MCL Episode 40 Guide

This is based off @kizmetcandy‘s guides for the most part, but with… random helpful interjections and in order of the Episode over character divided as I find it easier that way.

As a note, some options may be translated versus the official English translation due to my not having found them in English. Anything with a ~ is a translation and thus, may not be 100% accurate of the line (but the choice percentages are right!)

(Special thanks to @vanillaamoursucrethings for helping translate parts of Kentin’s route from Portuguese to help make this go faster until they were found in English :D)

I will continue updating until all choices and things are set, but hopefully this helps people out!

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter with that character is Maxed so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have -, /, or + beside it, I have no idea what the result is.

Action Points: ~150-350

Illustrations: Five total. One with Nathaniel, One with Castiel, One with Lysander, One with Armin, One with Kentin. You can only get one per playthrough with whichever guy you’re dating. You need 100 LoM or higher to definitely get the illustration. You can get it somewhere between 90-100, but it seems to have another variable that needs to be looked into. 

Auntie: During the objective where you’re searching for your friends (After getting to school with you parents for the graduation ceremony), you can find Auntie in the Science Room. She has three different items to give and it’s random which she gives you. You’ll have to play three times for all of them.


Graduation Gown, Graduation Wreath, Graduation Medal

$5 – Eggs for your mom.
$80 – Jeans for your dad.
$5 – Bus Ticket on Armin’s, Nathaniel’s, and Castiel’s routes.
$10 – Bus Ticket on Lysander’s route



There are no date outfits this episode.

The Episode starts off where Episode 39 left off–you dancing with your boyfriend, though, some time has passed and the Prom is ending and the school is about to close.

After some dialogue, head out to the Courtyard where you’ll have more dialogue with your boyfriend and he’ll walk you home.

There is no dialogue on the way, so you can head straight home by bus if you want. Once in front of your house, you’ll have some dialogue with your boyfriend.

Armin: My legs are tired!

A. Shoot… /
B. Dancing, the extreme sport… +
C. It’s the dancing that put you in this state? –

Nathaniel: I’m glad you had a good time.

A. You dance very well, you know. +
B. Did you have a good time, too? –
C. Do you think Amber kept herself busy? /

If you pick C and saw Amber and Armin in the locker room, you have another choice dialogue about if you should tell Nathaniel or not. (my friend forgot to screenshot the specifics so the below are paraphrased–sorry.)

A. (After all, Nathaniel has the right to know…) –
B. (I don’t think Nathaniel needs to know.) /

If you did not see them in the locker room, there is no other choice!

Castiel: I can’t believe some people spend their whole life wearing suits like this…

A. They’re your worst nightmare, aren’t they? /
B. Be that as it may, I think it suits you perfectly. +
C. So snobbish!

Lysander: But we can go dancing again anytime, if you feel like it.

A. That would be great… /
B. With pleasure, as long as we don’t go to the Moondance. –
C. Why not. +

Kentin: And I loved dancing with you…

A. We can have some good fun without having to get into trouble with some strangers in a dodgy nightclub! –
B. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to have a good time with friends. /
C. Thank you for coming…  +

Your dad then interrupts. Head into your house and after some more dialogue, head to your room. Candy monologues some more.


You’ll have a message from Kentin! He wants to meet you in the park so head over there.

Kentin: Who knows…

A. I’m so sorry… +
B. He will calm down, don’t worry.
C. And what about your mom, what does she say? /

After some more dialogue, walk around a bit until you find them at the Shops or Cafe. You’ll eventually have another dialogue choice.

A. You can’t let him do this! +
B. What are you doing? /
C. You’re just going to look at him walk away? –

After some more dialogue, head back to the park. You will then head to the pet shop.

