MCLUL Episode 15 Mini Guide

The episode uses up 1,600-1,800AP. It is really expensive and I don’t know why they didn’t give a bonus.

Auntie can be found at Sweet Amoris (the high school) after leaving the campus with your parents before you go to the Cafe. YOU MUST USE THE BUS STOP. Going the way of the cafe will cause you to hit the next objective first. She will give you Cotton Candy:


Auntie’s scene takes up 58AP.

You will put on your uniform even if you actually put it on before the episode or still have it on from before so don’t feel like you need to go out of your way to put it on beforehand for work.


Dialogue for Amber as you don’t get many chances to boost her up:

Amber: It’ll be a switch from studying alone in my hotel room.

A. It’s cool you came. /
B. Are you doing any better?
C. Do you always stay in hotels? +5

Amber: Hmm…

A. You don’t look thrilled Amber? Come on, it’ll be fun. +10
B. That’s a great idea Chani! /

A. The last time I was in a house of mirrors dates back to when I was twelve. I’ll be curious to see if I do as well as back then. +10 with Amber
B. I’ve never gone to a fortune teller in my whole life. +5 with Chani (maybe more, I had her at 95)


On scenes- You have to have dinner with Yeleen and her mom no matter what.

But you do have an option to shorten the scene with Priya:

A. Do you want me to go to the appointment with you? +10 with Priya
B. Don’t worry, I’m sure everything’s going to turn out fine. <– You get a second dialogue where she asks if you would come with her or not. If you say no, you lose 10AP but get a shorter scene overall.

No matter what, you spend time with the park. If you decide to stay with her, you head to the shopping area and use up 56AP.

If you decide not to, you just head back to campus after the park and use up 8AP initially and about 12AP more in your room.


As for the Illustrations and Outfits…


Each outfit costs $190 (during a glitch, one was $65 and the other two were free).

Unicorn Bag & Jeans = Rayan’s and Priya’s Illustrations
Dress = Hyun’s and Castiel’s Illustrations
Jacket outfit with balloon shirt = Nathaniel’s illustration

The dialogues specifically:

A. My high-waisted velvet shorts and my spangled jacket that I love! Except that… I can’t make up my mind… <– NATHANIEL’S
B. My hearted jeans with my unicorn bag for a relaxed look! Except that… I can’t make up my mind… <– PRIYA’S AND RAYAN’S
C. My candy-pink striped dress and a hat. That would fit the theme perfectly, haha! Except that… I can’t make up my mind… <– HYUN’S AND CASTIEL’S

You get to the fair through the park.

You can actually get a different illustration than your love interest’s– you just need the right outfit and attraction. The conversation varies slightly based on if you’re dating them or not.

A. Personally, I’m up for a ride on the ghost train. <– Rayan’s
B. I’ve always wanted to try the flying swings. <– Priya’s
C. Who wants to go to the dart-throwing booth with me? <– Hyun’s.
D. A fair isn’t a fair without riding the roller coaster. <– Castiel’s.
E. I’ve always liked the ferris wheel. I’d really like to take a ride on it. <– Nathaniel’s

Each attraction costs $10.