* I’m sure they meant That sounds like him… but that’s how it… currently is written so… I’m just going to leave it like that.


You’ll have a dialogue option with Evan!

Evan: Quite good actually. I’m enjoying my day off to meet with Alexy and Armin for the afternoon.

A. Ah, you still see each other?
B. It’s good that you’re staying in touch. /
C. Okay. /


You’ll have a dialogue option with Melody!

Melody: Yes?

A. (Try to make up) /
B. (Give up) /


You’ll have a dialogue option with Peggy!

Peggy: I’m looking for a good story.

A. And are you finding any? +
B. In a park? –
C. Don’t you ever go on holiday? /

Then head back to your house and you’ll go straight up to your bedroom to finish out the day.

If you choose B:

Head to the Bus stop and take a trip to the mall. Head to Microgames and you’ll run into Samuel and Capucine where Capucine will be trying on a VR headset.

Capucine: Have you ever tried one of these things? It’s really awesome.

A. It sure looked like it was. /
B. I’m not into video games. –
C. What was awesome was watching you. +

Then head to the lingerie store. You’ll debate on getting some lingerie and take some pictures to send to Rosalya for her opinion… only you send it to your boyfriend instead. You quickly leave, embarrassed.

Finally, head into Vingir or the Toy Shop (it may be any store besides Microgames) to run into Kim and Violette. Simply go back and forth between the books and Electronics sections or in and out of a store until it pops up. After some more dialogue, you’ll head back to the bus stop. Head into your house and you’ll go straight up to your bedroom to finish the day.

If you choose C:

You decide to invite Lucy/Laeti over for a movie. Head to the Dollar Shop to pick up some snacks:

A. (I feel like ice cream.) / $15 <– You watch a Romantic Comedy.
B. (I’m craving for something salty…) / $40 <– You watch a Horror movie.
C. (And why not baking some crepes?) / $30 <– You watch an Animated Fantasy movie.

And then head back to your house.


Lucy/Laeti: It’s romantic comedy with Jules Daw and Tom Blues! I so like them!

A. Are you serious?
B. Cool! +
C. Okay.


Lucy/Laeti: Muahahaha!

A. How horrible! /
B. Awesome, I love horror movies! +
C. Oh no… –


Lucy/Laeti: It’s about a little girl who owns a magical stone and who finds a lost kingdom…

A. Ok! /
B. A cartoon… –
C. The cover’s nice. +

After some more dialogue, the day ends and then it’s time to go back to school.

You’ll run into Rosalya at the school entrance and after some dialogue, you’ll head inside together. Head into the school from the courtyard and the Principal will have another announcement for you. If it does trigger right away, go up and down the hall. After the announcement, there’s dialogue from some of your classmates before Iris gives you a choice.

Iris: Girls, would you like to volunteer?

A. Yes, of course. /
B. No, I don’t think so. /

Volunteering lets you get a discount on the Prom ticket and also a chance to up your LoM.

If you chose B (Not to volunteer):

You decide to walk around the high school with Rosalya before going dress shopping. Head to the courtyard for some dialogue. You’ll also get some with Castiel if you’re dating him.

Then head to the Garden or Science Room to overhear a conversation between Ms. Delanay and Principal Shermansky. After, head to Classroom A or B to talk to Mr. Faraize.

Then, meet Rosalya in the Staircase and then you two will leave the school.  On the way, you should run into Amber and Nathaniel. Simply go back and forth between the Cafe, Park Entrance, and Shops if needed.

After some more dialogue, make your way to Leigh’s shop to get your new dress, then head home and to your room.

If you chose A (to Volunteer): 

Head to the courtyard for some dialogue.

Iris: What do you choose, Candy?

A. I will go with Patrick. /
B. I will go with Boris. /

Patrick’s Group (Setting up Decorations): Armin, Alexy, Violette, Melody, Iris
Boris’ Group (Setting up Lights and Sound Equipment): Lysander, Kentin, Priya, Kim

Head to the courtyard.  You’ll also get some dialogue with Castiel if you’re dating him along with a dialogue choice:

Castiel: There’s no way I’m ruining my day to work as an unpaid mover.

A. But you will still come to the prom, right? /
B. That’s not very nice. –
C. I understand. +

Before anything, you should head to the Garden or Science Room to overhear a conversation between Ms. Delanay and Principal Shermansky and to Classroom A or B to talk to Mr. Faraize. You can do these in either order. If these don’t trigger after a while, head to where your group is meeting first and then find them before going to the Gym. You can not finish at the gym until you’ve had these two conversations.

Once that’s done, either head to the Art Room if you picked Patrick or the Basement if you picked Boris. You can also go to the opposite location first if you’d like some extra optional dialogue.

If you go with Patrick:


Armin: Not to mention that we’ll have to… dance.

A. That’s going to be an ordeal for you. +
B. Yes… that’s the whole point. /
C. He’s so dull! –


Armin: Not to mention that we’ll have to… dance.

A. That’s going to be an ordeal for you. /
B. It’s not that complicated. +
C. It’s not that horrible, is it? –

After more dialogue, head to the gym to drop off the decorations.  After, you’ll have a conversation with your boyfriend if they helped with volunteering.