A. Try to speak to him calmly.  /
B. Tell him he just can’t do that. /
C. Tell him you’re sorry. /

They then head to the Cat & Dog aisle to confront Kentin’s dad and Candy gets a dialogue choice:

A. Kentin is very sorry, Sir… /
B. This is too extreme… /
C. This whole story is ridiculous…

After some dialogue, head home and to your room and then you’ll hit the next day of some dialogue!

IF YOU’RE DATING ANYONE ELSE (and after the above when dating Kentin):

Head downstairs. It’s Graduation day! So… Head to school. There’s no dialogue along the way so you can take the bus. Once there, you’ll run into Rosalya and her family. After some more dialogue, you’ll proceed into the school and after even more dialogue, head down the hall to your locker. Candy will then decide to walk around the school and look for her friends.

At this point (The objective “Go look for your friends and your boyfriend”), you can find Aunt Agatha in the Science Room. Her item depends on how you did on the Exams. You can wait until you’ve met a few people–as long as you do it before meeting everyone and reuniting with your parents in the courtyard.

Anyway, you can find Kentin, if you’re not dating him, in Classroom B.

Kentin: And the fact that I succeeded with my make-up exams did not change anything…

A. I’m sorry for you… +
B. Well, you shouldn’t have snuck out… –
C. That’s a bit extreme! /

Iris and Kim are in the Staircase.

Iris: Yesssss! His name is Ben and we’ve been dating for a few days!

A. You should have come with him today! – with Iris, / with Kim
B. Is he nice? /
C. Is he cute?  /

A. You’re welcome. + with Iris, / with Kim
B. I hope you won’t do the same mistakes. – with Iris, / with Kim
C. I hope Ben will be more respectful than this “Tim”. /

Armin, if you’re not dating him, is in the library. If you saw the optional scene in the locker room last episode, Amber will be there as well.

A. I am looking for Castiel. /
B. I am looking for Nathaniel. /
C. I am looking for Lysander. /
D. I am looking for Kentin. /

Armin: I can’t wait to get down to business and start my studies to work in video games.

A. Are you sure you want to do that? /
B. Is that what you call “getting down to business”? –
C. You’re lucky to know what you want to do. +

Castiel, if you’re not dating him, is in the basement.

Castiel: Poor fragile thing…

A. Well, let’s see what your lungs look like in twenty years… +
B. I’ll remind you that you’re not supposed to smoke here! –
C. I don’t know how you manage to smoke those things. /

In the art class room, you’ll find Violette and Peggy.  There’s no dialogue choice.

If you haven’t gone to find Auntie yet, reminder that she’s in the Science Room and this is a good chance to go see her.

Then head to the Student Council Room to meet Nathaniel, if you’re not dating him.

A. You don’t need to stress. –
B. I understand the feeling. /
C. I am actually quite impatient. +

Next, go to Classroom A to see Alexy!:

A. One day! /
B. That’s none of your business! –
C. That day will come, don’t worry. +

Finally, head to the Garden to see Lysander if you’re not dating him.

Lysander: Thanks, but it’s not your fault.

A. Try to enjoy your day nonetheless. +
B. At least, Leigh is here. –
C. I’m sure they’re proud of you. /

After, head to the Courtyard and you’ll run into your parents who were waiting for you. Go into the gym for the graduation ceremony and speeches and once over, head back to the Courtyard to see your family talking to your boyfriend’s family.

Once this is over, head out of the school to meet with your boyfriend and this is where the episode diverges quite a bit so I’ll be doing something a bit different this time!:


Armin: So, will you come with us? Say yes, say yes, say yes…

A. Don’t you think I will be intruding? /
B. Do you want me to be there? –
C. Yes, why not. +

Head to the Cafe. After some dialogue, you’ll get another choice:

A. Oh, come on, Armin. I’d like to! + to Armin + to Evan
B. You could make an effort, Armin! – to Armin, / to Evan
C. (I preferred not to intervene) /

After some more dialogue, head to the bus stop to go to the mall. Evan explains how he wants to buy both Alexy and Armin presents.

