MCL Spin-Off: A Magical Dinner Guide

–      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

Any without one of the symbols above means I don’t know. However, LoM is actually defaulted to 0 in the Spin-off (it does not effect your main LoM at all) so the LoM changes you get in this do not actually matter! It’s just for fun.

Action Points: 1,490. Once purchased, it is permanently unlocked and can be replayed indefinitely. You do not use up AP for playing.

Illustrations: 1 with Lysander. Just need to pick the right choice.

$160 for Outfit
$10 for Bus Ticket

Outfits: 1


The Episode takes place during 35 sometime after finding the box of Iris’ photos in the Garden. For the episode, regardless of your route, you will be on Lysander’s path. It will not effect the main story.

Before you start, you need to purchase the Episode from the Spin-off page:


You must check the box next to “Confirm Purchase” in order to be able to click the purchase button!

Auntie: Get it?

A. Everything’s crystal clear, thanks, Auntie! <– You can move onto the episode.
B. Uh, not really… <– She repeats everything.

Whichever boy you pick is who will show up for some jealousy scenes during the episode:

Who tried to kiss you during Iris’ party in Episode 33?

A. (Castiel!)
B. (Nathaniel!)
C. (Armin!)
D. (Kentin!)

At this point, you’ll be sent off to school automatically. Head towards the Science room and once up stairs, you’ll have some dialogue with Iris, Priya, and Ms. Delanay. After, head into the Science classroom.

A. (I’d better check for myself.) +5
B. (Man, is he clumsy or what? I hope he didn’t cut himself…) -5

With class over, leave and talk briefly to Lysander.

A. (I need to talk to him about [Boy who nearly kissed you].) /
B. (I need to talk to him about us as a couple.) /

You can find Lysander in the Garden.

A. (I’ll wait for him to come and find me.) -10
B. (I’d rather go and talk to him.) +5, but -10 Later

If you pick B:

Lysander: I was jealous and I’m sorry. That was no way to treat you.

A. It’s easy to apologize, but it’d be better if it never happens again. -5
B. Thanks, it’s reassuring that you recognize when you’re wrong.
C. I’m touched that you’re apologizing, but why are you jealous again? /

Lysander: Well, to get rid of any ambiguity between you two.

A. That’s crazy. There’s nothing between him and me. /
B. That isn’t really necessary. You’re the only one who matters to me. /
C. If I do it, will thinks go back to normal between you two? /

You will lose -10 after this choice no matter what.

You will now switch to Lysander’s PoV. If you picked any of the other three boys besides Castiel, go find Castiel in the basement to talk to him.

Otherwise, head to the Student Council Room to talk to Nathaniel.

After some dialogue, Candy will take back control. Head out into the courtyard to meet Rosalya and Alexy. There will be some more dialogue and then head back into school to witness a conversation between Violette, Priya, and Kim.

You’ll then automatically be taken to your house. Head to your bedroom.

Alexy: Don’t worry [Name], I’m going to pamper your fingers AND I’ll let you choose the color! So, what do you prefer?

A. Candy pink!
B. Liquorice black!

A. “Good for rummaging through the racks in a record shop.”
B. “Good for skipping class together.”
C. “Good for going to have coffee and reinventing the world.”

A. “Good for a kiss on the neck.”
B. “Good for a homemade dish.”
C. “Good for a hug.”

After some more dialogue, head to school.

Lysander: Of course, why?

A. Oh, it’s a surprise. /
B. Do you remember the restaurant we went to with Rosa and Leigh? +5

Head into school to finish classes then back out into the courtyard.

A. Rosa and me… -5 with Iris, +10 with Rosalya
B. Rosa and me, but you can come, Iris! +10 with Iris
C. Rosa and me, but you can all come! +5 with Violette, Kim, Priya, and Iris

Head to the clothing store and after some dialogue, you’ll buy your outfit.

A. Maybe another shape, huh? That one hides your eyes.+5 with Priya
B. Not bad! You should wear a hat more often. /
C. I prefer fedora hats!

After a bit more dialogue, head to the park entrance. Then continue through the park to head towards the bus stop.

Nina: I see the two of you are always hanging out together.

A. We kind of in a hurry, do you mind? /
B. How’s your mom? +5 with Lysander
C. If we don’t hurry, we’ll be late to the restaurant! -5 with Lysander

Continue to your apartment and head to the bus stop.

Lysander: …that I owe you a real apology. I hope you can forgive me, [Name].

A. It’s hard to stay mad at you for long…
B. It’s going to take me a while, I think.

A. …what was your first kiss like? <– Picking this option allows you to ask both questions.
B. …why you have such a hard time with overly-curious people?

A. …I was a huge fan of a boy band. /
B. …I fell asleep right in front of my History teacher. /
C. …I got caught up guard by puberty. /

After various dialogue and moving around, head to your bedroom!

A. Do you want me to do it harder, or would you rather something gentler? /
B. Is there a specific place that’s tense? /

A. (I turned around to pull off my top.) /
B. (I didn’t take my eyes off him and I removed the top of my outfit.) /

Head to school and then enjoy the rest of the dialogue and monologue until the end :)