MCLUL Episode 17 Extra Quick Guide

This will be updated to look nicer later, but for now:

Episode costs roughly 1,500-1,600AP

Each outfit is $185.

Auntie can be found after talking to Melody and Yeleen in the Art building with Chani. Before you go into class, head outside to the Quad and go back and forth until she shows up for the Venetian Mask.

For the Printer mess: It doesn’t matter who you pick between Rosa & Leigh, Castiel, and Kim. After failing, head to the library again, then Chani’s room, then Hyun’s and Morgan’s room– You should then have some more dialogue back at the Quad and then can go to the Infirmary to talk to Raphael who will let you print the missing page.

Nathaniel and Castiel’s outfit is the outfit with the white top and blue pants – A. (I like these blue harem pants that I haven’t worn yet… However…)
Priya’s Outfit is the Beige outfit with the coat – C. (I like these rose colored high waisted pants… However…)
Rayan’s and Hyun’s Outfit is the outfit with the pink sweater – B. (A casual outfit with a short sweater and white sneakers will do… However…)

To get the illustrations, you need the right outfit and right dialogue.
For Castiel, Rayan, Priya, and Hyun, you just need to say you want to introduce them to your parents. DO NOT say it’s too early to.
For Nathaniel, you just need to go over with Amber to investigate his apartment and have the right outfit. Even though Castiel’s has the same outfit as him and you can go to the Nathaniel’s apartment with Amber despite getting Castiel’s illustration, it will not grant it to you as you can only earn one per playthrough.