A. That’s really nice, Evan! +
B. I thought you were hiding something. /
C. But Alexy isn’t even here… /

Armin says he knows what Alexy would want. Head over to Julien’s. After buying Alexy some shoes, Evan asks what Armin would want and suggests clothes.

Armin: Uh… Do I look like I want someone to offer me clothes?

A. It may do you some good! /
B. Nice try, Evan. /
C. Oh, come on, Armin… /

After some more dialogue, Armin will rush out of the store. Head to Microgames!

Evan buys Armin the “Witch” and you have another dialogue choice with Armin:

A. Evan is really nice.  +
B. Evan is trying to make up for things, it seems. –
C. Evan really wants to do things well.  /

Armin: There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t congratulate myself for looking through those public records.

A. If you forget about your little trip to the police station… /
B. That story did end well. +
C. It was still completely illegal… –

With the “Witch” in hand, head to the Lounge to get some ice cream! After more dialogue, you’ll get another choice:

A. Don’t worry, Evan /
B. Armin seems to have seriously thought about his project. +
C. You know Armin… /

Evan heads off leaving you and Armin alone and Armin says he wants to get you a gift! Head back towards Microgames. He bought you a new handheld console :D

A. I’ve been wanting to get back to gaming for a while now. +
B. You’re amazing, Armin! /
C. But I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this… –

Armin then invites Candy over and you have another dialogue choice.

A. Your parents won’t mind? /
B. I would like to, yeah. +
C. I’d like that, but I’m not sure my parents will let me… –

Head down the escalator to go home. From the bus stop, walk home with Armin.

Armin: If I don’t drown in the mess while trying to clean my room…

A. Oh, no, don’t worry for me… –
B. I can imagine the scene already. +
C. You are going to clean your room? /

Head inside and head up to your room! Scroll to “THE DAY YOU’RE SEEING YOUR BOYFRIEND’S PLACE” for the next part.


Castiel invites you to take a walk with him.

Castiel: That’s the only thing I was here for…

A. And your speech too maybe? /
B. Don’t you want to have lunch with your parents? –
C. Indeed they could have made an effort. +

After some more dialogue, head to the shops. While Castiel goes in to get the two of you sandwiches, Deborah shows up.

Deborah: You have to admit that we did have a lot of fun together, right?

A. Was that before or after you were all over Nathaniel, remind me? /
B. You never told me about that, Castiel… / with Deborah, – with Castiel
C. (I preferred to ignore her.) /

After some more dialogue, head to the cafe (may need to go back and forth a bit) to get away from Deborah.

A. How things were, with Deborah? /
B. How could you have gone out with such a pest? +
C. How long were you together? /

If you pick A, you get another dialogue choice:

Castiel: Why are you asking me that?

A. I think that it’s making me a bit jealous. –
B. I think I’m a bit worried… /
C. I’m just curious.

After, Castiel confirms that he did sleep with Deborah, but that things are different with you and you have nothing to worry about. Castiel then asks you to go to the mall with him to help reassure you so head to the bus stop.

Castiel: Because I want to show you something there.

A. Are you going to offer me a gift?
B. Castiel going to the mall… I’ll have seen everything. +
C. Why there, precisely? –

At the mall, head to the Electronics/Music section of Vingir.

A. You just wanted me to listen to something? /
B. Are you allowed to do that? –
C. (I let him do what he wanted.) /

Castiel wrote a song for you and you actually get to hear him sing :D

A. You have have told me about it… –
B. No one has ever written me a song… +
C. Deep down, you are a true romantic.. /

A. You are always so direct with me… –
B. Sometimes, I’m scared that you take me for a little girl. /
C. Sometimes I wonder what you see in me. +

Picking B gives another Dialogue choice.

Castiel: How do you want me to call you? “My little candy cane”?

