MCLUL Episode 12 Mini Guide

The episode uses up about 1,100-1,200AP. Total amount of money used is $195 ($180 for the outfit and $15 for crepes)


For the characters we don’t get much time with, here are the positive LoM choices for them:


A. You look miserable, is it because we haven’t organized a study night in a long time? Admit it!

A. I totally get it… After all, you’re his boyfriend.


B. Great, I hope it’ll go better for you than it did with me at the beginning, ha-ha!

A. You know I… I didn’t tell you, but… I pressed charges, too.


Outfit Choice: 


Sweater Outfit: Priya & Rayan
Green Tunic: Nathaniel
Scarf Outfit: Hyun & Castiel

A. (My flowery skirt, a big sweater and thick socks will do the trick! Or maybe… I don’t know…) <– Towards Priya’s and Rayan’s Illustrations
B. (Corduroy jeans, my tunic and my glasses will do the trick! Or maybe… I don’t know…) <– Towards Nathaniel’s Illustration
C. (My button-down skirt, my boots and my big scarf, that’s perfect! Or maybe… I don’t know…) <– Towards Hyun’s and Castiel’s Illustrations.

Each outfit costs $180.


Auntie’s item is the Camera:


She can be found at the Park before going to see Rosalya.


The crepes are for “Heartbreak”, “Tragedy”, and “A friend reunion”. It costs $15 to buy them.

  • Friend Reunion: Powdered Sugar, little chocolate chips, and a strawberry in the middle
  • Tragedy: Topped with Whipped Cream and slices of fruit of different colors.
  • Heartbreak: Brownie + Whipped cream.

A. The fruit and whipped cream crepe is for Rosa and the brownie crepe is for you, Alex. <– Tragedy for Rosa, Heartbreak for Alexy
B. The chocolate chip creme is for you, Alex, and the brownie crepe for Rosa. <– Friend Reunion fro Alexy and Heartbreak for Rosa
C. The fruit crepe is for Rosa and the chocolate chip for you, Alex. <– Friend Reunion for Alexy and Tragedy for Rosa <– CORRECT CHOICE.

If you pick A or B, Aunt Agatha will glare at you and Candy will say that she forgot the brownie was for her. Also extra AP is used if you answer incorrectly due to this so.

I’m not sure why Candy gets a Heartbreak one on every route, but so be it.


You can stay with Hyun’s family. You’ll still have a scene with your love interest after. It doesn’t take away the illustration chance.

You can only get Hyun’s Illustration on Hyun’s route despite it having the same outfit as for Castiel’s illustration. You’ll fail even if Hyun has higher LoM as you can only get the illustration for the love interest you’re going for.

If you accepted Castiel’s illustration last episode, it doesn’t take away the chance to get your love interest’s illustration this episode (or to start going out with them). Just if you’re on any other love interest’s route, they get a 25 LoM drop when Candy mentions she accepted if she tells them in the morning or they get a 35 LoM drop if they find out after seeing the newspaper article later that day.