MCLUL Date Outfit Guide

For those who just want the clothing without spoiling the illustration. As this point, most of the illustrations are automatic if you have the right outfit. For any that are not the case from Episode 11+ (please see the episode guides from 1-10 otherwise), I have added in the dialogue option as well.

  • Episode 11:

    The outfits are either $185 or $190

    • Plaid Shirt Outfit – Nathaniel’s and Rayan’s
      • A. (I still can’t make up my mind between two outfits… I’ve never worn these leather pants yet… With the plaid shirt, that might not be bad… although…)
    • Black Dress – Castiel’s
      • B. (I still can’t make up my mind between two outfits… This little black dress is cute too… although…)
      • Castiel: What do you say…?
        A. N-no… No.  <– Castiel’s illustration if the right outfit. (You can get this no matter who you’re dating)
    • Pink Jacket outfit – Priya’s and Hyun’s
      • C. (I still can’t make up my mind between two outfits…  A worn and torn pair of shorts with a T-shirt, that should do the trick! Although…)
    • Castiel: What do you say…?
      B. It’s… tempting… <– Illustration of whoever you went on the date with last episode (If you went with Castiel though, no illustration at all) as long as you have the right outfit.

  • Episode 12:

    Each outfit costs $180

    • Sweater Outfit – Priya’s and Rayan’s
      • A. (My flowery skirt, a big sweater and thick socks will do the trick! Or maybe… I don’t know…)
    • Green Tunic – Nathaniel’s
      • B. (Corduroy jeans, my tunic and my glasses will do the trick! Or maybe… I don’t know…) <– Towards Nathaniel’s Illustration
    • Scarf Outfit – Hyun’s and Castiel’s
      • C. (My button-down skirt, my boots and my big scarf, that’s perfect! Or maybe… I don’t know…) <– Towards Hyun’s and Castiel’s Illustrations.
      • Eun Mi: Obviously, we won’t bring this topic up again, I think you’ve already heard enough stories about our family. We’ll behave ourselves!
        B. Well, if you’re sure you don’t mind, I’ll stay. <– This is required for Hyun’s illustration. You can pick either option if you’re dating anyone else, it doesn’t effect the illustration otherwise.

  • Episode 13:

    Each outfit costs $195

    • Black Dress – Rayan’s
      • A. (I can’t decide… I’ve always dreamed of wearing this maxi slit dress. It looks so good on me!)
    • Yellow Dress – Nathaniel’s and Hyun’s
      • B. (I love this lace dress and my yellow pumps will match it perfectly! But I still can’t decide…)
    • Leather Jacket + Pants – Priya’s and Castiel’s
      • C. (Nothing better than a leather jacket and vinyl pants, I like playing it “badass” now and then. But I can’t decide…)

  • Episode 14:

    Each outfit costs $180

    • White Dress with Hat – Nathaniel’s
      • A. (There’s this lightweight, white dress. The buttons are wooden, and my gladiator sandals will go really well with it… but I haven’t made up my mind yet.)
    • Blue Jumpsuit with Jacket – Rayan’s and Priya’s
      • B. (My jean jumpsuit with my crochet vest will fit the bill! But… I haven’t made up my mind yet.)
    • Green striped dress – Hyun’s and Castiel’s
      • C. (A long striped dress is perfect for the beach… But, I haven’t made up my mind yet.)

  • Episode 15:

    Each outfit costs $190
    (during a glitch, it was $65 for one then free for the others)

    • Jacket outfit with balloon shirt – Nathaniel’s
      • A. My high-waisted velvet shorts and my spangled jacket that I love! Except that… I can’t make up my mind…
    • Unicorn Bag & Jeans – Rayan’s and Priya’s
      • B. My hearted jeans with my unicorn bag for a relaxed look! Except that… I can’t make up my mind…
    • Dress – Hyun’s and Castiel’s
      • C. My candy-pink striped dress and a hat. That would fit the theme perfectly, haha! Except that… I can’t make up my mind…

  • Episode 16:

    The outfit you have to buy no matter what is $165. The lingerie is $70 for the Blue flower set and the Green set and $75 for the Black set.

    • Black Set – Castiel’s
      • A. (The black set with the bra that hooks in front… How convenient!)
    • Blue flower set – Nathaniel’s and Hyun’s
      • B. (The flowered corset is adorable.)
    • Green set – Priya’s and Rayan’s
      • C. (Dainty, no underwire, and green. Quite a change. I love it!)
    • Essentially say yes/agree to the situation/pick whichever DOESN’T say it’s not the night for it.

  • Episode 17:

    Each outfit is $185.

    • Blue Pants + White Top Outfit – Castiel and Nathaniel
      • A. (I like these blue harem pants that I haven’t worn yet… However…)
    • Pink Sweater Outfit – Rayan and Hyun
      • B. (A casual outfit with a short sweater and white sneakers will do… However…)
    • Beige Outfit with Coat – Priya
      • C. (I like these rose colored high waisted pants… However…)
    • Besides just having the right outfits, for everyone but Nathaniel, you need to say that you want to introduce them to your parents/the option that DOES NOT say it’s too early. For Nathaniel, along with the right outfit, you just need to go to the apartment with Amber. You can not get more than one illustration no matter what.

  • Episode 18:

    Outfits are $195, $200, and $190 respectively.

    • Red skirt + beige crochet top – Rayan
      • A. (My lightweight flowing skirt with my crocheted top should do the trick.)
      • A. It’s true. You’re right. I can’t continue lying to them… We can always talk to them alone. Let’s go.
    • Green Dress – Hyun and Priya
      • B. (This very sophisticated, low-neck dress… that I never wear. Tonight’s my chance!)
      • For Priya: A. Actually… Do you want to come? I’ll introduce you.
    • Blue topic + Yellow Pants – Castiel and Nathaniel
      • C. (Hmm… my tunic and sequined pants… I’m sure they’ll go together well.)
      • For Castiel: A. And actually… We are together…

  • Episode 19:

    Outfit is $180

    • It seems to be automatic as long as you have at least 100 LoM with Crush or 90 LoM without crush. You will be spending some extra money for the “date”.

  • Episode 20:

    Outfits are $180-$200

    • Castiel: Black Outfit (I’ve haven’t worn my shorts with fringe yet… I could wear them with my platform boots!)
      Priya: Green jacket with pink top (A lace bustier and my leather skirt that laces up… That’ll be perfect.)
      Nathaniel: Orange tunic outfit with cat ears headband (My oversized T-shirt dress with a belt and my cat bag… I love it!)
      Rayan: Sweater top with slit skirt (I picked my long pencil-skirt and my wool sweater that leaves my shoulders bare… I love this outfit.)
      Hyun: Holo Jacket with Cherry Pie Purse (I love this holographic jacket. I could wear it with my little cherry-print T-shirt.)
    • Answer yes to the moving in proposition and have max LoM along with the right outfit.