A. Why not…
B. Not even in your dreams! /
C. Yeah, for example.

After listening to the song many more times, you mention that you should be getting home. Head to the escalator to leave and then walk home with Castiel. Candy mentions wanting a private concert of the song so Castiel invites her over.

A. Of course, with pleasure. /
B. Are you sure that I wouldn’t bother you? –
C. It’s true that I haven’t seen your apartment. +

Head inside and head up to your room! Scroll to “THE DAY YOU’RE SEEING YOUR BOYFRIEND’S PLACE” for the next part.


Nathaniel mentions that he needs to go to his parents’ house to pick up some stuff and he doesn’t want to go alone.

A. Don’t you think I would be intruding? –
B. Don’t worry, I understand. +
C. Ok, I will come with you. /

Head to the bus stop for more dialogue and another choice.

Nathaniel: But, I finally found the inspiration.

A. Good +
B. How did you do that? /
C. At least, you didn’t make shady jokes like Castiel. –

After some more dialogue, you’ll get to his parents’ house and have another dialogue choice.

Nathaniel: This house brings back bad memories.

A. We can go, if you don’t feel good about this… /
B. Do you really need those things? –
C. Don’t worry, I’m with you. +

You’ll then head inside. Head into the Dining room and you’ll run into Nathaniel’s father. After a bit of a confrontation, head up to Nathaniel’s room. Or you can stop by Amber’s room either before going to Nathaniel’s room or after leaving it for some extra dialogue.

After some more dialogue, head to the bathroom. Then head back to the hallway where you’ll run into Nathaniel’s father again.

A. That is not true. /
B. I just want to help Nathaniel. /
C. What do you think? That I’m a thief? /

A. Amber couldn’t say the same, for example… – with Nathaniel, / with his father
B. Nathaniel is brilliant, no matter what you think of him. + with Nathaniel, / with his father
C. What that the case for you at his age? /

Nathaniel will come out of his room and after some more dialogue, head downstairs where you’ll run into his mother. After more dialogue, you have a dialogue choice:

A. Yes… Of course. /
B. You should go to his place to see him from time to time… /
C. Don’t tell me what to do. /

Then leave the house and take the bus back. Nathaniel will walk you home.

Nathaniel: I have to say that I feel like a stranger when I return to this house…

A. You shouldn’t. –
B. I understand. /
C. It’s not a big deal. +

Nathaniel will then invite you to his house.

A. Are you sure it’s not a bother? –
B. I’ve wanted to see where you live for a long time. /
C. I would really like that, yeah. +

Head inside and head up to your room! Scroll to “THE DAY YOU’RE SEEING YOUR BOYFRIEND’S PLACE” for the next part.


Lysander explains how his father is back in the hospital. He wants to stop by tomorrow to show them his diploma.

Lysander: Would you be able to… come with me? It would help me to have you by my side.

A. Don’t you think I would be intruding? –
B. Of course… I will come. +
C. If you think that will help, I will come with you. /

Head to the bus stop to go to the hospital. Once at the hospital, you’ll have another dialogue option.

A. But maybe it will do you some good. /
B. Don’t rush yourself, though. +
C. Well, I may not be the best person to talk to about that… –

Head into the hospital and up to the third floor. Head into the second room on the left because apparently everyone we ever need to see ends up there.

Lysander gets a bit embarrassed by his parents which gives the next dialogue choice.

Lysander: Well, are you finished?!

A. Don’t make that face, Lysander! / or +
B. I’m sure you were adorable. /
C. I want to see pictures! /

George, Lysander’s dad: He has a great talent.

A. No, I’ve never had the chance. +
B. No, he hasn’t showed me anything.
C. Poems? /

After a bit more chatter, Felicity the nurse comes in and forces Lysander’s father to get some rest and treatment. Head to the cafeteria with Lysander and his mom.

After some more chatter, you get another dialogue choice.

Lysander: My parents are happy to see the two of us.