If you go with Boris:

It’s simply dialogue in the basement! Once done, make your way to the gym with the equipment.

After, you’ll have a conversation with your boyfriend if they helped with volunteering.


Armin: Are you kidding? I’m not going to dress up as a penguin just for the sake of it.

A. You could make an effort! –
B. I’m sure it would suit you fine. /
C. Ah… +


Kentin: I don’t have a suit!

A. What will you wear then? /
B. You’re not coming with military pants, are you? – ~
C. Too bad.

Lysander doesn’t have any choice dialogue. Castiel and Nathaniel didn’t volunteer.

Once done doing whichever, you’ll be sent right out of school and need to head to the shops to meet Rosalya.

On the way, you should run into Amber and Nathaniel. Simply go back and forth between the Cafe, Park Entrance, and Shops if needed.

Amber: You again? Apparently it’s impossible to avoid you, even outside the boundaries of the school…

A. I could say the same thing about you, you know. – for Nathaniel, / for Amber
B. (I ignored her.) / for both

With that done, meet Rosalya at Leigh’s shop. You’ll get two dresses to choose from per route.

Once you’ve picked your dress (See the image at the top of the guide for help), head on home. After some dialogue with your parents, head to your room briefly before heading back to the living room.

After some more dialogue, go to your bedroom once more to finish the day. After a weird dream, head back downstairs to talk to your mom. After some more dialogue, your friends arrive and you all head back up to your room.

You’ll get two dialogue choices–one from Kim:

Kim: It’s Hell… It’s not supposed to be nice.

A. What are you going to be wearing Kim? /
B. I find high heels quite nice! / for Kim, + for Priya
C. Do you intend to go to the prom wearing sneakers? – for Kim

And another to pick which outfit you like best out of Rosa’s, Priya’s, Melody’s, and Kim’s outfits. No LoM drops are here. Just whoever you pick gets an LoM rise. It doesn’t effect anything besides that.

Once you’re all done getting ready, it’s time to head to the prom! But first, you have a chance to run into Aunt Agatha! She can be found in the Park at night during this objective and will give you a lovely pair of shoes.

After, feel free to head over to the school to go to your prom! Once at the school, you’ll have to pay Mr. Boris and then you can head into the gym. After some more dialogue, an issue happens with the sound system so you decide to take a break from dancing and get some air.

If you’re on any route EXCEPT Armin’s, you can head to the Locker Room to get some optional dialogue with Armin and Amber. There is no dialogue choice.

Otherwise, head to the garden where you’ll run into Priya.

Priya: What is it?

A. At the beginning, I hated you. –
B. When you first got here, I was afraid of you. +
C. I did not really know what to think of you at first. /

A. Why?  /
B. Isn’t law a bit complicated? –
C. I’m sure you’ll be perfect at that. +

Suddenly, you overhear Rosalya, Leigh, and Lysander talking and a certain name mention immediately grabs Priya’s attention.

Lysander: Err… yes.

A. What’s the matter with you Priya? /
B. Calm down, Priya. /

After some more dialogue, Peggy shows up and says Mr. Faraize hasn’t come back yet. You need to go find him. Before you do, you can head to Classroom B if you’re on any route besides Kentin’s to have a chat with Alexy.

Alexy: Well… I finally told Kentin I had a crush on him.

A. You’re insane! –
B. Oh. I’m sorry to hear this. +
C. But… why? /

A. I don’t know how I would have reacted if I were you. –
B. If I were you, I would have fallen apart. /
C. Oh, but I’m not surprised. +

After some more dialogue, head to the Student Council Room/Delegates Office to find Mr. Faraize with Melody. Melody had come here crying and Mr. Faraize was trying to comfort her. In the end, Mr. Faraize leaves it to you and Peggy and heads back. Peggy then leaves leaving just you and Melody.

A. Maybe it’s time to move on. –
B. Maybe it’s better that way. +
C. Look at the bright side of things… /

Make your way back to the gym for the final bits of dialogue of the episode. After some talk with your boyfriend, you go to confront Peggy.

Peggy: Yes.

A. What’s the matter with you? /
B. Are you out of your mind? –

With that done, more dialogue happens and your boyfriend leads you to the dance floor! This is where you get the illustration.


A. (I took him in my arms.) <— ILLUSTRATION
B. (I stroke his neck.)
C. (I put my hands around his neck.)


Nathaniel: It’s a beautiful song and I would like to dance to it with you…

A. (I smiled back at him.)
B. (I slid my hand into his.) <— ILLUSTRATION
C. (I put my arm around his neck.)


A. (I wrapped my arms around his neck.)
B. (I stroke his hair.)
C. (I lay my head against his chest.) <— ILLUSTRATION


Castiel: I always say that I don’t like dancing… but I really felt like holding you against me.

A. (I let him lead the dance.)  <— ILLUSTRATION
B. (I lay my head against his chest.)
C. (I put my hands on his shoulders.)


A.  (I wrapped my arms around his neck.)
B.  (I slid my hands into his.)
C. (I put my face closer to his.)  <— ILLUSTRATION

And after a bit more dialogue, the episode ends :)