A. Really? –
B. I’m happy to be here. /
C. Good. / or +

Lysander: I don’t know how she will handle the absence of my father.

A. You’ll be there for her. /
B. Maybe she should sell the farm?
C. She’ll manage. +

After some more discussion, Lysander invites you over since Leigh and Rosalya will be out of town.

A. I would really like that. +
B. Do you think Leigh would be okay with that? /
C. Are you serious?

Lysander heads back to see his parents and you head home.

Head inside and head up to your room! Scroll to “THE DAY YOU’RE SEEING YOUR BOYFRIEND’S PLACE” for the next part.


So, Kentin’s main diverge already happened, but there’s still a dialogue choice here when he invites you over!

A. Do your parents know?
B. I would really like that. +
C. Are you sure that’s a good idea?

Head home and then head inside up to your room! Scroll to “THE DAY YOU’RE SEEING YOUR BOYFRIEND’S PLACE” for the next part.


After some inner monologue in your room and dialogue with your mom, head to the Dollar Shop and buy some eggs as it’s your dad’s birthday today!

After buying the eggs, head over to Leigh’s shop to buy your dad a present.

Jeans in hand, head back to your house for some more dialogue and to wish your dad a Happy Birthday and give him his present (and your mom the eggs so she can finish cooking).

After some more dialogue, Candy is allowed to go. Head to your room to get ready. After some inner monologue, go outside and walk around a bit.

Head to the shops to get a response from Rosalya.

Rosalya: I’m soooooorry, but I was packing to go away with Leigh. I just finished… We are just about to leave. What did you have to tell me?

A. (I decided to share my stress with her.) /
B. (I’m not going to bother her with my stories just before she is going away for the weekend.) /

Then head to the Park Entrance to run into Priya!

A. (I have to find an excuse.) /
B. (Oh, well poo… I’m just going to tell her the truth…) /

Picking B gives you another dialogue choice:

A. I don’t know. –
B. I think I might know why… +
C. Wouldn’t you stress about it? /

After some more dialogue, head to the park to make your way to their house!


After some dialogue with Alexy and Armin, Armin will take you to his room! You’ll be greeted with a dialogue choice about his room.

A. I love Rocket’s cage! +
B. It’s really cool. /
C. It’s all you! –

After some more dialogue, Armin mentions Ulysses–his PC.

A. Your computer has a name? +
B. Why Ulysses? –
C. (I looked at Armin, confused.) /

After some more discussion, Armin gets ready to show you games for your new console! …Only Candy forgot it at home.

Armin: What?! Why?

A. Because I was stressed. +
B. I don’t know, I forgot it. That’s all. /
C. Because my thoughts were elsewhere. –

With no games and nobody thinking that Candy could just run home and grab her console, a make-out session begins that quickly begins turning heavy.

Armin: So, impressed by my professional geek body?

A. Are you kidding me? You are really ripped. –
B. Admit it, you work out in private. +
C. Yeah, I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed. /

As things get more intimate, your illustration choices come up.

Armin: Are you sure you want to?

A. (My answer came without a doubt.) / <— TOWARDS ILLUSTRATION
B. (His question suddenly raised a doubt in my mind…) /

A. (I leaned towards him.) / <— ILLUSTRATION IF YOU HAVE 100 LoM OR HIGHER
B. (I caressed his chest.) /


Castiel invites you in and takes him to his room.

A. It’s set up nicely! –
B. It’s very chill. /
C. I like it a lot. +

More dialogue happens and Castiel asks if you want to try his guitar.

Castiel: Uh… My guitar.

A. Why not. /
B. Oh no! –
C. Are you sure? /

After trying it out, there’s some more banter.

A. Come on, please!
B. Maybe I’ll give up before, then… +
C. Are you embarrassed to play in front of me? /

After the lovely private concert, he asks for your opinion.

A. That was really beautiful. /
B. That was alright. +
C. Play another! –

And then more dialogue and well…

Castiel: That’s really sexy.

A. Right, go on. Make fun of me. +
B It’s the only one I have like this! –
C. (I looked at him, confused.) /

Castiel: Are you sure this is what you want?

A. (My answer came without a doubt.) / <— TOWARDS ILLUSTRATION
B. (His question suddenly raised a doubt in my mind…) /

A. (I caressed his lips.) /
B. (I pulled him against me.) /  <— ILLUSTRATION IF YOU HAVE 100 LoM OR HIGHER


Nathaniel will invite you in and take you to his room.

Nathaniel: So, what do you think?

A. It’s very sober. +
B. It’s cozy. /
C. It could use some decorating.  –

After more dialogue, White comes over to greet you a bit and you get another dialogue choice with Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: That’s not an easy feat, seeing her character! She’s very stubborn.

A. In that case, we should get along fine, then. +
B. Oh really? –
C. I don’t believe it. /

More dialogue happens and another choice.

Nathaniel: I think they are too thin… Like the arms of the head of the class.

A. What an idea! /
B. Are you kidding? +
C. Nonsense. –

Nathaniel: Are you sure you want to?

A. (My answer came without a doubt.) / <— TOWARDS ILLUSTRATION
B. (His question suddenly raised a doubt in my mind…) /

A. (I pressed myself against him.) / <— ILLUSTRATION IF YOU HAVE 100 LoM OR HIGHER
B. (I passed my hand through his hair.) /


Lysander invites you in and brings you to his room.

A. I love your desk! +
B. It’s a bit strange… /
C. It’s very spacious.  –

Lysander: Most of them come from my famous notebook that I lost several times at school… The one you found.

A. I made the right choice to go through so much trouble, then. +
B. What would you do without me?
C. Your head is really in the clouds… –

Lysander: You know, you’re the first girl to come here…

A. Liar! –
B. Really? /
C. How’s that possible? + or /

Lysander: I got scratched in the process.

A. It takes a lot of bravery to break up two fighting dogs. +
B. What got into you to do that?
C. I didn’t know… /

Lysander: Are you sure this is what you want?

A. (My answer came without a doubt.) / <— TOWARDS ILLUSTRATION
B. (His question suddenly raised a doubt in my mind…) /

A. (I put my hands on his shoulders.) /
B. (I pushed a lock of his hair away from his face.) /  <— ILLUSTRATION IF YOU HAVE 100 LoM OR HIGHER


Kentin lets you in and brings you to his room.

A. It’s tidy, for a guy’s room!
B. It’s a bit empty, but I like it.
C. Nice punching bag! +

More dialogue happens and then another choice.

A. I think you’re exaggerating a bit! /
B. Don’t you think you’re exaggerating a bit? –
C. Maybe in your eyes. +

Dialogue continues and you get another choice after finding a picture of Kentin and Candy when younger (which sure would’ve been nice to see and we don’t get to) that Kentin tries to hide.

A. No way… /
B. We all had acne in middle school… –
C. You need to relax. +

You watch a movie and then stuff happens.

Kentin: This film is making me curiously hot, all of a sudden…

A. Right, you just wanted to show off your muscles! +
B. Yeah, sure. It’s the fault of the film. /
C. Oh, because you are actually watching the film? –

Kentin: Great, now you’re making fun of me…

A. Admit that it is a bit funny… +
B. No, it’s cute! –
C. Yeah… But nicely. /

Kentin:  Are you sure you really want to?

A. (My answer came without a doubt.) / <— TOWARDS ILLUSTRATION
B. (His question suddenly raised a doubt in my mind…) /

Kentin: Me too… A lot.

A. (I closed the computer’s screen) <— ILLUSTRATION IF YOU HAVE 100 LoM OR HIGHER
B. (I pushed a piece of hair away from his face)


After more dialogue from each, you get a 4 year skip for a preview of MCL University life and stuff and then that’s it.